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Chapter 8: This or that?


"So did you make any friends this week, Bells?"

I poked at the fish I had made, shrugging.

"A couple," I replied, in our simple question and answer round portion of dinner.

"Any boys?"

I snorted at his obviously feigned disinterest and shook my head.

He didn't need to know about Edward Cullen. I hadn't really made friends with him. He had just stared at me like I was dessert. Charlie eyed me for a moment as if to press me on it, and then stretched in his chair.

"Mike Newton's a good boy. Parents own the outfitters in town. Never any problems with him. Or Billy's son, Jake. He was asking about you the other day. He's a bright young man," Charlie said, all too casual.

I looked up at him in surprise.

"Dad, you're supposed to be encourage me to avoid boys, not play matchmaker," I said.

He simply grinned and shrugged.

"Just looking after you, Bells. You don't want to end up old and alone like me," he replied and winked at me. "It's cool on me. The Forever Bachelor. But you're allergic to cats."

He slid out of his seat before I could wail on him, laughing as he grabbed a beer and retreated to the living room, but not before informing me Jake and Billy were coming over the next day.

Could he be more obvious?

I suppose it came to this. I couldn't get a boy on my own.

Leave it to the menfolk to arrange it for me.

So on Saturday I got to see the boy Charlie hoped I'd hook up with.

I'm sure it wasn't because he was a best friend with Jake's dad.

Nooo. Of course not.

And while I was a bit more aloof than usual, Jake took it in stride and followed me around all day like a lost puppy. He wasn't even deterred by my old sloppy pullover and stained jeans.

Jake was very easy going.

He wasn't really so bad. He needed a haircut, even if he said it was an Indian thing to grow it long. He looked more like a girl than I did.

Except for his amazing biceps.

Okay and he had a nice ass.

Okay. He had a nice set of abs too. But I wasn't really looking.

What was it with guys that stretched to show off the fact that their shirt was maybe a little too small?

I mean, he was nice to look at. Beautiful even.

But his teeth were way too white. It just wasn't natural.

It made me want to go into town and invest in Crest whitening strips for my own less than brilliant teeth.

I needed to give up coffee. Take up running or something to tone my jiggly ass. Yoga perhaps for balance since I always seemed to trip over myself. Anything to put me on par with Mr. Body Beautiful.

Yeah, Jake made me feel a little inadequate. Which sucked considering he was a whole year younger than me. And living on the reservation.

How was I the one that was sheltered? I had traveled! I had seen places!

"We should go see a movie in Port Angeles!" Jake said, in his overly exuberant voice I was learning was his normal voice.

It was a bit annoying once you heard everything repeated in that enthusiastic tone.

"Um, I have to study," I said dismissively, wanting nothing better to do than hide in my room and think of what I didn't have.

"You've only been in school for a week! You can't have that much homework," he said, smiling as he shifted closer on the couch.

I needed sunglasses. The teeth were all sparkly in the living room light.

And did I mention that Jake has puppy dog eyes?

I bet he could eyelash bat the pants right off an unsuspecting girl.

I was onto him though. I was not that easy.


Bat bat bat…flutter flutter.

"Fine," I said, exasperated. I would not fall for it a second time. I needed to get out of the house anyway.

But I was not on a date with Jake.

No matter how much he tried to charm me.

And, well. He was pretty charming.

Somehow he managed to hold my hand the whole way there.

Yeah, I allowed it.

Well I wanted to get laid, right?

And he was cute and all.

I could do worse.

Mike Newton had drummed up the courage to say hello to me on Friday. He was nice, if not a little dim. One too many hits to the head with a football. And I liked to be able to actually talk about more than touchdowns and homeruns, in whatever form they took.

And since Creepy Hot Guy Edward Cullen had fallen off the face of the earth, it left fewer candidates.

Besides, Charlie liked Jake.

That had to trump sparkly teeth and supreme abs, right?

This could maybe work.

I was not lowering my standards!

How much lower can you get from nonexistent?

I could give Jake a shot.

But when he tried to kiss me and feel up my boob during the movie, I just couldn't go through with it.

He kissed like a dog. Only a dog slobbered a lot less.

So much for trying other things.

Back to my hopeless nighttime fantasies of unattainable boys then.

Was it Monday yet?


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