Pika318: So this idea was sprouted after thinking about Rihan and Wakana, and since there are practically no scenes with Wakana and Rikuo interacting anymore, so the setting of this story would be Wakana telling Rikuo about her and Rihan's relationship. This is my first attempt at a NuraMago fic though, so please be kind with me.

Disclaimer: Nurarihyon no Mago belongs to Shiibashi-sensei.

Chapter 1: Shopping

"I'm off!"

"Ah, are you really sure you don't need help?" Kejorou asked worriedly.

"It's not a long list, so I'll be fine!" Wakana replied cheerfully before leaving the kitchen, basket in hand.

Normally, Tsurara or Kejorou would do the grocery shopping, but ever since Rikuo became the Third, Tsurara would be busy helping out the Arawashi Clan at the marketplace, leaving Kejorou to handle the kitchen by herself most of the time. It was a rather tiring job. So when Wakana walked past the kitchen and saw Kejorou holding the grocery list, she volunteered to do the shopping instead.

Just as she strolled through the yard towards the front door, she saw someone walking up the path. Brown hair and eyes, and a middle school uniform. It was her son, Nura Rikuo.

"Rikuo!" Wakana called out cheerfully, waving her free hand.

Rikuo, hearing his name, looked towards the gate, and quickened his walking pace until he reached her.

"Mom, I'm home." Rikuo greeted cheerfully.

"Welcome home, dear. Isn't Tsurara with you today?"

"Oh, she went to help out at the marketplace again." Seeing his mother carrying a basket, he added, "Are you going shopping?"

"Yep, to get the groceries. Poor Kejorou-san looked so tired out that I offered to buy the groceries instead. I'll be back home soon, don't worry." Wakana replied. Even though she wasn't good at cooking, she was at least confident in her skills at buying and carrying groceries.

Rikuo appeared to think for a while. Then he said, "Can you wait for a while? I'll go put my things down first, then let's go shopping together."

Wakana looked surprised at that.

"Eh? You don't have to do that, Rikuo. You're so busy with school and handling the family, you should go get some rest while you can. Your mom can handle the groceries." She replied hurriedly, trying to reassure her son that she will be fine by herself.

"It's fine. I can help you carry the groceries in case they're too heavy, and…well…it's been a while since we had talked properly, after all." Rikuo said, looking rather embarrassed. He probably thought that he sounded like a young child asking for his mother's company.

Realisation dawned on Wakana then after hearing what Rikuo said. She never really thought about it, but it was true. Ever since Rikuo left for Kyoto, both of them never really spent quality time together after that. She had become so used to being left at home and not interfering with youkai matters to the point that when she saw Rikuo getting closer to Tsurara and the rest, she had thought that she was no longer needed. He had so many other family members he could rely on after all.

But seeing the scene in front of her, she knew that she had thought wrong. Rikuo was still a developing child, and that he needed his parent's company. And without his father…

"I understand. Go then, I'll wait for you here." Wakana replied, smiling. Secretly, she was happy that Rikuo still needed her.

Hearing her answer, Rikuo brightened up considerably. Then he ran into the house, towards his room.

Five minutes or so later

Wakana and Rikuo strolled down the path away from their home. Rikuo seemed happy just being together with his mother, and it didn't seem like he was going to say anything soon. To be honest, that only made Wakana more nervous.

I can't believe it. We managed to spend some time together after so long, and yet, I can't think of anything to say! What kind of mother am I? Erhm…I…I have to say something!

Wakana opened her mouth slowly, and pretty much said the first thing that came to mind.

"So Rikuo, how's school so far? Everything's well?"

She might have sounded calm and casual when she said that, but her mind was pretty much in turmoil.

I can't believe it. We managed to spend some time together after so long, and yet, the first thing I ask about is school? What kind of mother am I? Erhm…I…I have to say something else!

"I mean, you have school, and yet you still have to manage so many things at home, I'm just worried you might be unable to cope and overwork yourself." Wakana added, concern evident in her voice.

"Thank you for worrying about me, mom. But I'm fine. I have everyone helping me after all." Rikuo answered with a small smile.

"Oh, that's great then. Still, don't push yourself too hard, rest when you have to, okay?"

"I know, mom, thanks."

"… …"

There was a long pause, before Wakana laughed awkwardly, finally admitting her defeat.

"Eh heh…it's strange, it's been so long since we last talked properly, and I thought we might have a lot to talk about, yet, I can't think of anything to say at all."

Have we really drifted apart that much?

Rikuo observed his mother, who had a look of slight worry on her face. Then he said,

"Actually, I've been thinking of something for a while…"

Rikuo scratched his cheek, as though he was thinking of how to word his sentences properly.

"Why did you marry Dad?"


Rikuo continued speaking, trying to clarify his reason for asking.

"Well…when I was in Kyoto, I met and heard about Yamabuki Otome. And well…she was dad's first wife, and it seemed like he really loved her a lot…" The more he spoke, the softer he became, like he had just realized something with every word that came out of his mouth.

Wait, does mom even know about dad having a first wife?

Seeing the look of panic on Rikuo's face, Wakana laughed and said in a rather cheerful voice.

"Oh, Yamabuki-san? I did hear your father speak about her before, you don't have to worry about saying something you shouldn't. So, why the sudden curiousity?"

"Um…well, while fighting in Kyoto, I ended up remembering some things about dad…then I realized I didn't know a lot about him at all. So…"

Wakana giggled, interrupting Rikuo who was trying to explain himself. "So after all that, you just want to hear your parent's love story? You're such a cute son."

"Eh, that's not really it…"

"Ah, it's fine. I haven't told anyone else about it, but that's because all the older youkai knew about it, since they were always around. And isn't this the sort of story a parent would always tell their child one day in one form or another? So where should I start?"

"Anywhere you want, I guess."

Wakana placed a hand on her cheek, thinking. After a while, she said,

"I guess I'll just start with how we met then."

"Oh okay."

With both of them still quite some distance from the nearest market, Wakana simply decided to tell her story from the beginning.

"Well, a long time ago, when I was still in high school, my house was frequently haunted by youkai. And because of that, I was left without any parents."

Rikuo nodded solemnly hearing that.

"And after that, being the only one left in the house, my life was in danger. That was then I met your father."

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