I really hate to do this, but I have no choice. "Final War" will be on hiatus for a long time. Why u ask? I'm out of ideas for this story. How long? I don't know my head hurts D:. However, I have not made my final decision on discontinuing it. I gonna have to read all 16 chapters and edit every one of them so it would make sense to you readers :/. "Sacrifices Must Be Made", "Live", "Goddess's Chosen Traitor", "A Netnavi Purpose", and "Complete Destruction" will all tie into "Time is Irrelevant". In addition, I have another Pokémon fanfiction already typed (Pokémon X and Y). So read the other fanfictions I have in progress. Don't forget to review.

Italy - You're leaving us?

Me - I'm trying not to. I'm just out of ideas for you guys.

France - What's going to happen to America?

Me - I really don't know yet.

Dark Japan - You better come up with something. My plan is nowhere near complete. So I suggest you keep writing.