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Chapter 1: How many times today?


"So. Edward."

I let out a weary sigh and looked up at Carlisle, who was waiting expectantly for me to give him the report of my day. I shrugged and played with the seam on the overstuffed chair I sat in. Carlisle's office at home, while appearing to be a little less clinical, still seemed impersonal in my eyes.

Save the antique paintings on the walls. And the pictures of family on his shelf behind him. I caught sight of one that was tucked behind another and let out another breath.

Of course he'd hide her.

Not really surprising after what had happened.

"How was your first day of school?"

I simply shrugged.

"Did you meet anyone at school today?"

"A few people," I mumbled, zeroing in on the chair seam again.

"Any girls?"

I grunted and glowered at him.

"What do you think?" I sneered.

I hated this. He didn't need to know about the girls that all but pawed at me. New guy, new meat. And every one of them unavailable to me.

He would, of course press me on it; to be sure I behaved myself.

"Did you proposition any of them?"

I groaned and covered my eyes, uncomfortable with this discussion.

"No," I muttered and shook my head.

"But you wanted to," he continued, sounding so clinical.

If Carlisle weren't a doctor, it would sound inappropriate.

But he was my doctor.

And I had issues.

"Did you have any urges today?"

I rolled my eyes. Like I would magically lose my urges by moving to a different town.

"So. How many times today, Edward?"

I sighed in resignation, the embarrassment of telling my adoptive father how many times I got off in one day truly wearing.

"Only ten."

"That's an improvement," he responded brightly, seemingly pleased with my progress.

"Well if the scenery were better," I muttered and closed my mouth before I got the lecture.

"Edward, we're making a new start here. Give it a try. I know it's not Alaska, but we have to make an effort," Carlisle said, in full on lecture voice.

This would take some time.

New place.

New start.

Learn to control myself.

Try to attempt a normal life.

I had thought what I had in Alaska had been normal. All young teenage guys have hormones, right? Tanya had told me my enthusiastic nature was refreshing, albeit short fused. I frowned at that thought and tried to picture her again. Naked and panting out my name. Pulling me close, letting me taste every bit of her. She liked that best.

Of course that image morphed into our last time together, when Carlisle had walked in.

If he had only been a few minutes later, I would have actually gotten my dick in her finally. It would have only taken a minute.

But he did walk in and that was it.

He was livid and labeling me sexual deviant.

Sure she was older, but she wasn't really family to me. When he found out just how frequently I spent time with Tanya though, he made the decision to move to Washington. To start over with no history of my sordid past.

Like there was less temptation here.

I grunted at that.

Even the mildly cute girls made me hard and needing to spend a little time in the bathroom.

"Any female teachers?"

I groaned again and thought about lying to him.

Mrs. Solas in Spanish was kind of hot. The way her skirt clung to her hips.

"Edward, you're not concentrating."

"Fine," I spat out. "The Spanish teacher is hot. I jacked off to thoughts of her before and after lunch. Satisfied?"

I always tried for shock value when I had had enough.

"Maybe you should take French instead," Carlisle murmured and made a note in my file.

My ever thickening file.

"Edward, I want you to try and set a goal. I'm proud of you for restraining yourself on your first day of school. But I want you to think about how you can do better."

He said this every day.

How could I improve? Set a goal. Find a distraction for my thoughts and urges.

Nothing short of sending me to an all boys boarding school would curb my thoughts and urges.

"I'll try French," I said in resignation.

I'd miss Mrs. Solas' tight skirt.

And I'd seen the French teacher. Old dude with mutton chops. Surefire softener there.

"That's a good start, Edward."

It was going to be a long year.


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