Hello. Yeah. If you like Broken, I know, you probably hate me, but I WILL GET BACK TO IT SOON! But a certain somebody keeps bothering me…

Nikki: That would be me! Now write the story already!

That would be her. Meet Nikki. I have different parts of me. Nikki is my super hyperactive, geeky, annoying, and super confident part. Well, for the story, she'll be more developed in traits, because no one ACTUALLY wants to read about a girl with only the trait of annoying. Even if she exists in my head.

Anyway, the other people in my head are Julie, my soft, shy, and bookworm side, Quinn, my rocker, bad-girl side, Rachel, my diva side (what else would I name her?), Elle, my sarcastic, and Santana like side (yes, I have a whole person devoted to my sarcasm and Santana-ness), Haley, my girly, romantic side, Allie, where my humor lies, and Leslie, my stuffy, stick in the mud side. But this focuses on Nikki, because I see her as my most developed person in my head.

Elle: Anyway, now that you have made them all believe you're totally mental, why don't you start putting words to this document and get ready to publish.

Yeah, Nora is like Santana's carbon copy. But here we go. Scroll on to read the story of A Storm Named Nikki.

Anyway, this is Dalton times. But it only fit in around the beginning of November, so pretend Kurt had transferred sometime in October. Just try.

(Insert Line beak here)

"Hello Warblers!" a voice cried out, right as the Warblers started their meeting.

Well, it was the Warblers, so it wasn't that out of character, but what wasn't normal was it was a girl's voice. In an all boy's school. Yeah, something wasn't right.

A girl decked out in an outfit that looked like a crime to fashion according to Kurt.

A white long sleeve shirt, black jeans, and the most horrific sash/scarf Kurt had ever laid his eyes on. (Anything that's green, purple, white, pink, and orange should NOT be worn.)

"Hello Warblers! I am the one and only, Nikki Bosky, wanting to join your group!" the girl cried.

"Um, excuse me, but One, You're a girl, so probably not, and Two, You're a girl! How did you get in here?" Wes cried.

"Simple. I won a spot in Teen Magazine. They had a writing contest, and the prize was to spend the year at Dalton Academy and do a monthly article on what it's like to be here. They were certainly not expecting a girl, but after much debate, voila! I'm here! And I know I can't join to perform, but I don't want to. I want to be your techie!" the girl said in a blur of words, bouncing up and down.

The Warblers barely registered what she said.

"Um, a techie?" Wes managed to say.

"Yeah, a one-woman tech crew. Not only am I good with sound check and stage electronics, but I'm an expert hacker. As in, I could hack the CIA, NOT THAT ANYONE SHOULD TRY THAT!" she said, still bouncing. "But I have hacked Google and Facebook. But I repeat, DO NOT HACK ANYONE."

Everyone agreed, this girl's level of hyper was topping Blaine, Wes and/or David on a sugar high. Which was really saying something.

"Okay, if you're that good. Anyway, I'm Wes, head of Council. Then there's David, Jeff, Nick, Evan, Thad, Cameron, Blaine, Seth, Andrew, and our newest member, Kurt. You're probably going to fit right in!" and everyone clapped.

"Have you seen any of our performances?" David asked.

"Yes! And you guys are awesome. Except last year at Sectionals, when those dim-witted tech crews messed up your mics and lighting. But that wasn't your fault." Nikki said, and she took a seat on a chair next to Kurt.

"Why don't you tell us about yourself?" Kurt said. He was going to get on this girl's good side so he could fix her fashion mistakes if it was the last thing he did. The sash was bad enough, but he noticed she had neon blue nails and blinding orange sneakers. This girl needed help.

Oh! Well, I'm basically hyperactive, but you've probably realized that. But, I'm a self proclaimed freaky geek and proud! Being a freak slash geek is something I love, because it's a great thing! I am different and unique! Anyway, I love writing and might be a writer when I grow up.

But I like to be open so… I was bullied in my old school for being so different. Locked in closets, locker slams, shoved to the ground. Not fun. And just a warning, never try to get me to eat applesauce, I'll probably puke. That was their weapon of choice. Applesauce to the face is not kind. I actually have to thank that contest, and Dalton, because it got to be really bad…" Nikki bowed her head and wiped her eyes.

"Nikki, don't feel bad, or embarrassed. Blaine and I were bullied to the point of going to Dalton too." Kurt said, putting a hand on her shoulder.

She looked up and gave a smile that everyone already saw was most likely patented.

"Come to dorm 210 and we'll talk." Kurt said and he smiled.

The rest of the meeting was spent discussing songs, but barely anyone could focus. Nikki was definitely going to shake up the Warblers.