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TK: Who's the guy that you and I just love to adore?

Naruto: Who's got looks and brains and brawn and talent galore?

Sora: And every time he takes a bow they're screaming for more

All: Mortimer, Mortimer, Mortimer Mouse!

Naruto: Oh brother! Who wrote these lyrics?

Sora: I'll give ya three guesses

Odd: Who is smart, successful, brilliant, handsome and tall?

Micro-ice: Style, grace, gorgeous face, who has it all?

Wilbur: Who's a blend of John and George and Ringo and Paul?

All: Mortimer, Mortimer, Mortimer Mouse!

Audience: Boooooo!

TK: Uh-Oh this isn't working!

Koda: We'll handle this (turns human)

Koda: He can play Othello, Have the Ear and Macbeth

His talent knocks the critics dead!

Ma-Ti: So did his breath

Neil: And what a face! Why Frankenstein got scared half to death!

All: When he saw Mortimer, Mortimer, Mortimer Mouse!

Audience: (Cheering)

TK: It's working!

Daxter: I wanna see him on a stage

Zoom: If we're leaving at noon

Sokka: His popularities huge

Brett: Unlike his IQ

Will: He never lies, cheats or steals

Verne: Unless nobody knows

Ben: His talent has no ends

Rex: Just like his nose!

Otto: Who's the best above the rest, a genius and whiz?

Andy: Who's got the club without a doubt's the best in the biz?

Sora & Naruto: Who's the guy who's perfect 'cause he says that he is?

All: Mortimer, Mortimer Mouse!

Odd, Micro-ice & Wilbur: Let's give him a hand, a tip of the hat!

Let's give him a cheer, a hardy congrat!

Tintin: Is he a mouse or just big giant rat?

All: He's Mortimer Mouse!

TK: He brings down the house!

Tintin: Who cares that he's Obnoxious and a jerk and a louse!


Tintin: We're speaking of the man he loves.

The characters I used are:

TK from Digimon adventures 01

Naruto from Naruto

Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Odd from Code Lyoko

Micro-ice from Galactik Football

Wilbur from Meet the Robinsons

Koda from Brother Bear

Ma-Ti from Captain Planet

Neil from Class of the Titans

Daxter (Human) from Jak and Daxter

Zoom from Hot Wheels Battle Force 5

Sokka from Avatar the last Airbender

Will from NIGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Verne from UBOS/Ultimate Book of Spells

Brett from Team Galaxy

Ben from Ben 10 Alien Force/Ultimate Alien

Rex from Generator Rex

Otto from H.I.V.E

Andy from Toy Story (Toy Story 3 form)

Tintin from The adventures of Tintin