Ed Edd'n Eddy: hEDvy Rain

Crossover: Ed Edd'n Eddy (Tv) with Heavy Rain (PS3 Game)

Time: Mid Summer, 2009

Place: Peach Creek, Utal

Gerne: Tragedy/Romance

Concept: The Origami Killer Escape from Washinton East Coast and has now travel all the way to Utal, Peach Creek. Double D is forced himself go beyond his inteligent and his will to save his beloved parents from the Origami Killer.

Slogan: How far driven inside will go to save the ones you love?

Author's Note

I thought about this along time. It started as a humor detetive role. But relizing Ed Edd'n Eddy had grown up after their final movie. There not kids no more... There young adults as us. Then playing Heavy Rain was one the most heartwrenching stories ever written to any game or book. And shoot this could happen to anyone right? Then later that night I was laying on the floor thinking how can I crossover with that? Closed my eyes and thought about my childhood memeories, remember what made me innocennt... Role Models... The Ed boys, how can I forget about them? Each of the charaters had something special to contribute to make them great for this story.

But there will be 4 other POV. But Edd'n is the soul of this story. Reason I choosen Edd'n as the Protaginst is cause hes the only one could adpet to any envioment. Skill Talkive, Self-control, Ingetigent in science and impulsive of his daily rituals. But he has Mature in the past 10 years (since 1999). Now what his like and the others now? What will the Origami Killer make out of him and all his loves ones...

So now I leave with you with hEDvy Rain. The first chapter is a prolouge. (Same with the start of Heavy Rain.) Understand what has Edd'n mature up in 10 years...

Bless his heart...


'The Child is Grown, The Dream is Gone'