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Officer McMillan, who had bet on the half-hour time slot between 10:30 – 11 pm, laughed outrageously when she found out Rick and Kate headed up the elevator to the penthouse suite at 10:54 pm. She made Lanie's night by saying, "Even though the tabloids reflect Mr. Castle as some superhero in bed, I don't think that even in his horny state he could have completed the deed in 4 minutes. I'm happy to share the money with you, Lanie."

Lanie and Espo decided to splurge with some of the winnings and also booked themselves a penthouse suite. Yep, Lanie thought gleefully, tonight will go down in my books as gloriously memorable.


Kate was in the master bathroom of the suite, gazing at herself in the full length mirror. Her hair was messy, tangled. Her lips were swollen; her face flushed and raw in a few places from Castle's whiskers. Her foundation was non-existent, and her mascara smudged.

Well, she certainly looked like she'd just participated in a sex romp… She was practically glowing. She was happier than she'd ever been in her life, …all due to her arrogant, infuriating, ruggedly handsome, loveable, partner.

She was standing there perusing herself in a red, silky lingerie number that was extremely elegant and cost her a small fortune. At the dress shop, where she'd found her lavender cocktail dress for the wedding, she had seen the lingerie out of the corner of her eye, and it had beckoned to her…

She instinctively knew that Castle would love it on her… It would make his eyes practically pop-out-of-their sockets as it plunged almost down to her belly button. It barely covered her rear and came with what she liked to dub, 'slutty scanties', a lacy thong. She didn't even think when she bought it…Just grabbed her size off the rack and took it up to the counter with the cocktail dress. Lanie didn't even know she'd snuck it in with her purchases.

Now she was standing in front of a mirror, looking like a … wild seductress?

And all for a man who could have any woman he wanted… She thrilled at the knowledge that the only woman he ever wanted again was her.

Before tonight, it was always just sex for Kate. Her body had needs, and she needed a man to fulfill them. She wasn't the type who needed a marathon, fore-play event. She wasn't the type to fawn over sweet compliments during sex. She wasn't the type to cuddle. And she rarely slept next-to-a-man all night long…It was too intimate, too binding, and she couldn't allow a man to have that type of control over her.

For her, sex was about the act itself and not the emotion behind it. . .

Tonight, Castle had changed all that. With him, all that went out the window. With Rick, it wasn't just sex,…it was making-love.

For the first time in her life, Kate Beckett was truly, madly, deeply in love. All the love songs made sense. She wanted it to be forever with him; she wanted to sleep next to him all night long and wake up surrounded by his strong arms,… and it scared her shitless.

"Kate," Castle knocked softly on the bathroom door, "is everything alright? You've been in there for quite awhile now." He asked, slightly worried.

"Yes," she replied, "give me another moment. I'll be right out."

She took her fingers and brushed them through her hair, trying to tame some of the locks. She took a wet washcloth and rubbed beneath her eyes to clear away the smudged mascara. She took some gloss out of her clutch and lightly dabbed her lips.

Jesus, Dr. Burke would have a field day with this, she thought ironically as she took a deep breath and opened the bathroom door.

Castle was sitting on the king-size bed in only his boxer shorts.

"OHHH, MY GOD," Castle spluttered when he saw her. She was standing there in the classiest lingerie he'd ever seen on a woman, but at the same time, sexy-as-hell. It was fiery red, the same color as his Ferrari. She was obviously a little cold as her nipples were straining against the fabric, and she had put back on her feet those damn lavender heels. The hem of the lingerie swayed against her upper thighs, like calm waves swaying into the beach.

And she was walking towards him like a sexy siren on a mission.

"You had that in your clutch?" he asked mesmerized by her saunter.

"Yes," she said shyly, "I bought it just for you…"

He tentatively reached out to grab the silky material and run it through his fingers.

"It's the hottest surprise I've ever received." He said with a wink. "It's exactly what I would've picked out for you…You know me too well, Detective. . . You look like a Goddess."

The butterflies were jumping in her stomach again.

"Come here, Kate." He eyed her predatorily.

She walked the last couple of steps towards him and stood between his legs, placing her hands on his shoulders. Her breasts were at the perfect height with him sitting down on the bed…He leaned forward and reverently kissed the bullet scar that was peeking out from the daring neck line. Her nipples, standing proud, looked to Rick as if they were begging to be touched…He then took his full lips over the soft material of the lingerie and smothered her nipple in his mouth. His tongue licked and swirled around the nipple, his teeth grasping it through the cloth, pulling it to his heart's content.

It was a new sensation for Kate, . . .feeling the smooth, silky material glide across her nipple while his professional lips worked their magic. She sighed as the wet material heightened her sexual awareness even more. God, he is good.

Rick then moved to her other breast, lavishing it with the same attention… He reached behind to cup her ass and to her delight, he growled, "Are you only wearing a skimpy thong?" His fingers moved assuredly to the center of her butt, to check out his theory, and his member immediately jumped at the realization that she was only wearing a thin piece of material; … one which could easily be maneuvered for premier access…

"Fuck Kate, what you do to me," He said leeringly.

"Lie back, Castle," she shoved his bare chest with both hands. "It's time for me to take control and drive your machine," she teased with a wicked glint in her eye.

Grinning like a Cheshire cat, Rick lay back on the edge of the bed with his lower legs still hanging off the bedspread. "Remind me to never complain again about you always having to drive ..."


The next morning hinted at a beautiful, slightly-sunny, cold winter day in New York. Kate woke up to Castle sprinkling kisses over her shoulder blade.

She stretched, feeling deliciously sore this morning after Castle's intense ministrations last night.

"Would you be willing to fulfill one of my fantasies this morning, Ms Beckett?" Rick asked in a drawl, while snuggled up to her enticing backside.

"Ummm, with that imagination of yours? . . .I don't know Writer-Monkey. You might be a little bit too . . .zealous for me." She elbowed him playfully.

"Zealous, huh? I think I would classify my fantasies along the lines of," he paused as if deep in thought, "fascinating, intriguing, engaging, with just a hint of risqué thrown in there," his voice petered out…"Who am I kidding? With you …risqué …anytime, anywhere, any position is a fantasy of mine." He chuckled, burying his head in her hair and kissing her scalp.

"How about we try one of my fantasies for round 3?" She looked over her shoulder at him seductively…

He gulped. "One of your fantasies?. . .You mean, you've been thinking about me in the nude doing absolutely naughty things to your body?"

"Well, let's just say, that ever since I heard about you being arrested for riding a horse in Central Park, in nothing but your birthday suit, I might add…I haven't been able to get that image out of my mind." She turned slowly to face him, loving the feeling of sexual power she had over him.

"Really?" he squeaked, surprised and excited at the same time that the woman he had been lusting-over for the last 4 years, actually had been doing some lusting-of-her-own. "I think it might be difficult at this time of day to find a horse …" Rick stopped talking as Kate took her leg and entwined it with his, placing soft kisses along his jaw line.

"You, stark naked, riding a horse, is very," she licked her lips, "appealing."

She continued in a sultry tone. "I could strap on my thigh holster."

Rick started grinning. "Uh, huh."

She kissed the side of his mouth. "Wear only skimpy, lacy, black lingerie…"

Rick started drooling.

"Climb on the horse in front of you…" She took her tongue and licked his full upper lip.

"Oh, yeees," he said throatily, agreeing whole-heartedly, feeling the blood rushing south.

"And let you touch me . . . in a thoroughly inappropriate, improper manner."

"That can definitely be arranged," he purred suggestively, his eyes alight with desire. He took her tongue in his mouth and grappled with it.

"Or," Kate pulled away from his enticing lips, continuing breathlessly, "since the horse isn't present," she whispered into his ear, "you could always just…ride me from behind," and her hand plummeted downwards to grab a hold of his -.

Sweet Jesus, she just might be the death of me.

Author's Note:

I'm not always going to write the juicy details of a sex scene…Imagination can often times be even more sensual than reading the words…

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