First of all I have to say that I am from Germany but I am trying my very best to write this story. In Germany no one even knows RUSH so I have to write it in English. I would love to get some comments from you to tell me if my English is good enough to continue. Thank you very much and I hope to get some comments.

This story is about Lawson / Shannon as a pairing and Lawson / Josh friendship. Hope you enjoy it!

Shannon was right behind Lawson as he was following the suspect down the street. He has just rounded the corner as Shannon could hear it. Wheels squeaking and then a loud crash.

As Shannon rounded the corner she immediately stopped in her movement.

"Lawson!", she mumbled before she started to run to the slowly moving body of her partner, her friend, her love. They where seeing each other since a few month now and she new that she had slowly fallen in love with Lawson. Lawson was even more broken then she was, even more complicated then she was, Lawson was perfect.

"Don't move just lay still. I am here.", Shannon said while kneeling beside Lawsons body. "Shannon I'm fine." Lawson said through his teeth.

"Leon Lawson is down. We need an ambo.", Shannon said through her comm. link.

"I am fine Shannon." Lawson said another time and started to slowly push himself into a sitting position.

"You sure about that?" Shannon could tell by a look into Lawsons face that he was far away from being okay.

"What happened?" It was Josh who nearly jumped out of TR2. Michael didn't even get a chance to fully stop the vehicle.

"I am fine. Just leave me alone for a minute."

"Buddy you should let yourself get checked out. I think it was a pretty hard crash." Josh pointed to the broken car window.

"Leon call that ambo off I am fine.", Lawson said while standing up slowly.

"Lawson!", Shannon pointed out with a strict voice.

"Enough now! We have to find Carl Enderson so get into your cars and start searching. He is armed an violent."

With that Lawson walked away and got himself slowly into the passenger seat of TR1.

"He is not good Josh." Shannon said worrying.

"I know. Christian keep an eye on him too!" Josh ordered before Shannon and Christian got back to TR1.

"Lawson this is Kerry. What's going on? Needing an ambo or not?"

"Kerry we are back on the road searching to find Carl Enderson. I lost him before. He couldn't be far." Lawson said while watching the street carefully.

"So you're good?"

"Otherwise I wouldn't be on the road.", Lawson answered.

He could feel Shannons worried gaze on this face.

"You promise we can get you checked up in the hospital after shift?" Shannon asked for another time. The two of them still were a secret to the team. Shannon only got a look from Lawson. She knew that he was about to get angry but his whole body language was telling her that he was in a lot of pain.

"Lawson TR2 just got a rid on the suspect. Greenten Street."

"Shannon speed it up. We are not loosing him again!" Lawson said while he could feel the adrenaline kick back into his body washing away the pain for a moment.

As TR1 arrived at the scene they already got Enderson handcuffed. Lawson made his way to the suspect starting to answer him some questions about the crime scene while Shannon was standing closely watching him. Enderson tried to get up while Lawson was pushing him to the ground again.

"Josh get him we are done here."

"Lawson we have a 911 call from a bar only one street away from you actual position. Bar fight one of them is armed." Leons voice ran to the comm. links.

"Get us some uniforms here to pick up Enderson. TR2 is staying until they arrive." Lawson ordered while heading back to the car with Shannon Christian and Josh while Michael and Stella stayed with Enderson.

At the time TR 1 was on the scene a shot was fired from a drunken gunman pointing the gun in the air.

"Sir this is the police. Drop your gun immediately and let go of the women!", Lawson yelled his own gun in his hand covering behind the open vehicle door.
The drunken men pushed the female even more to his body.

"Oh the pigs! What have we done wrong here sir?"

"I think you know that really well on your own. Come on man. I am senior Sergeant Lawson Blake. Can you tell me your name?"

"You want to hear my name? Well Senior Sergeant Lawson Blake you can call me Mr. Pigs." the men said laughing out loud.

"Well if that is the way you want to be called. So Mr. Pigs what about the lady you are holding there?", Lawson asked while another shot of pain forced him to moan out.

"Lawson?", Shannon asked worried. She could tell by one look that he was about to loose it.

Meanwhile Stella and Michael had also arrived at the scene crushing down with their weapons behind their vehicle doors.

"Oh the little lady here. You know what's the deal with women Lawson? They are going to put you to the edge and then drop you like a fucking hot potato. I just have to speak with the little Marcy here. I am sure we can figure it out."

"I don't think you can figure it out while you have a gun in your hands." Lawson said his voice shaking.

"Lawson what's going on?", Josh asked. He was kneeling behind the drivers door watching as Lawsons gun dropped out of his hands. Shannon was by Lawsons side in a second.

"Lawson talk to me. Tell me what's going on." Shannon said while Lawsons body went limp and he crushed to the ground.

"Hey I thought we are going to talk a little Lawson. What's up? Don't you want to clear this situation or whatever you do?", Mr. Pigs shouts loudly.

"Lawson is down! We need ambo ASAP!", Shannon said panic in here voice.

"Hey you where talking about the thing with women. Maybe I can help you out with that. My name is Stella. So what's your point? What do you want to clear up with this gun in your hand?", Stella jumped in.