Disclaimer: I don't own one piece nor its characters.

Warnings: light shonen ai. I meant to put some more in, but apparently my muse didn't want it.

Summary: In a small ship, secrets don't last very long... Very vague, implied Zosan.

Just a short Zosan drabble. I might add more if I get encouragement, so review people! And the next ones will be better. Seriously.


"So. They told you." The swordsman's voice was a fair shot at nonchalant, as was his casual posture, leaning against the railing.

"Yeah." In the cramped confines of the crow's nest, the other's voice sounded less controlled; more nervous. "And…do you?"

"I do."

Normally, Sanji would have made fun of the simple statement. Zoro sounded like he was getting married. But given the circumstances, it might not be a good idea to mention that last word.

There was silence. The swordsman remained motionless. The cook got up, moved slightly and quietly towards his companion, then stilled too. He didn't break the silence.

"The question is…" once again, any hesitation Zoro might have felt was absent in his voice, "what about you?"

Sanji smiled into the dark. He was still here, wasn't he? And he wasn't angry or awkward or being cruel about it. He leaned into Zoro, lay his weight onto the other man, so that his next words couldn't be misinterpreted.

"Do you even need to ask?"

And then there were no more words needed.