Soul and Maka sat on the bench in silence, watching the cars pass by. Maka moved uncomfortably next to Soul and grabbed her arm. Soul verted his eyes in the opposite direction from her and bit his cheek. As you can tell, this was an awkward situation for the both of them…

"W-Why don't we go get some coffee o-or something?" Soul asked, turning to Maka.

"Sure. Anything to get out of sight right now…," Maka sighed and stood up before Soul did. Soul sat there for a moment thinking.

"Seriously?" he asked shocked that she agreed to go with him.


"Your gonna go with me… after what just happened back there because of me?" Maka shrugged.

"Why not? I need a little adventure in my life right now." Soul smirked and stood up. They walked down to the coffee shop on the corner of the street and entered quietly. Soul took out his wallet and waited for Maka to order what she wanted.

They sat down at a small table by the window on the stools. Maka held her cup on the table with both her hands while Soul had his hands nowhere near his cup of coffee. He held his chin in his hand his elbow on the table.

"So… who were they? Those boys?" Maka broke the silence for once and brought Soul back into the real world.

"Uh… Grimsley and 'crew'. They've been on the streets ever since I can remember." Soul grimaced. "But that doesn't matter right now. What matters right now is how I'm going to avoid them later…" Maka tilted her head to the side a little.

"Do they hang out around the apartment building?" Soul shook his head a couple times.

"Nah, but they have a tendency to find me when I'm out and about town." Maka placed her hands in her lap.

"Oh… -," Soul interrupted her before she could say anything.

"This is nice. The best time I've had in a really long time." Maka smiled.

"Yea, you and I both. I've had to deal with the divorce and my parents fighting." Soul chuckled.

"Nothing like I've dealed with girly. The bastards just want a fight…" Soul sighed and drank his coffee.

Maka finished her drink and they left the shop afterwards.

Soul and Maka walked side by side down the sidewalk back to their apartment building. Soul had his hands in his pockets and his headband was half way coving his eyes. Maka clasped her hands together in front of her and watched her feet move beneath her.

"Soul?" he opened one eye and looked in her direction.

"Yea?" he asked lazily and closed his eyes again.

"What's your mom like?" Soul stopped and threw his head down towards his feet. He stood there quietly and watched his shoes.

"I… I never really knew her. she- uh- she left when I was little. My dad somehow got full custody of me without her knowing. So… she couldn't take me." Maka back tracked next to Soul and placed her hand on his back.

"I'm sorry I asked. You don't have to talk about it… my dad was an ass if that makes you feel better. He cheats with every girl he sees." Maka giggled and frowned when Soul closed his eyes.

"Wanna stay over at my house for a while before you go back with your dad?" Maka offered him. Soul perked up a bit and looked Maka in the eyes…

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