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The Hunter: Book One

Chapter 39

Middleton, Colorado:

Ron's eyes had narrowed as he tried to make out what the odds were against him and their skill level, while trying to determine if they were part of an exercise or a real mugging. Now prepared for the worst, the slight blond reacted to the firm grasp on his wrist stepping under the grab knowing if the ones he was facing would give him a code word he would stand down before the first bone was broken. The blond member of Team Possible moved in a blur as he opened the hand to distract the thug. The goon either didn't have enough sense to release the Aikido style move or was too slow to react before he was on his face after being flipped twice. Ron then reverse the hold trapping the offending arm behind the knee eliciting high pitched screams from the assailant who grabbed without asking.

Totally into the fight now Ron could feel the heart beats and hear the breathing around him as he calmed himself, before a club brandished by another of his assailants bashed him in the back. Ron then reversed the hold and applied extra pressure shattering the elbow realizing there was no playing this time. 'Sensei's knows better than to use his own students this way so this has to be for real.', Ron mused, grunting as the hit nearly took the wind out of him.

A moment later the blond spun out of the way before a second hit could do more damage to his kidneys and just missed him as he double shifted his feet hitting the young man he had been facing in the nose, causing blood to spray. 'What a couple of dorks.', Ron thought to himself seeing his first opponent out of the fight in near record time.

The mugger who attacked with his club the third time overextended. Ron having enough of him trapped his arm and caught him with a hip toss. While that goon was in the air the young ninja student turned the wrist and as the bad guy landed Ron added a quick extra pressure using his hip for leverage and snapped that elbow as well. By now Ron's control was giving out and he then kneed the goon in the head breaking his cheekbone and probably his jaw as well.

The next mugger rushed in and Ron again switched his feet and caught him with a head high, inside-to-out crescent kick in the face, spinning the much larger form down to sit on his behind, a simple snap kick to his face finished him off blood squirted from his shattered nose dosing several of the participants in the attack.

"Next.", Ron hissed wondering if he was going to need his 'ace in the hole' when two more came at him. Ron could sense the cold hard knife in one of their hands, the Lotus blade on his belt in the form of a multi-tool was giving off serious vibrations but he knew he wouldn't get enough time and space to reform the ancient blade to make it useful in this situation.

He coiled as he 'felt' the second working his way behind. The blond teen sprang forward closing the distance on the one wielding the blade. The goon thrust forward trying to skewer Ron. As the knife came forward to meet him the former mascot of Middleton High turned his body and grabbed the wrist with his right hand while palm striking the elbow with his left hyper extending it and breaking it with a sickening crunch. For good measure he then disarmed the goon and slammed the blade into the quadriceps, getting a scream out of him too. Finally with one hand still on the unfortunate goon's hand he twisted again tearing tendons and ligaments and all sorts of good stuff that you need to be able to walk.

"Didn't you bring anybody good? Man I might even get sweaty. Good thing Barkin gave me those extra laps or I wouldn't be getting much of a workout. And I'd feel soooo guilty about it too.", Ron quipped keeping his back to the last attacker exposing his kidneys to another shot, "Looks like the odds are evening out quite nicely."

"What did you do to them?", the last and very large goon muttered seeing his friends holding parts of their bodies in obvious agony.

"Are you stupid or something?", Ron finally turned around to face the last guy.

"I asked you something kid."

"And I asked you if you were stupid, it's obvious I busted them up, and it's your turn in about five seconds.", Ron kept himself in check as his voice turned ice cold turning now to face the last man standing.

"I'm gonna cut your heart out and eat it."

"Crap, I am sooo afraid jerk face. I hope for your sake you're better than your friends 'cause they don't look like they can help ya out much, do you want me to take out and add for you? Or do you want me to hold still with my hands behind my back because you guys are lousy at this.", Ron taunted the thug.

"Fuck you….", the larger man rushed the teen.

"You're not my type though one or two of your friends might be able to help you out. You also have a potty mouth. If you keep this up good ole Uncle Ron is gonna have to wash your mouth out with soap after he bitch slaps some sense into you.", Ron warned as he avoided the stab and slapped the hand to the inside and knocking the knife outta the remaining goon's hand.

"Yahweh, come on man you're a klutz, beating that move was the first thing KP ever taught me.", Ron snarked and lied as he picked up the knife examining it before tossing it back with apparent disdain.

"If you don't make at least one good attempt then it really doesn't count as a mugging does it? Then you'd have to go back to leaning on fourth graders for their milk money.", young Mister Stoppable taunted the goon, "Then you'll be wasting my valuable time, 'cause I'd have to come back and beat your ass worse than I am going to right now."

The thug was having second thoughts in this endeavor, four of his co-teammates in crime were on the ground with injuries and the blond skinny guy was showing that he was able to hurt them by himself.

"I knew it wasn't just going to be fun.", the thug stated as he reached into his jacket as he dropped the frog sticker in favor of something a little more certain.

Ron hissed not showing the worry that he now felt, "Now you're talkin' freak boy, I won't feel too bad putting you in the Emergency Room at the local veterinarian, I hear he's running a special on distemper shots. And you're gonna need a bunch of shots by the time I'm done with ya."

"Fu….. ….."

"Come on you clown, this is a kid's story ya jerk. It you keep up talking like this the writer is gonna have to up the rating.", Ron hissed being finished with the profanity as the dark object cleared the goon's light jacket.

The blond's eyes narrowed as he focused on the blued thirty-eight special that was now in the hands of the goon. As Ron concentrated as he had been taught over the summer, he could hear the tendons contract. Just before the sharp sound of the round being discharged he whipped his right shoulder back and slid to the assailant. The medium caliber bullet barely grazed the chest of the teen as he moved in with both hands moving in large sweeping ovals that somewhat resembled what practitioners of Tai Chi were seen doing in slow motion except these were almost faster than the eye could follow. Ron's right hand connected with the wrist going upward while the left hand drove down on the inside of the elbow. Then Ron stepped in even closer and locked the wrist and the gun. Stepping back then the mugger was forced to his knees.

"I. Don't. Like. You. At All.", Ron hissed reinforcing the wristlock with his left hand as he continued to force the larger man to his stomach as bones began to groan and snap in the goon's wrist.

"Lemme go.", the large guy gasped through the pain.

"Not till you start bleeding like I am, that bullet hurt ya know.", Ron began to get madder than he had been in a long time.

(I think that is enough Stoppable-san), Master Umestu said softly from behind while the teen was going for more destruction on the arm of the mugger, (He and his companions have learned their lesson.)

Ron replied not wanting to let go, (I'm not done with him Master, they had me at long odds don't you think …a knife and a gun. I thought at first they were yours.)

(They are not Yamanouchi….they have no skill. You could have killed them.)

Sigh, (I wanted to Master, I apologize. Not to them but to you.)

(But they did give you valuable training, your joint locks are much too sloppy and slow. Come we have much to do yet tonight.)

Ron sighed as he let some of the pressure off.

(Never apologize to someone who tries to injure you Stoppable-san, you are not a punching dummy for the world at large, just your girlfriend.), Master Umestsu reminded him as he casually checked the joint lock that the attacker was under.

"Gentlemen your attention please.", the Sword Master sternly advised the goons as he slapped the last one on the back of the head while Ron kept the pressure on, "I would suggest that nothing be said to anyone. Only my friend and I as well as you know what happened tonight…..I and the rest of my friends can find you if we hear anything about this incident. Do you understand me?"

Seeing nods he spoke again promising, "Good then remember I will send my friend back to see you, but the next time he will be armed and then you will be with your ancestors. Good night. Come Ron-san." At this Ron released the arm making sure he broke another bone first and then he walked to catch up with the Asian man.

After a few moments Ron turned and shouted back, "You might wanna put some ice on that jerk face." Then the teen walked back because he was still upset, "You know I'm letting you live against my better judgment, if you ever hurt anyone I care about I will hunt you down and skin you alive…and I have the tools to do it. You'll be begging the cops to take you in, but that won't save you from me.", Seeing the nod the blond turned back around and began walking to the stout Asian man who was waiting for him.

Still pissed off Ron concluded turning around once more after he cocked his head, "You hear that noise? Those are probably Police cars on the way. Somebody probably heard the gunshot; if I were you I'd get my ass outta here before they arrive or you guys are gonna have some 'splainin to do." Then the blond turned once more.


(Why didn't you intervene?), Ron inquired once they were away from the site of the attempted mugging.

(Stoppable-san I wanted to see how far you would go. How you would react in a dangerous situation.)

(How did I do?)

(As I said you were sloppy, but we have a cure for that.)

(Yeah I know Sir, more practice.)

(Good you understand Stoppable-san, but you wasted valuable time while you were playing with your friends. We have much yet to do tonight.) He led Ron to the waiting van.

(How did you know where I was Master, I wasn't anywhere near the place you usually pick me up.)

(Simple luck Ron-san, Sensei asked for some Nacos or something and told us where to get it.), Master Umestsu showed the bag.

(Now what would you have done if I had not arrived?)

(I don't know Master, I understood they are clumsy oafs, a more serious version of the buffoon. I did want to teach them a lesson. Also I do not understand why I have been getting into so many confrontations. It really isn't my nature to fight all the time.), Ron looked down at his feet waiting for the admonishment he felt was coming.

(Maybe your comrades and foes feel a difference in you, your Global Justice already understands that you are more than you let on. We cannot let them get too close to the mark in their guesses. So you must show some improvement, but not at the level you have attained. There are too many who are close to the truth and we must influence those trying to discover our methods and actions. In time you should continue to play the monkey.)

(You know for the most part I really don't like monkeys, Bobo really messed me up.), Ron snorted at the oldmemory, (But I have become friends with Frederic and Chippy and KP being a monkey I could live with she was so cute. So maybe I am getting over my issues.)

(Maybe so, now please enter into a meditative state we have wasted valuable time this evening Stoppable-san).

Twenty minutes later the black van was pulling up to a gate.


The Crooked 'D', Montana:

"Let's let the horses rest for a few minutes.", Slim told them as he held his hand up and stopped his mount and got off.

"It's getting late. We should be getting back to the main house pretty soon.", Anne worried since it was after dark now.

"Don't worry honey. Right Slim.", James looked over to his brother.

"We'll be back in about an hour. They'll be putting the steaks on in about forty-five minutes.", he smiled as he helped Anne from her horse.

"Well my rear end is going to be sore tomorrow guys. Joss I don't know how you do it."

"Well Annie as long as Joss keeps sitting on her brains there won't be any pain back there.", the elder brother told her eliciting "PAWWWWWW" from the youngest red head riding with them. Of course everyone laughed including the twins who were a little worried where they sat too.

"Kimmie's boyfriend isn't the only tinhorn from Middleton, Colorado. I'll bet he wouldn't be hurting worse than the twins or you Squirt.", a smile formed behind the impressive mustache of the eldest Possible present, "Even Mom didn't have as much trouble as you're having the last time she was up here."

"It's been so long since we've been on vacation Slim, that's why we came up.", James forced out the little 'white' lie that he had not quite forced himself to believe yet.

"Oh, I thought it was for another reason involving Kimmie and wanting to get her away from a certain young man. Come on lets walk for a few minutes, it will rest the horses and stretch our legs.", Slim instructed seeing he had all of their attention. He pulled on the reins and his mount obeyed him obviously happy about not carrying the weight of a rider for a while.

"Well that was on my mind as well.", James told his brother after he checked to see if any members of his household were close enough to hear him, "I'm just afraid of losing her."

"Squirt I've told you before, you're holding on too tight. That little girl is almost a woman. Any red blooded boy can see that. Now a lot of boys will sneak around to get at prime heifer like your daughter and the best thing to do is to let the boy who holds her interest be the guy who's around her. Otherwise you might have a whole heap of males running around your house trying to sneak in."

Sigh, "I know Slim, it's just so hard….."

"Raisin' girls ain't the easiest thing in the world. Anyway it looks like the boy she picked out could turn into a fine gentleman from what Annie told me.", Slim gazed out of the corner of his eye at his brother wanting to light up one of his cancer sticks.

"I know it's not, I don't know how you do it with Joss…."

"I trust her. Until she gives me a reason not to trust her I have to give her the benefit of the doubt to make the right decisions.", Slim told his brother, "You need to trust your daughter Squirt, Ah think if you did you'll be quite surprised by how she'll turn out."

"She's already a good girl Slim….."

"And you don't trust her either, now that says a lot about you as a parent and your skills at being one. You should be more worried about those boys of yours. They're always up to something and some of it is mischievous and destructive.", Slim advised.

"I know, I hope they'll outgrow this stage. It's really hard trying to keep them occupied but not letting it get out of hand."

"They still launch their rockets in the house?"

"Yes they do."

"Take their stuff away for a month and don't let them use the computer. That should get their attention fast enough.", the older Possible advised the younger one, "if that doesn't work a leather belt will…..it's easier on your hands."

"I don't want to hurt the boys' inventiveness or break their spirit Slim."

"They blow your house up along with Kimberly and Anne and then you'll have real sadness.", the older Possible informed him, "It's hard raisin' a child by yourself. Do yourself a favor go cut yourself a switch and then learn to whop them if they get out of line." The twins stiffened hearing this last part knowing that some of their pranks were going to be curtailed soon.


The two of the red headed Possible girls walked side by side hearing some of what was said in front of them. "Ah sure worked up an appetite today Kim, and Ah think two steaks are gonna find their way on to my plate.", Joss lightly chuckles making conversation.

"That's a good idea Joss, I think that I will be able to match you.", Kim replied as she walked in the light of a half-moon snickering at the end, "If Ron had been here he might be eating a whole cow."

"Only if it was covered in cheese and hot sauce.", Joss retorted.

Kim defended her hopeful lover, "He doesn't cover everything in cheese and diablo sauce Joss."

"I guess he wouldn't do that to ice cream?", Joss admitted.

"Uh, he has tried that when he was younger and it was 'bleah', but I have to point out Ron has never covered Mom's waffles in cheese or hot sauce.", Kim clarified.

"That is true Kimmie, Ronald has never done that."

"Ah'm glad, we'd have to beat his butt if he tried that around here.", Joss chuckled lightly.

"Anyway, don't think you two are the only ones going for double helpings tonight girls.", Anne laughed bringing up the rear with Jim and Tim hearing bits a pieces of the talk between the other two red heads, "I think I can afford to eat heartily tonight after the day we put in.

"So you're hungry too Aunt Anne.", Joss asked.

"Yes I am I heard the boys muttering about being famished. I'm glad the ranch raises cattle and does their own butchering."

"Don't worry Aunt Anne there are plenty of steaks to go around, after a long day on horseback you ken get real hungry. We even got a batch of baked beans going over an open fire so that we get some activity later on, Pa had them do that thing to them you liked. And there's taters and corn right on the cob.", Joss promised, "Pa should have called in and let them know when we'd be back."


Middleton Airport:

The four men, although one looked more like a high school senior, picked up their bags after the long flight coming through Canada.

"Otto.", a male voice called out.

The older man waved and walked with his friends over to the two men who waited for them.

"Did you have much trouble on the flight?"

"Normal stuff, but it's good to be here….finally.", the old German whispered at the end making sure he didn't use his native language, "Let's get to our house and some sleep then tomorrow we can go check out the large property."

"How can you just jump into the assignment old man?"

"It's not that hard, now how it the surveillance going?", Otto asked getting to the point.

"Subject one is has not been in town for a week, but that should change soon as the school year is about to begin again. Subject two has a very full schedule. He goes out for a walk almost every night after he practices the sport that he enjoys. In the morning he will again be back on the sports field with his teammates."

The younger man looked over them, sensing something, then spoke, "What is the matter?"

"We can talk about it in the van."

"What did you do?"

"Subject two had an accident. We thought it was final and the mission would be over."

"You are quite right we will discuss this in a better place.", the young handsome man told them with a frown hoping they hadn't done anything stupid.


The King home:

"Hey Mr. and Mrs. King, I brought dinner like I promised.", the artist held up the sacks as he walked in after Tara went out to open the door.

Abby King smiled as her daughter grabbed onto Josh's arm, 'It has gotten a lot better than I thought it could between these two, now they're even researching where to go to college together.'

"You know Joshua you didn't have to stop and pick anything up.", Bob King told him.

"Hey it's the least I could do Sir. Anyway Tara and Mrs. King have that meeting to attend tomorrow night and I think that you guys might be out late. So I decided that tonight we could have a late dinner and then go for a walk."

"You're a good boy for thinking of this.", Abby said as she got plates out. Mrs. King a respected member of the Middleton School Board was very happy with both her cherished daughter and the boy she latched onto over the last few weeks.


"Now you two go on and walk ahead.", Abby King told Tara and Josh to give them some alone and private time.

"Mom I thought we were going to take a walk together.", the platinum blond teen responded.

"Go on kids, Josh I'll call your parents and let them know you'll be a little late."

"Mom…thanks.", Tara smiled knowing that her parents could trust her now.

"Come on let's give them some time, they only messed up once and I'm sure they were telling the truth.", Abby told her husband.

Bob King replied to his wife, "Well we know what they're made of. I think we can trust them. When we dropped the bomb on them I thought the Mankeys were gonna pass out to keep from laughing."

"Now Bobby don't spill the beans, all four of us coming down on them might have made the difference.", Abby laughed lightly.

"Remember how scared they were?", Bob replied softly as the distance between Josh and Tara and Bob and Abby increased.

"I wish I had the whole thing recorded, it would be great to bring up if they ever decide to tie the knot."


"Tara….honey, this is like great.", Josh smiled as he put his arm around her shoulders and the blond responded by laying her cheek on his shoulder.

"Hummmm, Josh this is heaven."

"You mean heaven for me.", he smiled intertwining the fingers of his hand with hers.

"Heaven for me too."

Josh paused for a few seconds then began, "Tara….I want you to know I love you….and would you like to be my girl…..I'll be your guy….if you want."

"Steadies?", Tara looked over to Josh and caught his nod, "Took you long enough you know.", Tara tightened her grip.

"I wanted to be sure."

"Are you?"


"I'm glad…"

"Glad of what honey?"

"Glad you're sure.", Tara stopped under a street light and turned to face the artist who was one of the 'hottest' guys in the whole town and wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned into him. 'He's the nicest boy too, I'm so lucky.'

Josh being no dummy got the hint and leaned in to his exclusive girlfriend.


"Why do you have to testify on what happened when Bonnie's crew voted Ron off the squad?", Josh finally asked when they sorta finished necking quite unaware that Tara's parents were nowhere to be seen.

"Cause nobody else would stand up for him.", Tara replied having heard from several cheerleaders and other female friends from Middleton High.

"Why doesn't Kim stand up for Ron, why doesn't he stand up for himself?"

"Kim is out of state and Ron wasn't even there to defend himself. So he doesn't know what really happened.", Tara explained.

"But Ron is a big boy…."

"People on the squad have picked on him for three years not showing him any respect. They didn't even have the courage to do it with him present or the faculty adviser there. Basically, they blackballed him. He can't challenge what they did; you see those girls never really recognized Ron as being on the squad. The chance came and Bonnie grabbed it with both hands and that's because none of the girls will say anything against Bonnie."

"He's on the football team now…."

"Josh it still doesn't make it right. You see that could happen to any of us. We should at least have the right to face our accusers."

"I guess you have to do it honey. It might cost your friendship with Bonnie though."

"Yeah it might, but speaking of her, she and I are going to spend a girls' day together. Then I have that thing tomorrow night. I'm sorry that we won't be able to spend time together.", Tara hugged Josh even closer.

"I know, I know….we'll make it up to each other this weekend.", Josh smiled and took her hand leading Tara King to her home.


The two teens stood under the light on the porch waiting for a quick flicker of the light which was the signal for Josh and Tara to have five more minutes. "What's taking them so long?", the cheerleader asked almost in a whisper.

Josh whispered back, "I don't know, maybe something's wrong and we'd better check on them."

"Yeah come on in for a minute."

As the door opened Tara called out softly, "Mom, Dad, are you guys up?"

Not hearing a response the now concerned teens walked into the family room. Abby jumped off her husband's lap, "Oh hi kids. Did you enjoy your walk?"

"Mom…Dad? What were you guys doing?"

"Oh nothing at all.", Bob King replied smiling knowing he and his wife had embarrassed their daughter.

"Oh OK, Josh is going home. Did you call his parents to let them know he was going to be late?"

"I did about an hour ago honey. They said it was alright."

"Good, thanks guys.", Tara gave each of her parents a kiss on the cheek and an hug before she walked her boyfriend to the door.

"That was sure weird.", the artist told her.

"Yeah, now give me a kiss honey. And I'll call you after I get out of the hearing tomorrow night.", Tara opened her arms up.


The Crooked 'D', Montana:

"Whoa everybody.", Slim yelled as they after they all entered the yard of the ranch house as a couple of the hands jogged up to the group, "Give your mounts to the guys and go get washed up, we had a full day. Joss give them a hand getting them back in the barn, then you can get cleaned up for supper."

"Sure Pa."

"I can help Joss.", Kim told her cousin in a low voice.

"Thanks Kim I could use someone to talk to.", the youngest red head currently in the Possible family replied.

Kim and Joss each took the reins of two horses and led them into the barn so that they could water and unsaddle them.

"Joss Ah'll take them mounts off your hands and brush them down and get some water and oats for them.", one of the younger hands told Joss and Slim as he offered to take the horses off their hands.

"Thanks Jake, me an Kim are gonna go get cleaned up for supper.", Joss replied.

"You do that Ma'am, we'll take care of the horses.", another hand piped in.


Kim looked at the two mostly devoured rib eye steaks on her plate, "I'm stuffed."

The older red head added, "I agree with Kimmie, if I look at another steak before Saturday I'll kill myself."

"If Ah et any more ya all could nickname me 'tall Rufus', 'cause Ahm gonna pass out jest like him.", Joss tried to laugh, but didn't have the energy after mentioning the mole rat's propensity for eating everything in sight. '

The moan from the youngest red head got Kim and Anne to start giggling as both had seen Rufus in the same position as Joss.

Kim struggled to get up, "Mom I am going to take a shower and call Monique and maybe Tara."

"Are you going to call Ronald up tonight?"

"Of course, what kind of girlfriend do you think I am?", Kim frowned.

Anne sat back on the sofa, "I just wanted to make sure honey that's all."

"I save Ronnie for last. He totally relaxes me Mom. When I think of him after I see him and hear his voice I…I just feel that everything is right for me in the world. I can see our future. I can feel what it's like to go through life with him at my side. But I have ta get a shower and change, I don't want him to see me filthy." The 'middle' red head informed Joss and Anne.

"Well you had better get going if you want to call Monique and Tara as well as Ron."

"I'm going, but as fat as I feel the shower is going to take twenty minutes longer. Joss, tell the cook that it was almost a Ron Stoppable meal. That's the highest compliment I can give it.", Kim told her. With a mighty shove she pushed herself up into a standing position and began her trek upstairs and to the waiting shower.

Dropping by her room first Kim grabbed her shampoo and other necessities as well as her pajamas and robe.



The black gi clad blond was finishing his silent meditation as the sliding door at the rear of the Dojo slid silently open. The cool azure blue in the Monkey Master's eyes faded being replaced by the warm brown that all of his friends knew him by. In a simple motion the blond covered his face as he lowered his cowl, now only his eyes could be seen, not his nose, ears or freckles. Once finished he silently rose to his feet.

Ron turned to face the red robed ninja master who had changed his life by introducing him to the art on Ninjistu and the mystical weapon that he now carried on his person. After exchanging bows Sensei ordered, (Begin.)

The blond rushed the much smaller man and then at the last moment seeing the hip toss he veered to his left to change the angle. Sensei though had been through countless training sessions over the years and had seen every trick in the book and even wrote the book on how to counter them.

By now Ron had closed and had the ninja master by the shoulder as he attempted to pull him off balance. Sensei smiled behind his beard and let himself be drawn in, 'The last lesson, he is close now.' Ron tried to grab Sensei as the old man twisted and ducked while he used his hands to trap one of Ron's forcing him to his knees.

Before the teen could react to this development Sensei had the former Middleton Mad Dog on his face with the left wrist and hand pointed at an impossible angle.

(I give.), Ron muttered seeing the fatal flaw in his attack.

(Good that is all for the night Stoppable-san. Master Umestsu will be in shortly, spend your moments of calm wisely.), Sensei advised as he bowed.

(Thank you for correcting my hapless errors.), Ron replied as he kept the bow from which Sensei had already recovered.

(You have traveled far on this journey Stoppable-san, what you need, you possess.)

(I feel so inept at times.)

(How so? When you compare yourself to the instructors at the school? That is what we use to determine your success, but to the world you will seem to be one of the most complete fighters that have ever been seen.)

(Maybe so, but with KP I can't show her or explain the changes…. I don't know how she will feel about them.), Ron gave insight into his fears.

(Fear of the unknown is always troubling; trust your heart Stoppable-san. The power and the blade trust you. Yes you must keep the façade you have built over the years, but you are in a position to help Miss Possible to an entire new level. Remember always the ninja way is that of staying in the background until it is time to strike. Do so without remorse or hesitation. If done correctly victory will be yours.)

(I never want to hurt KP, I will die first.)

(And sometimes you have to hurt the ones you love for the betterment of all.)

(I will not hurt her, she is my life, she is my beacon of hope….without her I am nothing.)

Neither acknowledged the weapons master as he entered the training room Sensei wanted to make a point with his protégée. And he switched to English to make the point. "What would you do Stoppable-san, if Kim Possible turned her back on you and found another?"

Ron stood there for a moment as his greatest fear came to light. He then looked down then touched the locket around his neck, "Then the link will be broken and what is Ron Stoppable will be destroyed and his essence will become a wandering ghost."

"True you will lose her, but there are other things which are important. There is one coming to you that possibly could be your greatest ally in time.", Sensei hinted not wanting to reveal everything.

Ron quipped, "Not going to give me a real 'heads up' here are ya Master?"

"There are forces at work here Stoppable-san. You and Miss Possible will be in the eye of the storm for good or ill. Dark forces are gathering and you and she will have to stand up to them…..if one of you falters the defeat of the other could spell doom for the rest of mankind."

Master Umestsu please instruct Stoppable-san for thirty minutes on his next level of weapon mastery, I will return at that point to finish his tutoring this night.", Sensei told his friend. To Ron he revealed, "The story is long but worth hearing. You will not know the whole tale this evening, but you will soon."

Bowing to Sensei, the weapons master began, "Bring me a Bokken student, it is time to learn how to fight against the weapon you have been mastering."


Ron looked again at the man he had been training with since early summer as he rubbed the bruises on his right forearm wondering if he was ever going to learn this particular disarming technique.

(Again you are too slow. You must commit will all you can when you make the decision to try for the weapon.)

(I am lousy at this.), Ron moaned slightly.

(No just a little slow, remember who you are facing. I will not let you have the easy way to victory; you must earn everything in this place…that is the way to honor. Again!), Master Umestsu ordered knowing his time with his student was nearly over for the night.

The older ninja rushed in with his wooden sword attacking at a downward arc toward Ron's shoulder. The teen in a moment of inspiration stepped in and tapped one wrist and continued to close throwing his right hip into the sword masters hip raising him into the air. Once airborne Ron stepped under the falling Japanese man and twisted his body until he was in an 'X' stance.

Master Umestsu smiled seeing that Ron finally got the idea, though a little awkward he had the concept down now. (Very good, please replace my weapon then return. You have done well this evening Stoppable-san. It took me six months to learn that technique.)

Ron quickly did as requested as Master Umestsu spoke in English, "Please sit, Sensei will return in a moment to instruct you on some very deep secrets of Yamanouchi and some unknown events in history. Much of it will be eye opening to be sure."

"Can you give me a hint Master?", Ron replied.

"This information, though I know about it, should come from one source only, but pay attention Sensei and Yamanouchi feels this deeply concerns you.", he advised then bowed and exited the Dojo.

After a few more minutes Sensei's voice spoke, "Please open your eyes and your mind Stoppable-san." Sitting in front of him was an old warrior not in the red robes of Master Sensei, but in traditional Samurai Armor. Recognizing the features from somewhere he looked with questioning eyes.

"So you have paid attention when you were at Yamanouchi last, heh Stoppable-san?", Sensei questioned.

"I know the armor from somewhere, but I'm not sure.", Ron's eyes narrowed, "I humbly apologize for this."

"Do not worry it will come to you my friend. We have much to discuss yet this evening."

"Sensei I am your student….."

"Tonight you are an old friend and a student Stoppable-san. You are someone else. Come and learn the truth."

"But what….."

The old ninja master opened one of several parchments that he brought in and set down next to him. For a moment he glanced at the heavy paper and then with a sigh handed it to Ron. "I have brought this, for you to study. I have told you some of the stories and legends now it is time to see the proof."

The blond teen stared at the drawing that was on the old paper and he could see four figures, a man in samurai armor, a child with yellow hair, a woman with red hair and emerald eyes and a yellow haired man. "Nice picture Sensei, but what does this have to do with me?"

The while haired man advised, "Look closely Stoppable-san. The people that you see are the founder of Yamanouchi, Lord Toshimiru, the woman is named Kimika, the man's name is Ron and the child's name is Miriam."

"Sir that's all very nice and all, but what does that have to do with me?"

"Stoppable-san that drawing is over a thousand years old, look closely at the female.", Sensei suggested.

As Ron looked again he gasped, "KP."

Sensei intoned, "Yes your KP as she appeared years ago on this Earth, Stoppable-san, now study the male."

Nodding he did so, then seeing something familiar his eyes narrowed and he looked up from the drawing. "How?", the teen croaked out as he looked again feeling the pull of the image in his heart.

"These two and their daughter….well she was born at Yamanouchi, stayed with Toshimiru for years studying as well as seeking shelter. I believe she was seven years of age when they said their good byes. That was the last I ever saw them even after all these years. When Kim-san and you rescued me from the gorillas it was as if I was young again, though I sorely miss the child.", Sensei spoke lower at the end, "She was a joy when she was younger, she was into everything."

Ron stared with dinner plate sized eyes at what he had just been told before he got to his knees and sat back on his heels. (Lord Toshimiru it has indeed been a long time.), Ron bowed low and touched his head to the floor.

Sensei followed suit and bowed in return, (Indeed the years have been long my friend, but with much work all our endeavors will come to pass and I will again meet a child named Miriam who comes from you and your soul mate's union.)

(That is now my wish as well Master.)

"If we follow the truth, I can see the child. She will be strong. She will be blessed."

"I can't wait to tell KP…."

"You cannot release this information Stoppable-san.", Sensei warned.

"Why not?"

"Neither Kim-san nor her family are emotionally and mentally ready for this information. I have informed you as I have deemed you capable of understanding what you have learned. Even though you have eased her father's physical malady he is still not of the opinion that you are the proper one for his only daughter. You must not alienate him.", Sensei narrowed his eyes, "if Kim-san was my child you would already have been on the wedding bed with her."

Ron bowed again at the honor from the man that he realized knew him from long before. "Master Toshimiru how must I go on? I love KP and I don't want to hurt her."

"As your spirit as always will go on Stoppable-san. We so far have been able to detect three times when you and your beloved have walked the Earth hand in hand, that is not to say those are the only times, just the ones we have been able to uncover so far.", Sensei informed.

"And I can't tell her, this tanks. The obvious question is why?", Ron inquired.

"Free will."

"Free will? Again why?"

"You dote on Kim-san just as your previous incarnations have doted on their beloveds. They had no knowledge that there was a thread here to consider, they just did what became natural. If you informed Miss Possible of this she may feel trapped by this situation and may react in a way that we do not want. If Kim-san reacts in an adverse way your chi may be torn if she pushes you away for another as a reaction to this information. While we wish that she has a life with you, this must be her decision.", Sensei replied knowing the teen had the right to know the danger he was facing.

"Then why did you tell me?"

"There are events beginning to happen for which you have been trained. It is right that you know some of what you are put in this situation for."

"Does Yamanouchi still think that someone is going to attack with overwhelming force and only the Chosen One in concert with the Monkey Master can stop the threat?", Ron asked.

"Yes we believe this is one reason as to why your and Kim-san's spirits roam the Earth while others go to what they call heaven.", Sensei told the teen.

"And KP's role in this?"

"We believe that she is your motivator and she calms your spirit. As you can feel she is an integral part of you."

"And I can't reveal any of this to her?"

"Quite correct my friend at least not until the menace is thwarted."

The blond American frowned, "So I am still the buffoon….."

"Yes you play the part of the monkey until it is time to lay down some monkey smack down. At that point it will be hard to lie to those who love you. But we must continue to try to sow deceit even to our friends to prevent them from knowing about the great threat which they cannot avoid."

"But someday KP will know right?", Ron asked.

"That is my hope Stoppable-san."

"Please promise me that you will tell her as much as I know….if something happens to me."

"I will do what I can Stoppable-san no more will I promise than that."

The blond nodded and then looked back at the images, "She was really our child?"

"Yes Ron-san she really was. Kimika had a very profound influence on the child; of course you were a doting Husband and Father. Your Wife was very proud of you as you were of the two women in your life."

"I will now tell you stories about your former self and those of your beloved and child.", Sensei smiled wanting to relate these tales to Ron since the rescue.

"Was I a fool then Master.", Ron inquired.

"I would say you were inexperienced, you overcame your affliction very quickly however…"


"Hey Kim how is your horseback vacation?", Monique Jenkins asked her best friend.

"The fam thing is alright, but I still miss Ronnie. I'm going to call him in a bit after we get off the phone and I talk to Tara.", Kim informed the gossip queen of Middleton High, "my butt isn't as sore as it was after the first day, but Dad is a little touchy." "Speaking of rear ends, from what I heard Barkin is really on your boy's rear end."

"Why would he be doing that?"

"Who knows with Barkin, maybe Ron hasn't been exaggerating over the years. Anyway, I got a report in that your boy is doing real good on the field.", Monique informed Kim.

Sigh, "I knew he could do it….have you heard any more about Ron's accident?"

"I heard through the grapevine that it was a hit and run and your boyfriend is lucky to be alive. So tell young Mister Load he did a fine job."

"The first thing I am going to do is find Wade and give him a hug and buy him a month's worth of slurpsters.", Kim told her best female friend, "Then I am going to find my boyfriend and get him alone without any prying eyes."

Monique decided to stir the pot, "Even from Daddy?"

"Especially from Daddy.", Kim giggled.

"It's almost time for another round of what we had before."

"Half naked hugging?"

"Yeah it felt so good, like I belonged there. You should try it with Brick sometime.", Kim suggested.

Monique laughed lightly, "Maybe I will GF if we can ever get some alone time."

"Moni I have to go, it's late and Ronnie has early practice. I was gonna call Tara but it's too late for that too. We should be back in about seven days. GJ has to send a transport and we are sorta at their mercy.", Kim explained.

"OK girlfriend. I'll talk to you later.", the fashion diva replied.

"Only a week to go till I can see him again Moni.", Kim moaned.

"Girl you have it bad."

"I know."


"And she was really my and KP's kid?"

"Not your and KP's child Stoppable-san. Miriam was the child of a previous incarnation of yourself and Kim-san.", Sensei explained.

"What ever happened to her?"

"Yamanouchi tried to keep track of where the family traveled, but we lost track after a few years.", the wizened ninja master explained not revealing that the rumor was they had been attacked by robbers and he had perished gaining his wife and child time to get away.

"What was KP like Master?"

"She was much as she is today. As I have said it seems you and her were returned as you were. I can reveal the two of you loved each other and your child. Now when your child was born she used some words I did not understand to describe you and your ancestors however."

"She did? What were they?"

"I will not say, at the moment her comments were made under the duress of being in labor."

'Duress in labor?', Ron thought, "Oh!"

Sensei nodded then added as he began to chuckle, "Yes she did, she also yelled things for you to do to your own anatomy which I am not sure is possible. You see she was in much pain. Although when it was over she had one of the women call you from hiding to apologize. It was then that she introduced you to little Miriam."

"Wow Sensei, I wish we could tell KP about this.", Ron's eyes glazed over thinking of a child he wished he could have been able to see.

"Unfortunately we cannot do that. Kim-san may be willing to know this information, but I am not sure of her family. From what you have told me of the Father, this may further distance him from your cause."

Sigh, "Yes Master I understand. I will keep this to myself."

"That is wise my friend…."

The Master of Yamanouchi continued to reveal tales to Ron Stoppable late into the evening about his former life with the woman who seemed to be the ancestor of the woman he loved.

"It is time to go, the van will be ready in a few minutes to take you back to your neighborhood. I presume Rufus-san need another feeding time before he retires and you need your sleep. We will also give you more of the salve to use in the healing. Good night Ron Stoppable-san and sleep well.", Sensei got up from his knees and bowed low (which Ron returned).


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