As a young man sat at the edge of cliff with both legs hanging over the ledge. While looking out to the rising sun that slowly stated to light the sky with a light orange color mixed with pink with a red line going between the two. Looking at this brought pain to his heart but happiness at the same time, when he comes to this place he cannot help but think back to a time when he brought her to this place every night before he would walk her home. The time that they spent here where the best moments of his life with her, he even remembers the first time they kissed. He was so nervures that he almost missed at first she thought it was cute on how he was so nerves. Therefore, she kissed him this time he was not scared or anything he just kissed her back.

People say that they belonged together but, there were a few people that did not want then together and that person was her parents. They believed that she disserved better and not some kid that would not be any good for her. They tried everything to keep them apart but nothing worked. But she never cared about what her parents thought of him ever since she was younger they told her to stay away from him but she didn't. She and he became friends fast. Nevertheless, they had to hide it from them and over time as they grew so did there relation ship.