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Peace Always Comes With A Price

Daath - Town Square

Everything occurred in a blur. Though everything before that went fine from meeting Ion to just about to almost getting the flightstone. They realized they had to use an untouched Sephiroth Tree, fortunately for them Tartaroo Valley, the place where Luke and Myst got teleported to, had one. As they were about to leave Daath, with Ion they never calculated another God General getting in their path, this time it's Arietta once again.

"Why are you here Gloomietta!" Anise accused the pink haired girl.

"I'm here to avenge mommy!" Arietta nodded to herself as she had a small pack of ligers with her.

"We can't exactly fight here." Luke pointed out due to the many innocent lives still wandering around.

"I swear we're always here when we get caught." Jade sighed recalling their capture due to Dist and Mohs.

"We gotta get Ion out of here." Myst covered their friend from an approaching liger.

The liger was growling towards them as it lunged a good distance towards Anise. The puppeteer was in shock on the sheer speed. It was so sudden, a woman for some reason took a lethal blow from the liger's lightning breath. She didn't even seemed like a soldier too.

"Momma!" Anise screamed in horror. "Arietta you're gonna pay!"

"Enough Anise, you'll just stoop to her level." Jade sternly calmed the girl down. "Myst, Natalia may you?"

The two healers were already treating the wounded woman, while Anise held her own rage back.

"This situation is very familiar." Jade muttered to the girl, as he held his spear towards her neck. "I should have killed you back then."

"Arietta you know Pamela isn't supposed to be involved!" Ion said sternly with a glare.

"I-Ion I was just..." she stuttered in shock of her own actions. "T-Trying to protect you."

"It doesn't mean involving other people." Ion retorted his glare becoming bigger.

The young God General stood there in shock as the sharp spear left her neck. She can only shook her head in total denial as she ran away from Daath, as far as she can.

"Momma!" Anise shouted in fear.

Anise's mother looked at her own daughter with a proud smile, though the smile was filled with pain.

"Anise you've grown." Pamela smiled at her own daughter.

"Don't worry momma Myst and Natalia are good healers they're gonna get you back up." Anise cried.

"If I was able to protect you, then I have no regrets." she smiled to her daughter as her eyes rested.

It was shocking to Anise but her frantic side was shaking the woman. Though Natalia and Myst stopped her.

"Don't worry we've made it in time Anise." Myst said with a gentle smile.

"Yes your mother is only unconscious." informed Natalia. "Her wounds are not as bad."

Guy stood there in shock, seeing the woman taking a lethal blow for someone she loved dearly. It's like a clear picture now, he could remember.

"I-I remember..." gasped Guy in shock.

"Guy?" Luke asked worriedly.

"I-I'm sorry but I have to...' the blonde swordsman trailed off as he ran to the chapel.

Daath - Church

Luckily for the group Pamela was going to be alright, though they still haven't found Guy at the huge cathedral. The group's concerns were relieved when they spotted Guy at the confession stands.

"Guy there you are!" Luke grinned.

Guy's dazed look was broken when the group approached him with reassuring smiles. They were travelling for months now and no secret should be kept between them.

"I remember." Guy nodded. "The day my family was killed."

"Oh my!" Natalia gasped.

"Sometimes it's fine if you let it all out." Myst suggested. "You can tell us we're friends."

Guy smiled again, the usual one when Luke or Anise did something silly. He could trust them, even if they knew his old affliction with Van. So he told them, how he could hear the servants and his relatives screaming in panic, Duke Fabre's harsh orders, and his sister's final words.

"She told me she had no regrets when she protected me and I should live on in the name of House Gardios." Guy quoted from his rediscovered memories. "Then after that I woke up with the many bodies of the maids and my own sister above me, dying to shield me from harm."

"So that's where your phobia started." Natalia gasped in shock. "And for the times we...I'm so sorry!"

"Yeah me too." Anise bowed her head in shame.

"Same." Luke looked away as tears fell down.

"Don't worry about it." Guy smiled though he did take note of Luke's sadden form. "Luke don't blame yourself for this it was Duke Fabre not you."

The girl can only nod silently as her expression was slowly going back to her usual self.

"You alright to move Guy?" Jade finally said something to the blonde.

"Yeah I'm good that's all in the past." Guy smiled to the group. A frown suddenly appeared. "I'm worried if Class I made it to Sheridan with no harm..."

Tartaroo Valley

The quick stop at Sheridan was a big reliever to everyone. Both the elderly groups agreed to work together, though now the group has been assigned to measure the core's frequency. Luckily for them a device was given to do the task and at the same time the elderly group would build something to withstand the deadly vibration. After that the group finally reached the valley.

"Wait a minute!" Anise stopped the group with a big grin. "Luke, Myst this is where everything started right?"

Both of the said people were blushing madly at the words. It was true this was where everything began for them.

"W-What about it?" Luke blushed looking away.

"We just fell here then we moved on that's all." Myst blurted out.

"Then that's where my Tartarus met their carriage." Jade recalled.

"Then you guys saw me!" Anise beamed up.

It was strange for Luke to be back here after a few months, she's not the same person she used to be ever since.

"It was pretty dark, but the stars where pretty." Luke remembered with a smile.

"Oh my how very romantic!" Natalia gasped as she hugged the girl. "Oh Luke I'm so happy for you!"

"Then that's were I realized Luke was actually a girl." Myst pointed out.

"I guess me being a girl isn't a big issue now?" Luke wondered.

Ever since Akzeriuth Luke no longer concerned about hiding her gender. The thought never came to mind since there was Van trying to destroy the world and all that. Plus Luke did promise herself she's going to change for the better.

"It seemed so." Jade thought outloud.

"Jeez, I bet people took a second glance at Luke." Guy sighed.

The travel around wasn't so difficult since the monsters where the same.

"So many flowers!" Anise beamed at the sight. "The sight has to be pretty at night!"

Luke remembered this place, it was where she and Myst were sent after their hyperresonance. It was nostalgic to see the place again, though a smile couldn't help but come out. She giggled as she kissed Myst so suddenly.

"L-Luke?" he blushed at the girl's sudden action.

"Thank you!" Luke's smile became bigger as she blushed as well. "It's here we met and I don't know what to say."

Myst understood her words. This was where they first met though it seemed like a long time. He changed for better, back then the only thing he had on his mind was his brother. Murderous thoughts filled him but when he met her, the darkness stopped. Luke was his light it made him to who he is right now and he has no regrets.

"Luke thank you." he said softly as he kissed her not caring about everyone else.

"Oh my!" Natalia blushed at the sight.

"I bet Asch isn't as brave or bold as Myst is!" Anise snickered.

"I know the romantic memories here must be lovely and all!" Jade shouted out to the group. "But we have a Sephiroth Tree to find!"

Tartaroo Valley - Passage Ring

"These creatures..."

Luke's sudden darkened mood was caused by many animals that were very hostile to them. Jade and Ion were able to theorize on how the fonons were changing the animals' behaviors.

"Especially that Uniceros." Guy pointed out with a sad sigh.

"Yeah why did attack us again?" Anise wondered in total confusion.

Before they got into the entrance, a majestic rare creature suddenly attacked them. It was colorful enough to hide in the valley but at the same time can fly with it's beautiful wings. They Uniceros was supposedly peaceful but it attack the group out of the blue.

"He told me it was because of Myst's miasma!" Meiu told the group as he bounced into Ion's shoulder.

The group was deathly silent, all staring at the long haired man.

"What?" he asked at them.

"Y-You're not tired back at the last Passage Ring..." Luke said in a daze. Tears start to fall down as she clutched him tightly. "Please Myst are you okay?"

"Sheesh miasma contaminated in a person ain't good." Anise frowned.

"We should get a doctor to you after this." Jade's said firmly as his glasses had a sudden glint.

He knew the risk and he knew that familiar air when it entered his body. He didn't want any of them to worry about his situation, the world comes first then him. Still he didn't expect the group to know this soon.

"No seriously I'm fine." Myst insisted as he patted Luke's head with a warm smile. "Don't worry Luke I'm not dying."

The girl only nodded as she clutched herself into Myst's arms.

"Someone's really needy!" Anise sang with a sly smile.

At the end the group was able to get through the Passage Rings with no challenge at all. Once again Jade told Luke to make instructions to make all of the Outer Lands to descend at the same time. Since they were there they also were able to measure the vibration levels. Right now they all decided to return to Sheridan once again.

Sheridan - Town Square

"Everyone I got an announcement!"

The group made it to the place in one piece but throughout the journey Luke was oddly quiet for the entire time. She constantly made glances at everybody, but her constant lip biting made her nervous more. She had a plan but she wasn't so sure about it.

"Maybe both Malkuth and Kimlasca deserve what's going to happen." Luke sighed as she looked at everyone faces.

Everyone had welcoming smiles as they encouraged her to continue.

"Since we're lowering everything and we need to tell the emperor and king about this." she continued. "Which means we need both kingdoms to get along."

The group realized the current problems with the plan.

"Geez Luke that's gonna be hard!" Anise whined.

"That means we have to return to Baticul." Natalia frowned at the mere thought.

"At least Malkuth will cooperate right colonel?" wondered Myst as Jade only shrugged his shoulders.

"You kids worry too much." Jade sighed at the group. "I'll make sure Emperor Peony will agree to this."

"So while Jade deals with that I guess we have to convince King Inobert." Myst sighed in annoyance.

Natalia looked very grim at the situation, she was away from her hometown, that kicked her out, for a good while but now she had to return. She felt a reassuring pat from Luke as she can only nod in return. She had true friends now they would have her back even if it meant the entire world would go against them. The princess of Kimlasca is coming home.

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The Spa

After another tiresome trip around Aldurant the party finally decided to take a break. Using their membership cards thanks to a certain Malkuth emperor they were able to use one of the most expensive services used throughout all of Aldurant: the famous Keterburg Spa!

"Geez this is a little embarrassing." Luke blushed as she stared at her own body.

Wearing a simple white bathing suit Luke was able to show off her body's natural growth. Though her mentality would never catch up thus it was very embarrassing for her.

"Woah Luke!" Anise gasped at the blushing red head.

Because of Anise's age she was forced to wear a more child friendly bathing suit. Of course if had her main color: pink.

"Geez Anise I kinda don't want this showing off." Luke whined as she stared at her...assets.

"C'mon you're a big girl! Show it to the world!" giggled Anise though an envious glint was in her eyes.

"Anise that is very rude." scolded Natalia as she appeared.

Showing off her muscled tones, Natalia was proud of her bikini. Matching her favorite colors of blue and green she's able to show off her grace and royalty even at a bathing suit.

"Woah Naty how much do you work out?" wondered Luke as she took note of some faded abs at Natalia's stomach.

"W-Well i-it's requires strength to use my bow." Natalia blushed from the other two girls.

"Geez Natalia I bet you got more muscle than Myst!" Anise shouted still fascinated. "I guess it's meant to compensate huh?"

"E-Excuse me?!" screamed Natalia as her face reddened more.

"Hey who said about my muscles?" said a familiar voice.

Myst approached the girls with some simple trunks. The design was simple brown and some white stripes at the sides. HE wasn't afraid to show off his toned chest.

"Hey Myst." Luke beamed as she was right in front of him.

"L-Luke." Myst smiled though temptation was very high.

The other two girls can't help but stare at the blushing couple. Luke was checking out his arms and chest, she quickly used her hands to hide the oncoming blush. At the same time, Myst's eyes were fighting so much to prevent himself from staring at Luke's chest, a heated blush rose up.

"Well this is uh..." Anise trailed off baffled by the sight.

Natalia frowned at the two, more importantly on Luke. She stared at her below average size as comical tears fell down.

"I cannot believe I am very envious of Luke." Natalia sighed.

"Well Naty just be glad, that these things don't get in the way sometimes!" Luke complained as she turned around to her other friends.

After a bit Myst's temptations finally gave in and couldn't help but stare at Luke's backside.

"Round..." he muttered in a daze. "So cute..."

"Huh?" Luke wondered as she turned to face him.

Once again Myst couldn't help himself but stare.

"Pervert!" Anise accused the long haired man.

"Hey Guys look who I found!" Guy appeared with the biggest grin on his face.

Like Myst, Guy was wearing his own trunks. His was a simple orange colored design.

"I can't believe you guys are here." Asch frowned at the sight

Natalia couldn't help but stare at Asch bare toned chest. He wore some red shorts though for some odd reason he had a towel wrapped around his head.

"Geez you look stupid with that towel on you!" Anise pointed out as she stuck her tongue out.

"S-Shut up!" Asch growled though he mumbled off to his own world.

"Oh my I was glad I used the spa before you children came over." Jade sighed in joy as he gave everyone his usual apathetic smile.

Unlike everyone else Jade was wearing a tan bathrobe after using the spa. His fogged glasses was hiding mischievous glints.

"Ugh not like anyone wanted to see the colonel's wrinkled body!" Anise put her tongue out in disgust.

The group for some reason had shivering and very frightening images of an elderly Jade trapping them at his Mystic Cage all the while he giggled in triumphant.

"You know what they say ladies first!" Luke said excitedly.

She grabbed both the girls' hands as they were dragged away.

"Well it's just us guys now." Myst pointed out with a smirk.

"What's with the look Grants?!" Asch growled at the sight.

Jade sigh at the volume of the younger members were making. He only wanted to relax.

"My aching bones would wish peace and quite so I'll leave you gentlemen alone." Jade casually waved as he headed off to another part of the spa.

The three remaining men were having a very tense situation. Two of them were very wary of the more hot blooded.

"So are we guys going or what?" Asch huffed at the two.


"I did not agree to this."

"Oh c'mon Asch, Natalia isn't the only girl that's eye candy."

For some reason, Myst, with his perviness arising uncontrollably, had the strongest urge to do one of the most life risking and most forbidden things around: peeking. Guy nodded with a grin wholeheartedly while Asch was very hesitant.

"I-It's not I wanted to come because I don't know anyone else here!" Asch growled, though it sounded more like a whine.

"Keep it down." Myst shushed the red head. "You're gonna scare them away."

"It's not like Guy's gonna touch any of them anyway." Asch muttered with a pout.

"Oh c'mon I'm not used to touching but I love looking at women." Guy beamed up with pride until he realized what he just said. "That sounded wrong."

"Hmph!" Asch huffed as he stared at a certain princess at the women's side.

"Many beautiful women around here." Myst ogled at the sight.

"You know I'm pretty convinced Myst is actually a covert pervert but he doesn't want to admit it in pubic." Guy thought with a sweatdrop though he did agree to the man's statement.

The three were hearing many women and girls laughing and relaxing at the resort, though they did hear their girls' conversation.

"L-Luke may I ask a question?" Natalia asked with a nervous glance.

"Oh sure Naty, what's up?" Luke smiled, though she did feel some stares from the other females at the resort for some reason.

"What did you usually eat at the manor?" the princess asked again.

Confusion spread all over the younger girl's face. Because the Duke lived very close to the castle they shared chefs and such so...

"Well whatever you guys at the castle eat." Luke said with a smile. "Though mom did keep on saying I shouldn't eat that much, but hey I was a growing girl!"

"I-I see." Natalia muttered as darkcloud were on top of her head.

"So the secret is eating a lot?" Anise's eyes widened. "Oh man once I'm older, guys will definitely start to pay attention to me!"

The boy's, mostly Asch, heard enough of where the conversation was going.

"Alright I'm done screw this!" Asch growled as he got up so suddenly.

Myst and Guy quickly noticed how the women were quiet and were staring off at their direction. Both men quickly agreed to leave, and thanks to their speed they evaded the women's line of sight.

"Oh crap we left Asch." Myst hissed in surprised. "Aldurant Men code is to never leave any man behind!"

"Uh Myst I think the air is getting to your head." Guy sweatdropped at the long haired, normally calm, man.

Asch was mumbling in anger as he decided to face the other guys. Unfortunately for Asch, he turned around to see the sight of only men could dream, without the risk of death.

"A-Asch?!" Natalia blushed as she covered herself up. "I-I thought I knew you better!"

Definitely Asch's worst day of his young and teenage life.