Chapter 4 remake

As she ran into her room she quickly shut and locked her door, then she just slumped against her door slowly sliding down till she reached the floor. She just sat there crying as she brought her knees to her chest holding them with her arms, she cried before but nothing like this she cried harder than the other times her mother told her to say away from him. Every time she heard those words she would just argue with her about how she doesn't know what she wants or what's best for her. But every time she tries to get her mom to understand Naruto and what he has been through she just insults him or tell her that he's no good for her. The more she thought of it the more she cried, then it hit her she remembered that she left her present that Naruto gave her down stairs. She knew that her mother had probably thrown it away or worse. Thinking of that just made her cry even harder because she was sure that those where the only pictures that he had of them together.

It didn't take long till she cried herself to sleep; she was just lying on her bed curled up into a ball with her hand close to her neck. Outside of her bedroom window stood a figure he just looked up at her window with nothing but sadness. He couldn't help but think that he was the cause of all of this; he knows that her partners don't like him for what reasons he doesn't know. The only thing he has ever done was look out for their daughter it's not like he tried anything with her, sure he has thought about it a few times but he wouldn't do anything unless she wanted to. It's on his list of rules he has made up most of them he got from watching the old pervert that use to live with him. He thought about going up to her room to check on her but he didn't want to risk the chance of getting caught by her parents no matter what time it was. He started to walk away but after he took a few steps he paused he reached into his pocket as he did he looked up to her window.

Next thing he knew he was in her room when he looked at her the sight was enough to bring tears to him. She was lying there still curled up into a ball he could tell that she must have been crying because of the dried up tears on her face. he wanted to lay down next to her and just hold her tight to him so he could take all the pain she was feeling away from her.

"Please. Don't leave me Naruto" he heard her say in her sleep, when he heard her say that he couldn't help but smile and lean down to her ear.

"I'm not going anywhere Sakura… want to know why?" he whispered to her. She turned over in her sleep facing him still asleep.

"Why?" she said softly. He smiled at her as he went closer to her face just a few inches from touching her lip.

"It's because I love you Sakura-Chan" he said as he kissed her lips quickly trying not to wake her.

"I love you too Naruto if you only knew just how much" she said. With that he got up and placed a note right next to her. Then he went out the window just when he jumped out the window her bedroom door opened and the person who looked into her room was no one other than her father. He heard everything that they said to each other even if Sakura talked in her sleep. At first he was angry and just wanted to burst into the room and kick his ass out the widow but he couldn't he didn't know why he just couldn't. When he heard her say that back to him even though she was asleep he could tell that her voice had meaning to it when she said it. He just looked at his sleeping daughter when he saw the note that was next to her head. He couldn't help but walk over and read it being the nosy one he was he couldn't help it. As he read the note he couldn't help but smirk at it but when he got to the end of it he had a change of feeling it was small but he felt it. When he was done reading the letter he folded it back up and put it back and walked out of the room. As he walked out the room and closed the door he couldn't help but think how Sakura will like the letter when she wakes up. He know she will be hurt and the only one she will blame is them.

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