Not my Gotham

Chapter 1: Meeting

Summary: It should have just been patrol/mission, like any other day. But when Warp decides to make an unexpected visit, all hell breaks loose. Slightly AU since I hate that DC separated Dick and Damian .

AN: No OC's! Except for maybe random thugs, but that's it! I'll try to keep updates as fast as possible! I know it drives me nuts when I have to wait incredibly long for updates! Starts off in Batman-verse (Preboot) and then Young Justice-Verse. Feedback is welcome, but flames will be used to roast marshmallows~! :3

Disclaimer: Sadly, I own nothing. Otherwise, do you really think I would be writing fanfiction? -.^



Gotham City: December 16. 1:00am.

The dark figure jumped to yet another slippery rooftop, catching himself effortlessly. The rain had been a constant drizzle all night, and the temperature was slowly dropping. Clearly, a wonderful night for patrol. His comm. crackled, signaling his partner on the other end.

"This is pointless. We've been out here all night and still no thugs. I'm beginning to think you enjoy dragging me about in the treacherous weather." The cowled figure sighs heavily, placing his hand to his ear to activate the comm. link.

"Listen, I know this isn't my idea of fun, but we need to be sure no criminals try anything."

"We've been out for hours. I'll give you one more hour before I head home with or without you."

"Fine. Let's just make one more sweep past Crime Alley, just to be sure, then we'll head back. How about some of Agent A's hot chocolate?"

"Tt. You call that horrible concoction Pennyworth makes hot chocolate?" The most feared hero of Gotham smirks, chuckling warmly.

"I know you like it, Little D. You always finish your cup." The voice on the other end of the comm. scoffs before remaining silent. "Robin-" His eyes narrow, hearing an explosion nearby.

"I'll meet you there, Batman." The comm. goes dead, and the Dark Knight races to where the explosion originated.

"Why does it always have to be a warehouse?" The cowled vigilante grumbles, slipping in from a skylight soundlessly. He crouches down behind a tower of shipping crates lining all the walls. His eyes widen, seeing a man dressed in black tights with gold armor adorning his chest and arms, and wearing a golden helmet. What is Warp doing here? He freezes, seeing the costumed villain looking through several dusty crates.

"No need to hide, Bats. I already know you're here." Warp sings boredly, kicking an empty crate off to the side. The Dark Knight curses silently under his breath, throwing a batarang, which stops midair in front of Warp, before disappearing into a portal. Batman uses the opportunity to silently make his way to the other side of the villain. "You're too late. I already have what I came for." Warp grins madly, taking out a large bazooka shaped gun from one of the crates, and starts dusting it off. "I left it here for safe keeping." He smirks as Robin rushes at him, throwing a powerful roundhouse kick. The villain ducks, just in time, but grunts as a kick to the back of his head sends him toppling over. The large gun slips from his grasp and he curses, glaring back at the Dark Knight. The weapon slides across the worn concrete floor, and Robin glances over at Batman, nodding in response to his mentor's silent order. Secure the weapon. I'll take care of Warp.

The Boy Wonder rushes over to where the gun rested, only to be yanked back by his cape. Warp grins, having gotten a hold of ex assassin. Before the villain could make his move, a batarang imbeds itself into Warp's golden gantlet. The time traveler hisses, letting go of Robin, who dives for the gun. Two laser guns raise from the shoulder's of Warp's suit. He aims them at Robin, firing relentlessly as the bird flips out of the way. Batman hook-kicks one of the lasers, causing it to malfunction, and the villain to stumble off to the side. Warp catches himself on one of the crates, glaring back at the dynamic duo, panting furiously.

"I really don't have time to play with you. As much fun as it is to play with you, I need to end this." He freezes time around the Boy Wonder, pulling out a gun. "These really are primitive machines, but effective none the less. Hand over the weapon like a good little boy." Robin glares at the time traveler defiantly.

"Robin!" Batman tackles Robin out of the way just as the gun fires.

"I could have handled myself!" The Boy Wonder shoves his mentor off. Batman gets up slowly, his hidden eyes narrowing at his partner.

"Clearly." Robin glares right back, not missing the bloodstain forming on his mentor's chest.

"Such wonderful teamwork…" Warp chuckles, now holding the bazooka style weapon on his shoulder, which Robin had dropped during the tackle. "But it's time we wrap things up here. I'm on a tight schedule, you see." Robin tenses, and whips out a birdarang, tossing it at the gun. The birdarang halts before being sent right back and the villain snickers manically. The Boy Wonder easily dodges, and smirks as Batman kicks Warp's legs out from under him. The feared Bat hovers over their fallen enemy, about to take the weapon, when Warp quickly grabs it, firing it at Batman. The Dark Knight flies back, and crumples to the ground, crying out in agony.

"Batman!" Robin quickly runs over to his mentor, his eyes wide before glaring back at their enemy viciously.

"Looks like my time's up. Let's see what you choose. To come after me, or help your mentor." Warp grins as a portal appears behind him, and he steps through. Robin hisses out a string of curses in Arabic before looking back down at Batman, who was slowly starting to disappear. The Bat starts convulsing as his molecules start to slowly rip apart. Robin lays over Batman, squeezing his eyes closed tightly the portal Warp vanished through fades completely. The Boy Wonder grinds his teeth, trying not to cry out as he feels himself being torn apart as well.

"N-No! Damian! S-Stay ba-ck!" Batman rasps out, but Robin only holds him tighter.

"I'll make that freak pay for this." He clenches his jaw as his whole body feels as though it's on fire. The two are suddenly enveloped into a bright white light, and they scream in agony. Every molecule and part of their soul starts ripping apart. Robin painfully opens his eyes, seeing what was left of his mentor being scattered away from him. "Grayson!" Then, everything fades to white.

Gotham City: December 18. 23:00pm.

What are we doing in Gotham again? Isn't this yours and Bats' city, Rob? Kid Flash's irritated voice comes through the six teenaged hero's minds.

Yeah, but he's giving us another chance, after our total disastrous failure against Clayface. Heavy on the 'dis. Robin sighs at the memory, repositioning himself on the roof.

Batman said that he found some strange readings in this area. He wanted us to check everything out and find the source of the power spike. We are to maintain radio silence and communicate telepathically via Miss Martian until we figure out the cause. Aqualad's calm voice came through as he dove into Gotham Bay from the docks, shuddering from the pollution. Robin chuckles.

Sorry Aqualad. I guess I should have warned you first.

Anyone else concerned that Baywatch never pays attention at mission briefings? Artmis mutters mentally, making her way to her next position. All clear here, by the way.

Hey! It's not my fault Bats likes to drone on and on during my snack time! Kid Flash defends as Artimis scoffs irritatedly.

Um. Guys? I sense something… Miss Martian chimes in, floating towards the back of a warehouse.

What do you sense Miss Martian? Aqualad asks, making his way back to the docks.

Not sure…but I've never encountered anything like this before…here or on Mars…I'm near the area now. I'll go check it out.

I'm coming with you. Superboy adds, rushing off to meet up with the martian girl. The six gasp as a white flash engulfs the area, before everything seems to return to normal.

Miss Martian. Could you see what that was? Aqualad asks as he gets out of the water, slightly relieved to be out of the muck.

No. We were too far away. Superboy and I are almost there now- She gasps.

"You guys should get over here." Superboy states through the comm. link. The remaining four give their confirmation, and close in on their location. Miss Martian slowly approaches the prone figure dressed in a red tunic, black tights, green commando boots and gloves, and a yellow para-cape, with the hood over his head.

"He can't be older than fourteen…" She states sadly, kneeling down next to him, frowning at the boy's green domino mask. "The colors he's wearing…they're similar to Robin's…do you think-" The young boy stirs, groaning. The others arrive, and freeze at the sight.

"Do you think we should call Batman?" Kid Flash asks, eyeing the new costumed arrival.

"We do not yet know the situation. We will call Batman once we know more about the boy." Aqualad adds. Miss Martian goes to help the boy sit up, but he smacks her hand away. She flinches back as he eyes her shrewdly, before setting his sights to the rest of the team.

"Where's Batman?" Robin frowns.

"Let's start off with who you are."

"It's not important." The boy snaps, trying to stand shakily. "I need to find my Batman."

"You had someone else with you? Someone dressed like Batman? Were you coming from a party?" Aqualad steps forward, trying to make sense of the situation.

"No, you twat! He's already injured and could be dying by now! Are you going to make yourselves useful by helping me find him or are you just going to stand around all night?" The boy snaps, staggering past Aqualad.

"Wait! You're hurt!" Miss Martian catches him as he collapses. "What's your name?"

"Robin." All six of the teenager's eyes widen in shock as the air grows tense. "Now, are you going to help me or not?" Aqualad turns to Robin.

"Call Batman." Robin nods numbly, tapping his comm. link to get a hold of his mentor as the stranger struggles in Miss Martian's grasp.

"Let me go! I have to find that idiot!" He winces before passing out. The teenagers sigh with relief, glad they no longer had to fight off the young boy, who happened to be stronger than he looked. Robin turns to the others, eyeing their new charge wearily.

"Bats said he'll be here in a minute tops. Superboy, can you hear anyone else's heartbeats in the area? Just to make sure he's the only one here." Superboy frowns.

"No. It's just the seven of us. Maybe the kid hit it head?" Robin's eyebrows knit together in concentration.

"I don't think so. I didn't see any blood when he was flailing around. First things first. We need to get that utility belt away from him in case he wakes up." The others nod in agreement. Miss Martian sighs, brushing some of their hair out of the unconscious boy's face. Where did he come from?