So I didn't think I'd write a 2nd story so quickly, but I'm having major Caskett withdrawals after the fabulous 'Cuffed' episode…I figure the only way to get these 2 out of my mind is to write my own fantasies where they're concerned, lol. (Review! They're like oxygen to a writer)

*Please be at least 18-years-old b4 reading this. Contains strong language, sexual fantasies, sexual content.*


He was not going to survive the night.

Kate Beckett stood before him in a chiffon, lavender cocktail dress that was barely 10 inches in length below her ass.

His eyes lowered to study her completely. Her ankles were adorned with the sexiest shoes he'd ever seen…4-inch-high, wood sandals, that had the same lavender-color material as her dress, which crisscrossed up above her ankles onto her lower calf, and ended in a bow. The wedding shoes only emphasized her legs even more… Her endless legs, his mouth watered, captivated him as they were wrapped in sheer-nylon, nude-color, pantyhose. He wanted to massage her calf, linger there at the sensitive part on the back of her knee, knead his fingers into her firm thighs, imprint his bold hands across her delicate skin.

His sky-blue eyes darkened as they traveled upwards to her fuller hips and narrow waist. The dress accentuating her curves perfectly. The top was a one-shoulder style with crafted rosette appliqué, with heart-shape bodice. The material shimmered and almost seemed translucent as it accentuated her breasts perfectly. . . revealing just the right amount of cleavage. He licked his lower lip.

His eyes were magnetically drawn to that bare left shoulder of hers…her skin glowing in the dull light. My God, she has beautiful skin. He couldn't see any freckles or blemishes, just snowy-white skin…It made his lips ache to finally sink into that creamy shoulder and taste it for the first time.

But it was her hair that drove him to distraction…he hated it when she wore it up…because the only thing he could think about was sneaking a peak at the delectable spot on the back of her neck, just below the hair-line. It drove him crazy thinking about that erotic spot on her…He wanted to take his thumb and memorize that exact spot on the nape of her neck. He wanted to know if she'd make a sound when his lips finally resided there… And after cataloguing her response to his warm, sucking lips, his hand would pull the clip firmly out of her hair and finally run them through the glorious tresses.

How am I going to stop thinking about that damn hair clip now? He thought distractedly.

Soft, thick tendrils fell out of the French twist and covered her model cheekbones, pronouncing her facial bone-structure even more…

Her ears were adorned with delicate, flower, diamond earrings. They were so - Kate - not pretentious, gaudy or flashy, just simply beautiful. For some odd reason, they made Castle want to lean into her and sniff them, wondering if he'd smell a hint of cherries as they were so close to her upswept hair.

I wonder if she'd let me get a closer look at those elegant earrings adorning her sexy lobes… He abruptly stopped himself from stepping closer to her.

Rick, get a grip, he spoke to himself. I'm in deep trouble if even her earrings are turning-me-on…

She was wearing darker make-up than usual, eyes smoky with gray eyeliner and an extra layer of black mascara. Her lips were lightly glossed with a dark-pink hue, looking like small, ripe strawberries, just begging to be eaten.

I wonder how she'd react if I took just one tiny, itty-bitty nibble of that gloss?

With the thought of him finally tasting those rosy lips, Rick felt the blood rush south. He turned slightly away from Kate, embarrassed by his body's reaction, hoping she didn't look down and notice his obvious arousal.

Jesus, you'd think I was a teenager again…what this woman does to me.

Kate Beckett was a beautiful woman, there was never any question of that… but tonight, she had never looked more stunning.

He sighed. This is going to be the longest night of my life.


Well, Kate grinned, the dress definitely had the effect I was going for…Castle couldn't take his eyes off her. I'll have to thank Lanie for forcing me to go shopping with her.

He was taking his own sweet time devouring her with his eyes…taking in every inch of her from the soles of the high-heeled shoes to the French twist, that she had spent a ridiculous amount of money on today at the hair salon.

Kate took the time to peruse Castle in his tailored Armani suit. The man looked mighty damn fine. He looked dashing with a faint air of superiority emanating from off him.

He certainly does wear money well, she thought briefly. The black suit was impeccably fitted over his lean legs and muscular frame. The Italian Forzieri dress shirt was a light-blue color, matching his eyes perfectly.

Does he know he's wearing my favorite color on him?

He wore a Salvatore Ferragamo silk tie in lavender which complimented her dress flawlessly.

She thought again how thoughtful (and just plain adorable) it was of him to ask Lanie what color of dress she'd be wearing. The man really did have style.

His hair was slightly disheveled in that boyish-way of his, but it was obvious that he'd done it that way on purpose…She suddenly had a desire to run her fingers through it and push it away from his left eyebrow.

Uh-oh, don't go there now, she thought absentmindedly.

But it was his jaw that had her eyes transfixed. She had to look closely to confirm…She was shocked by her discovery… It was covered in the barest hint of dark stubble. It was so bad-boy Castle. She gulped. She loved the feeling of new stubble scratching intimately across her skin.

God, why didn't he have a smooth face tonight, of all nights?

As his eyes darkened, though, she suddenly got that 'sinking feeling' inside her stomach, similar to when you're on a roller coaster going 50 mph and you suddenly drop over the 100-foot cliff. He was looking at her so intensely, so thoroughly, that she felt like she was prey and he the determined hunter …

He looks like he wants to feast on every aspect of my body… She flushed as that thought ran through her.

I knew that I'd be testing Castle's self-control with this dress, but I had no idea how his reaction would affect me. It's going to be a long night.


"You realize, Ms Beckett," he finally said in a throaty tone, "I'm going to be the envy of every man at the wedding this evening. You look," he paused briefly, "utterly gorgeous." He gave in to the temptation to step closer to her, grabbed her right hand in his and while bowing slightly, gently brought it to his lips. His eyes twinkled as he kissed her hand, letting his lips linger there longer than necessary.

Kate wasn't expecting the tingle that zipped up her arm as his lips touched her hand.

Of course, Castle would be a gentleman, she thought impishly. I'm looking forward to seeing more of his chivalrous side tonight … and maybe, she thought provocatively, while looking at his ruggedly-handsome face, I'll attempt to bring out the Casanova in him that he's so famous for…

"Why, thank you, Castle," she threw him a genuine smile. "I return the compliment. You look extremely handsome this evening." She turned away from him to grab her elegant, long, rose-wool coat, lying on the back of the couch. Her dress rose slightly as she bent over to retrieve it. Castle bit his lip as the cocktail dress pulled firmly over her tight ass. The urge to finally grab that delicious derriere and confirm that it would fit perfectly in his large hands was almost overwhelming.

Down, Rick-y boy. He repeated over and over again in his head.

"Here, let me help you with that." He took the coat from her and held it out behind her with the sleeves open so she could easily slip her arms into it. He mumbled something incoherent…Kate thought it might be along the lines of, 'Thank God, she's covering herself up now,' but she couldn't be sure.

"What did you say?" she asked teasingly, truly wondering if Castle was struggling that much to keep his libido in check…

"Nothing really. Just enjoying the view." He whispered breathlessly into her right ear, afterwards taking in a deep breath through his nose. Kate shivered.

I love it when he uses that bed-room voice of his... Wait, did he just smell my ear lobe?

"What the hell, Castle?" she asked with a hint of laughter in her voice…"Did you just smell my hair?"

He looked sheepish. "Guilty as charged, Detective…I just couldn't resist…You know I love the smell of cherries. They're my favorite fruit." He winked at her. There was something so sensuous, so sexy about the way his deep voice said, 'favorite fruit,' that Kate suddenly felt weak in the knees.

"Do you know when cherries became my favorite?" He asked while looking directly into her emerald eyes.

Kate shook her head, 'no'.

"The day we went into the Old Haunt together for the first time. You used a maraschino cherry to flirt salaciously with that young bartender…I'll never forget the way your lips closed over that red nub…" His voice petered out as he relived the memory.

"Castle!" she poked him in the chest.

He immediately put his wrists together and held them out in front of her. "I know, I know. I've been a bad boy, Detective. It was a bad thing to slyly try to get a whiff of your -" he paused for dramatic effect, looking her up and down once more, "fragrance," he continued. "You can handcuff me if you'd like…I'll gladly accept the punishment."

"Oh, that wouldn't be a punishment for you Rick," she said suggestively, loving the gleam in his eye as he realized she had just called him by his first name…"You'd enjoy it too much." She flicked his wrist. "But I'm happy to let Esposito have the honor of cuffing you, should you try to get frisky with me tonight." She grinned at his pouty expression.

Those lips of his are certainly one of his best assets.

Kate heard his deep sigh of relief as she finished buttoning up the full-length coat. She couldn't contain her outrageous smile, loving the giddy feeling of having such power over her partner.

We're definitely going to have some fun tonight, she thought devilishly, as she started planning in her head all the different things she could say and do to drive Castle completely C-R-A-Z-Y.