Dear Jimmy,

I can't really believe I'm writing this but, what can I do? I've been like this for a while and we can't just continue being friends when we both know there's so much more between us than just friendship…

I first noticed it when I noticed the looks you give me every single time you think I'm not looking. Then, the constant visits to the grocery store without you even working there. Later, when you started actually working there, you spent every free minute with me. And, who could forget the look you had on your face when that cute blond thirteen year old kid (whose name I cannot remember) had a crush on me! Oh, and your invitation for slow dancing in Vegas… Did you really think I was so naïve I wouldn't see that you had feelings for me?

Well, I'm not that naïve… But I'm not such an angel myself either!

I was incredibly jealous when I saw you dating that read-head… Even more jealous than when I saw Wyatt kissing that blond skank! Also, my proposition for us to pretend to be husband and wife, you remember right? Well, the truth is that I wanted to see if it would be weird or if I would feel comfortable… And, even with me not wanting to feel comfortable with all my strength, I kind of did! It was just so natural; me, appearing with Hope while you spoke with your grandparents! And that thing where I propositioned for us to kiss? Well, it felt great!

You know what? Yeah, I'm dating Wyatt, but I don't think I love him anymore! He's handsome and he's studying, while you are sweet, loving, caring, working to have your own money and, last but not least, you do everything you can to insure the happiness of your daughter! Oh, and you're cute…

We are friends, but I think we can be more than that! Sure, we are best friends and we shouldn't mess up our friendship for feelings that may or may not go away, but I don't care! All my life I have done things the right way, played for what I knew that would always be there and I never took a chance at something that came with a bit of a risk… But with you… With you I become a different person, I become a person that takes risks, and I want to take the risk of having more than a friendship with you!

I want to take a chance, Jimmy Chance! I have feelings for you and I think we should give this a shot, give us a shot!



P.S: If you don't want to, it's ok, don't worry! I'll probably avoid eye contact for a while, but we can still work together and be friends…