Hey guys:) this is my second fanfic. I was thinking about Yuu and Tsubasa's story and I write it…this is for those people who likes YuuXTsubasa…..if you don't like don't read…..

Yuu sighed to see his best friend, laying on the ICU bed. He was sad since Ryuusei said that Tsubasa can't join them, because he was totally caught and controlled by the dark power. Yuu sighed again scratched his cheek, sadness full of his mind only for not Tsubasa's sickness he loved him since he first met him on the dark nebula, however he always called him eagle man and making fun of him, but each and everything that is of him, his polite behaviors, his clothing's, his long silvery hair, his those beautiful golden brown eyes just made him fall in love with him.

''Please Tsubasa, get well soon'', he said to his mind. After a few minutes goes; he returned to his room, laid on his bed thinking about Tsubasa.

''I think Tsubasa will be alright'', he thought. Yuu looked behind the window; seeing the red sky and setting sun. The blonde kid looked away and heaved a sigh.

Knock! Knock!

''Hey Yuu, Tsubasa is alright and now he was transferred to the general bed; he wanted to talk with you, o come on Yuu '' Madoka said gleefully. He plopped out of bed and walked with Madoka. When they reached the room he saw Tsubasa sat on the bed with a pretty smile on his face; ''Hey Yuu!'' Tsubasa greeted him with the smile.

''Umm, you guys talk, ok!'' Madoka left them alone in the room. When she left, Yuu burst out into tears and hugged Tsubasa tightly almost making him fall from the bed.

''Why did you break our company? Why did you left our team? Tell me Tsubasa why did you hurt yourself and us like this, huh? Tell me why.'' He shoved his face on his chest; and his eyes started to rain tears, wetting his shirt. Tsubasa was so shocked that he was even unable to react. He just slowly stretched his arms around the blonde and started to stroke his hair. He held a lock of it, tugged it softly and kissed his head.

''Yuu, please stop crying,'' he said in a soft tone. ''Look at me, please look at me." he said politely and Yuu tilt his head up and looked at his beautiful face, with his soft teared eyes.

''I know Yuu but I can't, I felt so bad here, I couldn't enjoy the match with you guys, I can't beyblade with you, I really felt sad. Trust me Yuu. Just believe. Don't think; just have faith on me." He said with a shrunken voice.

''If you feel very sorry, why don't you join us?'' Yuu cried out. Tsubasa smiled and grabbed his chin, made his face closer to him. Yuu blushed, thinking how close they are.

''You know the reason Yuu!'' He said again in a soft tone.

''Tsubasa please come back soon to us, we all love you and….l….I….l-love you.'' Yuu said and felt his face grew hot. At first Tsubasa was shocked, then he just smiled and close the gap between their faces and put his warm lips on that of him. Then a few seconds pass they pulled away. Tsubasa licked his lip for access and he granted. Their tongue battle for a while and Tsubasa easily won over him. After a few minutes Yuu gave him a little push and pulled away, both of them became breathy. A string of saliva connected them. Tsubasa leaned in and kissed Yuu's forehead.

''I love you too.'' He said with a blush on his face.