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Chapter 4

Las Noches

Sosuke was giving Ichigo and his family a short tour of his big-ass property. Of course that meant the poor orangette was still attached to his future husband, something that was making him lose gallons of blood with all the blushing he had been suffering for the last hour.

Even though Ichigo was nervous as hell, he couldn't stop thinking that with this marriage he was going to lose his independence. Things he had taken for granted now were in danger of disappearing, things like school and friends. Even though he still couldn't look at Aizen properly to the eyes he had to talk to the man privately before the wedding ceremony. He had to be a man, granted he could bear children, but DAMN IT! He was still a man.

Aizen finished the tour and came to a stop on the gardens behind the mansion. "Well, this is more or less Las Noches, and like I said before this is now your home."

Yoruichi was the first to talk. "Don't worry dear Sosuke-san I already feel Las Noches as my own home and as such I'll be coming around to check on MY BABY a lot. One can never be too sure of new places? There can be all sorts of vermin around and until my dear baby learns the ropes of his new home I'll be here to help him."

Aizen just kept his charming smile in place, while Shiro and poor Kisuke sweat dropped while taking a back step away from the dangerous crazy lady. Even Ichigo started to sweat under his mom's not so subtle threats while looking from the corner of his eyes at the man beside him.

"Of course you are welcome here Yoruichi-san and anything that can be done to help ease Ichigo's transition into his new life have no fear for it will be done. Now how about we go inside so we can partake of a small luncheon that has been prepared, I'm sure that you're all hungry and food always makes everything seem better."

Ichigo just stared at Aizen. 'What the hell is the man going on about food? I can't eat a thing. I'm so anxious I'll probably get a bellyache on top of everything else. Wouldn't that be just great? If out of nowhere I start to run to the bathroom, these dangerous gun-holding people would think that I'm running away from Aizen. Bullets would fly and mom, she would take the opportunity to loose herself here and start a blood pandemonium. NO! MUST STAY AWAY FROM FOOD!'

They started to walk inside the mansion via a terrace. When they got near the dining area Ichigo stopped, disengaged himself from Aizen and turned to look at the man, or at least that was the idea if only the floor wasn't so interesting at the moment for the boy.

Noticing this everyone stopped and looked at the orange haired bride. "Ah, Aizen-san could I, ah, speak to you in pri… private just for a mo… moment?"

Aizen just stared at his bride kind of surprised that the shy boy would want to talk with him privately.

"Of course my dear we can talk in the library." He just smiled at the cuteness of the boy.

Of course Yoruichi did not think that was such a great idea and so proceeded to let everyone know of this. "But sweetie you can possibly go alone anywhere on a strange place like this. You could be ravished by anyone on the way."

Ok, now everyone was just staring at her with opened mouths.

"Ah mom, I'm not going alone I'll be with Aizen-san all the way. Besides who would want to – I'm loath to say this- to ravish me here?"

"You just proved it baby. You are just too naïve to be alone." She then kind of whispered to Ichigo - which of course could be heard by everyone in the vicinity. "There can be all kinds of creeps here baby."

Kisuke knew it was time to intervene before his wife changed into crazy-ultra protective mom mode. "Now my dear I'm sure that Sosuke-san here will take care of little Ichigo while he's out of your sight. Nothing bad will happen I saw a lot of security around the place."

In a whining sort of way Yoruichi tried to counter Kisuke. "But dear…"

Aizen chuckling broke their little argument. "Don't worry I'll take care of Ichigo while we're talking afterwards I'll make sure to bring him in one piece back to you."

Before Yoruichi had a chance to answer Sosuke locked arms with Ichigo and took him away.

Yoruichi turned a glare towards her husband who just opened his fan and looked away from his wife's dagger like glare. Shiro just watched the show while trying really hard to smothers his snickering.


'Holy Crap' was all poor Ichigo could think. Never in his life had he ever seen so many books in one place, and to think that it was a private library it was mind boggling. Countless books covered the walls of the room. There was even a small wood stair that led to a kind of second floor made to reach the upper levels of the library; also there was a small wood ladder with wheels so books high in the shelves of the lower part of the library could be reached. The library had a cozy and comfy feeling to it made by the feeling of privacy it gave. The parts of the walls not covered with books were encased in shiny sherry wood panels and lastly there was a grand unlit fireplace with a great black marble mantel with beautiful designs of vines and flowers carved on it. There was a huge desk with a computer and papers on top, damask padded chairs and footstools all made in sherry wood in the Queen Ann style, along with two cream colored great sofas that looked very comfortable.

Behind the desk were two French doors covered with deep blue curtains that led to the garden, which provided fresh air and more light to the room. Maybe this whole thing about living in such a place wasn't that bad. He loves books, especially historical ones. But enough of the book ogling he was here on a mission for his future. Aware of the silence reigning around him and his future husband he knew that since he was the one to request the private audience it was his place…, 'audience what hell he's not going to talk to a king- get your shit together Ichigo', well anyway he just had to brake the ice. "You have such a great library here Aizen-san."

Sosuke deviously charming as always had stared at the little berry since entering the room with an odd twinkle on his eyes that poor innocent Ichigo never noticed. "I'm glad you like it, this is my favorite library of the three located at the manor. I often use it as a study."

"There are three libraries in the pala… (Yes he almost said palace) house?" He almost winced at the end of that question. Embarrassing much?

"Yes, this is the bigger one with the more variety of books, there's another on the second floor which has old documents, treatises, antique books and other things like that. My grandfather loved to collect all kinds of historical things. The third library is near the vault on the lower part of the house but that one contains only business documents, contracts, purchases, and such. Of course you are welcome to any of them; this is your home from today onwards."

Ichigo's eyes were kind of dazed since his brain froze after the description of the second library. All he could think was that he had his own personal historical archive.He had arrived to the Mecca of every student of history and archeology. What the hell? Forget anything else he was going to marry this guy just so he could have access to the upstairs' library. 'No Ichigo, do not forget your mission'.

Looking anywhere but at Aizen the berry finally got his bearings back. "Thank you I'll be sure to take you up on that offer pretty soon." Taking a deep breath while fiddling with the hem of his shirt, Ichigo finally worked up the nerve to start the real conversation.

"Ah, Aizen-san before we can get married I wanted to tell you that… I have some conditions that must be met by you. I know that our marriage is one of convenience. But… before taking the big plunge that will…eh, change my life I need to make sure that you understand that there are some aspects of my life that I will not change". At this Ichigo finally looks at Aizen eye to eye. "I will not quit school nor will I abandon my friends no matter what anyone says or thinks."

'Who would have thought that beneath all that cuteness and shyness the boy had such strength and courage? But what else could he expect of Yoruichi and Kisuke's son. Through out Ichigo's declaration Aizen had assumed a posture of seriousness, kind of like a soldier at ease, legs slightly apart and hands clasped behind his back. He narrowed his eyes in a very dangerous way. One that his enemies knew all to well what it meant, which is 'No one fucks with Sosuke Aizen without getting doubly fucked in returned'.

"Are you actually giving me an ultimatum Ichigo?"

Ichigo knew the other guy was angry just by hearing the low and dangerous tone by which that question was uttered; something that even with his limited knowledge of the fellow he knows that it's not very smart and healthy to be on the receiving end of such a tone. But if he is to actually have some semblance of happiness he must not turned from his already set course. Still looking at the dangerous man to the face Ichigo squares his shoulders and clenches his hands to hide his fear. "If that is what you think then so be it. I will not live a miserable life just because some men that I have never met from a world I have never entered decided that I have to marry a stranger in order to avoid the excess of blood on the streets of Japan between the three great yakuza families."

Aizen dropped his charming façade to actually contemplate the guts of the boy in front of him. "What if I don't accept your conditions for this marriage? Will you just drop everything knowing what it will mean?"

The berry raised his chin in defiance. "You forget who my mother is. Of course I will just walk away from this wedding if you deny me. I am sure Yoruichi Shihoin will welcome my decision and the consequences of it."

The yakuza lord raises one of his hands to slightly caressed Ichigo's face while a smirk was slowly growing on his face. "I can see that you have quite the fiery spirit. Fine I accept your conditions, but I have a few conditions of my own."

At this Ichigo had to swallow the words that threaten to get out of his mouth. 'This conniving, sexy, bastardly man, who the hell does he thinks he is? He is the one getting the most benefits out of this. Calm yourself Ichigo do not lose sight of your goal'. "Pray tell what these conditions are."

Still smirking and caressing Ichigo, Aizen responded;"From now on no matter where you go you will always be accompanied by a bodyguard of my choice who will drive you wherever you need to go. You will always tell me where you are going, the 'why' and the 'who' beforehand. If I find reason to deny your outing you will accept my decision." Sosuke drops his smirk and takes Ichigo's chin between his fingers with force, but not enough to actually bruise and looks deeply at the berry's eyes. "You are mine Ichigo Kurosaki; do not delude yourself thinking otherwise. If you do not accept MY conditions I am willing to risk the bloodbath that will fallow, ARE you?"

Ichigo can actually feel a shiver of real fear running down his spine. He can see that this is the most that he can get from the man. He then wraps his hand around the wrist of the hand in possession of his chin. "I accept your conditions Aizen."

Sosuke smirks again and nears his face near the one in front of him and with his other arm takes possession of the orangette's waist and brings him close to his body. "Then we have a deal my dear Ichigo."

The poor berry bride can feel the almost breathed words on his mouth. Now he's starting to blush like the virgin he is again at the closeness of the other and the pleasant musk that surrounds the older man. Then he notices a change on Aizen's eyes, the dangerous glint on his eyes is being replaced by a mischievous one. But before he can discern what the change means Aizen kisses the poor boy. Ichigo's eyes go as wide as they can, while bringing his hands against the taller man's chest. It's his first real kiss which can explain why he's knees go weak. He closes his eyes and can feel the hand on his chin moving to the back of his head, sifting through his silky hair, bringing him closer to the other man. Never in his life has he felt something as mind blowing as this. Sosuke's tongue starts to massage his lower lip and Ichigo gasps at the feeling, giving the other more experienced man the opportunity to tongue rape the little uke.

After a while air becomes a necessity for the both of them, and so they break apart. A hot and bothered Ichigo opens his eyes to find himself staring at the smug smirk on Aizen's face yet when he raises his eyes to the other's he finds a soft gaze on him.

"Come Ichigo I'm sure your mother must be really anxious waiting for me to return you to her side." With those succinct words Aizen takes holds of the orange haired boy's arm and proceeds to escort him back to his family.

Ichigo's family

There was a small luncheon ready to be served, but the family had not even taken a seat at the table. They were still standing waiting for a certain orangette.

"Kisuke I don't care what you say I'm going to look for my little flower, who knows what could had happen to him after such a long time away from me."

"Yoruichi dear, what are you talking about? It's being no more that 15 minutes that Ichigo went to talk with Aizen. I'm sure he would appreciate the privacy. Besides from today onwards he will live here. It's better if he gets whatever he has to say to the man off his chest after all it's not an easy situation that he finds himself at the moment."

"Tha's righ' ma' jus' leave the little princess ta handle this, beside' when have ya ever know Ichi to let someone walk all over him?"

"I don't know Shiro dear, I…" before she could finish her sentence the door behind them was opened by Aizen with an Ichigo in tow. Yoruichi was overcome with craziness one more time, and before Kisuke and Shiro could hold her she threw herself at poor Ichigo. But the berry knowing his mother he already knew what to expect so he was prepared when he found himself on the floor with a psycho mom fussing all over him.

"Baby, are you alright? Let mama check you over."

In a whine sort of way Ichigo tries to answer, "Mom I'm fine, no one took a bite out of me. Seriously no need to panic."

"Why was my little flower blushing when he entered the room? Answer me that?" questioned a very observant mom.

"Mom if you could just get off I can better answer your questions." Finally Yoruichi stood up and helped Ichigo do the same.

"Still waiting for my answer my little orange flower!" snapped a Yoruichi with narrowed eyes and arms crossed on her chest.

Ichigo tried to gain some time by dusting and fixing his clothing. What the hell was he going to say? Aizen kissed the daylights out of me. He could just imagine what that was going to do to his mom. It was too early in the day for any kind of bloodshed.

So without looking at the insufferable man, better know as Sosuke Aizen, that he knew had to be smirking, "Mom I'm just nervous about everything, you know the wedding, my new life... that's all.

Through out everything Kisuke had kept quiet and had reserved himself to stare at the entering couple. He more or less knew why Ichigo wanted to speak to Aizen alone. He's far from stupid, he knew that even though Ichigo accepted the marriage there were some things that he wouldn't sacrifice no matter what. His son deserved some privacy in his dealings with his future husband.

"Yoruichi dear why don't you leave Ichigo alone I'm sure he's fine, it's just pre-wedding jitters. Now why don't we all sit down at eat something." With that Kisuke managed to persuade a pouting Yoruichi to sit at the table, after that everyone did the same and the luncheon finally started.

Wedding preparations

It was late afternoon and Ichigo was been prepared for his wedding in a secluded room at Las Noches away from prying eyes, meaning Kisuke's and Shiro's. Yoruichi along with some of Ichigo's female friends were helping in this endeavor.

Yoruichi was dressed in a black silk kurotomesode (most formal kimono for married women, often worn by the mothers of the bride and groom at weddings) style kimono with purple chrysanthemums and green leaves below the waistline and an apple green obi (sash) and only one kamon (family crest) in the form of a mask on her back. Her purple hair was caught in a very stylish upper bun with a kushi kanzanshi (comb like hair ornament) made of lacquered wood inlaid with mother of pearl.

While Orihime was clothed in a light blue silk hōmongi (may be worn by both married and unmarried women; often friends of the bride will wear it at weddings and receptions)stylekimono with a pattern of dark blue Japanese fans with pink flowers, inside on the hem and the right sleeve side and a dark pink obi, with the upper part of her hair caught with a kanzashi consisting of a single silver butterfly the rest of the hair flowed dawn her back. Tatsuki was dressed also in an hōmongi style dark blue silk kimono with watery designs and a white obi with her short hair free of adornments and small diamond studs on her ears.

Back to the bride, Ichigo was being dressed in an uchikake (highly formal kimono worn by brides, is supposed to be worn outside the actual kimono and obi, as a sort of coat and it trails along the floor) style silk brocade white kimono with a white silk hiyoku (double sided lower-half of the kimono which may be exposed to the eyes of others, gives the impression of layering) inside.

In very whining sort of way the bride voiced his opinion about his clothes. "Mom, why did it have to be white?" He opened his arms so as to make his point. "I told you it could not be too girly, but look at me now."

"Sweet baby, what are you talking about? You look splendid, besides it JUST had to be white so everyone will know that my dear baby was pure as fresh snow when he married." Then with narrowed eyes she hissed out between clenched teeth, "wouldn't want any of those hyenas out there to think anything less of my sweet virgin little girl."

The other three persons in the room just looked at her with something akin to fear and awe at the same time. Only Yoruichi Shihoin could be a sweet mother one moment and in the next an extremely vicious one.

With a small cough Orihime broke the moment. "You look absolutely stunning Kurosaki-kun, right Tatsuki-chan?"

"You got it right 'hime, he looks stunning", said a smiling Tatsuki.

Ichigo just continued to look at himself in the full length mirror. He knew he looked good but he didn't liked how girly, still he supposed since he was a bearer that it was alright.

"Now dear, what are we to do with your hair? What do you think girls?"

"Hey! I'm not putting a tsunokakushi (wedding headpiece kind of like an open hat)."

The three women were looking at him; Tatsuki was the first to talk. "Well it's not like you have the hair for it, you are just like me with a short hair. But I guess we could put a flower behind your left ear. What do you guys think?"

Orihime and Yoruichi got the same sparkling eyes at that moment, clutching their hands together in front of them.

"Oh, yes baby you will look radiant. It has to be a purple peony; I saw some of them in the garden here. Tatsuki go and hurry to the garden and bring us some."

"I'll be right back." With that Tatsuki left to complete her mission.

Ichigo was curious as to why his mom said that he had to wear a purple peony flower, so he decided since they had to wait for Tatsuki's return to ask. "Why does it have to be a purple peony mom?"

A very surprised looking Yoruichi just stared at Ichigo for a couple of seconds with her mouth opened and her hands pressing against her heart in a very dramatic way. "Why baby, don't you know? Peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor. Their blooms are so lush, full and rounded that peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as omens of good fortune and a happy marriage. Never forget the power of flowers to make a statement dear and the purple part it's just because I like the color, besides it looks good on you."

Ichigo just stared at his mom with a 'whatever sort of look'.

Ten minutes later Tatsuki returned with a handful of flowers so there could be many from which to pick the best one. The women turned critical eyes until they found the most beautiful peony of the bunch. Then they proceeded to pin the flower with little hair pins so it wouldn't fall off during the ceremony. With this last detail taken care of, the bride was ready to get married.


Almost all the guests had arrived at Las Noches. The sun had already set and stars had come out to shine down at the festivities. Security around the property was pretty tight. There were guards in and around the house, also there were security boats patrolling the lake for any possible intruders.

While all the men were dressed in black kimonos with grey hakamas (resembles a wide pair of trousers) the women were clothed in kimonos of every color, all using traditional zōris (like flip-flops) as footwear with white tabis (ankle-high, divided-toe socks).

Aizen was mingling among the many guests along with his friend and second in command Gin. After walking for almost half an hour they decided to sojourn at the library. "Well Aizen-sama pretty soon you will loose you bachelorhood, how do you feel?

Sosuke just looked at his smiling creepy friend while taking a sip from his recently poured brandy. "How do you thing I should feel Gin?

Then with still closed eyes and a slight frown marring his smile, "Aww, come on Aizen-sama, don't tell me that you aren't anxious to marry the little berry-tan?"

Turning around so as to look at the grounds full of people, "Gin the only thing that I'm anxious about is for this business of the 'peace treaty' between the families to be done and finish."

"So all you care about is the business and not the little berry?" said a curious Gin still looking at his friend's back.

At this Aizen partially turns his head to look at his friend. Gin can see that Sosuke's face has been transform with a small smirk. "Ichigo is a very nice incentive in this whole thing. He's a very interesting boy that I will thoroughly enjoy. He will give me strong, beautiful heirs. What more can I ask for?" With that he turns around to his previous position.

Then in a very low voice, not meant to be heard by anyone, the ever sly silver haired man repeats, "yes what more could you ask for?"

With the bride

With Orihime and Tatsuki gone to take their respective places on the wedding, Yoruichi is alone with Ichigo, looking at him she starts in a more serious tone, "Ichigo before the ceremony begins I want you to meet someone very important, someone which never had the opportunity to meet you before today for your own safety." As she finishes these words an old man dressed in a kimono and using a walking stick enters the room fallowed by two men that looked like bodyguards. The old man was bald yet had a very long grey beard. His eyes even though looked to be closed seem to be observing everything in the room especially Ichigo. With an almost invisible hand gesture from the old man the two bodyguards left the room.

Yoruichi took the hand of the silent Ichigo and brought him forward closer to the old man. "Ichigo this man is Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto your great grandfather".

The poor orangette couldn't help but be intimidated before the presence of such a powerful man. Ichigo made a small bow of respect and in a very subdued tone of voice said, "Good evening Yamamoto-sama."

When Ichigo straighten from his bow the old man finally spoke in a fatherly kind of voice. "Evening child, it's good to finally see you in the flesh. I wanted to express my congratulations on this day and more importantly I wanted to thank you for doing this." Then with a stern yet caring tone added, "I know it won't be an easy road for you but know that if you ever need my help it will be given without questions. Remember that even though you are entering in an arranged marriage it does not mean that you will be without rights as a spouse. This wedding was the doing of men that sought to bring peace to a world full of strife and violence, but a marriage without honor and respect will never be accepted as the price for such peace for then it would be hollowed and false. I wish you happiness child. My own marriage started like yours will but I found true happiness in it, I pray yours will be the same." With those words the old man touched Ichigo's shoulder lightly, turned around and left the room with one of the body guards closing the door behind him.

The poor orange haired boy was speechless. Confused he turned to look at his mother. "My dear little flower in case you didn't grasped your great grandfather's meaning, what he meant is that even though this marriage is to keep the peace among the families you don't have to take shit from your future husband. In other words if ever Aizen fucks up you have Yamamoto's consent to leave the bastard and after that all bets are off sweetie", finished an evilly smirking Yoruichi looking at a rather scared berry.

Wedding ceremony (short description)

The wedding ceremony was to take place at a small recently prepared Shinto shrine in a beautiful gazebo at the back of the property. The structure was made of walnut wood painted in white with a pergola of white marble pillars of Corinthian style with flowery vines around them forming a pathway leading to it. Different kinds of beautiful flowers of many colors surrounded the structure.

After a small procession the bride finally arrived to his groom's side in front of a kind looking Shinto priest. First the couple was purified, afterwards the vows were performed which were followed by the exchange of sake between the couple in the san-san-kudo (three-times-three) ceremony as part of their wedding vows that symbolized not only the union of two people, but also the uniting of two families, though in this case three families. At the end of the ceremony symbolic offerings of small tree twigs called sakaki were given to the Kamisama ('god').

As the wedded couple were walking down the pergola pathway Aizen brings his new wife closer to him by putting one of his arms around the orangette's shoulders and in a kind of seductive yet threatening tone he whispers into his new wife's ear. "You are now legally and officially mine Ichigo Aizen." Such words make shivers run down the poor berry's spine who cannot decide if such shivers are out of fear or anticipation.

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