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Breakin Dishes- Rhianna


Chapter 14: Did I make him nervous?


I didn't sleep.

At all.

Aside from all the pent up frustrations brought on by Creepy Hot Guy and my over analysing why he would leave me high and not so dry; Charlie had called to say he was working the overnight shift, leaving me alone in a creaking old house. I had left most of the lights on to try and comfort me, and while I dozed for a few minutes here and there on the couch, I couldn't bring myself to sleep in my bed, with so many ways to get into the house.

So instead, I spent several hours on the computer researching the Flour child.

Yeah, I opened the envelope without him.

Besides being pissed at him for the grope and dash, I was upset because he had left me to have to do our first assignment on our own.

Give a brief explanation of your child's illness and how it would affect the parenting of that child.

Our child, as I found out, was born blind. Nothing too much on that, and as I dug around on the Internet, I realized there were all sorts of reasons for blindness in children. And without more to go on than just being told our FC was blind, I had to come up with a paragraph detailing how that would affect us.

Won't affect the father, because he is not in the picture now, is he?

I frowned at my anger and looked through our profiles again.

I was a teacher, he was an artist.

I snorted and thought about how that would make living together difficult with a blind child.

Lower middle class, probably only renting a home. Our salaries were low.

And blind children could be expensive.

I rubbed at my eyes as the night outside started to dim to sunrise.

I typed up a quick synopsis of our fake life and the issues with our FC, and slumped away towards the shower.

I needed to wake up and try to get through the day with a smile and strength.

Even if I wanted to throttle the boy who made my Monday a day from hell.

I would not let him do that to me today.

I'd tell him I didn't appreciate being led on and felt up.

I'd tell him he had to make me understand his reasoning or I would make his life harder than it already was.

Every pun intended.

I intentionally wore my skinny jeans and my top he liked from the first day.

I was playing dirty.

I knew.

So why was I curling into myself when I walked into the Biology classroom to find him there already, his back straight and hands clasped tightly together on the top of the desk. You could feel the tension in his frame from across the room.

But he was watching me with dark eyes.

I felt my heart clench and my stomach flip flop.

Traitorous body. I was going to make him squirm. I wanted to be mad.

Where was the anger from earlier?


Hey," I replied softly and put our flour child on the table top in between us. I busied myself with getting my notes out for the class period, as well as the paragraph that was due for the day. I slid it towards him, but refused to look up and get lost.

I wanted him to say…

"I'm sorry," he whispered, surprising me. Could he read my mind?


He swallowed and clenched that pretty jaw of his before looking a little more intently at me.

"I'm sorry," he said again. "About…yesterday. What I did. It was wrong. I shouldn't have done that to you."

"Oh," I replied quietly, not as happy about the apology as I had hoped.

What had I hoped?

Kiss and make better?

I turned away and looked down at my notes, the scrawling mess indecipherable.

"I just don't think we should be friends," he continued, and I could tell from my periphery that he was still watching me.

"Sure," I whispered. "It's just a Bio project. I wasn't looking for a best friend or anything."

"It's just better if we work on this maybe separately."

I glanced at him and was confused by the look on his face. He seemed upset over something. Frustrated maybe. And he was breathing a little harder.

Did I make him nervous?

"Mr. Banner said we had to work together," I said, a little confused. Hadn't he just said he was sorry?

"Well, maybe you'd be better off working with Mike Newton or someone else," he said, his tone a little strained.

"I don't," I started only to be interrupted by Mr. Banner starting class.

I reluctantly looked away from Edward and tried to concentrate on the class.

But I kept thinking about what he had said.

He was trying to get out of working with me. Was he just embarrassed?

I chanced a glance at him, and wilted at the stiff back and tense jaw. His hands were still clenched on the tabletop.

He sat like that the entire period, and never looked my way. Like I didn't exist beside him.

And that made me angry.

Don't like me, fine.

But don't feel me up and then ignore me completely like I'm nothing!

The bell rang and I shoved my papers into my bag carelessly. I just wanted to get out of his sight now.

Not good enough for creepy guy to even be his lab partner?

Screw him.

"You cannot switch partners now, Mr. Cullen. You will have to come to an agreeable means with Miss Swan."

My head shot up to see Edward speaking with Mr. Banner. The teacher's eyes were on me and they looked pitiful.

Great, even the teacher pities me.

"I'll just have to deal with it," I heard Edward mutter and then look back at me, that tension he had held onto all period ten times worse now. "Library? After school?"

I gritted my teeth and hefted the flour child onto my hip.

"Fine," I hissed and strode past them out of the classroom.

I was definitely ready to play volleyball today.

Who knew you had to aim the ball before you hit it?

Poor Mike Newton would have a black eye for a week.

And that lumbering refrigerator football guy didn't help matters when I had to listen to him laugh at my misfortunate aim.


And this time I went to the library sweaty. I didn't care.

I waited a half an hour, knowing he wouldn't show up. He was a runner.

Well, I wasn't sure if he actually ran. But he could retreat like the best of them.

I drove home gnashing my teeth over men in general.

I'd stay a virgin forever if it meant keeping away from asshole men.

"Whoa there, Bells! Who slapped you with the angry stick?"

I growled at my dad before even realizing it was him, and then slumped into my chair like a rag doll in defeat.

"I hate people," I moaned deciding to include the whole human race and not just boys.

If I had said boys, Charlie would have cleaned his shotgun.

"What happened, Bells? Who do I need to arrest?"

I snorted at that and shook my head, looking up into the kind eyes of the only man I'd ever love.

"I love you, Dad," I whispered.

That always brought an awkward blush to my dad and his stuttering I love you back.

But this time, he looked at me thoughtfully and reached for my hand, grasping it tightly.

"Will you tell me what happened?"

I groaned and began the story of Biology, keeping out the parts that I found Creepy Hot Guy cute and all.

"So the Cullen kid ditched you? I'd be upset too, especially since I can't understand why he'd ask to switch places," Charlie said finally, scratching his head.

His hand paused and then he looked at me with a mischievious glint in his eye.

"Unless maybe he likes you," he said jokingly.

At least I think it was jokingly.

"He does not," I huffed.

"Well, it's early yet. I think you should go bang on his door and demand answers," he said simply.

I looked at my dad dumbfounded.

Go over… to a boys house?

Make demands…wasn't that like trespassing?

Go over… to a boys house?

Where was my dad the protective law officer?

"I don't know where he lives," I said instead.

"Well it's a good thing your dad is the Police Chief. I know where everyone lives!" he exclaimed and wrote down directions on the grocery list.

"I…I can't go over there, dad!" I argued.

No way did I want to see rejection twice in one day.

"I think you should. Show him you are a strong young woman who will not be messed with," he said, a proud look on his face. "You will not be stood up, not my girl."

I shook my head and moved to get up and retreat to my room.

"If you don't go I'll have to follow him around town in the cruiser. Maybe I'll pull him over a few times, threaten him with a ticket or two."

"Please! Don't!" I cried, mortified at how well that would go over.

He'd hate me even more.

"Go on over. Esme Cullen is a nice lady. I am sure he's just really shy. I've never had trouble with the Cullens. They're a quiet bunch that keeps to themselves. Except Emmett," he said, frowning. "Your partner is Edward, right? Not Emmett?"

"I don't even know Emmett, Dad," I said and pulled my backpack back on turning to leave.

"Good, Emmett's the wild one. I'd watch out for him," he said, wagging his finger at me.

"Fine, Dad. I have enough trouble with one Cullen. If I see another one, I'll run and call 911," I called as I shut the door.

I buckled in and pulled out, the rain starting up as I drove.

How did I know this was going to end badly?

Maybe because when I got there I had no plan for what I would tell his parents when they answered the door.

I stood there, in the wet and cold while his dad looked at me in mild shock when I introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Bella Swan. Is Edward home?"


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