Kurt sometimes lamented his fate. Instead of spending his Friday and Saturday nights at an art opening or show he more often than not found himself in the midst of father-son TV time, which included wrestling and dvr'd sports events. Of course, then David would pull him close and Jake would roll his eyes at them and whatever internal grumblings he'd had would fade away as they settled in for the night. At least, they had the rest of the week to indulge other interests and having Jake around was worth it. Not only for David's benefit -he loved Jake too.

His father had told him that opening your heart to someone with a child meant opening your heart to their child to, "There is no half-way here, kiddo." He'd said, "If you're going to do this, you gotta put your whole heart into it. You're going to be a father to that kid and trust me; kids know when you're faking it."

He had told his dad that he never expected or wanted to be a father, mostly because he knew he'd never be as good a dad as he had been, but that he was going to do his best to be the kind of step-father that he had been to Finn. Of course, he had David and Chris and Finn to help him out if he totally screwed it all up, so that took some of the pressure off.

At least, it usually did. Tonight though, he was more nervous than he had ever been and that included having to audition in front of a bitter ex. If Jake bombed or failed he'd have no one to blame but himself and Jake would probably be scarred for life.

"What the hell was I thinking? Why didn't you tell me to keep my opinions to myself?"

David's eyebrows rose at his high-pitched tone. "Kurt, all you did was suggest he take a few acting classes to help boost his confidence and learn how to control his body. He was the one who wanted to be in the show."

"I know, but he was so nervous on the phone. I mean really nervous, you heard it, didn't you?"

"I thought you said nerves were good. That's how he knew it mattered to him and would keep him sharp."

Kurt lay a hand on David's knee, "David, it is very possible that I don't know what the hell I'm talking about."

"Kurt, you teach theater at the college level. I think you know what you're talking about." David's voice sounded annoyingly indulgent.

"About acting, yes, but Jake and I are still building out relationship. What if he forgets his lines and gets embarrassed and never forgives me?"

"Jesus, Kurt, stop it! Now, you're making me nervous."

"Well, you should be. If he hates me you'll be the one that has to break up with me and I should warn I've been known not to take such things well."

David had the audacity to laugh at him. "Wow, what a surprise." David deadpanned, "You're always so calm and laid-back about everything. Thanks for the warning."

Kurt waited silently for David to turn to him so he could give him his best icy glare. Softening somewhat when David smiled at him warmly and taking one hand off the wheel to take Kurt's hand in his. "Kurt, Jake loves you. If, and that's a big if, something goes wrong and he gets angry, he'll get over it. They're kids. They fly hot and cold and they get over it. And as for me," David lifted their intertwined hands to his lips, keeping one eye on the road as he pressed his lips to Kurt's knuckles, "if you think you can get rid of me that easy.." He trailed off, smirking at him in the dim light.

Kurt felt warmth fill his chest. "You're just saying that so I'll stop freaking out."

"Did it work?"

"Maybe?" Kurt conceded with a shrug.

David dropped his hand to take the wheel as they turned into the school's driveway. From the looks of the parking lot, they would have to walk a bit to get to the auditorium. "You want me to drop you off?" David asked. His voice was slightly tense and Kurt noticed he had tightened his grip on the steering wheel. This would be the first event of Jake's that they would attend as a couple, since David had moved to Fort Wayne.

"Nervous?" Kurt questioned trying to keep his tone much more neutral than it had been all evening.

"No." David answered before pressing his lips together, "Yeah, maybe a little bit, but not about us." He hurried to add. "I love you and our life and I don't give a fuck what anybody thinks. I just...you know my temper. If someone says something to you, I might have to punch their face in."

"David, no one is going to say anything to me or you. They might whisper behind our backs, but no one is stupid enough to be throwing slurs in this day and age." Kurt gasped when a thought hit him. "You don't think your mother's coming?"

David gave him his 'you're not helping' look. "I hadn't even considered it, but thanks for putting that out there."

"I'm sure everything will be fine. I mean that whole 'you seduced my son and took him to live a life of sin in Fort Wayne' speech was more about you moving away than anything. At least I think it was...I mean who really thinks Fort Wayne, Indiana is the new Sodom?" Kurt decided to shut up because he was actually freaking himself out a little now.

Turning his attention as they finally found a place to park. Thankfully it was warm enough that the walk up wouldn't be too bad. Kurt opened his own door, meeting a confused-looking David at the back of the car. "What? I can get out of a car by myself."

"Yeah, but you like it when I open the door for you?" David said as he took Kurt's hand. Kurt tried to make his shrugging movement seem natural, but the tightening of David's grip and furrowed brow told him he had been caught. "Okay, you are acting really weird. What's the matter?"

"Nothing, I'm just being discreet."

"We hold hands all the time in Fort Wayne."

"We do, but I thought it would be easier for you if..."

"Kurt," David said, wounded sounding. "I'm going to hold your hand. I'm not going to do anything different here than I would in Fort Wayne ...and now I sound like you."

"Yes, you do." Kurt tightened his grip quickly before adjusting his hand to properly entwine their fingers. David used his hand to pull him close, brushing a light kiss across his lips. A closing car door drew their attention. A gentlemen ducked his head down quickly when he saw that he had been noticed, his steps sped up as he turned toward the school's theater entrance. David's shoulders tensed slightly. "That's one of dad's clients."

"He is?"

"Yeah, he runs one of the pharmacies in town. We...dad sells to his employees."

"You don't think..."

"Dad said it doesn't matter to him if he loses some customers. If he leaves dad, he'll be the one paying for it. He gets discounts for being a long-term customer, so it's his loss."

"Yes it is. Besides, we could be reading into his reaction. I mean, no one wants to be caught watching someone else kiss in a parking lot."

David looked down to him as he started to walk toward the auditorium, pulling on Kurt's hand and nodding his agreement.

"Shit!" David said under his breath as Kurt plastered a smile on his face. "Rachel! I didn't know you were going to be here." Kurt's surprise was as genuine as David's petulance.

"Kurt I'm so glad you're here. I need your support." She said pulling him into a tight hug.

David rumbled next to him. "Karofsky." Rachel greeted icily as she pulled away from him.

"Hud...What do I call you now?"

"Rachel." Kurt interjected quickly.

Rachel smiled tightly at him, before turning to David. "Of course you can call me Rachel. We're practically family now."

Kurt hoped that Rachel's stage performances were better than the one she was putting on now. Though knowing Rachel she was doing that whole obviously pretending to be strong thing to garner his support. David sighed next to him as Rachel turned, expecting them to follow, and began to walk toward the theater's entrance.

He glanced at David to see how he was doing. Rachel had been taking Finn and Chris's relationship about as well as you would expect and for some reason, even though it was Kurt who had encouraged Finn to go for it with Chris, Rachel seemed to lay some of the blame at David's feet. He had been a good sport about it for the most part, but he was tense tonight. Kurt hoped that they hadn't officially bitten off more than they could chew.

"Are you going to be okay?" He whispered leaning in to David.

"If she can keep her claws in, so can I." David said tightly, leaning closer when Rachel turned her head slightly trying to listen in. "But if she starts in about Chris..."

"She won't." Kurt assured, "Not with Finn and Ava here."

David hummed in response. Yeah. Kurt kind of doubted it too.

Kurt felt his cheeks warm as they approached the door and he felt David's hand at his back. It was one of the oddly gentlemanly things that David did that set his blood racing. David's protectiveness wasn't something he needed and in fact it had resulted is several arguments, but it was nice to feel David's love expressed in such small ways.

"I'm going to run back and check on Ava." Rachel said, as they entered the theater's lobby.

"We'll save you a seat." Kurt said waving as she made her way through the crowd.

"Does she always have to be the focus of every ones attention?"

"I know it's indulgent, but I've found it best to humor her." Kurt felt his brow crease as he met David's eyes, hoping for understanding.

David sighed heavily. "Maybe she'll cause a scene and distract everyone from us?" David tilted his head to a corner of the lobby where several women where using their hands to cover their mouths as they spoke. The move was pretty useless at hiding their topic of discussion, as they repeatedly and pointedly looked at him and David as they continued to talk.

"Dave!" Chris's voice caused David to reluctantly turn his eyes from their audience. Chris gave him a peck before turning to Dave and pulling him into a hug. "Where's Finn?"

Chris's eyes widened briefly before answering, "Oh, he's back with Ava. I was just wishing Jake good luck or 'break a leg' when I saw Rachel and after the last time..."

Chris trailed off, she probably didn't want to trash Rachel in front of him and Kurt had already heard about 'the incident' from both Rachel and Finn's point of view. He nodded and slipped away as Chris stepped closer to talk to Dave. He knew that Chris and Dave had talked about Rachel's sudden appearance in Finn's bedroom after her show closed last month on the phone, but with the pending court case she probably had some details to share that she hadn't wanted to talk about on the phone or in front of Jake.

He meandered his way through the crowd, trying to make it to the gossiping women, who were now talking intently as they watched Chris and David. Kurt felt himself smile when he saw David throw his head back in a loud laugh as Chris slapped at his arm and her face growing bright red, sending their audience into a twitter.

Kurt was finally close enough to insinuate himself into their conversation. He'd only need a moment to tell these women what they could do with their stares and whispers. He took a deep breath to steady himself, but blew it out slowly when he heard the next words to leave a strangely familiar blonde's mouth.

"I wonder if they'd let us watch."

"Lisa!" Her brunette friend laughed out.

"No really, he's kept himself in good shape and I don't care that those big, strong arms would be wrapped around a man, I bet he fucks like a stallion."

The small group giggled as Red-out-of-a-bottle added, "Tina said that he and Mike used to play football in high school and he's supposedly hung like a horse."

"Knew that Hummel would be a size queen." Blondie piped in.

Kurt huffed indignantly. He was no such thing.

"Jealous!" Ms. Brunette accused.

"You bet I am. I've been trying to get in his pants to see for myself for years. Guess I know now why he kept putting me off. All that insurance he talked me into..." She added shaking her head.


"What? It gave me an excuse to talk to him away from Chris without looking like a slut."

"Too late." Both women chirped, causing the group to break out in laughter as they patted and pushed at one another.

Kurt turned his back as they began to scan the rest of the crowd. So, just this once he would let these women slide, after all jealously was such an ugly emotion. There was really no reason to embarrass them and beside his cheeks had heated horribly when they brought up the size of David's endowment and he felt a very real need to be as close to his lover as possible.

David was scanning for him as the crowd began to move to the opening theater doors. He smiled when he caught his eyes. Weaving his way through the moving crowd to take his place by David's side. "Where'd you get to?" David leaned in to ask.

"I just saw a few familiar faces I wanted to catch up with."

"I thought I saw you heading toward..." David tilted his head to the now-empty corner.

"Yeah, I just wanted to have a little conversation, but I...uh changed my mind."

David looked at him doubtfully. "I can change my mind about things."

"Sure you can, but usually you have to have a pretty good reason."

Kurt shrugged as he stepped closer bringing his shoulder to brush against David's bicep. At least those women were telling truth about David's physic. He was in great shape; between jogging with Herc and lifting he was still built very much like he was in high school and well... Mike Chang didn't tell lies.

"What are you smiling at?"

David asked a laugh in his voice. Kurt looked around at the crowd. "I'll tell you later." He whispered to David, taking his hand as they joined the cue for the show.

"So is every 'family' thing we go to for the next 50 years going to go that epically apocalyptic or will she get over herself someday?"

Kurt sighed to give himself a moment to process an answer, "Well, to be fair it was Ava's fault."

David turned from the wheel to give him his 'are you serious' look. "Finn specifically told her that he and Chris were keeping the pregnancy under wraps for a few more weeks..." David opened his mouth to argue, "and I know she thought telling her mother would help her to understand that things were over for her and Finn, but she knows her mother and should have anticipated that she might not have reacted well to the news."

"I'm happy for them." David said defiantly.

"As am I. Finn always wanted more children..."

"So did Chris."

"And they are wonderful parents. It's not that, it's just the timing."

"I don't think they exactly planned it."

"No, I don't think they did."

Kurt inhaled thoughtfully, "I guess it's a good thing Dad and Carol were a little older when they got married, "Changing diapers in high school." Kurt shuddered and he crossed his arms.

"It's not so bad." David said his voice low as he brought a hand to Kurt's knee. He had this strange kind of glassy look in his eyes that Kurt could just make out in the dim lighting of the highway.

Kurt swallowed thickly as his muscles tensed. David starting to knead the now taught muscles of his thigh. "Hummel, you're freaking out."

"I am not."

"Yes you are. Don't worry. I don't have baby fever or anything. I do love being a dad but Jake's enough for me."

Kurt relaxed slightly, "Oh, okay." He said feeling strangely disappointed. Which was a feeling he'd have to think about later, because really, he'd nearly had a stroke just worrying about Jake and Ava tonight, he surely wouldn't be able to handle...He shook himself. He decided that he couldn't think about that right now when he was all high on the emotion of everything that had happened tonight. I'll think about it tomorrow. Thank you Vivian Leigh and Scarlett.

Kurt let out a small laugh thinking about the evening. "It certainly was a roller-coaster wasn't it?"

"Yeah." David said, smiling as he raised his brows at Kurt.

"You never did tell me."

"Tell you what?"

"You said you'd tell me something later, but it kind of got lost in the mix."

"Oh," Kurt tried to force the grin from his face.

"You're smiling again. What happened?"

"Oh, nothing happened." Kurt leaned as far as his seatbelt would allow, so he could thread this arm through David's and lean his head on his shoulder. "I just overheard what those gossipy divorcees were talking about and got a little embarrassed." Kurt turned his face so that his chin was sitting on David's shoulder. He watched as his face hardened in profile.

"What did they say? Do I need to turn the car around? I've been to Bella Porter's house enough that I could drive there blind." David's hands gripped the wheel and Kurt decided he'd better talk before David turned the car around.

"It wasn't anything bad. They weren't bashing us, just gossiping."

"Gossiping? About what?"



"Yes, apparently you're a total DILF."

"I'ma what?"

"A DILF." Kurt slid a little closer, arching up slightly so that his lips brushed the shell of David's ear. "You know, a dad I'd like to fuck." He whispered huskily.

David's shiver reverberated through Kurt's chest, where they were pressed together. "How fast do you think we can get home?" David asked as he looked around for traffic cops and pushed the accelerator to the floor.

"I happen to know that a very determined man can make it in under an hour." He said smiling as David started shifting gears.

the end