Finding your past

Quanktumspirit: "I got this idea after reading "All my Kittens" by Agent Ninety-Nine. What if Toulouse, Berlioz and Marie would meet their real father? I own nobody. Please review."

The end of the film: Aristocats.

Thomas O Melie said his sad goodbyes to Duchess, Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse. It was killing him inside to leave this wonderful family. Like a evening before he told Duchess that the kittens needed a father role in their life. He knew he could never stand up to that role. All he did was save them and showed them how to survive in a street cat territory.

Madame hugged happy all of her kittens and her cat Duchess.

"I am so pleased you all are ok. No bump, scratch. Just hungry. I'll go and fetch something for you my dears." Madame said happy.

But Toulouse noticed Thomas was not there any more. Duchess walked ahead into her home.

"Hey guys. Where is Thomas?" Toulouse asked his brother and sister.

"Why would he leave us? We have to get him in the family and quick." Marie said in a bit of a panic.

Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz ran outside quickly and found Thomas O Melie just about to go round the corner and forget them forever.

"Thomas, wait please." Berlioz called out to him.

Thomas stopped and looked back at the 3 kittens who were now pulling him on his paws to come back.

"What is it?" Thomas asked them confused.

"Please stay father." Marie asked him.

Thomas froze stiff. Did the young Marie just call him… father? Yes she did.

"We want you to stay with us and our mother. Please. And don't deny that you love our mother Thomas." Berlioz said chuckling.

"We saw that night with you two together. You both are practically made for each other." Toulouse said happy.

Thomas had to blush so madly with knowing that the kittens knew that he had flirted with their mother. Duchess just came out whiles pulling on Madam's dress to show her their rescuer.

"What do you want to show me guys?" Madam asked the kittens and Duchess.

Thomas froze stiff. He bet the old lady would chase him away with a broom and squeal with anger. But she looked at Thomas and smiled.

"Hello sir. Are you the brave cat who saved my precious cat and her kittens?" Madame asked him.

"Meow. (Yes madam.)" Thomas replied.

"What do you guys think? Should we keep him in our family?" Madam asked the kittens and her cat.

"Meow (Yes please.)" Duchess and her kittens replied happy.

So Thomas O Melie was happily accepted into the family by Madame, Duchess, Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse. And they staid together forever.

But Thomas couldn't deny the close feel he had always when he saw the kittens. He taught them valuable survivor treats of what every cat and street cat had to know.

Madam went out and bought more cat toys to train them up, a scratching tree and a small hidden cave just in case Thomas and Duchess wanted to have some private time with each other.

One evening Madam sat by the fire place, Duchess and Thomas sat together in the cat basket and the kittens were playing fetch with a ball of wool.

Then Madam had a good look at Thomas and noticed a birth mark on his chest. A sign of a small claw. The same as on Berlioz and Toulouse.

"Duchess. Have you met Thomas before?" Madam asked the two adult cat's.

Thomas and Duchess froze stiff. They can't remember meeting before. Thomas shook his head and gave Madam a questioners' look.

Madam picked up Berlioz, Toulouse and Marie and showed their birth mark of a claw.

"Because they have the same claw pattern. And Duchess hasn't," Madam pointed it out confused.

"Meow (I can assure you. We never slept with each other)." Thomas said very confused.

"It doesn't mater. Now guys. Bed time." Madam called out to the 5 cat's.

Madam picked up the kittens and Duchess pulled lightly at Thomas fur to come with them. They walked upstairs to a cat bedroom for them. There Duchess, Marie, Berlioz, Toulouse and Thomas washed themselves up and then fell fast asleep.

Quanktumspirit:,, How is Thomas related to the kittens in my story? Not really of course. Find out soon. Please review. I own nobody."