Meeting the father, uncle and brother

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As it was evening Thomas got up after seeing Duchess was fast asleep and woke up Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse. He wanted to show them something.

"Yawn. What is it Thomas?" Marie asked her 'adoptive father'

"I would like you 3 to meet your uncle." Thomas explained.

The 3 kittens looked shocked at Thomas. He has a brother? Now there is something you don't expect every night. The 3 kittens were fully awake and followed Thomas outside. He climbed of the roof and into a small sidewalk close to the park.

"What are we doing here?" Toulouse asked him confused.

"You will see." Thomas said grinning.

Thomas sent out a cranky and long sounding meow. A short while later the same cranky meow was heard and a tom cat came out. He had black and red patches all over his body and golden eyes. Just like Thomas.

"Um… Thomas. Who is he?" Berlioz asked him scared and confused.

"Thomas o Malay? Is that really you bro?" The Stray cat asked surprised.

"Yes it is Bob o Malay. How have you been bro?" Thomas addressed the stray cat.

"He is your brother?" Toulouse asked their father confused.

"Sure am. We haven't seen each other since we have been born. So all systems still go?" Bob O Malay asked him.

"Sure…um?" Thomas said nodding his head.

Bob looked behind Thomas and saw 3 kittens looking at him interested. He was amazed and bowed down to Thomas to show that he respects him and his kittens.

"Congratulations Thomas. How is your mistress?" Bob asked him.

Thomas blushed a bit and looked happy at the trio.

"Actually to be fair with you bro. There my step-children. Not by birth." Thomas told his brother honest.

"Oh sorry. Why have you searched my presents?" Bob asked him confused.

"I am guessing… that you Bob are their birth father of Berlioz and Toulouse." Thomas explained.

Now all the cats looked shocked at Bob. He was there real father? Him? Bob wasn't sure eider.

"How can you tell? I have been with many female cats before. How can you be sure that they are my kittens?" Bob asked him.

"Easy as pie. (Picks up carefully Berlioz and Toulouse and rolls them on the stomach.) They have the same birth sign as we. And I haven't mated with Duchess. And we are the only brothers of our family litter so it had to be you. As well you know our birth mother was cut after our birth so we couldn't have any more brothers or sisters from her any way," Thomas explained.

"Point taken bro. You still have all the withes of Sherlock Holms. Nobody should underestimate your cleverness." Bob said chuckling.

"Hahaha. I have the brains while you have the looks?" Thomas asked him jokingly.

"Exactly." Bob said as he stretched himself out.

"So he is sort of our father?" Marie asked the two grown up cats.

"Looks like it kitty. And Thomas look after them well. Promise?" Bob asked his brother worried.

"You know me bro. I never let my guard down." Thomas said seriously.

Bob nodded and wanted to leave them alone. But suddenly Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse ran up to him and hugged him. They felt a mind at piece being with there real father and knowing he is ok. He smiles down at them and pushed them carefully back to Thomas.

"If you want you could take as well your lady out for a walk and I can show the kittens all the best places?" Bob offered.

"Good idea. But it will have to wait till tomorrow. The 3 kittens need their rest." Thomas said as he looked back at the kittens.

Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse started to yawn and they said there goodbyes to Bob and walked as fast as they could back to bed .

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