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Chapter 10 – Secrets of the past

"We are going in there now!" he commanded taking the position right in front of Shannon.
It all happened in seconds. Ben was secured without another shot fired, 10 hostages were gratefully escorted out of the diner.

"What about him?", Lawson asked as he walked out of the diner to the body on the street. "Shot in the head. I am sorry Senior Sergeant he is dead."

The drive to the station was completely quite. Nobody said a word. Shannon was studying Lawsons face from the backseat. It didn't took her long to recognise something that went gratefully missing over the last few weeks. The pressure of the job was back on Lawsons shoulders written all over his face.

"Lawson how could that damn stupid boy just kill this guy?", Kerry asked immediately as they got out of TR1.

"Well you tell me that! I haven't seen it coming. He was not angry or violent in all this ten hours before. He was a scared little boy in a situation he can't handle but I had never expected something like this to happen. It's my fault. I got Ben and the whole situation wrong. I'm going to write my report for internal Investigation." Lawson said while Shannon was following him closely.

"Let us go home. You are exhausted and in no state to write this report now."

"Stop babysitting me Shannon! I am fine!"

"No you are not. You are shaking, you are tired, exhausted and emotional."

"Sorry for being emotional because due to my failure a men was transported from the scene dead."

"It was not your fault Lawson! I didn't see it coming either, no one of us did."

"It's no excuse for what had happened. I am going to write my report now. You can go home I will grab a cab."

"I am in the break room."

"Go home Shannon I mean it! It will take hours."

"Fine then give me a call so I can pick you up." Lawson just nodded before walking away into his office.

Kerry had been standing in the hallway waving to Shannon to stop by.

"I will have a look on him and make sure that he will be home save." she said quietly. "Thanks Kerry."

"No worries."

As Lawson finished his report he could feel the exhaustion in every region of his body. His head was aching, as well as his back and his damn ribs. The doctor had told him that it was too early to go back on duty but cleared with the permission that Lawson would stay on light duty for a while. Now Lawson was asking himself why he had bagged the doctor to be cleared. Another day off would not have been to bad after what had happened today. On the other hand without him in the field Shannon would have been primary today. Hopefully he had saved her from this experience.

"You're done?" Kerry asked getting Lawson to face her. Without a word he handed his report to Kerry getting up from his chair slowly.

"I don't know why you are cleared for duty it's obvious that you are feeling like shit."

"Kerry just give me a break. I was on my couch 10 hours a day through the last six weeks so it's not that surprising that I am a little troubled after today isn't it?"

"Your decision Lawson. Come on get yourself ready I will give you a ride home."

"You don't have to…"

"I bloody know that Lawson. Come on now."

The ride to Shannon's house was quiet. As they arrived there was still light in the living room. "Stop bothering yourself Lawson and get some rest. Shift is starting in a few hours."

"Right. Thanks Kerry."

"You're welcome."

To Lawson it was no surprise to find Shannon peacefully asleep on the couch. It was a hard day for her as well.

Lawson got to the fridge silently just to find no beer or wine in it. Damn Shannon. She had put everything away. Lawson smiled a little shaking his head. She was always trying to save him from himself.

After having a long shower Lawson took a few pain killers just as Shannon walked into the bathroom.

"What was that about?", she asked with a concerned look on her face.
"Just pain killers."

"For what? You aren't supposed to take them by this time."

"I know Shan, don't worry."

"You know that I am not okay with you taking anything after your history." Lawson grabbed the bottle again handing it over to Shannon.

"You can trust me with this Shan."

"It was a damn hard day I am just afraid. We went through enough all those years ago." "That was 15 years ago."

"I do know that trust me but you can not mind that I am still worried about these things." "You are right I am sorry. I didn't mind to hurt you."

"I know. How much pain killers did you take today?"


"Oh no Lawson."

"I was in trouble due to the long shift. The vest and the whole standing were bothering me." "How many?"

"With the pills I just took?"

"Yes please."



"I am sorry. Take them okay? If I have trouble again I promise you to tell you."

Shannon nodded slowly walking towards Lawson gently putting her hands on each side of his face.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

"Can I help you with anything after this hell of a day?"

"A bottle of wine would be nice."

"Not after all this pain killers and not for drinking your sorrows away."

"Yes shrink Shannon!"

"Come on, let us sit down and talk for a while."

.to be continued!