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And a little recap:

Ciel fooled around for a day and Sebastian being his lover was not happy at all. The day was over and sebastian kind of got pissed and decided to 'punish' Ciel. However the Phantomhive refused to and threatened Sebastian that he would send a love message to Grell and he did it accidentally when Sebastian wanted to claim his phone back.

So this is the continuation...


The next day, Sebastian went to work with extra precaution. The night before Sebastian was really pissed and what did Ciel do. He fucking laughed his ass off, he laughed! He even accused him for being a pervert when in fact he was not. Is it wrong to touch your lover? No.

And after all who was suffering the day before, it was Sebastian. Ciel would pay dearly for this, maybe Sebastian would tie his hands and fuck him hard like there would be no tomorrow. The dirty scene played in Sebastian's mind, Ciel moaning and the sexual frustration. It was really arousing but Sebastian's thought must stop there when a certain red haired guy popped out of nowhere from the lift making Sebastian jump a little as he quickly ran to hide in the bathroom.

"Oh my God," Sebastian said as he closed the door shut and looked at his watch. To his horror he heard Grell going inside the toilet, and realized that he went into the wrong toilet. He went to the girl's toilet, yes, girl's toilet!

"Fuuuuuuccckkk," Sebastian yelled in frustration mentally, why on earth would he enter the girl's toilet. a complete nightmare, it was not funny at all for Sebastian.

Out of all sudden, Sebastian could heard Grell's voice, "Oh my, I can't wait to see my Sebby, I'll have to put on my lipstick." The words that came out from Grell's lips made Sebastian shiver, the mental image of Grell kissing him with lipstick on was too much and was really sickening. Sebastian didn't hate Grell, in fact they were good friends for eternity but the red haired loved to take opportunities to 'attack' or assault Sebastian sexually whenever he could.

Sebastian's phone buzzed making Sebastian jump a little once again, he took his phone out and it was Grell calling. The raven mouthed the word 'fuck' several times hoping Grell would close his phone. A moment after that, Sebastian's phone stop buzzing but then his phone rang. Yes, whenever Ciel would call, his phone would ring.

"Oh God," the raven said when he fumbled on his phone and pressed the reject button. "Forgive me Ciel."

30 minutes had past since the toilet incident and Sebastian found himself safe from getting caught going inside the girl's toilet. As he sat on his chair the door swung open revealing Grell.

"Sebby, let me give you a big wet kiss!" the red haired man/woman said as he hugged Sebastian and tried to kiss the raven.

"No, Grell, get off from me," Sebastian demanded trying to push his colleague away from him.

"You're so mean to me, I thought you promised me already," Grell pouted as he fumbled on his phone to show the message.

"That was a mistake, now get back to your work," Sebastian replied earning a whine from Grell.

"You're not a real man, a real man keeps his promise," Grell said as he crossed his arms on his chest. Sebastian was really pissed, he still had piles of work to do, and later in the afternoon he need to attend a meeting with the executives.

"Fine, I'll treat you for dinner tonight," Sebastian replied with a sigh.

"Really," Grell beamed with happiness, "Okay, tonight at 6, the bar just down the street."

"Yeah, whatever," Sebastian said as he went out of the room to speak with the secretary.

It would indeed be a hectic day for Sebastian, he just couldn't wait to reach home and ask for his payment.

That night, Sebastian had his dinner with Grel, well, at least the male/female didn't ask for anything funny. On his way home, Sebastian's phone rang and it was Ciel calling him.

"Hello," Sebastian said.

"Sebastian, where the fuck are you, I called you today and you just ignore me, how dare you!" Ciel yelled from the other end making a vein popped in Sebastian's forehead.

"Ciel, watch your mouth, I had a pretty fucked up day," Sebastian replied with a growl. Indeed, it was not the best day, Sebastian had a lot of works to do. Then he had lunch with his clients and they were females. He hated it when woman would flirt on him, he was taken already and whenever he would try to reject them softly he would end up getting slap or those woman would end up crying. It felt like everything Sebastian did was wrong, he had Ciel already and at the same time, he didn't want to offend or hurt anyone. His meeting then went really, really bad. Everything was so bad that Sebastian nearly yelled at the office boy who did nothing wrong but was delivering a cup of coffee for Sebastian. Poor guy.

"I don't care, now get your ass here as quick as possible, it's almost 10 you know," Ciel grumbled as he closed the phone.

Well, that was Ciel for you. He was a spoiled brat though that possessive side of Ciel at east made Sebastian smirk.

"We'll see later Ciel," Sebastian said with a smirk as he pressed on the gas pedal. The bottom line is never test Sebastian's patience. Yesterday was more than enough already.

Sebastian entered their apartment when he found a sleeping Ciel on the couch, and it was really tempting. If he could, he would just pounce on Ciel and fucked the day out of Ciel. But it would be too risky, he knew that Ciel wasn't the rough type.

The raven carried the younger male back to their room as he proceed on changing his clothe and went to bed. However the male couldn't sleep, well he couldn't sleep because he was in the mood. He could feel something twitched and it was frustrating, to be exact the sexual frustration was really annoying. He could just basically 'rape' Ciel or took matters to his own hands but then Ciel needed his punishment for making Sebastian in a lot of trouble.

'Damn," Sebastian muttered as he could feel his arousal growing more and more. The thought of fucking the blue eyed male was really arousing.

Ciel on the other hand was not really asleep, well the moment Sebastian carried him to their room he was awake already but remained asleep for he knew what was going to happen to him if he opened his eyes.

He knew that Sebastian was sexually frustrated and that he knew that the raven would be more than happy to take the boy. However Ciel didn't like the idea of him having sex with Sebastian when he wasn't in the mood.

'It's not like I'm being mean to him, but no matter what it I am not in the mood 'it' will not wake up'

That's right, Ciel's ding-a-ling would never 'rise' if he was not in the mood. So it would be bad for the two of them.

However tonight, the younger male would love to push the limit mire than usual. Faking a groan which sounded really real, Ciel flipped his body to the side and purposely had his palm on Sebastian's crotch. Sebastian swore that his heart nearly stop beating, the situation he was in was really bad. The urge to just fuck Ciel was really strong but Ciel was sleeping.

"Oh fuck," Sebastian hissed as moved Ciel's hand slowly from his crotch.

Ciel remained in the same position but his heart was beating really fast. He couldn't believe that Sebastian was really that hard. Ciel tried to remain calm but couldn't as he could feel himself sweating.

It was almost midnight when Sebastian had been battling his sexual frustration for around an hour. It was an ultimate record for Sebastian. He could just watch some porn or imagine some dirty images and jack off. But he couldn't, everything he tried to calm down, the image of an flustered Ciel screaming in pleasure was more than enough to make the raven lose his composure totally.

To hell the consequence, he needed Ciel so much. He would deal with an angry Ciel the next morning.

Slowly, Sebastian rose up and climbed on top of Ciel, as slowly as he could although his cock couldn't wait anymore and if it could speak it would scream its lungs out already.

Ciel cold feel Sebastian going on top of him and started to panic.

"Ciel," the name escaped Sebastian's lips and Ciel opened his eyes and looked at those crimson eyes.

"Ye-yes," Ciel replied as he found himself in a really difficult position.

Sebastian smirked as he saw the panic in Ciel's face but he couldn't care less. It would be an awesome night.

"Brace yourself Ciel, I'm going to punish you for what you did yesterday," Sebastian said as he straddled Ciel and whispered in Ciel's ear.

"I'm going to fuck you right here, right now, hard and rough."

Ciel's cheek flushed into dark crimson as he gulped, he couldn't escape when he had himself trapped under Sebastian who was way stronger than Ciel.

Within a minute, both were left nothing but their own naked body. The only difference was in the lower region, one was standing up pride while the other one was still 'sleeping' unaroused.

"You're really beautiful you know that," Sebastian said as he started to kiss Ciel passionately.

The blue eyed boy kissed back, this time he was worked up and started to pant.

Touching all the hot spot of Ciel's, Sebastian managed to have Ciel panting under him and it aroused Sebastian even more. Licking the hard nub, Sebastian made his way down to Ciel's lower region and started to stroke the hard shaft making Ciel writhe in ecstasy.

"Sebastian," Ciel whimpered as he could feel himself reaching his climax.

"Not yet," Sebastian replied as he lowered his head down and started to give Ciel a blow job. It was mind-blowing which almost made Ciel cum until Sebastian stopped his foreplay and inserted his first finger into Ciel's entrance.

"Hah," Ciel panted as his cheeks were really flushed and his hands were clutching on the sheet.

After the third finger, Sebastian found his spot and hit that spot continuously making Ciel scream in pleasure.

"Ju-just get on with it," Ciel said, he just wanted to get this over with. He needed more and was craving more.

"As you wish, brace yourself," SebastiaAn said as he prepared himself by applying lube on his hard cock.

Sebastian did what he really want to do, he directly entered Ciel and pounded on him instantly giving the younger male no time to adjust himself. Although it was rough, Ciel found himself enjoying it. Sebastian was always gentle but this time it was hard which was really sexy for Ciel although he would never say it to Sebastian.

"More," Ciel panted as he clutched on the sheet tighter making his knuckled turned to white.

The raven thrust onto his lover harder making his climax nearer and nearer. Out of all sudden, Ciel screamed in pleasure and shot his cum all over his stomach and Sebastian's torso. Sebastian grunted and came too, filling in his lover as he rode out of his orgasm. Sebastian lowered himself and kissed Ciel softly. Both were really tired yet they enjoyed it.

As Sebastian was holding Ciel, the raven stroked Ciel's hair. Both were enjoying each others' company.

"By the way Ciel, we're doing the same thing tomorrow, but I think that I'll have you tied up," Sebastian said as he held out a soft chuckle.

"What, you must be kidding me, hell no, I'll be sore!" Ciel retorted back as he gave Sebastian a half-hearted slap.

"But for me,you won't do it?" Sebastian asked feigning a hurt look.

"No!" Ciel replied as he turned his body around, feeling the pain in his lower back building up.

Sebastian let out a sigh as he closed his eyes, he was really tired and probably he would take a day off tomorrow.

As Sebastian was about to completely fall asleep, he felt Ciel laid his head on Sebastian's chest.

"Don't get mad," Ciel said in a soft voice.

Sebastian was surprised but managed to give Ciel a small smile, "Why would I be made at you?"

Ciel shrugged, " I thought you were."

Snuggling closer to his lover, Ciel whispered, "I love you Sebastian."

A small smile crept on to Ciel's face as he heard his lover replied, "I love you too, my precious love."

It might sound corny but for Ciel it was really romantic. Whatever it is Ciel didn't care, all he cared about at the moment was to sleep and face all shits tomorrow, he didn't give a damn about it.

Like what the hell.


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