The Hunter: Book One


Warning: Please be advised that 'The Hunter' is going to explore some very edgy material in time (although it is a ways off), or as some would say dark, during the course of the story. Dark enough that we are going to leave 'black' behind somewhere in this cave that is the idea for the concept. This is about what happens when two people try to help others but step on the toes of groups of people who fight them tooth and nail to have their own way. It's about betrayal by ones closest and survival against all odds and the support that helps them from the most unusual places. There will be injuries and death of characters (some of them good guys too) before this done and put away. But there will be an underlying goodness throughout and hopefully by the end it will turn out for the better for those who matter most, though not for all. This tale will begin rated as 'T' and later it will move up when we get to the more adult parts of the tale. Though I am finishing chapter 47 and it will be a while yet before 'The Hunter' finally steps over the line into 'M' rated matierial. Therefore I have decided that the rating will drop after the ten to fifteen chapters that are 'M'. This is the cause for book two.

It will include some adult themes so please bear with me that is if you decide to follow this because there will be places where it will become quite nasty to explore everything that I want to. Please note that Eckles has offered to help when he can. And of course CajunBear73 will beta as his time allows, but be assured that this tale is my idea so don't harsh on them. They may help in places, but I am responsible for the idea and ultimately what and how it gets posted. While they deserve praise for helping, I should be the one catching any and all flames, not them. Also please note that since this is going to take a while to tell this tale it might be a while between updates so that I can calm myself down. Some authors are able to step back and tell the story and make it interesting, I do not have that ability. I have to immerse myself inside the tale and agonize through the story through it just as the characters do.

Yes this is an AU, but if you think about it, it may be not as far out an AU as you watch it unfold. The bumbling Disney Villains are not going to be so bumbling in this tale; as a matter of fact one group will be quite nasty, ruthless and efficient. The heroes will do their best under circumstances that are more real worldly and hopefully you will give them some leeway as their worlds fall apart and they grasp for anything that will keep them sane and allow them to continue with life. There are times that our heroes will want to curl up and die, but something will keep them going for they are heroes, not quitters.

Since this will be so dark eventually I do NOT lightly recommend this as a read and I completely understand if no one does ( though I have lightened it up some). I don't know how long it's going to go either, but I can tell you that the whole story spans from the aftermath of StD to a time much later, maybe ten or twelve years down the road. The main characters will change; but will it be for the better? You'll have to judge that for yourselves. Though I am an avid Kim and Ron supporter I cannot say that this will end that way. Is there going to be a happy ending? I just don't know, I know what the ending is, but I just don't know if you will consider it a happy one.

On one note; I am not a Joshua Mankey hater. What happened to him in the 'OA' ARC I didn't really plan on that early on and it just sort of evolved and though I will play him again later in another story a little bit, I promise not to do what I did to him in the other ARC again. So Mr. Artist you have your shot of at least of being a minor hero in this tale DO NOT SCREW IT UP or I will make your character in the next tale truly wretched. But I make no such promises for what I end up doing to Dr. Hall.

On another note as many of you have noted 'Metatron' isn't quite what I usually write and should have left some of you scratching your heads. I am not going to focus on spiritual things but... anyway I know what I believe and you should know what you believe. I will not try to force you to become something that you are not. But be aware that God and the Archangels (as well as other spirits) are in the background. They will show once in a while, but not very often.

Now I know you are sick and tired of me yacking, so let's get to it!


The Hunter: Book One

(Post StD and Summer Vacation)

Chapter 1

The red headed teens listened as her mission partner, best friend forever and lately love of her life, Ron Stoppable came to the end of the conversation he was having with her. He had completed his thoughts to her from his place beside her on the sofa when the call came on Ron's cell phone. Halfway through the call he surprised Kim when, with a trembling hand of his own, grabbed her free hand, and raised it to his lips to kiss the back of her small yet strong hand.

As he touched her he also brushed the stainless steel necklace that she wore. It contained the image of her boyfriend and a lock of his sandy hair inside. He too, wore a necklace around his neck that had her image and a couple of strands of her hair inside. An old friend who they had helped on a mission gave both the durable pieces of jewelry to them as a way of saying thanks when he heard they were dating.

"Ron..." Kim stopped as she saw him frown and shake his head while listening to the person on the other end of the call.

"Yes Sensei I understand, it's just that KP and I just started dating. We are trying to put something together and I wanted to spend some time with her this summer.", the blond told the old Japanese man while he gazed at his best friend, now girlfriend, who looked at him with narrowing eyes. Somehow she kept her peace when he took her hand and lightly kissed the back of it. Ron just hoped that he would survive the aftermath of the rage that he could see building, "Sir I just thought of something, wouldn't it be cool if KP joined me?"

"Stoppable-san it is most important that you have no distractions as you resume your studies so that you have more control over the Mystical Monkey Power. You should plan for six weeks to two months of intensive training. You need not bring more than a toothbrush for your stay this time. In the long run it would be very wise for you to be on the flight we have reserved for you as it will make you better at having Kim Possible's back.", the wizened ninja master informed him brooking no argument with his student.

And in a more conciliatory tone, "And though I am grateful for her assistance in rescuing me earlier, I do not think that Yamanouchi has anything to offer her to advance her skills at this point in her life. You, however have much to accomplish. Not only that but you will be away from the regular campus for part of your training and for the rest you will not see much of her if Miss Possible did accompany you."

"Yes Sir I know that since Mom and Dad already gave their approval. Sigh "Yes Sir I'll be on the plane on Friday.", Ron replied. In his head he wondered, 'Where's Sensei going to have me training?'

Thinking further Ron asked, "Sensei will I be able to call KP to talk once in a while? I mean she did have Wade make up this swell Kimmunicator for me and I'd like to try it."

"I think we can set that up, please have Mr. Load call us with Miss Possible's schedule for her upcoming camp and we will make sure that you two have some time to talk.", the older man responded, quite aware that Ron Stoppable was going to be very busy.

"Thank you Sensei, I'll have Wade do that.", Ron now had a small smile knowing that he had just received something that few students get.

"There will be time for you to be with your one and only when you return from Yamanouchi later this summer. Use the motivation of seeing her again to make you work harder during your time of separation. I will see you soon.", Sensei hung up the phone.

Ron looked at the dead receiver mostly numb from the conversation, "Darn it. I can't believe that Mom and Dad agreed to this and found another way to pull their 'this is our way of telling you' shtick by letting Sensei break the news to me. I mean not even a full week's notice and now they're going to be gone till a week before I get back."

"Honey why do you have to go back?", the red head asked knowing that her summer was trashed as well.

"KP I'm not sure, but Sensei told me it was important.", Ron groused, 'For your safety...but I can't tell you that.'

"What about us? I wanna spend time with you.", she whined. Then frowning darkly, "And what about that Yori girl? I think she has a crush on you.", Kim fretted.

"I mean I finally have a boyfriend over the summer and blip, he's gone...for almost the whole summer. Talk about 'Agony County'; Danny and Charity have nothing on us.", Kim groused.

"Yeah I know maybe I can take you shopping at the mall at least to partly make up for it.", Ron suggested, absently caressing the back of her hand with his thumb in hopes of calming her down. He could relate with the sitch from his point of view, and hoped she wasn't going to dump him over this bump in the road.

"And as for Yori, she likes me I guess, but I really think she's in love with someone else.", Ron said to a relieved Kim (Ron had covertly been trading emails with the exotic shinobi and knew that she was already engaged to be married).

"Maybe you can go with me, if we go shopping but I doubt your scooter is going to be able to carry much more than the two of us.", Kim kidded poking him in the ribs, finally feeling good about the 'Yori' question that had been at the back of her mind, "And considering what that two wheeled calamity went through last month it's a wonder that it runs at all."

"Yeah I know, I know, sometimes I wish I hadn't gotten all that money stolen by Drakken. If he had just let me have enough to buy a good secondhand car our lives would be a lot better.". Ron Stoppable mused, "Come on let me make you breakfast as a way of saying thanks for sitting with me while Sensei called."

"Sure thing Ro...honey.", Kim replied correcting herself and getting Ron used to her pet names for him; a subtle way to endear him to her and keep his mind on her and only her while in Japan.

'Anyway Mom and Dad signed me up for that month long cheer camp, I'll be able to develop some 'new' moves to show him when he gets back, so maybe it won't be so bad.', as she began working out advantages to him being away for a couple months, 'Then after I show him what I can do no other girl is going to be able to get his attention let alone keep it.'

The red headed teen heroine sat down and watched while her best friend now boyfriend as he worked in the kitchen. Kim felt something climbing up her leg and knew instinctively who it was. "Come on Ruffie, come sit in my lap while Naco boy makes us breakfast.", she told the pink mole rat who did just that.

"Anyway.", Ron began, "Did Bon-Bon ever get over her meltdown at the Prom? I guess it sort of freaked her out some, what her supposedly 'the last word' on whom we can date and who we can't.", he air-quoted.

"Well honey good news and bad news.", she saw him cringe then continued, "Bad news is that Bonnie called in some favors with the girls and they have voted you off the cheer squad, so you've probably made her an enemy for life in dating me..."

His face darkening, "Damn…that bitch!….", chagrinned, "Uh sorry about my French." Then shrugging, "Oh well end of an era, maybe I can go out for a fall sport or something to keep me occupied.", he smiled, "Anyway what's she going to do, kill me?"

"The good news.", Kim smiled ignoring the last comment and knowing that her man didn't really give much thought to what the teal eyed brunette said or did, "Is that you won't have to deal with her or her little posse again."

"Sure I understand, so I'm off the squad for dating above my class, or if we were in India, caste. Always knew that being from the other side of the tracks in Bonnie's mind would cause me no end of grief."

Then the blond began to chuckle, "Do you know how this would look if the ACLU got hold of it. The whole School Board would be on the national news. That would be like turning over the rock and seeing what kind of vermin was underneath. Sometimes just when you wish there was an investigative reporter lurking..."

"Sigh, yeah I guess...but remember Bonnie didn't start the food chain..."

"No her sisters did so they could be the popular girls and lord it over everyone else. Man I just can't believe how it works. Oh well, now that I am not on the squad I won't have to do anything with her from now on.", Ron's grin was becoming massive.

"What?", Ron asked seeing Kim's look at him.

"You're thinking of something aren't you?", she asked with a smirk.

Snort "How about I try out for football or something? Don't give me that look; we both know I'm fast enough.", he retorted to her incredulous stare.

"So...", Ron continues, " How's this sound: Brick's going off to college, leaving Bonnie with no one on the Football Team who would give her more than a one-night-stand, so she can't lord her dating the star over anyone. Besides I doubt she'll be able to reconnect with Brick while he's at College. She wouldn't have a chance against a College Cheerleader, she's too lazy and those girls would eat her for breakfast.", Ron said smirking to his girlfriend, whose smile was starting to grow.

"Then with Brick out of the way and moving up the College Food Chain, Bonnie's place in our Food Chain would be threatened because she'd no longer be able to swoop in on the remaining stars of the team. They're either already dating someone or, after having watched the way she treated Brick all those years he was on the team, wouldn't give Bonnie the time of day when it comes to dating her." By now, Ron's eyebrows were wiggling comically at his girlfriend.

Who picked up on his train of thought, "And if you become a star, Bonnie's going to have a meltdown about that in front of the whole school.", Kim snorted just like Ron did a moment before, "You are evil."

"Hey I've had some good teachers and a little experience on my own. Almost got the world's supply of Nacos didn't I?", he chuckled then frowned as he flipped the eggs he was frying, "You know KP someone has always been playing us, and somehow I have a bad feeling about all of this."

"Honey, are you alright?"

"Yeah, just felt like someone walked over my grave that's all.", he replied now suddenly somewhat subdued.

"Are you alright Ronnie?"

"Yeah, yeah, it's alright now. Come on let's eat up, the eggs and bacon are ready.", he smiled brushing aside her concerns.


"You know KP we might want to go to the lake today, so maybe we can get you a new swimsuit at Club Banana? Something that would melt your Dad's brain.", Ron suggested as he picked up hers and the mole rat's plates and put them into the sink.

"OK Ronnie, I could get one that would knock your socks off.", the red headed teen teased since she had her arms around his neck and had been nibbling on his ear, "And I'll wear it only for you."


"Promise.", Kim replied and having stopped for the red light leaned over and kissed her boyfriend on the lips to punctuate the promise.

Huskily she whispers in his ear, "Wonnie lets go into Club Banana, then we can go to the lake."

The young blond gulped and replied almost melting down into a puddle of goo on the spot, "Sure KP anything you want."

"We'll see about what I want.", she teased as the light turned green and she drove through the intersection.


"Well Bonnie, you loser, you sure made a mess out of the food chain. Lonnie and I spent years putting it together so that you could just let it flitter away.", Connie Rockwaller ranted after she slammed open Bonnie's bedroom door and threw a shoe at her.

Catching the tennis shoe and tossed it back in the direction it had come from, the teal eyed girl hissed, "Oh shut up, what does it matter to you? What could I do about Possible and Stoppable coming to the prom together like that? It was a total surprise to me and everyone else."

"You're dumb sister, that food chain was Lonnie's and my legacy. You could have pulled the plug on the music and told them that it wouldn't play again until they left. The rest of the students would have made them leave so that they could have their precious dance.", Connie enlightened her, not understanding that for most what happens in high school ultimately ends up staying there.

"With Mr. Barkin standing there? Sure like I could have done that with him present, that would have gone over real good. Besides him not expecting that Possible and Stoppable would be entering the gym together, there is no way that stuffed shirt of a school administrator would have let me do that. I would be in detention until you turned sixty.", Bonnie growled.

"Cheerleaders don't get detention Bonnie..." 'And what you don't know about Stevie the better it will be for you.', the older sister thought.

"Possible is a cheerleader and she's been in the lifetime losers club. For that matter so has Liz for being late to class because she had twisted her ankle, that Barkin was so unforgiving about, so don't think that he wouldn't have me sitting with Big Mike and Vinnie too. Barkin just doesn't care and I highly doubt if anyone in this town has enough money to buy him.", the teal eyed sister explained having no idea what Connie really knew about the man.

"Well everything that your sister and I built up for you is so close to being screwed up forever. I swear you're a bigger loser than Possible's goofy sidekick is...Just because you let that loser date Possible", the older Rockwaller sister taunted as she turned and stomped back out of the room.

'Dammit to hell. Maybe I'll talk to Tara. She's always got good insight into what will work even if she is a little naive about how things have to work out.', Bonnie mused as she finished getting dressed while wondering what her friend was doing with the artist.


At a small chateau in France:

The dark haired young man watched the news footage again that he had taped, 'Hummm maybe we can turn this to our advantage. I think we should spend some time researching this.' He smiled then dialed the phone, (Yes Otto, I have something for you to look at. Maybe we can get a job out of this and make some serious cash... So notify the others that we need to put the team back together...I intend to have the meeting in one week at my estate.)

Smiling to himself he began to download information off the web site. 'There is so much information...what is this?...Oh yes this might work out after all.'


The green skinned woman concentrated nearly gasping in agony at the burning pain. There looked to be a glow coming from the mittens that she had over her hands. Suddenly the special apparel that Shego was forced to wear over her hands began to melt. As the fabric finally succumbed to the intense heat she had subjected it to, it finally disappeared. 'Now to find Dr. D.', she decided as she busted what remained of the handcuffs as well.

Before the guard outside Shego's cell in the women's high security wing of the Global Justice prison could react to the alarms going off, alarms installed in her cell the villainess as a precaution to her powers going active and unfettered, she let her comet power flow through her body as she pushed the walls that held her in. Less than two minutes later the green skinned raven haired woman was gone leaving a path of injured guards and inmates alike in her wake as she made her escape.

'I knew they could never keep me locked up.', Shego smirked, 'Now all I have to do is find Dr. D and lay low for a while. Then I can get my revenge on the Princess for tossing me into that tower.'


The dark red haired woman surveyed the destruction before her. "How many?", Dr. Director asked.

"Ma'am?", one of the head guards asked.

"Sigh how many injured do we have?", Betty clarified.

"Thirteen and seven.", came the answer.

"Any dead?"

"No Ma'am just injuries, do you want us to call in Kim Possible to help us sort out this mess? We should at least notify the families of the inmates who are in the hospital."

"No we're not so inept to need that girl all the time. I'll have one of the Agents in Training take care of the notifications. Let Kim Possible and her 'partner',", Betty snickered, "let them have some time off. They're kids you know."

"Yes Ma'am.", came the reply as the head of Global Justice turned to leave. "Oh and don't make this commonly known that Shego busted out, we don't want everyone to freak out."

"Yes Ma'am do you want us to double the guard on our other special guest?"

"Yes, but have the guards back off for their own safety, because we know what's going to happen as soon as Shego figures out where blue boy is incarcerated don't we?", Betty grated out over her shoulder, "Anyway we're going to have to move him now."

"Yes Ma'am we do it's like several other times. We ah, could just make sure that he has an accident with a high velocity projectile."

"Sigh, Even though it's a good idea don't do that, he may be of use to us later. And we are not vigilantes! I do not condone murder even if this clown's actions have caused death and destruction around the world. If the countries involved want their pound of flesh from him they can take it legally.", Dr. Director snapped at first then softened her tone, "You see if we do that: One, we are no better than the villains that we face, and two, Drakken's enforcer may just decide to begin helping other criminals. And at this point I think Shego providing muscle to the mob is something that we want to avoid if at all possible."

"Yes Ma'am I understand.", he replied.

"I don't know if you do or not, but this is how it's going to be here.", the woman stared at him with her remaining eye.


He sat on his stool contemplating how he wanted the subject to look in his latest piece. "Tara honey, could you please turn just a little to your left?"

"Sure Josh.", Tara said, before asking, "Have you tried portraits with any other of the girls you've dated?", she sat wondering if he was just dating her to get her to sit for him.

"No honey you are the first. I've done other portraits, even a nude and that was with other artists in a college credit class over last summer...But you're the first that I've done on my own.", Josh replied nervously.

"So neither Bonnie or Kim have posed before?", she asked.

"No and you can look around and even ask them.", he offered waving his hand.

"I trust you Josh I was just making conversation.", Tara replied as she adjusted her dress when she saw his eyes frown a little she asked, "What?"

"Here let me change that, it's not supposed to be perfect. It's better the way it was.", he offered.

"Are you sure?", she asked as he got up.

"Yes I am Tara, if you're not convinced when I sketch it out then I'll change it. I promise.", the artist replied with a knowing smile, "Would you care for something to drink? It's tough sitting there while I do this."

"Not right now Josh, but thank you.", Tara told him relaxing even more as he talked to her.

"Tonight would you like to go dancing? I can't stay out late, but we can have fun before my curfew."

"Sure, but I have to be in by eleven.", she replied.

"I'll have you home before that, Mom and Dad want me in by eleven as well.", Josh informed her.


The mad blue scientist backed up to the wall as the five GJ troopers entered his cell. "Turn around Lipsky.", one of the them ordered, "Hands behind your back."

"Where are you taking me?", Dr. Drakken worried having heard the commotion hours before.

"Never you mind."

"But I want..."

Was all he got out as he fell to his side trembling.

"You didn't have to use the shock watch on him George.", Agent Sam Krantz smirked.

"Think of it as payback, my sister-in-law may never walk again because of that prick." came the reply, "One of those robots stomped on her car and she was trapped inside for hours. Next time I hope I miss my aim point and hit him in the neck."

"That might kill him.", Agent Ben Burns replied.

"Will you miss him?", Krantz asked.

"Not really.", Ben confessed.

"That's what I thought, might as well cuff him up and get the shackles on him while he's out. He'll be a lot less trouble that way."


Club Banana:

"Hi Monique.", the red head smiled.

"Hey GF I see you got Naco boy with you. What are you guys up to today?", the ebony fashion maven asked.

"Swimsuit shopping Monique.", Ron butt in.

"Hummm OK, hey Ron this is gonna take a while why don't you take your pink buddy with you and head over to the food court for a while. I think you'll be surprised by what we come up with.", the gossip queen of Middleton High instructed.

"OK, I guess girlfriend. The Ronman knows how to hang.", Ron told them with a smile as he walked out.

"Moni it didn't need to be a surprise. I wanted him to help me pick it out.", Kim whispered as her boyfriend left the store.

"Trust me GF he'll enjoy it a lot more this way. Not only that but he won't be distracted by the suits that other girls are buying.", Monique whispered back with glee seeing Kim's eyes narrow defensively as two of them watched the retreating blond teen.

"So let me show you what we have.", she continued as they walked back to the section that held the swimwear.

Ron, being smart enough to leave the two teenaged girls to themselves quickly left the store and made his way to the Bueno Nacho in the mall.

"Hey Rufus buddy, why don't we get some snackage while KP is trying on some things?", Ron asked the lump in his thigh pocket.

"Hnk sure Ron...Cheese", the pink mole rat replied squeaking his order out to the only one who really understood him.

Though the mall Bueno Nacho wasn't their favorite the Ron ordered Rufus some nachos and a chimerito with extra cheese and the two sat and ate happily until a familiar sound came to them, "Darn it Brick look that loser and his gross rodent are in here, why don't we go somewhere else?"

'Great.', Stoppable mused, 'We can't go a week without seeing Bon-Bon, it's like we're opposing poles on a magnet.'

Brick told his off again on again snobby girlfriend after ordering, "Just leave him alone Bonnie, he's not bothering us."

"He bothers me just being in the same town. We should just leave.", she ranted raising her voice, "Better yet why don't you throw him out of here, Stoppable is stinking up the place."

"Because he's harmless, he's not bothering us.", Brick replied trying to calm his high maintenance girlfriend down.

"He's not? He got me laughed at by half the school during the Prom.", she hissed, "You should at least punch him out, if you loved me you'd protect my honor."

"Honor? Since when have you had honor? Anyway, you were the one who pointed them out at the prom.", Brick reminded her, "they didn't try to make a grand entrance just to mess with you."

"Hey Brick my man, you'd better watch it Bonnie's left eye is twitching mayhem is sure to follow when that happens.", Ron warned the big guy of the tell-tail sign of the teal eyed brunette bomb blast that was sure to occur any second (Ron knew this because he had been on the receiving end of the brunette's wrath several times already).

All of a sudden the tray that the server had been filling went flying. Brick having the reactions of a lifelong athlete sprang out of the way. The food ended up on the blond haired teen who had been sitting near the outburst as he had turned back to talk to Rufus again.

Suddenly there was a flicker of brown eyes turning blue as Ron's control began to fade immediately after the food hit him in the back. "You self-absorbed bitch.", Ron growled loudly before he slapped his hand over his mouth immediately and mentally chewing himself out for his lack of control.

Bonnie stood back with her hands over her mouth too being somewhat shocked by Stoppable's outburst.

Rufus, at the same time, slapping his head with his paws moaning, "Uh oh."

For several moments no one was able to say anything the whole eatery was deathly silent finally there was a stuttering wail.

"W...w...WHAT did you call me?", Bonnie screamed.

"I...I said I have an itch.", Rom cowered, "Yeah that's it….I have an itch right here in my pants...why, do you want to see it?" Ron rolled his eyes where only Brick could see them.

"I demand that you pay for that food.", Bonnie growled.

"No can do Bon-Bon. You tossed it before I said anything to you. Check with Mark at the counter.", Ron told her defending the 'Y' chromosome, "It's not my fault that you were mad at Brick here and I don't think he did anything wrong either."

"I'm telling you that you're going to pay for our lunch or...or...OR I'm going to make sure that you never wear the Mad Dog Mask again. Do you hear me?", the brunette ranted using Ron's place as the mascot to her advantage not knowing at this point that he was aware of what happened.

"Hate to tell you Miss Rockwaller,", Ron growled menacingly, "but KP already informed me that you had me voted off the cheer squad, so you can't hold that over my head anymore, so you can get bent. If you want Brick to try and kick my ass then let's go outside. I've had enough of your crap to last a lifetime." Ron was on a roll, but at the moment he didn't give a tinker's damn and at the moment he wouldn't mind fighting anyone except Kim.

Ron then quit slouching and stood taller than anyone had seen him before and his eyes narrowed, "Brick may very well kick my ass, but one, I've been beat by all sorts of henchmen for the last three years and so I'm not afraid of him and two, you never know, I might kick his ass instead...and that would sure wreck your braggin' rights." Ron hissed getting more agitated by the second as he balled his fists so hard that the knuckles creaked.

Bonnie, out of control by now, walked over and slapped the former mascot across the face; the sound echoing off the walls and leaving a perfect handprint which began to turn red. Again there was silence as everyone waited to see what was going to happen next. Ron Stoppable, goof to many, reached up and rubbed the red hand mark on his face. In a blur he returned the favor to Bonnie knocking her on the floor and momentarily dazing her as she slid across the floor a couple of feet.

Brick knew he had to do something. Ron stood there and watched the cheerleader. "Feels good doesn't it Rockwaller? Never touch me again.", Ron stated as he turned and saw the fist heading towards his face out of the corner of his eye from the now irate buff blond football player.

The low-keyed practitioner of Monkey Kung Fu twisted his torso and reinforced it with a left hand in-to-out block to make sure that the blow didn't cause too much damage.

"Get him Brick. That loser hit me.", Bonnie yelled as a familiar red head walked into the eatery in search of her boyfriend.

Last year's All State Quarterback from Middleton High swung twice more; both blows missing. With reactions from three years of freak fighting Ron Stoppable struck Brick Flagg in the center of his chest with a palm strike that only traveled three inches. Unfortunately Brick, the heel of the palm hit him exactly in the solar plexus and he collapsed on the floor in a heap.

Ron seeing Middleton's big time football hero down for the count, went down on one knee to make sure he was alright. Bonnie, getting up, rushed Ron with her claws out and raked his left cheek drawing blood. Unknown to the young woman and due to the lighting, no one saw the blue aura surrounding both boys for a moment. So much so that Ron Stoppable didn't even feel Bonnie's talons.

"Ron what happened.", Kim Possible shrieked just as she entered the Bueno Nacho franchise walking in near the end of the incident.

"Stoppable slapped me and Brick tried to defend me.", Bonnie ground out as she kneeled down next to her boyfriend pushing Ron away and conveniently leaving out who started the ruckus.

"Then Stoppable hit him.", the brunette spat as she pushed him away, "I'm glad that loser's off the cheer squad, we made the right decision. No matter what you say he's a loser and he's dangerous, you'd better think about not dating him Possible."

"Ronnnn.", Kim growled dropping her bag going to Brick's aid.

"Whatever. I'm leaving. See ya later KP, if the cops want my statement they know where to find me.", Ron got up and left his shoulders sagging, "Mark sorry about the trouble."

"Stoppable you asshole. I'll make your life miserable from now on.", Bonnie hissed.

Ron picked up his buddy and headed out to the parking lot heading home. "My life is already miserable because of you Rocklwaller.", Ron turned to leave. "Well that screws today up. I might as well go back home now, maybe I can get hit by a semi on the way home to put me outta my misery.", Ron told Rufus, "Come on I'll get you some cheddar there."

"Kim can you watch Brick while I use the rest room?", Bonnie asked being nice and sweet now after Ron exited, "I want to see how bad that prick boyfriend of yours hurt me." The brunette never mentioning what really happened and that she had marked his face.

"Yeah sure I'll make sure he's OK.", Kim replied as she could see her best friend boyfriend leaving in the distance not knowing for a moment she had just been played by the brunette against her boyfriend.

After Bonnie had disappeared and Kim had Flagg in a sitting position she asked him, "Brick what the hell happened?"

"Oh sorry for taking that swing at Ron, I had to do something..."

"Brick...focus.", Kim's eyes narrowed knowing something was up, but not sure what.

"Oh yeah... uh Bonnie was ranting about Stoppable being in here and she ordered him to leave. She told him if he didn't she'd have him off the cheer squad. Ron sorta laughed at her and she threw our tray at him and, and she slapped him when he refused to pay for it."

"She what?", Kim grated her teeth.

"Yeah she slapped him then he slapped her back. That's when I sorta took a swing at him. The next thing I know I'm on the floor and you were here with Bonnie.", Brick explained, "If you didn't see Bonnie's hand print is on the side of his face...You know that's funny, I didn't want to hit Ron and I know that he really wasn't wanting to fight me. Maybe I'd better go apologize."

Kim turned her head, "Don't worry Ron will be OK when he calms down Brick. Mark, who started this little altercation?"

Sigh, "Bonnie did Kim. Ron was pretty much minding his own business when she came in and began taunting him.", the Bueno Nacho employee stated.

"OK Brick can you get up?", Kim inquired helping the larger boy to his feet.

"Yeah I can, you know that backache I had is gone now. I wonder what happened?", he noted in surprise.

"I don't know, Mark can you get Brick something to drink?"

"Yeah hang on."

By this time Bonnie returned and she was speaking into her phone after she was done she closed the connection. "There Possible that will fix your little friend's wagon.", Bonnie chuckled.

"What did you do?", Kim asked.

"The cops are going to pick him up. I'm gonna have him charged with assault.", Bonnie began laughing louder.

"Yeah good idea Bonnie, everyone that was in that little altercation should be charged, just a minute I'm going to have the Police come out here and pick you up too.", Kim frowned as she pulled out her Kimmunicator and pushed the connect button. In a moment the visage of Wade Load came up.

"Hey Kim what's up?"

"Have the Police meet me at the Mall Bueno Nacho.", she told the tech guru.

"On the way. Oh and the Police have been dispatched to Ron's house, what's going on?"

"I'll call you back later.", Kim told him because Bonnie was stammering.

" can't do that.", Bonnie gasped.

"Yeah I think I can, from what Brick and Mark said you struck Ron first. That gives him the right to defend himself. Brick struck him too. I wonder if that will affect his scholarship.", Kim mused out loud.

"But Brick could lose his ride to play football and….and I could get in trouble with my parents.", the brunette moaned.

"Yeah well funny thing is Ron is a law officer like I am, you know with Global Justice and maybe you striking a law officer may get you going to jail and not him. What do you have to say?", the red head asked.

"I think I'm going to be sick. Is there anything I can do?", Bonnie asked seeing her plans come crashing down around her.

"Yeah, I'll call Wade up and set up a meeting."

"Set up a meeting? Why do we want to do that?", Bonnie asked in desperation.

"Well since Ron was defending himself against basically a two on one mugging, maybe he won't press charges if you apologize."

"I won't apologize to that loser.", Bonnie continued tor rant.

"Hey Mark do you want to press charges against Ron Stoppable?", Kim inquired.

She saw him turn pasty, "Uh no, Bueno Nacho doesn't want to do that Kim...Ah neither do I."

"How about these two?"

"Bueno Nacho will do whatever Mr. Stoppable wants to do.", he told her not mentioning the reason why he felt that way.

Kim thought for a moment then suggested, "OK I'll call Ron and we can meet at his house you two can apologize and we can put this behind us."

Deflated, Bonnie signaled for Kim to do what she needed to do to diffuse the situation. So Kim called Ron on his Kimmunicator, after a few moments she heard the much loved voice of her boyfriend, "Yeah KP what do you need, I'm sorta in a discussion with Officer Hobble right now."

"Ron would you give the device to him please, I'd like to inform him of what really happened."

"Sure KP, just a sec."

Kim quickly explained to overworked member of Middleton's Finest what was really going on. Officer Hobble promised not to take Ron Stoppable in and have all parties meet at the Stoppable residence in the next thirty minutes.

After she closed the connection, up Kim told them, "Now you Bonnie are going to apologize to Ron and then he's going to apologize to you. After that there will be no charges because basically he can legally pursue you two. Do you understand?"

"I won't apologize to..."


Seeing the nods that the other two teens gave her, Kim continues, "Follow me to Ron's house so we can put this behind us before the media gets hold of it. If they do then we might have to book all three of you and I'm sure you don't want that."

"Thanks Kim, you saved my butt again.", Brick told her.

"And you two are so screwing up my date with Ron.", Kim's eye was twitching making both Bonnie and Brick more than a little nervous.


"Officer Hobble why do you have my partner cuffed?", Kim asked.

"Because of the complaint Miss Possible. The call said 'dangerous', to prevent innocents, when Mr. Stoppable heard the warrant he turned around and put his hands behind his back. He knows procedures.", the large and long suffering policeman responded.

Kim's emerald eyes narrowed dangerously at Bonnie Rockwaller, "Brick please tell Officer Hobble what happened."

"Yeah Sir, Ron was minding his own business at the mall BN you know and Bonnie know she doesn't like him...right?", the large college bound quarterback told him.

"Go on Mr. Flagg.", Middleton's finest encouraged hoping this situation wouldn't add another six hours of paperwork to his over loaded desk.

"Yes Sir, anyway Ron was minding his own business when we entered..."




"So let me get this right.", Hobble asked the two finally after hearing all three stories, "Mr. Stoppable was not bothering anyone when you got to the eatery?", Seeing the big blond boy nod he continued, "Then Miss Rockwaller demanded that Mr. Stoppable leave." Kim saw her rival on the squad cringe before Hobble got going again.

"Then basically she struck Stoppable, then he responded to her assault slapping her back then you got involved...Sigh. Mr. Flagg do you want to press charges on Mr. Stoppable?", Hobble went on.

"No Sir."

"Good, Miss Rockwaller do you still wish to press charges on Mr. Stoppable?"

"No Sir, but it's not right him dating Possible..."

"Never mind that, what they do is none of your business, just like what you do is none of theirs.", he told her thinking the idea of running her in for annoying him would at least get the brunette cheerleader's attention except that it would make more work for him in the process.

"But Stoppable and Possible are at two different levels of the food chain...", continued her rant, which all present ignored.

"Mr. Stoppable, do you want to press charges against Miss Rockwaller for assaulting you? Bueno Nacho already called in and they are not going to press on you, just Miss Rockwaller and Mr. Flagg if you wanted."

"No Sir.", Ron replied.

"Good, now if you three behave yourselves I won't take you in for the public disturbance charge. Do you agree?", he smiled hoping this was going to take less time than his nonexistent lunch breaks.

Seeing the three nods he told Ron Stoppable to turn around to uncuff the skinny blond teen. Officer Hobble looked incredulously at the handcuffs, 'How did they unlock themselves?'

They could all see the red marks on Ron's wrists and Brick was ready to comment when his flighty girlfriend told him after Officer Hobble left, "Come on Brick let's get out of this house and head back to the mall, it stinks in here."

"Bonnie...", Kim growled dangerously.

"Bonnie we'd better go, thanks Ron and sorry again.", Brick Flagg offered as he led his oblivious girlfriend out the door before a red haired tornado was turned loose on them.

"Yeah sorry for the trouble big guy.", Ron called behind the football hero before the door closed.

Ron sat down his hands playing with the locket around his neck that was the twin of the one Kim wore. Rufus was standing on the back of the sofa patting him on the back.

Kim sat down next to him and took one of his hands in hers, "I'm sorry I harshed on you back in Bueno Nacho I didn't know the facts and I just sorta reacted."

"Hey KP no problems.", the blond haired goof responded then leaned back, "Ya know this isn't going to work..."

"Honey what are you talking about?", Kim asked as she leaned into him.

"Nobody wants us together. You saw it there.", waving at the front door where Bonnie and Brick passed through, "No matter what I do I'll never be good enough for some people. And you have to admit that your Dad isn't too thrilled about us dating either...sigh maybe we should just break up. That way the squad and Bonnie's posse won't give you too much hassle and I can be down here with the rest of the bottom feeders.", he told her softly.

"But I thought you were going out for football..."

"I am, but it won't make any some people. Hell...I...I could be super-duper man in blue tights as a red cape and I'd still be a loser in the eyes of those very same people even if I saved the world from green skinned aliens...and if we were dating so would you by association with me.", Ron explained softly, "Maybe that never be normal act for all those years backfired."

"Ronald Stoppable, I am not going to flush you down the toilet. You're my boyfriend...I...I don't care what some people have to say...or think. America is still a free place and as long as it is, to hell with what they say or think.", Kim began to weep seeing how much pain he was in before she commanded, "Now hold me and that never normal act didn't work, but I love you anyway."

When the red headed teen buried her head in Ron's chest and began to sob he put his arm around her shoulders, "Sssh KP it's going to be alright. The sidekick always helps out the hero as good as he can."


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