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~Present time~ (19 years later)

I have to admit, my husband can be a little over protective and a little irrational sometimes. The boys learned to live with it for my sake while they lived with us.

The kids know he means well…but it did cause many disputes over the years. I didn't mean for it to always end up being 'good cop, bad cop' but it did. Edward took on a more active role with the kids when I last got pregnant.

I still appreciate everything he did for me. I was a fucking nutcase back then. I can laugh about it now, but it doesn't lessen the fact that it was so hard for me.

Friends and family didn't understand what I was going through and we even had to stop talking to certain people. It still bothers me that some people said I didn't love my own kids just because I worked as soon as I was able to—during my pregnancy. I couldn't get out of the house fast enough. But that doesn't give people the right to judge me. I never saw those people trying to help me, so we cut them lose.

Edward always understood…well…he tried, but he was there for me—when people criticized me. He was there to comfort me through it all.

The birth of our baby was hard and the months that followed too. I've never been so depressed in my life. It was then that I got help from our family. My mom was with me for several months, while Esme watched the older kids.

I will forever be grateful to Edward for making my life easier through that time. He was the one responsible for making everything happen, just the flow of day-to-day stuff that I couldn't find the energy for.

All my boys moved out for college. And it was so hard to let them go. I regretted ever feeling like I couldn't stand them when they were younger. But what can I do? I was happy having my career, but I always made sure to be there for the things that mattered to my kids. If they said, 'mom are you gonna come watch me?' you bet I was there. Every single time. I did not miss a thing.

Matthew was the last of the boys to move out three years ago. He had the audacity to move all the way out to New York, without even a second glance at his mother. Yes, I was distraught but I am very proud of him. He says he's gonna be a doctor just like his dad. Edward was so ecstatic; he called his realtor and bought a condo not too far from Matt's school.

It's not the first time he did this. He did the same with Anthony and Jace when they moved to Seattle.

Edward made them promise to come see us during the holidays. And they have. I try not to roll my eyes when they bring a new girl each time and try to ignore all the co-ed sleeping going on in my house.

Anthony is the first and only that has made me a grandma. He has two boys, Jeremy and Ethan. My little loves, I call them. Edward and I snicker at him over the phone when he tells us about all the trouble they get into. He's married now, finally. I thought that boy would never settle down.

My other two boys are still going strong in school. And I tell them to stop whoring around every chance I get. I know it embarrasses them, so I do it a lot.

For the last three years, Sam has had full reign of the house. It's lonely having only one child at home, but I'm glad that I still have her. For now…

Sam is eighteen, and Edward has been shitting bricks about it since last year when she finally brought a boy home to meet us. It was not her first boyfriend, but we chose not to tell Edward that bit of information.

She dropped the bomb on us today, after showing us her acceptance letter to USC that she wants to move in with her boyfriend, Adam.

That did not go well with Edward. He was fuming for a good hour straight before he tried to convince her of all the horrible things that could happen if she moves in with the guy. That started up the shouting match currently going on in my living room.

Edward is pacing in front of the fireplace, while Sam and I sit on the couch holding hands. I haven't given my opinion on the matter, so she thinks she's found an ally in me.

"IT'S CALLED POST PARTUM DEPRESSION, DAD!" Sam shouts. "Matt was barely two before you knocked her up again." She huffs and rolls her eyes.

I don't know what has gotten into Edward, but he decided that telling our daughter about the time mom was going crazy with kids at home and finding out she was pregnant with her, was a good fucking idea. Well he was trying to scare her about having kids early, but that isn't working out well for him.

"WELL THAT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU! WHAT IF YOU GET PREGNANT?" the rage in his eyes is scaring me now. He narrows his eyes at our daughter and speaks low, "You better not be pregnant now." oh for the love of god!

"Edward! That's enough. She's not pregnant." I really hope she's not. I don't dare ask her in front of Edward, though. She's a smart girl, but it doesn't stop pregnancy from happening.

"You're not gonna scare me into changing my mind, Dad. I'm not even thinking about having a family yet and when I do, I wanna be like mom. I want to work and have a family, she juggled it all pretty damn well!" That makes me smile. "Mom just figured out that being a housewife isn't for her and it isn't for me either. I'm not gonna go to California and get knocked up. I'm not that stupid, Dad."

"Watch it Samantha." He warns.

"Dad, I'm not asking for permission. I just wanted to let you guys know what my plans are when I get to LA. Adam is already over there and he's just waiting for me to go." This girl is gonna give us both a heart attack. Of course, it's not an ideal situation, but I'm sure we can come up with a compromise?

I let go of Sam's hand and walk over to Edward. I know he needs me now. We are a team, after all. I squeeze his hand and he looks at me, his eyes so full of worry. I mouth 'it's gonna be okay' to him and he relaxes a little.

We both turn to look at our little girl, who's not so little anymore.

"Sam, you can't just dismiss our opinion on the matter. We are paying your tuition while you're out there. I think we still need to have some rules about living arrangements." She looks up at me incredulously.

"I thought you'd understand, Mom?" she looks betrayed, but I never agreed with her little plan. I shake my head.

"Honey, we just don't think it's a good idea that you should move in with him. We didn't even know it was that serious with you two. And what if you meet someone else out there?"

"I love him Mom." She cries into her hands. "We just want to go to school and be together."

I sigh. "Sammy, just give it two years." I kneel down in front of her and take her into my arms. "Live in the dorms or the apartment that Daddy was gonna get you. Focus on school first and then later on see if you two want to live together." I hear Edward grumbling behind me, I turn and give him a look. He quiets down.

She pulls away from me. "And what if I don't want to wait?" she asks defiantly. I never said this girl was easy to deal with.

"Then you can kiss your tuition money goodbye. If you want to go to school in LA and live with the guy, then you have to do it on your own. We're not paying for you to ruin your life." Edward states matter-of-factly. Fuck, does he have to be so harsh? Well…that was the deal from the beginning, but it sucks that it has to be this way.

"Gah!" she screams and stands up. "Well I hope you're both proud of yourselves, you're ruining my life…again!" she storms out of the room. And that right there tells us that we are doing the right thing.

She is eighteen years old, and I would be a bad mother if I let her move in with someone at such a young age. Living with someone is not a game…it's a lot of hard work. Work that she doesn't need right now. She needs to focus on pursuing her career first.

"I feel awful." Edward whispers as he takes a seat on the couch. He pulls on his graying hair. He's still just as beautiful as the day I met him. I thought he was a nerd, but still pretty hot. "I just don't want her to make a mistake…We're just trying to protect her." he talks to himself, he's trying to convince himself that we did the right thing.

No parent ever takes it lightly when your kid yells at you that you've ruined their life. It's the same as 'I hate you!' we've heard that one too, mostly from Sam. That girl was too spoiled as a kid. I blame Edward with his 'daddy's little girl can do no wrong.'

"She'll be mad at us for a while, but she'll thank us later down the road." He pulls me into his arms and I snuggle into him. He holds on like he knows how, and he loves with all his heart.

"I love you, baby." He mumbles against my lips. I feel it in my own heart when he says these words to me.

It's hard being parents, but I'm glad that all these years I've had Edward at my side. Sure, he slacked sometimes, but as soon as I would point it out, he was right on it again.

There is no one else that I would have wanted to raise kids with than him. My Edward.

He kisses my cheek, my nose, and then my lips again.

We kiss softly, passionately; there is no one at home to interrupt us. This is what it will feel like as we keep growing older together…our love still strong for each other.

There is no Bella without Edward.

And there is no Edward without Bella.


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