"Oh no." I said, looking at my phone. My best friend, Brittany, had invited herself and May over, without my permission. I sighed, knowing that I wouldn't say no. No doubt Brittany knew the same thing.

I grabbed my car keys and a black hoodie on my way to the car, sliding into the cold seat. I shivered and turned the heater on as I backed out of my driveway. I only had to check for other cars, since I had the mailbox moved after May hit it with my car. There was still a good sized bump on the trunk. I called ahead and ordered two pepperoni pizzas, since I knew that one wouldn't be enough, due to Brittany eating like a hog.

Since I didn't live very far from town, it would still take a while before my pizzas would be done, so I pulled into the parking lot and waited, eventually falling asleep. I jumped at the sound of a truck's tires screeching as the driver slammed on the brakes. It was an older looking red pickup truck, full of dents and scratches. A passenger threw out a cardboard box while the truck was slowing, and then they took off, full speed. I stared at the box, full of curiosity, before checking my phone. I still had about seven minutes before my pizzas would be done, which was plenty time to see what some one was so desperate to get rid of.

The only sound I heard as I approached the disposed package was the light blanket of snow crunching under my black boots. That is, until I got closer. Hisses and meows rolled from the crack the tops flaps. I ran to the soggy box, once I knew it contained living creatures that needed help. I slowly opened the flaps to ensure that a stray cat wouldn't come flying out at me, and was satisfied when it didn't happen.

I gasped at what I saw inside. Ten little kittens, ranging in size and color, were looking up at me. I was disgusted that anyone could treat helpless animals so badly. They were covered in dirt and their fur was clumped up, not to mention I could see the outline of their ribs. A little black kitten, with an orange face and one eye shut, walked slightly closer to me, as though he was afraid of me. He gave me a pitful meow, and I my vision blurred slightly. I gently lifted the box and put it in the back of my car, sure to leave the heater on low and a window cracked while I got my pizzas. On my way home, i stopped at a small petstore and got everything I would need to take care of my tiny companions.

Brittany's car was already parked in my driveway, meaning I was going to get woke up early, instead of sleep in on my day off, she she could go to work at the small cafe we both had part time jobs at. I ran inside with the cats, since they were my biggest concern at the moment. As I walked through the door I commanded May to go get the stuff from my car.

Brittany ran toward me as I set the box on the floor and gasped after I opened it, showing her their poor conditions. I pulled out a black kitten with onyx colored eyes and carried him to the hallway bathroom. Brittany followed my lead, bringing the yellow kitten that had blue eyes. I gently set mine in the tub and ran warm water until it reached his chin.

I made sure to be extra gentle and was pleasantly surprised that he didn't scratch. The other guy was a completly different story. By the time he was clean, Brittany's arms were covered in tiny scratches. I already had mine sitting on the sink, laying comfortable a small towel, drying him with my hairdryer. Unlike most kittens, though, he didn't purr while I combed his fur.

Brittany, May, and I finished washing the kittens in only fifteen minutes. They looked a little better, but they were still too skinny. 'I'll fix that.' I thought as I walked into the kitchen. I pulled some ham from the fridge, chopping it into bite sized pieces, before pouring into ten food bowls I got from the store. As soon as it was within their reach, they rushed to it, devouring every bite in minutes.

After we ate our own dinner, consisting of fried chicken, we gathered all the kittens in the living room and lined them up in front of the couch. "Time to name these little guys, and girl." I said, looking at them all.

"They look like the akatsuki from naruto, don't they?" Brittany observed, picking up the kitten that was red with brown eyes, who resmebled her favorite, Sasori. All the kittens looked diturbed when Brittany mentioned the name of my favorite group of criminals.

"Hey, you're right!" May agreed, holding the blond cat to her chest. "We should name the kittens after them."

"I agree." I said, picking up the plain black cat, so that I was looking into his eyes. "I now dub thee, Itachi-kun!"

"I don't wwant to name them all after Akatsuki." Brittany agrued, holding up her red kitty. "How about naming this one Pinocchio?"

We all giggled at the kitty's new name, while it looked bored. I set down Itachi to pick up the brown cat that had black stripes, making it look like it had stitches, and strange colored eyes. "Okay, then we'll name this guy frankein stein."

May snatched up the white one. "Only if we can name this one snowflake!" She giggled.

The kitten started hissing and clawing at thin air, since he couldn't reach May's hand, causing us to laugh even harder than before. It almost looked like the other kittens were laughing too. "Alright, i think we've tortured them enough."

So, here how they were named:

Black kitten: Itachi

light Blue kitten:Kisame

dark blue kitten: Konan

Orange kitten: Pein

Black kitten with orange face: Tobi

Black and white kitten: Zetsu

White kitten: snowflake

brown kitten with black stripes: Frankein stein

red kitten: Pinocchio

blond kitten: deidara

"Alright, now we have to put their collars on." I said, carrying the collars from the dinning room, but when I got back, my friends had disappeared. I sighed and sat on the couch, picking up Itachi. "Alright, be a good kitty Itachi and let me get your collar on." He complied and held completly still until I was done, after which he jumped down.

All the kittens were very good, except snowflake, who rebelled at first, but I finally got his collar on. The collars I had bought were plain black with silver tags, that only had my address, since we hadn't given them names yet. I walked up to my room, followed by all the kittens, and changed into pajamas. Most of the kittens, except Snowflake, Deidara, and Kisame, looked away. Konan, Itachi, and Pein managed to get them to turn their heads as well. I ignored it and crawled into bed, falling to sleep quickly.