Chapter 10: Finishing the Horcruxes – Part 2

It was a special day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The day of the Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff Quidditch game. However, something other than the game's possible outcomes worried the viewers: as the magical guardian of one of the players, Sirius Black was allowed to attend. Despite it having been announced he's innocent of the crimes he was originally sent to Azkaban for, most students still feared him. It didn't help his case that he 'viciously' assaulted Draco Malfoy 'without provocation'. Some students, however, hated Slytherins to the point of not holding that event against Sirius. Ronald Weasley was one of those. "Lord Black, Lord Black, how do I become a dog like yourself?" The young redhead asked. "I also want a go at Malfoy."

"Excuse me, but I don't think we've been introduced yet." Sirius replied.

"Oh, I'm Weasley. Ronald Weasley."

"Black. Sirius Black." Sirius replied. "And now that we're no longer strangers, I may tell you that no Animagus is able to choose a form, Mr. Weasley. You might become an Animagus, depending on how good you are with Transfiguration but your form will depend on your personality."

"Then Weasley will become a pig or some other animal that likes living in filth." Draco Malfoy maliciously commented as he and his goons showed up. "Lord Black, I know you're probably disturbed by all the time you've been unjustly forced to endure dementors, but you shouldn't associate yourself to blood traitors and mudbloods." He stared at Hermione Granger while saying the last part.

"You're the son of my cousin Narcissa, right?" Sirius asked, surprising Hermione.

"Yes, Lord Black. I'm Draco Malfoy, son of Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy née Black." Draco introduced himself. "And I forgive you for attacking me, Lord Black. It's obvious your sanity was still damaged by those dementors."

"Your father doesn't seem to think like that." Sirius replied.

"If you think you've seen it all, you'd better not meet mother until she calms down." Draco suggested. "Father told me she kept saying things about hexing you into oblivion at the first chance she gets."

"Look!" Ron shouted. "The game is about to begin!"

"The Hufflepuff Seeker is too tall for the position, don't you think?" Sirius asked Ron.

Before Ron had a chance to reply, Draco acted as if he was the one whose opinion Sirius had asked. "Don't let the size deceive you, Lord Black! Cedric Diggory is fast and agile enough for the position. Almost makes me pity Hufflepuff for not letting him be Seeker before this year."

"Cedric Diggory? As in Amos Diggory's son?"

"Exactly, Lord Black. Amos Diggory is Head of the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. You know, if you put up a word with him to have that Hippogriff executed for attacking me, my parents might forgive you."

"Don't pay attention to him, Lord Black!" Hermione pleaded. "Buckbeak was not the one at fault! Malfoy ignored Professor Hagrid's instructions about how to treat Hippogriffs!"

"Hagrid?" A surprised Sirius asked. "I should have known. Nobody else would let third years anywhere near Hippogriffs. Back in my day as a student, only N.E.W.T. students could do it." Then he saw something that caught his attention. "Look! Diggory seems to have found the Golden Snitch."

Then everyone looked at Diggory, who was on a quick dive with Harry following him. To everyone's surprise, Diggory stopped midflight and Harry almost crashed. "A Wronski Feint? This Diggory is really good." Sirius commented.

"See what I meant, Lord Black?" Malfoy asked, glad his mother's wealthy cousin agreed with him.

"After a brilliant feint by Hufflepuff Seeker Cedric Diggory, Harry Potter almost loses his broomstick but he's still on the game!" Narrator Lee Jordan commented.

"He's not that unbiased when Slytherin is playing." Draco muttered.

Suddenly Harry started zooming. "What's this, people?" Jordan asked. "Could Harry Potter have spotted the snitch so soon after falling for a Wronski Feint or is he just trying to give Diggory a taste of his own medicine?"

Assuming the later, Cedric Diggory didn't go after Harry until it was too late. Harry did spot the snitch. Upon catching it, Harry sealed Gryffindor's victory against Hufflepuff by 180-40. Being a good sport, Diggory complimented Harry for the catch. "Congratulations, Potter."

"Thank you, Diggory."

"You can call me Cedric."

"Only if you call me Harry."

Sirius then approached the players. "Congratulations, Prongslet!" That caught the attention of Gred and Forge Weasley.

"Wait a minute." Gred asked.

"Did you call him Prongslet?" Forge added.

"Yes." Sirius answered. "I call him that because I used to call his Dad 'Prongs'." Sirius explained.

The conversation was then interrupted by Severus Snape. "Black, Professor Dumbledore wants to see you at his office and said it's urgent."

"Whatever, Snivellus." Sirius said and then addressed Harry and the twins. "See you later."

At Dumbledore's office, Sirius Black and the Headmaster were left alone. "Sirius, remember how you helped the Ministry with that cup Voldemort turned into a Horcrux?" Dumbledore asked.

"Yes, Professor." Sirius answered.

"I'm afraid it wasn't the only Horcrux, Sirius." Dumbledore replied, to Sirius' horror. "I have reason to believe Voldemort turned Salazar Slytherin's locket into a Horcrux and your brother Regulus found it albeit I'm not sure if he managed to destroy it.

Sirius was shocked to learn how far his brother went against Voldemort. "I'm sorry, Headmaster, but my brother never confided in me about details of his defection from Death Eater ranks. I'm afraid I cannot help you."

"Correct me if I'm wrong, Sirius, but your brother never resided anywhere other than your family's ancestral home, right?" Dumbledore asked and Sirius assented. "Therefore, I presume the Horcrux might be there and any house elf who had been working there back then might know."

Sirius then called for Kreacher, who told them about how Regulus gave his life to stop Voldemort and how Kreacker felt sad for not being able to destroy it as Regulus ordered. "I might have more luck, Kreacher. Would you bring me the locket so I can make a try?" Dumbledore asked. Faster than anyone can say 'Expelliarmus', Kreacher disapparated and then reapparated with the locket. Dumbledore then picked Gryffindor's sword, pointed his wand at the locket and said "Serpensortia!" A snake then came from the wand. "Tell the locket to open." Dumbledore ordered. The snake hissed and the locket opened. Dumbledore then stabbed the locket, destroying the soul fragment.

"Is this over now?" Sirius asked with a hopeful tone.

"Not yet, Sirius." Dumbledore answered. "There's one Horcrux left but, with Voldemort safely locked away at the Department of Mysteries, there's no hurry. I'll find it."

"Good." Sirius and Kreacher then left. Dumbledore had no courage to tell Sirius Harry had a piece of Voldemort's soul and needed to die to make Voldemort mortal again. Well, there's no reason not to wait until Harry dies of natural causes.

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