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Prologue : The Flawed World

The air was thick with the pungent scent of blood threading through the heavy dust, murky shadows lurking in the corners of the small basement as they curled and unfolded sinisterly. Pale, weak light emanating from the ceiling flickered unstably a few times before going out completely, plunging the room into darkness. But even with the black veil obscuring everything, I could still see it as clear as day...

Nothing could ever obstruct that mangled corpse of the man lying there, his body twisted into an unnatural position on the ground. His left arm was bent in the complete opposite direction as were both his knees, and horror gripped me when I finally realized the white thing poking out of him was bone. I almost screamed as my gaze traveled upward only to see that both of his eyes had been gouged out, sunken sockets flecked with blood replacing those emerald hues that used to look at me with such warmth and care. The dark, scarlet liquid pooling beneath him, created a lake that his corpse was practically floating in, all those painful cuts and lacerations on his body still oozing blood, blood, blood...

"Thought you could run, did you?"

My body seized up as soon as I heard that voice sound next to my ear. That smooth, velvet voice of a brother I was all too familiar with... no matter how much I wanted to forget...

"Oh, my poor, deluded little sister," I winced when he roughly grasped my hair and yanked my head up so I was staring up at him, staring right into a pair of crimson orbs, "Did that escapade of the failures from the space colony inspire you to do the same?"

I remained silent.

His features formed into a patronizing look, "Aw, are you scared? Don't be scared of me... it's not like I'm going to kill you or anything..."

Despite the sudden chill that went down my back, I managed to find my voice again.

"You... you killed him," My words shook for a moment, as the reality of everything began sinking in, "You killed him!"

He just seemed to be annoyed at me now, "So? Were you actually attached to that man? Geez, all he did was feed you and give you a place to stay for a few days... You're really too soft for your own good. No wonder our creators said you needed a different personality implanted-"


"... Seriously, did you hit your head or something?" He roughly threw me into the ground, and I choked on the blood that entered my mouth when I impacted with the slick wooden boards, "He saw you! He knows what we are! Do you seriously think I wouldn't silence him after that? Our existence is a secret from the general public, even though it's approved by the government. We can't risk news of us leaking out-"

He broke off when he saw me reaching for the man's face, "Oi, oi, what are you doing? He's dead!"

"I know that," I softly rested my hand on the man's forehead. Just like how he used to do to me, just like he did this morning, his fingers gently brushing-

"You've gotten way too sentimental," He grabbed my wrist and started dragging me away, "C'mon, let's go now, alright?"

"Don't touch me!" I jerked myself out of his grip, and his eyes narrowed dangerously.

"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" I retorted. Fear was starting to fade now, and anger took its place. Mr. Laelia... Mr. Laelia was the only person who'd ever been good to me, he was the one who took care of me when I finally escaped that horrid place, that place full of nothing but pain and death...

... And he killed him...

A scowl marred my brother's face, "Don't make me use force, Blair."

"He didn't do anything wrong!" I screamed at him.

"He knows we exist, that's reason enough for him to die," He pulled out a gun from his side and twirled it around his fingers carelessly, "Besides, this world is survival of the fittest. That's what we were taught back in the lab, right? Just like our examinations in groups of ten, where seven of us are eliminated... If he really deserved to live, then he should've been strong enough to fight back. Che, you should've seen the pathetic way he was begging for his life..."

"He's innocent!" I shouted, "He... he's just another civilian, he-"

Fast. He was fast, but I managed to catch his movement, and I rolled out of the way just in time. It was lucky that I did, since a gunshot thundered out with a loud 'bang' at that exact moment.

"That was a warning shot. If you continue to resist, I will not hesitate to shoot you," His eyes were ice cold as he held the smoking gun, aimed directly at me, "Get over it. He's dead. The world isn't fair... even if I didn't kill him, our creators would send our other brothers and sisters after him. That man was finished the moment he took pity on you."

... Mr. Laelia was a nice man, a kind man... he took me in when he found me on the streets, half-dead from escaping from the lab. He was a good person...

... and he died because of it.

My brother gave a frustrated sigh, "... Forget him. Forget everything. We're Super Soldiers, we're made to kill. You can't go around feeling sorry for others, not when they're going to die anyways. Remember our group examinations? 'Kill or be killed'... It's the same out here. Besides, how do you know he's not trying to use you? How do you know that everything he did isn't just an act to get you on his side? ... You don't. You can't trust anyone. You can't feel anything for anyone, you can't let your emotions get in your way... Because, that's when you give them a chance to kill you."

Super Soldiers. Created for battle. Created for killing...

... Were we just tools to be used?

... Brothers and sisters, laughing together one day and fighting each other the next... with only the three victors allowed to live. Live, and to kill more...

I almost received a heart attack when our stalemate was broken by the sudden blaring of police sirens. My pulse racing, I took a defensive stance on instinct alone when I caught my brother running towards me.

"I don't have time for this!" He yelled, abruptly jamming his gun back into the holster on his side and grabbing my arm, "We need to get out of here right-"

I elbowed him in the eye as hard as I could and he shrieked, the shrill sound ringing loudly in the small basement. Blinded momentarily, he stumbled around in pain and I took the chance to ram my smaller body against his, successfully knocking him down even as both of us lost our balance in the blood coating the ground. He began fumbling around for his gun, and knew I didn't have much time left...

I ran.

I pushed him away and began sprinting, slipping in blood but nonetheless still running. There was another loud gunshot, and I heard him screaming obscenities after me. He didn't give chase to me, though. Not yet. Fury took over rational thought, so he was only firing recklessly in my general direction for the moment...

Feet pounding against the floor, I didn't dare slow my pace for even a second. My thought process was beginning to get scrambled, but one thing was clear from the turbulent emotions rolling in me.

I wasn't going to go back there. I didn't want to go back to the lab, where they would run more experiments on me and force me to kill my brothers and sisters and friends... I wasn't going to be a tool for them to use! I wasn't going to be another experiment to be discarded at any moment for some sort of 'error'... I wasn't going to go back to the place responsible for our pain and suffering, the place responsible for death...

"STOP, X-0001!" He roared, and a bullet grazed by my ankle. I bit down on my tongue and continued running. It was common knowledge that my brother had a special way with words, and he was finally showing his true colors now... he was the one that had been sent after me, tracking me down all this time. He was the one the creators assigned to retrieve me, wasn't he?

I forced my leg muscles to move faster, even as the metallic taste of blood filled my mouth.

"STOP!" My brother fired another shot, this time much closer than before. I could feel the vibrations in the ground from his steps as he chased me, the distance between us slowly but surely becoming smaller...

I veered a sharp corner and immediately flattened myself against the wall, breathless. I can't run forever like this, and he's already gaining on me... I have to think of something else to do, quickly. He was still hot on my trail, charging forwards...

I can use that against him!

Swinging my arm out as soon as I sensed he was close enough, I couldn't help but grimace at the collision of his skull against my fist. It seemed to do the trick... he wasn't moving anymore...


I stared blankly at the blood coating my hand, slowly clenching and unclenching it in morbid fascination, watching the red rivulets trail down my wrist and forearm. He wasn't moving anymore, the gun loose in his hands and his body crumpled on the ground...


Mr. Laelia's broken corpse overlaid his body, and I clenched my hand into a fist again.

"What in the world happened?"

It was a different man. A man that was well alive... though mighty unnerved, by the looks of it, "... Child. Do you know what happened here?"

"He's dead," I whispered.

The man's eyes widened perceptibly, "What?"

"He... he..." An impulsive fit of rage surged over me and I kicked my brother's body venomously, "He killed him. He kIlLeD hIm!"

Red suddenly bloomed out in front of me, covering everything in my sight, and I kicked my brother again. And again. It was all his fault Mr. Laelia was dead, he didn't just kill him, he tormented him and tortured him and- and he had to gall to say Mr. Laelia was manipulating me! He wanted to take me back to the lab, back to our creators, just so they'd be happy with their pet project's return and send it to continue killing more brothers and sisters-

"Calm down!" The man pinned my arms to my sides, and dragged me away from him. I flailed wildly, lashing out at him. Couldn't he see? Couldn't he see that it was all because of him that the one who saved me from my hell was dead? Couldn't he see it was because of him that so many of our brothers and sisters- "Dammit, calm down!"

"HE KILLED HIM!" I screamed as I struggled even harder against his hold, "HE-"


The man's face was directly in front of mine now, scarily so, and I stilled for the briefest of moments as he trained his violet eyes on my own. His features softened marginally, but his hard tone didn't change at all, "... Listen to me. Calm down. I'll get you out of here, alright? You're just going to come with me and explain what happened here. Understood, X-0001?"

I finally broke free from him, "No, no, NO! I'm not going back there! I-"

"I'm not taking you to the Super Human Research Institute," The loathing in his voice was genuine as he spat out the name, "Trust me, I'm not. I won't take you back there."

... Really, should this even matter to me? Should I really be concerned over where I was going to be taken now? I-... I deserve it. I deserve whatever pain headed my way from the syringes and capsules of my creators. The only person who'd shown me kindness... he was killed because of me. Where had I been when my brother murdered him? That warmth and care I'd once received from Mr. Laelia was gone forever...

Confusion. A sense of being lost, mingled with confusion.

... It didn't matter where I was being taken, nothing mattered anymore... I just wanted to get away. I just wanted to get away from the gaping hole torn in my heart and the searing pain it was lancing through my chest...

I dug my fingernails harder into my arms and tightened up in my curled position. A few days of freedom and happiness, and I'd forgotten all the sufferings I endured. It was my fault. It was my fault he was dead...

Why? Why did he have to die? There was no need to kill him... So what if he knew I existed? He... he only knew me as another child. He didn't know me as E-0061, he didn't know me as a killer... he didn't even know anything about the Super Human Research Institute, about all the secret, gruesome operations and tests we went through...

So why? Why is he dead?

Why is it so unfair? Why did someone who didn't deserve death... die?

What is wrong with this world, where all these sufferings exist? The Super Human Research Institute... I managed to escape. But all the others were still back there, all my brothers and sisters were still being experimented on... they were still living in pain, still living under the constant shadow of being forced to fight each other and either dying at each other's hands or being disposed of by our creators...

... Survival of the fittest... Kill or be killed...

Why is this world so twisted? Why is it that the children out here have loving parents with them, while all we have are creators who'd kill us without a second thought, just for being a 'failed specimen'?

Why is this world so distorted?

... I was huddled in the corner of a car right now. A rather dark car, but a car nonetheless. The man-who-wasn't-dead was driving up front, and tall buildings and skyscrapers flashed past quickly in the fogged window above to my head. Street lights along the road dimly illuminated the street and outlined the faint silhouette of rain needles falling outside in the cold night.


The sky is crying.

Prologue : End

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