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Summary: Ichigo never knew that before his 21st birthday he had to marry a very handsome and mysterious yakuza leader. What will happen now? He either marries the man or risk starting a mob war by refusing to. Mpreg.

Love: Yakuza style


In a society where marriages of the same sex are common, birthing is not an exclusive female right. There are some men that are born hermaphrodites, meaning that they are able to carry babies. They are not very common; in fact they are quite rare these days because of the birth reduction of these babies on recent decades. Out of 10,000 boys, only one would be a hermaphrodite, popularly known as bearers, they are highly prized by society.

Now we go to a Japan where the Yakuza families control society. Each of these families goes by different names, but the most important and powerful of these are Soul Society (lead by the Shinigamis), Hueco Mundo (led by the Espadas) and the Visoreds (led by a crazy bunch of misfits).

On recent years small gangs have gotten together and formed families of their own; such as the Bounts and Xcution.

This is the story of one of these bearers. He's named Ichigo Kurosaki, a young bearer who's had a pretty easy life until now…

Chapter 1

"Ichigo, wake up or you're going to be late again for class", yells a very vex Ishida to one of his roommates.

"I'm going already. Jeez, you don't have to throw a hissy fit at me. Hate mornings." grumbles a very sleepy Ichigo.

Ichigo Kurosaki, a 20 year old boy on his third year of college. He's studying History and Archeology at Karakura University. He loves ancient and medieval history, and because of this he longs to travel the world researching and excavating ancient artifacts.

He's the youngest of a pair of twins, Shiro being the older of the two.

Everyone knows that Shiro, an albino with white hair and golden eyes, is totally nuts, look at him the wrong way and you might wound up missing the next day. Yet he's very protective of his baby brother, or as he likes to call him his 'baby sister' – of course not at Ichigo's face since he would like to keep his 'family jewels' just where they are, can't be messing with the baby makers.

While Ichigo is a cherry blonde haired 5'8 with a very lithe, tan and feminine body, Shiro is 6' with a more muscled body. He's a very promiscuous Bi, while Ichigo is a virgin and totally into guys not that he has ever been able to have a boyfriend with a protective family such as his.

They are the adopted sons of Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihoin, leaders of the Visoreds. They may look like a pair of goofs most of the time, Kisuke with his strange clothing get up and Yoruichi with her exotic looks, yet they are fierce and cunning fighters mess with them and whole families tend to disappear.

Shiro and Ichigo are the sons of Kisuke's youngest sister, Masaki, who died shortly after giving birth and Isshin Kurosaki, only grandson to Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, leader of Soul Society, who died soon after his wife in mysterious circumstances.

Their marriage was a short one, but one that brought peace between the Visoreds and Soul Society families by way of a pair of twins. After the parents deaths it was decided that the twins should remain with Kisuke and Yoruichi since they could give the pair a real family.

Of course, the twins don't know anything about the paternal side of their family. They just know that their birth parents died when they were babies and that their uncle and aunt took them in to raise them as their own since they never could have any children of their own, because of a malformation on Yoruichi's uterus.

To them Shiro is their son and Ichigo their precious daughter. Shiro is his father right hand man, and Ichigo never gets involved in the family business. In fact he doesn't know much about them and their doings.

But don't think him weak. He was taught to fight by none other that his mother, one of the strongest, powerful and most cunning fighters in all Japan. He knows tricks that not even his father or brother know about. Like his mother always says "girls should always protect their secrets from the weakest sex of the specie, one can never be too careful while dealing with those deceivers".

Since he was born a bearer his dad never had the courage to go against Yoruichi teaching him how to defend himself against the less than desired attentions of some males, or to sometimes dressing him as a girl. He's not sure what to think about that, but his wife loves to dress their 'daughter' in dresses or skirts, and since Ichigo doesn't seem to mind he just keeps his mouth shut on the matter. Else he could end up facing the female wrath of his wife and baby girl together.

Ichigo gets ready for class, while his two roommates – Uryu Ishida and Yasutora Sado (aka Chad), waited for him.

This trio has been together since middle school, they met when someone was bullying Ishida and Ichigo – not one to overpass injustice- and Chad - the silent boy who would help anyone in danger- went help Ishida. Together the beat the crap out the bullies. Shiro did not went to the same school as Ichigo, he was always way to flashy as the Visoreds leaders son, and so he's not as close to Ishida and Chad as Ichigo is.

"Guys lets go".

"Finally, one more minute and I would had dragged you in your pj's to the classroom" huffs an angry Ishida.

Chad, the silent giant, just follows the other two to their first class.

When they arrived they see some of his friends, Orihime Inoue (a nice and friendly red head), Tatsuki Arisawa (a tomboy dark haired girl), Keigo Asano (a very friendly yet very loud brown haired boy) and Mizuiro Kojima (a dark haired ladies man).

All of them take their seats as they wait for their humanities professor.

Half an hour later, the professor has yet to arrive.

"Hey guys, is the professor even coming today?" asks Ichigo.

All of a sudden a silver haired stranger, with eyes closed and the biggest grin any of them have ever seen before enters the classroom. Everyone turns to look at him, but he just stays without saying a word at the front of the room.

It looks like he's looking for someone, when his eyes land on Ichigo's his eyes open a little. Ichigo feels a sudden chill enter him as those icy blue eyes stare at him.

No one notice this exchange. Finally the stranger speaks.

"Hello young people I was sent to tell you that Prof. Gomazu won't be able to come today. Next Monday will be class as normal, you are all dismissed. Have a nice weekend."

Everyone starts to leave while they whisper amongst themselves about what just happened. Yet Ichigo can still feel the stranger's gaze at the back of his head, which kind of freaks him out.

Once outside, he forgets all about the stranger in favor of getting some breakfast with his friends.

"Kisuke" yells a very angry Yoruichi.

The poor man has been dreading this conversation since he found out about the deal 20 years ago.

"Where the HELL are you?"

"In hear my dear", answers a very calm and resign Kisuke.

She finally finds him drinking tea on a back room of their house, the one that he goes to when he wants peace and quiet. But she's not having any of that today.

"Kisuke tell me it's not true. Tell me my BABY GIRL does not have to do this".

Kisuke just looks at his frantic wife with eyes shadowed by his strip hat.

He gives a heavy sigh.

"My dear, this was done just after the boys were born. When the doctors found out that one of the twins was a bearer old man Yamamoto made the contract with the Aizens, that way the peace would be ensure not only between the Visoreds and Soul Society but with Hueco Mundo as well."

"Do you actually think that MY Ichigo will just accept this?"

"Well if wants to preserve the peace between the three families he will, that's just how it is other wise there will be a very bloody war in the near future."

"But why now? Ichigo will be heartbroken if he can't finish school".

"The contract specified that it was supposed to happen on Ichigo's 18th birthday, but that year Aizen senior died, and so the son was busy reorganizing Hueco Mundo. So it was then agreed that before Ichigo turned 21 the agreement would be fulfilled."

"Damn it, I still don't like this Kisuke? What the hell do we know about Sosuke Aizen?"

"Well I have met him a couple of times. Women call him kind and charming; men call him cold and calculating. Me, well for what I could see he has a mask. No one that I know can actually say that they know his real character. But I can tell you one thing, underneath his mask lives a strong and honorable man. He's only 29 years old and he controls Hueco Mundo with and iron fist yet all of them follow him without questions. Only a man of real principles can inspire that kind of loyalty."

"Well from what you say he's either a strong and fair man or a damn psychopath just for being able control the rest of the psychos that belong to Hueco Mundo."

"Yoruichi we must tell Ichigo this soon. I was thinking this weekend when he comes over from school. He'll be turning 21 in a month. I have already spoken with Shiro about this. He's not happy, but he understands and promised to help us with this."

"Ichigo will blow a gasket. I know this has to happen, but I swear to every deity on the heavens that if that charming psycho hurts my precious baby girl I WILL HUNT HIM DOWN and nothing will save the bastards nuts from my righteous wrath."

"My dear I'm sure that no one will ask more of you than that. We'll make certain that Aizen understands this."

On the other side of town, in a very secluded and palatial mansion, someone knocks on the door of the owner's private study.

"Come in" says a very deep and honeyed voice.

"Good day Aizen-sama."

"Well Gin did you see him?"

"Oh yes Aizen-sama, and don't worry that professor won't look at Ichi-chan with those lecherous eyes again."

"I'm glad; no one looks or touches what's mine without consequences, anything else?"

"Nothing really, but I must say that you are a very lucky man Aizen-sama. You'll be marrying the cutest bearer ever. Again congratulations."

Aizen finally takes his eyes away from his paperwork and looks at his second in command, Gin Ichimaru. The man may grin like a fox all the time but when it's needed he can turn into a very vicious and ruthless man, just like the man he serves. They grew up together and have been friends forever. He knows that he can trust Gin with his life and vice versa. They have been through a lot together.

Aizen gives Gin a small smile, and that's all Gin needs to see to know that his leader has already made plans for the little bearer.

With that Gin chuckles, turns and leaves the other man to his work.


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