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Pillar of Strength

Sam sighed softly, watching his friends' sleeping forms in the moonlight. Just a few weeks ago, they had the biggest battle any of them had ever seen, let alone been in, all for the fate of the world. Chicago was pretty much destroyed, several places in D.C. not that much better. Thanks to some strings pulled by Lennox and Mearing, the Autobots were now back in the base at the capitol, though several government officials put up a bitch fit about it. Sam had been tempted, even in pain and exhausted himself, to beat the crap out of them all. Lennox though had put the weasels in their places, temporarily anyway, but Sam was sure that they haven't heard the last of them.

His gaze grew sad at a stray memory, turning to watch the moon peak through some clouds, lost in thought. Carly had pulled him aside after one of the meetings. When she started to cry, he knew what she wanted to say and just pulled her into a hug, saying it was alright and he understood. She just couldn't stand being with someone involved in the same military that took her brother away. Before she left, she gave him a soft kiss and said that she hoped for happiness for him. Sam smiled and wished her luck on finding the one guy who would treat her like the goddess she was. He hadn't seen her since that day.

The brunette glanced around from his vantage point on a balcony. For the past two weeks, Ratchet had been working furiously, fixing up all the Autobots. The medic worked miracle after miracle, they all looked brand new, even Optimus did, despite having his arm torn off. And now he was taking a well deserved recharge along with everyone else. From being in pointless and boring meetings, to scouring the country for any remaining Decepticons, the Autobots and their human allies NEST, were just plain exhausted. Sam had pretty much ordered them all, and gotten a kick out of it, for them to take the day off and rest. He was very surprised when they all did it. They must have been dog-tired if they listened to any orders from him.

He let a small smile grace his face as he watched their sleeping forms twitch every once in a while. Even with their busy schedule, they had made sure that at least one Autobot was with Sam the whole time (he hated this though, when it was Optimus' turn and he had to sit through a boring ass meeting). When he asked why they did this, the reply was the same, no matter which Autobot he had asked. 'You mean more to us than you realize, we almost lost you. We're not going to make the same mistake again.' Even the new arrivals, Prowl, Sunstreaker, Hound, Trailbreaker and Kup took their turns happily and without any complaint.

Sam shook his head at the memory, still unable to grasp the fact that he meant that much. A silly little human that occasionally came in handy, but more often than not a burden, mean something like that to the Autobots? He cared a great deal about them all to the point of seeing them as family, but he honestly didn't think that they cared like that in return, maybe except Bumblebee. But that was more as best friend than anything.

Sam's gaze grew sad though at the absence of several Autobots. He gave a mental growl at the now deceased Sentinel at the death of Ironhide and at Soundwave for the death of Wheeljack. Sam frowned again when he remembered Arcee, Flare-up and Chromia, and before them Jazz. Though they didn't often show emotion around humans, Sam was different. He saw, more than once, each Autobot pause in whatever they were doing and get a far-off lost look. The same kind of look someone gets when they're just overwhelmed by memories of something or someone. He wished he could do something for his friends.

The human was startled out of his reverie at a sudden, blue light. Thinking one of the Bots had woken up, he looked around to see which one it was, to better prepare for his excuse (it never hurt to be prepared around Ratchet. That Bot had been on his case since day one of all this about his health). He was surprised to see the glow come from Optimus' chest plates, which opened gently, not even stirring the sleeping Prime. The glow slowly floated up and then started towards him. As it got closer, Sam saw it was the Matrix of Leadership.

Sam stared at the delicate Cybertronian artifact for a moment, while it just glowed serenely, like it had all the time in the world. He hadn't touched it since he slammed it into Optimus' spark at the Battle of Egypt, and was afraid it would turn to dust like the last time he grabbed it. The Matrix seemed to sense his hesitation and floated closer, glowing a little brighter. A feeling of calm and peace filled Sam, who sighed good-naturedly. He should have figured, if something alien wants something from him, it will find a way to get it. He grabbed the Matrix out of the air; it glowed brighter at his touch. He was surprised when he wasn't transported into the realm of the Dynasty of Primes, like he expected. Sam stared at the Matrix, which gave off a feeling of content, like it was where it wanted to be.

"How do I know that you'll cause me grief in the near future?" Sam murmured to it, giving a wry grin. The Matrix just pulsed once. "Uh huh…and what am I supposed to do now?" Sam asked, feeling a little silly for talking to the dagger-like object he held. A feeling deep in his heart, he guessed maybe even his soul, started to form, wanting him to leave the hanger. Rolling his eyes, Sam decided to follow it. "If I get caught, I'm blaming you." Sam groused, the Matrix pulsed quickly yet softly. Sam guessed the Matrix was laughing at him. "You know you're crazy when inanimate objects start to laugh at you." Sam muttered to himself, walking outside the hanger. He didn't see a small camera flicker in the dim light as he walked by, nor did he hear the sounds of slowly waking Transformers.

Daybreak was close, if the lightening sky was anything to go by. Sam just walked down the empty pathways, not even seeing a guard on duty. "Every sane person must be asleep." Sam reasoned, mock-glaring at the Matrix. "And I'm looking for what?" He asked it. In reply, the urge in his soul got stronger, pulling him to a certain spot. A sad feeling filled Sam as he recognized the area he was now in, the same area where Ironhide fell. All that was left was a black and rust-colored stain on the ground, nothing else remained.

"Okay…I'm here. Now what?" Sam asked the Matrix in his hand. It started to glow a bright blue, just like the optics of the Autobots. Knowledge filled Sam's head, making him gasp in shock and then grin in happiness. Nodding, Sam closed his eyes and concentrated, focusing his will into the Matrix. The intricate object gently floated from his hold to over several feet above him. It started to spin quickly, going fast and faster until it was no more than a sliver and blue blur. The wind picked up around Sam, who still held his hands in the air and had his eyes closed, focusing on nothing but his connection to the Matrix of Leadership. He didn't see several dust clouds condense and start to take shape, the dust itself coming from both near and far away. He didn't see them gain a form, gain color. Sam didn't see the rebirth of Jazz, Arcee, Chromia, Flare-up, Ironhide and Wheeljack, though he did feel it, inside of him.

"Now…" Sam breathed. The Matrix paused in its spinning, before shooting blue lights into the chests of the Autobots. Sam heard their bodies start to work again, heard them waking up from being in the Well of Sparks. Sam opened his eyes and smiled softly, the Matrix once more in his hands, watching his formerly dead friends come back to the living.

"Boy, you're coming with us."

Sam whirled around, nearly jumping out of his skin in shock. Standing there were about two dozen men in black uniforms, one guy in front in just a plain business suit. Though to Sam he reeked of 'government power.' Sam watched warily as they surrounded him, paying no attention to the slowly waking Autobots.

'Too slowly if you ask me.' He mused to himself.

"We saw in that hanger before. Saw that dagger thing float to you and respond to what you were saying. And we saw what you just did. You have a strange power, one that we want to…'study'. You're going to come with us." The guy in front said. His thugs brought out large looking guns, Sam saw that they were similar to the freezing gun S7 had used on Bumblebee when they caught him and took him to the Hoover Dam.

"Yeah? And what if I don't want to go?" Sam said, praying that the Bots would wake up in time. They were almost there…

"Then we're authorized to do this. Get him!"

Several things happened in the span of a few seconds.

The thugs charged up their guns and fired a strange black energy wave at Sam.

Sam held his hands over his head to try to block against whatever was coming at him.

Several voices yelled his name; the Bots behind him had finally woken up while the rest had ran out of the hanger towards him.

And finally, the Matrix glowed an angry blue light, before engulfing itself and Sam in said light.

When everything finally calmed down, everyone was looking at the spot where Sam stood.

In the dawn light of the new day, Samuel James Witwicky wasn't there.

'Man, that the hell hit me?' Sam thought blearily. Shifting in place, Sam took a mental tally of any injuries he may have gotten. Besides being disoriented, he felt fine, though there was something poking him in his side. Slowly opening his eyes and glancing down, he saw the Matrix wedged half-way under him.

Sitting, and then standing up with Matrix in hand, Sam looked around for the first time. He knew that he couldn't be on Earth anymore, simply because at all the metal surrounding him. Everything was made of different types of metal, his surroundings stretched as far as he could see and further still. It was also huge, he felt like a tiny ant compared to some of the structures around him. Though strange to him, Sam thought it suited the place perfectly.

"Am I on Cybertron?" Sam mused to himself, finally looking up. "Nope, I'm not." He stated. Instead of an endless galaxy over head, the sky was a multitude of colors that warped and shifted endlessly. While beautiful to watch, it made him, for some reason, feel very small. He glanced down at the Matrix in his hand, it still glowed a bright blue. "Why do I have the feeling that this is your fault?"

"You would be right Samuel." A deep voice said. It reminded him of Optimus' voice, calming and soothing, but more timeless in tone.

Whirling around, Sam gapped at what had to be the biggest Transformer he had ever seen. Optimus or Megatron would only come up to this guy's ankle he was so damn tall. The unfamiliar Transformer had soft silver optics, and looked like a cross between what Optimus looked like and one of the ancient Primes, his color scheme being white and silver, the white being tinted different colors because of the shifting sky. Very slowly and gently, he lowered a massive hand that could hold a battleship from Earth down to Sam, a staircase forming on the edge. Stunned, Sam climbed up and walked to the center of the other's hand (which took a few minutes). He was brought up to face level.

"I admit I am impressed with your bravery and your response little one." The stranger said a smile in his voice. "Normally, when one is confronted with me, they faint, kneel down, or try to fight me. Not that the last does much good."

Sam quickly closed his mouth, not wanting to be rude to the giant Transformer that currently held him. "How do you know my name? Who…"

The stranger chuckled, Sam had to struggle to keep from falling over from the vibrations. "I know many things Samuel. As for who am I, I think you know."

Sam was about to say that he had never seen the other before, when the Matrix pulsed in his hand. He glanced at it, before slowly turning back to the other being, eyes slowing widening in realization. "You're…you're Primus." Sam breathed out.

The being full out laughed, Sam falling over this time from the vibrations. "I knew you could do it. Yes, I am the one known as Primus, though I do go by several other names."

'I just met the god of the Cybertronians.' Sam thought dazed. He gave a mental smirk. 'Well, I can cross that off my list of 'Things-to-do-before-I-die-Again'.

"Indeed you can Samuel."

Sam blinked, "You can read my thoughts?"

Primus nodded, "Yes. Here, nothing is hidden from me. Though I will try to keep from your more private thoughts."

The human nodded, satisfied that the other would do his best to keep his word. "Thank you. Now, could you tell me why I'm here? Last thing I remember was these goons shot something at me, then this bright light."

Primus shuttered his optics, the Cybertronian equivalent of blinking, before answering. "Yes, you were attacked. Those beams would have destroyed you, very painfully I might add. The Matrix sensed its bearer in danger and did the only thing it could, by taking you away from there."

Sam waved his hands, the Matrix flying out of his hold only to start hovering near him. "Hold on! What do you mean 'bearer?' And why did it take me here?"

Primus smiled, "Yes, you are the bearer of the Matrix of Leadership, along with the one called Optimus Prime. Kinda comes with the title. As for taking you here, I'm not sure. Maybe the Matrix believed you would only be safe here, maybe it wants something from us, maybe it just wanted you to complete your list. Who knows?"

Sam chuckled at the last bit, before frowning again. "What do you mean 'comes with the title?'"

The omnipotent being seemed a little shocked, "You mean you don't know?" He continued in a softer tone, seemingly to speak to himself. "I shouldn't be so surprised; it's likely they haven't seen the signs. Or if they have they just chalked them up to anomalies with you, being a human and all…but they still should have seen the symbol…"

"Um, Primus? Could you run that by me in English please?" Sam joked, though a little worried.

The giant being actually jumped a bit, shaking the planet they were on. "My apologies little one, my processor ran away with me." Primus said, truly sounding sorry.

"It's alright, but could you explain what you were talking about?"

"Yes, of course. As you know, the Matrix of Leadership can only be earned. What you and the others probably didn't know is that when it is earned by someone, that someone is given a certain title. The title of Prime. When the Matrix was lost ages ago, the All-spark essence did this."

Sam's jaw nearly hit the floor of the planet, despite being hundreds of feet in the air. "Prime? Me?"

"Yes." Primus said. A holoform of Primus blinked into existence, about the size of Bumblebee. Very gently, he brushed a finger on the side of Sam's face. In the reflection of Primus' armor, Sam could see a strange symbol glow bluish white before fading to a dull gray. "This is the symbol I was referring to. It seemed as if the Matrix hadn't had a chance to activate it. This is the symbol of a Prime, etched into their armor the second they are chosen."

Sam brushed his fingers against the mark, feeling only the slightest of raised edges on it, his eyes far off. He then shrugged and dropped his hand.

"You surprise me again Samuel. I expected a much different reaction from this news." Primus said, sounding amused and puzzled.

The brunette shrugged. "After everything I've been through lately, my new motto is 'Just go with it, it'll work out.' No point in freaking out over it, just wastes energy. Besides, it looks like a cool tattoo."

Primus smiled again, "I believe that everything will work out fine between us."

"That's good, wouldn't want an all-powerful being pissed off at me." Sam joked again. He looked around. "So uh…where are we? And when can I return to Earth?"

"We are in my world, home, realm, whatever you want to call it. It is between a fold in time, meaning that time flows very differently here compared to other dimensions. As for returning to Earth, the Matrix was the one who did that and only it can return you."

Sam watched the artifact float around almost happily, doing a couple of flips and turns in mid-air. "And that would be when?"

Primus looked almost sheepish. "Well, getting here took a considerable amount of energy. And before that you had resurrected several Autobots. The Matrix's energy reserves are almost gone, though it is starting to fill up again. I'm guessing it'll be about a year or so, maybe more, before you can leave."

The Matrix pulsed several times in seemingly random patterns. Primus had a frown on his face, which quite frankly, scared the hell out of Sam. "I see….Samuel. Something is going to happen in your universe, something that you need to be prepared for."

Though worried, Sam nodded. "For my friends, my family and my world, I'll die again if I have too."

"Good answer, though I hope it doesn't come to that. You boy are very interesting to watch." Primus said. The Matrix pulsed again, before vanishing. "It said that it was going to find someplace quiet here to recharge its energy, so your training is up to me."

Sam sat down Indian-style. "What things would I be training in?"

Primus conjured a chair and sat down, slightly jarring Sam while his holoform sat down, mirroring Sam's pose. "I would be helping you control the All-spark that still remains in you, so you won't get overwhelmed when it decides to share something with you. I would also teach you how to harness its power for a multitude of things. Along with that some battle tactics, weapons and physical training, and politics, pretty much everything a Prime would need to know. I would also teach you how to combine with your new partner as well as control your new abilities when they show up."

"New partner? What new partner? And what abilities?" Sam asked eagerly.

Primus chuckled. "Second question first, your new abilities would mainly center on the psychic abilities you will develop, it could be telekinesis, seer abilities, who knows. I'm not sure what else will manifest in you, simply because there has never been a human Prime before. As for your first question I'll explain that soon." Primus smirked. Sam just rolled his eyes at the Cybertronian god.

"Alright, so when do we begin?" Sam said, almost dreading what the other could come up with.

Primus laughed, "Don't worry boy, you'll be fine. We begin your training tomorrow." Overhead, the swirling colors had dimmed to darker versions of themselves, showing 'night' had arrived. Primus pointed to a building a short walk away, the perfect size for humans. "Everything you need to survive here is in there. I will see you tomorrow. Oh, here." Primus handed a small capsule to Sam. "Throw that when you're on the ground. Have a good rest, you'll need it." With that, the deity put him on the ground before fading out of existence.

"Wow, talk about an exit." Sam mused. He stared at the little capsule in his hand. "Let's find out what you do." Tossing the little capsule, he started to cough as it exploded in a puff of smoke with a flash of light that blinded the human. When he finally got his sight back, his jaw dropped at what was in its place. A beautiful gold and silver motorcycle, it just screamed 'Speed!' He jumped though, when it flashed its headlights twice at him.

"Okay, that's weird. Are you a Transformer?" Sam asked, running his hand over the space between the handle bars of the motorcycle.

He jumped again, when Primus' holoform showed up with a sheepish look. "I forgot to explain about the capsule didn't I? This is your partner I told you about. And no, it isn't a Transformer, it technically isn't even alive. Though it is sentient, so treat it with respect. It will respond to your call and if you press a button on it, it will return to its capsule form. I'll explain more about it tomorrow."

Before Primus could leave, Sam asked, "Wait, could you at least tell me what kind of motorcycle it is?"

"Oh yes, it is a NCR M16 style of bike. I also suggest you give it a name, can't go calling it 'it' all the time. Have a good night little one." Primus said, vanishing again.

"Let's get to the house, and then we'll work on a name." Sam said, getting on the bike. The second he sat on it, knowledge flooded his brain. He now knew how to ride a motorcycle like a pro and he couldn't wait to really test out its speed.

Within a minute, the teen were at his new home. It was just a one-story house made of metal, but it seemed pretty cozy. After exploring for a bit, he found out the house really did have everything he would need. A huge master bedroom with its own bathroom, a living room with all kinds of entertainment (he nearly drooled at the giant TV with every game system sitting in front of it) a kitchen packed with food, a laundry room, and finally what he dubbed a workout room. Thankfully, everything inside the house wasn't made of metal, he couldn't imagine having to sleep on a metal bed or sitting on metal chairs for the next year. Heading back in the living room, Sam sat down on the couch and stared at the bike. He could swear that it was staring back at him.

"Alright, now, let's figure out a name for you." Sam said, staring at his bike. A moment later, Sam's eyes lit up. "I got it. What do you think of Blitz?" The human laughed when the bike did a wheelie in the living room before flashing its lights a few times. "Blitz it is then. Come on, let's get some dinner then head to bed." After fixing a quick meal, Sam headed to his bedroom and slept peacefully.

He was unaware of the eyes watching him. "I think this will work out nicely. Now, to prepare a training regimen of DOOM!" Primus cackled, fading out of sight.

Don't you just feel sorry for Sam?

Beep beep beep beep be-CRASH

Sam just glared at what remained of his alarm clock for daring to wake him up that early. His eyes widened though when it repaired itself. "There's something you don't see every day." He said, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

After quickly showering and having breakfast, Sam headed outside where Blitz was waiting for him with a note taped to a bar.

"What's this?" Sam asked, grabbing the note.


I thought this would be a good bonding experience for you two if you rode together. So every day I will send my coordinates to Blitz, who will take you there. Enjoy the sights and the ride, because your doom training schedule starts when you get here.


"Why do I get the feeling I will be crawling home in pain after today?" Sam mused. Shrugging, his got on his bike and the two rode off. The trip was only ten minutes long, but Sam enjoyed every moment of it. Racing by at over 200 mph, wind blowing through his hair as he saw the surreal scenery pass by, the only thing that could have made it better was if the Autobots were with him. This reminded Sam to at some point, ask about the time difference between here and there.

It ended all too soon when Blitz beeped at him and slowed to a stop. Standing by a table with a few chairs was Primus holoform.

"Well, I'll see you later Blitz." Sam said. The bike beeped twice and raced off.

"I trust you had a good rest Sam?" Primus inquired.

"Yes I did. I'm glad you didn't make the bed out of metal, that wouldn't have been very comfortable at all." Sam laughed. "So, what's up for today?"

Primus gestured for Sam to take a seat. "I will be placing you on a type of schedule, one that you will follow until you leave this world. Every day, when you get here, you will do whatever exercises I assign you, followed by a cool down. Afterwards I'll have you studying something, be it history, strategy, medical, whatever I feel you need to know. I'll also be working with you on controlling the All-spark in you. After a few hours of this we'll have a sparing match, during which I will teach you a fighting technique, you will fight this way until you master it and then I'll teach you a new one. We'll break for lunch, then more studying with a hands-on approach. For example, if we happen to be studying something medical related that day, I will create a holoform and have it affected with whatever you were just reading about. You will have to repair it. Lastly, we'll work on your surfacing abilities, whenever they do show up, and then you will return to your home for the night."

Sam just sat there, gapping. "Are you sure we'll be able to do all of this in one day?"

Primus nodded, smirking. "Yes, day and night here are different, daytime is much longer. I feel after all this is over, you will hate me with every fiber of your being. Now, I expect this schedule will continue for one year, and then I will up it. Like with a medical day, I will create a holoform and something will be wrong with it. You will have to diagnose what is wrong and fix it. Or with strategy, I'll create two holoform armies; you will have to direct your troops to victory. Also, once we master your abilities, which should be in the first couple months, we'll work on battling with your partner."

The deity just laughed at the glaring Sam gave him. "You truly are evil, you know that Primus?"

"Yup, all in a day's work for me." Primus grinned. It faded though, and turned to concern. "There is something else…"

"What? You're going to teach me to fly without wings?" Sam asked eyebrow raised.

"No, though that would be fun to try. It seems the Matrix will also slowly be reworking your body."

The human slowly blinked, "Okay…how?"

"Well, it will change your physical structure. From what I understand, you'll be faster, stronger, and more durable than a normal human. You won't be super strong or anything, but things that normal humans would have difficulty with, lifting a heavy weight or running a long distance, will seem easy to you. And with the All-spark in your mind, you'll also be smarter."

Sam thought for a moment, "As long as I don't have to wear colored spandex, I'm good with a little more muscle." The world shook with Primus' laughter.

"I like you more and more little one. Now, let's begin…"

*Time skip, one year*

The past year had been good to Sam. Primus' training, while difficult, became easier after a while, thanks to what the Matrix was doing to his body. He now had an athlete's body, not too lean, nor was he bulky with muscle. All of Primus' physical training Sam passed with leaps and bounds, greatly pleasing the giant mech. He had a proficient knowledge in three different styles of martial arts, gaining experience equal to a black-belt master, but there was still more to learn. And, thanks to the All-spark messing with his head, he was able to retain information a lot easier now. It also increased his problem-solving capabilities, so the mental demands of his trainer were met with ease and gusto. While he wasn't up to say, Ratchet's medical prowess, Ironhide's weapon handling or Prowl's tactical mind, he was proud of what he could do at the moment. Sam had a feeling that when this was all over, he will have become really close to equaling them in skill.

His bonding with Blitz and Primus had also improved by leaps and bounds. Because of spending so much time with his partner, he now understood what the bike was saying, even if it was just still just beeps and whistles to others. He suspected that either the Matrix or the All-spark, perhaps both, had helped with this, but he wasn't complaining. The two were as close as best friends, like he was with Bumblebee. As for Primus, the two thought of each other as family, Sam with a grandfather, Primus with a favorite grandson (because hey, he was WAY too freaking old to be a dad to anyone).

Like usual Sam rode out to wherever Primus had picked for their training spot. The mech seemed to have a thing for long distances because it was usually on the other side of the planet somewhere. But thanks to Blitz, they were never late.

Primus smiled when Sam walked up, Blitz rolling at his side. "Hello little one. I've decided that tomorrow I am going to up your training. But for today we're going to focus on combining with your partner."

"Cool, I had been wondering what the heck you meant when you said that the first time." Sam said with a grin.

"Indeed. Now, as you are, you would be able to defend yourself for a short time against a Decepticon. But you wouldn't be able to take on any more than one, nor would you be able to beat one. There are exceptions, for example if you were to fight a Con around Frenzy's size, or if the Con was already injured. What we are going to do is even the playing field."

Seeing he had Sam's attention, Primus continued. "Combining with Blitz, you would be able to take on several Cons and win. You won't become a true Transformer; it'll be more like a robotic suit that you take over."

"Kinda like Gundams or something?" Sam questioned.

Primus stared off into the distance, optics flickering. To Sam it looked like when the Autobots were surfing the web to check out a human reference. "Yes, that would be a good comparison. Let's try it out. I want you to place a hand on Blitz and concentrate on coming together. After a while of this, you won't even have to concentrate, it'll become second nature, but you must be touching or else it won't work."

Sam nodded and did as told. He centered himself, focusing on Blitz's life-force, or whatever the bike had, and focused on it and his own merging. After a few minutes, he felt it. Opening his eyes, he saw the motorcycle shift and change, not unlike when a Transformer goes from alt-mode to bipedal-mode. Going on instinct, Sam jumped up into the changing machinery, feeling something connect to him in different areas of his body. Soon, he was encased in a cocoon of metal.

It was a very strange thing to Sam, he felt two sensations, his own human body and that of the robotic one. He glanced around, noticing right off the bat he was taller and his sight and hearing was much sharper. Sam walked around for a bit, getting used to his new body. "Wow, this is really weird." He said, noticing his voice having a robotic undertone to it.

"Yes, it will be the first few times. But soon it won't bother you at all." Primus said. Sam turned around and saw that he was now just a head shorter than the holoform. "Here, take a look." The deity conjured a giant mirror for Sam to view himself.

The bot that stared at Sam in the mirror was unlike any Transformer he had seen, he looked built for speed and agility than pure strength. Sam's armor was mainly gold with silver stripes going down his arms and legs, the tires from the bike on his back. He was also pleased to see bright blue optics staring at him.

"Now, let's see what weapons you got. Eventually, you'll be able to activate them at will, but for now, let Blitz help you out. In this form, you two will be able to communicate through emotions and pictures. Since Blitz is unable to speak, that's all you can do." Primus said.

Nodding, Sam sent a mental thought towards his partner, inquiry about weapons. Feeling a nudge, Sam just went with his instincts again. Raising his arms, they both turned into cannons, and when he fired them off into the distance, they created a nice explosion. Blitz sent him some info about them; with a little focus he could adjust the strength of the blast. On each shoulder a smaller gun appeared, acting like a shot-gun or a machine gun, depending on his need. Sam figured out that all he needed to do was focus and those guns aimed and fired themselves. He also found out that they could be detached and used as hand-guns if need be.

"Good, you have standard Cybertronian weapons down." Primus said, pleased. "Now, each Cybertronian always has a weapon all their own, like Jolt with his electro whips or Prowl with his shurikens. What do you have?"

Frowning, Sam sent an inquiry to Blitz, who sent the image of what he could do. Grinning widely, Sam produced his weapon. Clapping his hand together, he pulled them apart, a glowing blue chain made of energy formed between his hands. While one hand held the chain coiled up, the other let it sag towards the ground, where an energon dagger the size of a human appeared, barely grazing the ground. Thanks to Blitz knowledge, Sam knew how to wield the weapon without cutting something on his body off.

Primus closely examined the weapon, "Very interesting, I've never seen anything like this in our world…the chain seems to be able to adjust its length with merely a thought…unbreakable as well so it could be used as a makeshift shield in a pinch…the dagger is a work of art, sharper and harder than diamonds on your old world…I would guess it would severely damage any enemy you attack with it, if not just cutting off their limbs."

Sam nodded, swinging the weapon around in a hypnotic twirl, "Yeah, Blitz says that I can adjust the sharpness of the dagger as well, so I don't always slice and dice my enemies. He also said that it was similar to an old ninja weapon from my world called Kyoketsu-shoge, though it's been updated a bit."

"It's a deadly weapon, you'll be very formidable once you learn to master it. Since I don't know anything about the weapon, Blitz will have to be your instructor." Primus said. "Now, we're going to work on separating then combining again until it becomes second nature to you. In order to separate, merely focus on your life-forces becoming two again."

Sam let his weapon vanish in orbs of light before doing as ordered. More quickly than what it took to combine, Sam and Blitz were now standing side-by-side. The human though, shook his head, "Man, that was a weird sensation. I got so used to have these double feelings, that just having one again messed with me."

"I imagine it would, now combine again." Primus said.

The rest of the day was focused first on Sam and Blitz combining until they could do it in a few seconds before separating again with no side-effects on Sam. It took a few hours, but they managed to do it. Afterwards the time was spent fighting Primus' holoform, using either hand-to-hand, guns and cannons, or Sam's new weapon, which he dubbed DAW. When Primus asked what that stood for, Sam grinned and replied 'Deadly Ass Weapon.' Primus just shook his head and laughed.

And that's how the next year went, with training in his combined form one day, to advanced lessons with Primus the next, then switching back. He also started working on his new abilities, which involved cloaking in combined mode and telekinetic shields as human. It got to the point that not even Primus could detect him cloaked and he had trouble breaking through the semi-transparent blue shield. Sam had managed to figure out how to move and project it, being able to shield an ally from a distance or cover several allies at once. While cloaking didn't tire him out, shielding for a long period of time did so he had to be careful.

His lessons progressed very well. He was able to bring a holoform mech from the brink of dying, able to out-smart Primus in a life-size game of chess and a war game with holoform pieces acting as his army's (the look on the other's face was priceless and one of Sam's favorite memories.) Weapons, tactics, everything Primus taught him he mastered, though he knew that those with millennia of experience could and would probably kick his ass. But when he used DAW in a fight, he would give any Cybertronian a run for their money.

The Matrix had also had its fun with his body, finally finishing the changes it wanted. He could now be dubbed 'almost super-human' in terms of physical capabilities. There was no way he would be able to stop a speeding bullet without his shield power…well he could do it once but he wasn't keen on doing that any time soon. Primus had also said that the changes included Sam's need for sleep, food and air. He now needed very little sleep to survive, same with food, though Sam was warned that if he went too long without sleep, he would sleep for days mostly, as for that he would pass out if he went too long without eating. Breathing was only a habit with him now; he didn't need air to survive.

Finally the year came full circle.

Sam walked out of his home for the last time wearing a dull gold T-shirt, a silver jacket half-way zipped over that, jeans, and sneakers. Across his back was a black knap-sack filled with some clothes, Blitz safely in capsule form in his pocket. His hair, for some reason, hadn't grown at all and had begun to get metallic silver highlights over the past year, but he thought it looked cool so he didn't put up a big fuss about it. Primus met him right outside his door, silver optics gazing sadly at his favorite human.

"Well, this is it. I've taught you all I can with the time I've been given." Primus said.

"And I appreciate every second of it, even though you were a slave driver." Sam joked, hugging the holoform tightly.

"Trust your instincts; they'll never lead you wrong. And try to have some fun little one, as well as try to stay out of trouble." The deity said, poking the other in the shoulder.

"Well…two out of three isn't that bad." Sam said, smirking. "After all, I'm an alien bad-news magnet. So where is the Matrix?"

"Here it is now." The human smiled when he saw the Matrix appear, glowing brighter than ever before. It circled around him almost happily. "It has almost been pining for you. Now, since the bond between you two is completed, the Matrix can enter you without damage to you."

"Uh…what?" Was the intelligent reply.

Primus just chuckled. "You want to carry it around in your hands for the rest of your life? This way, it'll always be near you and you'll be able to call it with a thought. Think of it as being in your chest plates if that makes it easier."

"Oh, alright." Sam said. As soon as it got the affirmative, the Matrix flew at Sam's chest, fading right into it. "That felt a little weird."

"I bet it did. Now, the Matrix will return you after I explain something. As you know, this place exists in a different time and place altogether. The flow of time here is much different compared to other places."

"Okay…so that means more than almost two years have passed for my home dimension." Sam deduced. "How much passed."

"Almost twenty years Sam." Primus answered, a sad look in his optics. "And much has changed. I would be unable to explain it to you, this is something you must see for yourself."

"Gee, great way to make me excited to return home Primus." Sam grinned, trying to cheer the other up. "I'm sure it'll work out alright."

"I hope you are right little one. It is time for you to return home, remember, I will be keeping an optic on you." Primus said.

Sam only had time to nod before a pillar of light appeared around him. Primus watched as Sam was taken back home. "I hope Sam can do this…otherwise his world will be destroyed."

When Sam woke up he saw in was in the middle of a forest, but through the trees he could see a city, though far more futuristic than what he was used to.

"Wow, I guess a lot can change in twenty years…the question is, just how much has changed." Sam murmured softly. Standing up, he tossed out Blitz's capsule. "Okay Blitz, can you hack into the WWW and check out some of the important things for me? Gotta be prepared for whatever's waiting." The teen fell silent as he waited for his friend to get the information required. Blitz then started talking in rapid beeps, though Sam understood him perfectly and started to sort out the information, growing confused and shocked as he did so. Sometime, shortly after he disappeared, the Autobots had not only made a treaty with the Decepticons, they revealed themselves to the governments of the world…and took them over! While they weren't dictators or anything, the Cybertronians were pretty much in charge of the planet, each faction getting different countries and cities to rule as they saw fit. They told the leaders what to do and the leaders did as ordered. As long as their rules and laws were obeyed, the Cybertronians left the humans alone pretty much, each staying in their new cities, free of nearly all humans. It seemed only a very few, barely a handful, were able to even get into the cities.

"What the fuck happened here?" Sam muttered, outraged. He felt almost betrayed. He had been told countless times by Optimus that freedom was the right of all sentient beings, yet he just found out that Optimus had pretty much taken over the world with the Decepticons.

The human was brought out of his musings by more beeps from Blitz. "Oh really? Well then, we'd better get going." Sam said darkly, hopping onto the bike. Blitz had just told him that the city they were near was L.A. and the Autobots were holding some sort of meeting there with the humans. He figured he would give them a piece of his mind, shock the hell out of them, and get away with it all in one go.

Sam entered the city easily enough, the streets deserted. He figured it was mandatory for all humans to go. Finding the main street, he finally saw it. Thousands of humans lined it in front of him about twenty feet away, while at the far end stood the Autobots, both those he had left behind twenty years ago, and several new ones. He saw that they all looked colder, if that was possible. His angered spiked when Optimus stepped forward and the crowd chanted 'Lord Prime'. He couldn't hear what Optimus was saying though.

"Let's see if this works…" Sam said, concentrating. The Matrix appeared, almost melting out of his chest and started to hover in front of him. With a flick of his wrist, Sam sent it high into the air and zooming towards the Autobots.

Several humans had looked up and gasped in surprise seeing the artifact flying overhead. Their gasps were what drew Optimus out of his speech, falling silent in shock, optics wide. The other Autobots followed his gaze and they copied their leader's expression. The Matrix started spinning rapidly, shooting up particles of light into the air, forming a holographic image. A very familiar but very pissed off image of a certain someone to the Autobots. The humans gathered there were confused but didn't dare question about it so they kept silent.

"By Primus…!" Ironhide said softly.

"Is it really?" Jolt murmured.

"Sam…"Optimus nearly whispered. All eyes and optics were trained on the image.

'Sam' glared at them, the image copying the real Sam's movements exactly. "You all lied to me. You told me that freedom is the right of all sentient beings. And what do you think I find when I return? You fucking took over the world! You all betrayed my trust." Sam growled at out them, causing them all to flinch.

"Sam, please I can-" Optimus tried to speak.

"Save it 'Lord Prime'!" Sam sneered out. The Cybertronians all took a step back at the tone in the human's voice "I don't want to hear any more lies from you or any of you. I don't know why I even decided to return, what the hell was I thinking?" The human shook his head before turning back to give an icy glare. "This is the last you will hear from me Autobots. Enjoy what you've done for yourselves."

The Matrix cut the image and stopped spinning. It pulsed angrily for a minute before zooming back towards Sam, flying into his chest. The Autobots watched this, shocked once more at what had happened. The human gave them one final glare, before jumping onto his motorcycle and riding off out of the city.

"Sir, what do we do?" Ratchet asked.

Optimus continued to watch Sam ride off further and further away. "I will not let it end like this Ratchet. We lost him once and now we might do it again. Autobots, roll out!"

"Now you're talking!" Bumblebee played before transforming into his alt and riding off through the parted crowd, the others close behind him. The second the humans heard the familiar words, they immediately cleared the street for the Autobots.

*With Sam*

Blitz stayed silent while his human took over, tears of anger, frustration and sadness falling from his eyes and flying behind him. Sam didn't know where to go, only that the freedom of so much speed seemed to be helping him calm somewhat.

"This fragging sucks Blitz, I don't know what to do." Sam sighed sadly, wiping his eyes dry. Blitz gave a low beep of assurance, telling Sam that everything would be alright. "Thanks Blitz, you always know what to say…sort of." Sam gave a short laugh at the joke while Blitz started chirping happily, glad his human cheered up at least for a moment.

That was short lived though when a roar of engines was heard behind them. Turning his head, Sam's eyes widened when he saw all the Autobots he had just left, following behind him. What made him even more shocked was that the Decepticons, both familiar and unfamiliar, were with them. "Ah frag it!" Sam grumbled. "I am so not in the mood for this…" Sam took control of the steering again, making a sharp turn and urging more speed from the motorcycle.

However it seemed that the Autobots and Decepticons were faster as Ratchet pulled in front of Sam, forcing him to make a sharp turn to avoid barreling into the other. He had to make another when Barricade did the same thing. This game continued for a few minutes, Sam realizing too late what the Autobots were doing, herding him into a tight circle with them blocking his way.

Sighing in frustration and anger, Sam stopped Blitz in the center of the circle, glaring angrily as the Autobots and Decepticons transformed quickly, all staring down at the human.

"I don't have time for this. What do you want?" Sam stated coldly, eyes hard. They softened the tiniest bit when he saw Optimus' optics. There were so sad…

"Sam, please let me explain. It's not what it seems. Yes, we did make a truce with the Decepticons and yes, we are pretty much the rulers of this planet. But there is more to it than that."

"Please believe us Sam…"Ironhide said, voice softer than anything Sam had ever heard before.

Sam stared at them all, seeing each one wore the same sad and longing look. He glanced towards Blitz, "What do you think?" The Autobots were confused at this and their optics widened when the bike started to beep radically, Sam nodding every so often. "Alright." Sam turned back to the Autobots. "I'm going to give you all a chance to explain just what the hell happened when I left." He then glanced at the Decepticons. "How the heck are you guys here already? I didn't see you at that meeting thing in the city."

"Optimus alerted me to what had happened. Luckily I was already on my way to that blasted meeting and just changed course to here. I must say, I never thought I would see you alive again."

Seeing the two leaders standing there and not fighting each other was just surreal to Sam. He turned back towards Blitz and chuckled, "Man, this is so fragging weird. This will take some getting used to."

Before anything else could be said, Prowl's optics flickered quickly before stopping. "Oh just fragging perfect. Optimus, Nemesis has been spotted heading straight for us."

"'Nemesis?'" Sam questioned, watching the Bots and Cons gear up for battle. "Who's that?"

"To put it simply, he's like a dark version of me Sam." Optimus answered, gazing at the human. "Similar strengths and abilities."

"Though he lacks compassion and is completely insane." Ironhide added.

Megatron growled, powering up his fusion cannon. "The slagger has been messing with us for several years now. Time for some payback." Off in the distance, a black semi could be seen heading rapidly towards them.

"Sam, stay behind us." Bumblebee ordered.

The human just raised an eyebrow and snorted, shocking them all. "Nice try, I'm gonna help."

"And how are you going to do that boy?" Starscream asked, not in a condescending way but in a curious one.

"Like this." Autobot and Decepticon alike watched in awe as the bike started to shift and Sam jumped into the middle of it. Soon a silver and gold Cybertronian stood before them.

"Who…what….how?" They all stuttered.

"Not now! Here he comes!" Sam called, bringing out his weapon. The black semi transformed into a demented version of Optimus.

Nemesis laughed, bringing out his gun, "What's this? A new playmate for me to destroy? Oh Prime, you shouldn't have."

"Is that the best you can come up with? I've heard better lines from villains in video games" Sam stated.

The dark Transformer growled. "You will pay for that with your life you insolent piece of scrap!"

"Over our cold lifeless shells you will." Sideswipe growled. Autobot and Decepticon alike had moved to stand beside Sam.

No more was said because Nemesis gave a loud, feral cry and charged, waving a dark energon sword and his gun.

It seemed that not only did he possess similar strengths to Optimus, he also possessed his fighting prowess, Sam would have never guessed that one Transformer would be able to take them all on at once like he was doing. The battle raged on for over two hours, the Autobots and Decepticons fighting like a seamless unit against the dark lookalike, though the latter did managed to injure several of his attackers. At one point he was about to finish off Megatron with his sword but the combined human pushed the Decepticon Leader out of the way of the attack and ignored a burning sensation in his side.

"You saved me." Megatron said, surprised.

Sam ignored the pain in his side and smirked, "Now I can say that you owe me one Megs." He snickered at the look the other had.

The battle resumed quickly for Sam when Nemesis got in a lucky shot and had Sam on his back with the former's cannon right in his face. "Say goodbye." Nemesis snarled, charging up the cannon.

Right before he fired though he was tackled to the ground by Bumblebee and Barricade while Soundwave helped Sam up. "Thanks." Sam murmured, already bringing out his DAW to finish the fight. Soundwave merely nodded. Every Bot and Con backed off when they heard the whistle of the weapon swinging through the air, their optics widened when they saw it effortlessly cut through Nemesis. When the other was nothing more than a head and a torso all the Cybertronians fired their cannons at Nemesis.

"You will-" Nemesis never got the chance to finish what he was going to say, the attacks vaporized him completely.

No one moved for a moment, all panting slightly because of the fight. A groan caught their attention, everyone turned towards the sound only to have their optics widen when Sam fell to his knees, clutching his side. Ratchet and Hook were immediately beside him, gently lowering him onto his back, the other Bots and Cons surrounded the trio.

Ratchet moved Sam's hand and saw that the other had a large gash in his side. Cursing in Cybertronian, the two medics started to make a temporary patch for Sam.

"You're back one day and you're already trying to give me a restart boy." Ratchet muttered finishing up, though he had a small smile on his face.

Sam chuckled but then groaned when the action caused some pain to flare. "It's what I live for Doc Bot, driving medics up walls." Sam groaned softly when Optimus gently picked him up. Prowl was sending a comm to base for a ground-bridge to take everyone back.

The human was going in and out of consciousness and was not fully aware of what he was saying. "Man, all that training and a slagging sword wound knocks me out, Gramps must be laughing his aft off at me." Sam slurred out, finally falling asleep.

"Did any of that make sense to anyone?" Ironhide asked.

"It seems like Sam has had some adventures while he was gone." The Prime said, watching the ground bridge appear.

"We have a lot of explaining to do. Did you see the look in his eyes?" Sideswipe said. The Autobots shuddered at the raw pain, anger and betrayal they saw before.

"We'll come too, help explain to him." Megatron said.

"Let's go, that patch will only hold for so long, I'd like to see to my patient now." Ratchet said, waving a wrench around. That got everyone moving, making the medic chuckle darkly. "I still got it."

Groaning, Sam onlined his optics. Wincing at the bright lights shining above him, he looked around and saw that he was alone in an infirmary. And seeing how neat, pristine and orderly it was, not to mention one wall completely devoted to wrenches of various sizes from the size of a human to one half the size of Optimus, told him exactly which infirmary he was in.

"I'm in Ratchet's domain, oh joy." Sam chuckled to himself, feeling Blitz laugh with him. He glanced down at his side where the wound was, only to see no wound. "Wow, I'm impressed. And no wrench bump…yet. I figured he would have hit me while I was out" Sam snickered, getting off of the berth. Walking out of the med-bay, Sam de-combined from Blitz who gave a confused chirp. "I figured you could use a rest for awhile, don't worry, I got my shield if anything were to happen." The human assured his friend. Blitz gave a nod before going into his capsule form. Sam pocketed it and started walking.

After walking for a bit he finally heard some voices coming from behind a partly closed door. Peeking through it he saw all the Autobots and Decepticons around a large table, staring at something and talking to each other, the topic lost in a buzz of sound from his vantage point.

Squeezing through the door, Sam walked in, unnoticed by everyone. Snickering softly to himself Sam walked over to the closest one which happened to be Sunstreaker. Easily flipping himself up, Sam now sat on the yellow frontliner's shoulder, who still took no notice of the human now on him. Nor did any of the others, but thankfully his new vantage point let Sam see and hear what they were talking about.

They had drawn up a giant chess board, Megatron against Optimus, the former winning.

"Move your queen there, it'll put in check and he'll have to sacrifice his Rook." The other Bots nodded in agreement and Optimus reached for the piece.

Just before Optimus could make the suggestion, Prowl interrupted him, he and Sam having seen a problem.

"That wouldn't work Jazz." Prowl said.

"And why not?" Jazz asked, confused.

But before Prowl could explain, Sam beat him to it, shocking everyone with his precence. "If he moves his queen like you want it'll be in a position for that knight to get it. Then Megatron will be in a great spot to checkmate Optimus." Sam stated simply. The human flipped off of Sunstreaker's shoulder and landed in the middle of the table and folded his arms. Optimus shut off the hologram and everyone gathered in a tighter circle. The silence rang throughout the room, none of the Transformers knowing what to say or do at first.

Finally Ratchet broke the silence. "I had thought that with your wound like it was you would have been out for at least a few more days. I'm surprised but happy to see you are alright."

"Thanks to a friend, I got faster than normal healing abilities now." Sam answered. "I would have been fine Ratchet, but thanks for your help. And please stop scanning me, got enough of that from a friend once I figured out he was doing it." He chuckled faintly with the last bit, shocking the medic into compliance.

That seemed to be the opening they were looking for because Optimus asked, "Sam….where were you? How did you fight like you did?"

"You first Prime." Sam stated, staring right into the familiar yet unfamiliar optics. Sam was once close friends with Optimus but now things had changed drastically. "What the hell happened to make you do what you all did?"

The flamed Autobot gave a sad sound but nodded. "You deserve to know Sam." He cycled his vents. "After you….vanished, we spent ages looking for you. Doing everything we could to try to find you."

"We scoured this rock from top to bottom." Ironhide added gruffly. "And we came up with nothing. None of our resources could find you, not the human's CIA and FBI, not even NEST could track you down."

"After we were brought back and made the truce, we agreed to help try to find you." Megatron said. "Not even Soundwave could find you with the help of the human's satellites."

Jazz picked up the story, "We had questioned the US government about the humans that were there when I and the others were onlined…that did not end well."

"What do you mean?" Sam asked.

All the Cybertronians shifted in their spots, uncomfortable. "We found out several things that humanity wished to keep from us…among other things." Optimus finally said, voice like steel with a frigid undertone. Sam shuddered, almost scared of the tone the Autobot Leader had. "Because of what we discovered, we had to take action immediately."

"I was brought back thanks to some fragments from the Allspark." Megatron said. "Along with my Decepticons. Optimus explained what had happened and we agreed to the truce. We control everything now, though we let the humans have their leaders to make the petty decisions, we ultimately rule this planet."

"We did what we did for a good reason Sam, and we're sorry that this is what you came home to. We never wanted to break your trust in us." Bumblebee said, optics sad.

Sam stared up at them all in turn. He sensed that they were telling him the truth, but that they were also keeping something about it from him. The human decided he would find out what it was later.

"Sam….would you please tell us what happened to you?" Sideswipe asked softly.

Taking a deep breath the human nodded. He concentrated and the Matrix appeared beside him, floating around him in a lazy circle. "The morning I disappeared, the Matrix floated over to me. I felt a pull from it and it led me outside. Using it, I was able to bring back Ironhide, Wheeljack, Jazz, Arcee, Chromia and Flare-up. But right after I did, those goons showed up, demanding I go with them. I refused and they fired some weapon at me that would have killed me in a very painful manner."

"What happened then Sam? All I remember is a bright light swallowing you and then you were gone." Jazz said.

"The Matrix saved me by teleporting me to see someone very special." Sam answered, smiling. He told his story to the shell-shocked Cybertronians, leaving only the bit about his new abilities and who exactly taught him, he was going to tell them, but not quite yet. Sam believed that they had to earn that trust back.

"You have had quite the adventure boy." Starscream said, several others nodding.

"We didn't notice the signs of you being a Prime Sam, that is why we never mentioned it." Optimus said.

Sam nodded. "That's what my friend figured. That or you guys just thought they were anomalies with me."

"Sam…who was your friend? Is it the one you called 'Gramps'?" Ratchet asked

Sam stared up at them all while thinking 'I called Primus 'Gramps' oh he must be laughing his aft off at that one'. "I forgive you all, somewhat, for what has happened. I understand that you had a very good reason for what you did, but you still did. But I can't trust you with the other part of my story quite yet. You all broke my trust with what you did, pretty much enslaving humanity with part freedom."

All optics, red and blue, grew sad at the words spoken by the human, knowing that they were true. The Autobots had always said that freedom is the right of all sentient beings and that they would always fight to preserve that right. And their favorite human comes home to see them rulers of his world.

"We understand Sam. And I promise you that we will work to gain your trust again, and this time that promise will not be broken little one."

The human nodded in acceptance, smiling slightly at the nickname that the other Optimus had given him as well.

"Well, I think that's enough for today everyone. You're dismissed." Optimus said. He turned to Sam. "You may go anywhere you wish Sam, in and out of the base. But I ask you to please not leave the city, not without someone with you."

Seeing the pleading look in the Prime's optics, Sam agreed to his request and hopped off the table and left the room.

"Do you think he'll ever truly forgive us sir?" Bumblebee asked softly.

"I don't know my friend, but I hope so." The Prime replied, voice sad.

Megatron snorted and placed a claw on his younger brother's shoulder. "That human is too much like you Prime. Soft-sparked with a forgiveness streak a mile wide. He'll forgive you all, and you will all have some mushy scene to go with it."

Optimus chuckled softly, slightly cheered up by his brother's words. "Thank you Megatron."


Sam was exploring the base, nodding to the random Bot or Con he happened to meet. While he was out, Optimus and Megatron both had commed their soldiers about Sam's return, so each was happy to see the human.

Said human was currently lost, walking down hallway after hallway with no end in sight. "Man, why does this always happen to me?" He grumbled, taking a sharp turn and crashing into someone and straight to the ground.

"Whoa! Hey, are you alright?" A new voice asked.

Rubbing the back of his head, Sam glanced up to see a human about late 50's or so, staring at him in concern. There was just something extremely familiar about him.
"Do I know you? Or did I? I hate time travel…." Sam grumbled out the last bit, taking the offered hand.

"Sorry about that, you came out of nowhere and…" The man trailed off, peering at him closely. "Sam?" He asked, eyes wide in shock.

It finally clicked, Sam did know this human, well he did twenty years ago. "Major Lennox?"

Lennox grinned impossibly wide and grabbed the other in a hug. "I'd never thought I'd see you again! Primus, where the heck have you been Sam?" Lennox looked over his shoulder. "Hey! Look who I found! Get your aft over here Epps!" The sound of rushing footsteps greeted Sam's ears, who was still being crushed in the hug.

"Who do you have here Lennox?" A male voice, Epps asked.

"Will, I think you're crushing whoever you have." A woman's voice added.

Lennox jumped slightly and released his hold, keeping a hand on Sam's shoulders. "Sorry about that kid."

"'Kid'? You haven't called anyone that since…Sam!" Epps started off confused, but turned ecstatic once he got a good look at the brunette. He then grabbed the other in a tight hug as well. "Where the hell have you been? We've been looking for you for twenty years Sam, the Autobots have been worried sick about you."

"I know, I just finished talking with them." Sam said, returning the hug. Something in his voice alerted the two former NEST members that something was wrong. "What are you guys doing here? Oh, hello Mrs. Lennox." Sam greeted the woman.

"Call me Sarah Sam, you're family." Sarah smiled, grabbing Sam in a hug. "You've been missed dearly by everyone, the Autobots even more so. As for what we're doing here, well that involves some story telling."

The three older humans dragged the fourth down the hallway to a human sized lunchroom, they were the only ones there. "Everyone else is out doing whatever it is they want to do. Now, I believe we each have answers for each other." Lennox started. "I'll go first. We're here, along with our families, because we're the only humans on the planet that the Cybertronians like and trust because of what we have done for them and with them. When they took over, they offered us citizenship with them, along with a home in their cities. All the NEST members accepted with their families and are living around the world. A few of your old friends also got the deal. Leo, Glen, and Maggie I believe live somewhere in New York I think, haven't spoken to them in a while."

Sam nodded in understand, happy that the Autobots still had some ties with humans that weren't broken because of whatever happened twenty years ago.

"Sam, what happened to you? Where did you go?" Epps asked, eyes concerned. "We looked everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Boss Bot even sent some troops to the moon, the bottom of the ocean, and the most remote places on Earth. The phrase 'leave no stone unturned' was pretty much the motto for years."

The human sighed and told his story once more to the older ones. For over two hours he spoke, leaving only the bits out he left out with the Transformers. "What I can't understand is why they did what they did. They broke my trust, your trust." Sam pointed to Lennox and Epps. "Optimus always said that freedom is the right of everyone, and he and the others took that from humanity. I know that humans aren't slaves or anything, but still…"

"You feel betrayed by them." Lennox said, understanding in his eyes.

"Yeah, I do. They told me a bit on why they did it, but I still feel like they kept something from me." Sam said.

Epps and Lennox exchanged a look, before the former spoke, "Sam, do you know how much the Autobots care for you?"

At the sudden question, Sam paused, "What does that have to do with anything?"

The dark-skinned man just shook his head, chuckling wryly, "Everything Sam. They care more for you than they do any other human, even the old NEST members. And it's not only because you've saved their lives before or saved the planet. There's just something about you that draws them in, makes them want to protect you and keep you safe. Twenty years ago, while the NEST members and your friends didn't treat them as machines or weapons, we weren't as comfortable around them as you were. Primus, I saw you tease Ironhide one day about his cannons, and he just laughed. If it had been anyone else, no one would have dared say something like that to Hide. You treated them as living beings, as your friends and family."

"That is one of the most important things to Cybertronians Sam." Sarah said gently. "Bonds like that, it's part of who they are, the closeness that provides. You are their friend and family and they love you for that."

"Sam, when you disappeared, it's like a part of them died." Epps said softly. "I remember that day, me and Lennox had ran out with the other Bots and with some of NEST. We saw those goons fire at you and that light disappear with you. Each and every one of them made this awful sound, it was so sad…"

"Me and Epps grabbed that sleaze-ball human while the NEST group grabbed his gang, we demanded to know what the hell they were doing. Turns out, they had orders to capture you, but the reason had changed."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, their original orders were to take you in and use you for leverage." Lennox said angrily. "The US government was going to force the Bots to give up their technology to them as well as force them to pretty much be soldiers for hire, to prance around as a show of power. But when they saw you do that crazy stuff with the Matrix, they wanted you to figure out what you could do to see if they could make super soldiers or something."

"Optimus was furious, I had never seen him so mad before." Epps shuddered. "He began barking out orders in Cybertronian before turning to the NEST guys and said 'Are you with us or them?' None of us even thought about it before answering 'You'. We knew what he was asking, if we sided with the Cybertronians or with the government."

"A few days after this, Will came home and told me everything about what had happened." Sarah added. "I understood his choice and began packing at once. I made sure to call the other NEST wives and explained as well to help out. All of us moved onto the base within a week."

"Things kinda snow-balled after that." The former NEST leader said. "Optimus brought back Megatron and the Cons, and made the truce. After that the two of them met with the UN. And now you see the result. Humans are still free to move around, everything that they once did they're free to do. But now the big decisions are made by Optimus and Megatron, along with the rest of the Bots and Cons. They've actually improved several things around the world, everyone gets medical attention now for example and they don't need to pay or have insurance."

"They never stopped looking for you Sam, but they became colder. Losing you nearly destroyed them. They lost you to the humans in charge and the government threatened them one too many times." Epps said softly. "They wanted to make sure it never happened again to them or the ones they cared about."

Sam just sat in silence for a bit, thinking about everything he had been told. A flash of light told him that Blitz had just appeared. "Blitz, you've heard everything. What do you think?" The motorcycle started beeping and chirping radically. "….you're right. As always my friend." Sam turned to the older humans with a small smile. "Thanks for explaining everything to me now, I understand."

"Then what are you sticking around for kid?" Lennox said with a grin.

Sam just laughed before heading out of the room, the laughter of the other humans echoing behind him. Luck seemed to be with Sam as he found everyone gathered in what looked like a rec room, either talking, drinking energon or playing games. Looking around, he found the ones he was looking for. Optimus was speaking softly to four mechs, Ironhide, Ratchet, Bumblebee and Jazz. The five Autobots he was closest too having met them first.

He got their attention by walking in and combining with Blitz. Everyone in the room got quiet as the combined human walked over to the Autobot Leader and his group who were watching him with sad yet confused optics. He surprised them by hugging first Optimus, then the others in turn. Even more confused, they hugged him back, happy for the closeness again.

"I'm sorry for leaving you guys twenty years ago, I never meant to." Sam murmured softly, releasing Bumblebee from his hug and looking them all in the optic. "What happened was explained to me, and I understand. I promise I'll never leave you guys like that again." The silver and gold Transformer smiled at them. "Face it, you guys are stuck with me now."

Energon began leaking out of the five Autobots optics, tears of happiness and relief. They grabbed Sam in a tight hug, clicking and chirping in happiness, feeling their bonds renew and strengthen. Around them, the others watched, smiling in joy for what had happened.

"See? I told you he would forgive you and that there would be some mushy scene." Megatron commented, though his tone was teasing.

Everyone laughed at the Decepticon Leader's words. Sam broke free from the group hug and went over to the warlord. Smirking, he punched the other in the shoulder. "How's that for a welcome back Megatron? Or would you rather I give you a hug too?"

"Boy, you hug me and there will be a hole in the wall shaped just like you." Megatron dead-paned.

"Love you too Megatron." Sam laughed.

Everyone gathered around the ground, just laughing and sharing stories, keeping everything light and joyful. They all got shocked though once Sam mentioned something. "I bet Primus laughed his aft off or is plotting his revenge against me."

"What makes you say that?" Thundercracker asked.

"I called him Gramps before." Sam stated like it was obvious. Wide, shell-shocked optics met his. "What did I say?"

"Are you saying." Ironhide broke out of his stupor first. "That the friend you were with, that trained you, was Primus?"

"Yeah." Several pops and fizzle sounds greeted the combined humans ears, before several dozens thuds echoed around the room. Every Autobot and Decepticon in the room had fainted. "Maybe I should have broken that to them a little more gently." Sam mused to himself, staring at them all. Suddenly, he grinned. And not just any grin, but one that would scare the crap out the Cons and Bots if they were online and aware. Two words were uttered that made even Primus, who was watching/spying on Sam, shudder in terror and pity the poor sparks that were soon to be victims.

"Prank time."

*Several hours later*

Multiple groans were heard throughout the rec-room as Bots and Cons onlined. "Ugh…what the slag hit me?" Sideswipe groaned.

"Whatever did it, destroy it." Ironhide's muffled voice answered.

Barricade was the first to fully online, and when he did he nearly offlined himself again by laughing so hard. Sunstreaker glared at his friend. "What the frag is wrong with you?"

Still laughing, Barricade just pointed and said "You!" Though he sounded odd when he did it

Glancing down, Sunstreaker blanched at seeing what was done. "What the frag?"

Everyone, now awake, turned to the golden frontliner….former golden frontliner. He was now a soft grey with streaks of his gold armor shining through. Bee, unable to resist, played 'I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day...'

Glaring, Sunstreaker was about to yell at him but when he got a good look at Bee he started to laugh. "Wow, you're really a bumblebee aren't you?" The scout now sported accessories matching his name.

Everyone started to get good looks at each other, each one laughing or growling, depending on who it was.

Soundwave, the Trine, Ratchet, Sideswipe, and Prowl were all repainted. Soundwave in a Technicolor rainbow, the Trine to look like three of the Power Rangers, Ratchet black and white like a checkerboard, Sideswipe having been repainted to look like a giant Mario, mustache, cap and everything. Prowl was bright, neon….


Others though, were suffering from far different pranks, a certain Con was suffering from a modification to his vocal processors, making him sound like Alvin the Chipmunk.

"I AM MEGATRON SLAG IT! STOP LAUGHING AT ME! I'M GOING TO BLAST YOU TO THE FRAGGING PIT!" Though threatening in appearance, the high pitched chipmunk voice just made every Bot and Con who heard it fall into hysterics. Other Bots and Cons suffered similar problems, naming Optimus, Wheelie, Brains, and Barricade. The first sounding exactly like Mario, Wheelie talking like a cowboy, Brains talking in rhyme and Barricade sounding French.

Everyone got a laugh at what happened to Mirage, someone had messed with his cloaking device so only random areas would cloak off and on. Scared them at first when they couldn't see his head but he was walking around.

Others had their hologram generators malfunctioning; making their heads about ten times their normal size, seeing a giant headed Starscream yell was both scary and hilarious. Others had their equilibrium messed with, making them clumsy. Watching Jazz crash into a pink Prowl was priceless; they both ended up laughing with everyone else. And watching Skids and Mudflap walk straight into each other before falling flat on their afts made everyone collapse in laughter.

"Okay, who did this?" Ironhide said, giant head looking around. "You two?"

"No Hide, it ain't us." Skids said, shaking his head.

"Then who pranked…..Samuel!" Megatron roared, or tried to anyway.

*In another part of the base*

Several humans were currently laughing their heads off at the video feed. After Sam had finished his work, he had set up several video cameras around the room to capture everything.

"Sam, you are a genius. I haven't seen any of them laughing like that in years. "Lennox said, wiping his eyes.

"Thank you, thank you. I aim to please." Sam said, grinning.

Sarah shook her head and laughed. "You know they're going to get you back for this."

"Probably, but they'll have to catch me first." Sam smirked then. "Besides, I'm not finished yet. All those pranks will go away in about 3 minutes, the paint was just me messing with a program that creates the color of their armor. Then the real fun begins."

Epps just looked at Sam, awe in his eyes. "You have a death wish, I like it kid." He grinned. "What do you have planned next?"

Sam just smirked, "Watch and see."

Graham, who had arrived earlier and was ecstatic to see Sam again, grinned. "This is going to be good, I can tell."

*With the Bots and Cons*

"That didn't last long at all." Optimus said, back to normal. They all were, voices going back to normal, programs running normal again so all appearances were back to normal as well.

"Yeah…something's not right. That was too fast." Sideswipe said. He and his brother were masters of pranks and they knew when something was up. "There's gonna be more."

"Oh joy." Megatron said, glad his voice was no longer high pitched. "What next?"

Just then Cybertronian sized instruments appeared out of a portal. "What the…?" Thundercracker said. He got quiet though when Optimus, Ironhide, Ratchet, Bee and Jazz when up to the different instruments and picked them up.

*With the humans*

"Call in a favor Sam?" Lennox teased. Sam had briefed him and the others about Primus. They took it better than the Bots and Cons did….marginally. They didn't faint at least.

"Yup. I asked for the instruments, he picked the song." Sam explained. Right then, the five started to play.

"Hey I know that song, it's Livin' on a Prayer." Sarah said. "I love that song."

As the song progressed, the Bots and Cons in the room were cheering, acting like crazed fans.

"Wow Optimus sure can sing." Epps noticed.

"Check out Ratchet on guitar." Sam said.

"…they are so going to get you for this Sam." Graham said sagely.


"Worth it?"

"Definitely." Sam smiled. "I got my best friends and family back, of course it's-"


"Worth it." Sam finished sheepishly.

"You know, if you ran now you MIGHT get away."

Sam was already out the door, but he called back, "If I'm still in one piece, see you all later!"
"Get back here boy!"

Laughter just rang throughout the base in answer, lifting the hearts and sparks of all who heard it.

Primus just looked on, happy and at peace with how things worked out.