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The Hunter: Book One

Chapter 41

Middleton High School:

The two coaches just dismissed their team members to go to class from the 'suggested' film session for the upcoming game coming in a week. They were sitting in the office drinking a cup of coffee when the phone rang.

"Middleton High.", Steve Barkin snapped.

"Get off your high horse Barkin,", the voice on the other end told him, "we have a problem."

"What do you want Freeman, your guys can't even knock some sense into a kid….."

"Listen Barkin, I was doing you a favor and that punk put several of my guys out for over a month. I might lose a couple of them for the whole year…..I want compensation. I demand three of your good ones out when we step on the turf with you!", the voice on the other end of the phone yelled.

"Hey my guys stomped one of your parents last year for you. We didn't ask for anything back. We didn't even ask questions. You know a professional courtesy!", Steve Barkin roared at the East Medlin coach being put on the spot by the demand.

"Yeah but none of your boys got hurt!", Bill Freeman ranted.

Steve Barkin explained, "That's not my fault, but we never told anybody he had a gun he tried to use on the kid, so how can you defend him? What do you want me to do, tie the kid up so your goons can stomp the crap outta him? Jeese he's only a hundred and sixty pounds soaking wet. If word of that got out the whole scam comes down. Then there are going to be a lot of questions asked and a lot of people embarrassed. Some of the financial guys wouldn't like it too much."

"OK but some of my guys want this kid bad and we're going to take him on the field right in front of everybody if we get the chance."

Barkin decided to give his fellow coach a hint, "Well how about you do some crime in your little town and then the cops can bring in Kim Possible."

"What's this got to do with her, 'cause we don't want a whole bunch of publicity."

"The kid who stomped your hit squad is Possible's sidekick. She's been gone all summer, but now she's back… when you get him, you get her and all the government looking over her shoulder too.", Barkin warned.

"Shit this is unfucking believable Barkin you set me up with some sort of back breaker for the law."

"Well if you guys can hold off a year we might be able to set you up if you don't do anything permanent.", Barkin enlightened him.

"Why's that?"

"Mr. R is thinking about franchising him for three or four years…..that is if we realize his potential."

"Then we want his final year as compensation asshole."

"You'll have to take that up with your backers, but I think old man Rockwaller might go along with it, that is if the money is good enough for transfer.", Barkin told him.

"Oh get that punk's weight up. He won't take the beating as skinny as he is."

"Don't count on that, this week we're taking on Lowerton with that defense of theirs. It ought to be a good game and a good test."

"Who do you think is gonna win Barkin?"

"It should be close, but I think we'll pull it out. Nobody's gonna take a dive on our side this year.", Steve Barkin warned but also gave his foe a bit in case he wanted to make a little on the side, "We're playing up and up."

"Well the line is Lowerton by three and a half.", Freeman glanced down the paper in front of him.

"Hey bet whichever way you want, but I know which side my money is on."

"I'll think about it."

"Yeah you do that good luck till we see you later Bill."

The other coach hung up and Steve Barkin glanced at the other coach. "Ernie we have a little problem."

"Yeah what is it Steve?"

"Remember that little message we were sending to Stoppable?"


"Well Stoppable kicked the shit outta them and messed them up some."

Ernie Roberts whistled, "Against Freeman's goons? I would have thought that he would have looked more dinged up he sure hasn't changed his attitude. What are we gonna do about it? Maybe one if one of his parents has an accident?"

"We ain't gonna do anything while the season is going on…unless it gets real bad. If any of those guys find out that some of the kids have been getting disciplined this way none of them will play and our season will be over.", Barkin informed his assistant coach.


"Hey KP.", Ron said on his way to his locker as he recognized the hand that just slipped into his.

"Morning lover boy.", the petite red head purred checking over her shoulder to see if any of the administration was around so she could show proper loving and tenderness to her boy.

Seeing the coast was clear Kim leaned in and hissed getting Ron to turn towards her. She leaned her head back and Ron quickly scanned the hallway himself to make sure that they were able to enjoy one little bit of freedom. With a smile he tilted his head down and met the heroine's lips with his.

Their morning buss being done Kim asked, "Where were you this morning honey?"

"Remember KP we have to study films in the morning before school.", Ron informed her, "I pointed the note out that's on the refrigerator at home remember? It was under the Wonder Weasel magnet on the refrigerator."

Kim countered, "Yeah I remember, but you know how convoluted Mr. Barkin's rules can be."

"Seems like I heard that somewhere…oh yeah didn't I say that about two years ago? Right after he put me in detention because the door to his office fell off, I wasn't even in school that day because I was healing up from one of Blue Boy's exploding lairs. But you are right. Now that I'm on the team I'm going to stay on it KP. How's the cheer squad coming?"

"Well Tara sang to the school board, she told them everything that happened and then she told them why we are going to lose in cheerleader competitions this year since we don't have a mascot anymore.", Kim informed her boyfriend, "They weren't aware of the new rules regarding competitions. They called in our advisor, Mrs. Weston, to explain what happened and how Bonnie got the votes to get you out of there."

"How did they take it KP?"

The red head frowned as her voice hardened, "Well a couple members of the board are lawyers and they wrote in a rule that Middleton High School has to have a least one voting member of the cheer squad as a mascot. My brothers are trying out this afternoon. Then they accepted Mrs. Weston's resignation since they weren't happy how that went down and replaced her with Mrs. Mindfaller."

Ron slammed the door on his locker somewhat surprised by the news and how fast the school board could move when they wanted to, "Oh mannnn, you get a daily dose of the Tweebs?"

"It's not that funny."

"Didn't mean it to be funny KP, just think of how Bon-Bon is gonna handle you and the Tweebs?", Ron began to chuckle.

Kim began to cackle, "Oh you are right Ronnie. And I know just how to get them motivated. This might not be a bad year for your girlfriend."

"I thought you might find a silver lining in that rain cloud."

"Yeah I did, but this week we're being allowed to bring the band and all the cheerleaders to Lowerton on Friday and since it's not that far of a drive their stadium looks like it's going to be sold out. Are you guys nervous?", Kim asked.

"Psshaw, w….why w….would w….we be nervous, a…..a new undersized running back and a new quarterback a couple of new guys on the offensive line and a new wide receiver….why be nervous except that their defense is almost as tough as ours? N…nothing to be worried about at all KP. Mom and Dad already have insurance in case one those guys breaks the back of their only son.", Ron stammered.

At the moment Kim couldn't tell if Ron was really nervous about the upcoming game or if he was just putting her on, "Well your girlfriend isn't going to be happy if you get hurt, but she might have fun convalescing you that is if you only behave most of the time."


Kim explained seeing Ron confused, "It means to help you get better."

"Oh that's what it means, I'm glad it wasn't anything dirty like hugging Kimmie style."

Kim caught his look as they headed to home room together, "That's not dirty, we just have to make sure we don't do it when Dad is around. One more stroke and your girlfriend might be wearing black. You know Mom is going to start that training thing in a few of weeks Ronnie…do you really think you'll be able to do our dinners? Dad's a lousy cook and you know about me. I just don't want to poison anyone even if it's my brothers."

"Sure KP.", Ron shuddered thinking of the devastation of his girlfriend in the kitchen even though she had become one with the blender, "I'll plan out the menus so that your Mom can approve them. I just don't want to impose myself.", he replied.

Kim smiled, "Dad's finally coming around with our relationship….well at least he isn't backbiting you anymore. I guess the sessions with the counselor have helped. Mom's not as mad at Dad as she was for most of the summer."

Ron said softly as they walked into their homeroom (which they shared this year), "That's good I don't want them to be at each other's throats. If that happens your Dad might take it out on me worse than Mr. B."

"Did you bring Rufus with you today?"

"Nah he's sleeping in, the workmen are supposed to finish this week so he's staying home with Mom, she wants to make sure everything is done right. She even got him this toy hard hat she found."

Kim inquired as the bell rang beginning the official school day, "So are you going to need any help moving your stuff Ronnie?"

"KP, I can always use some help, but I think I can do most of it myself. A couple of guys from the team volunteered. You know one or two of them might be able to get all my stuff in only one or two loads."

"They're not that big…."

"Sure tell that to Flanner, you know she's going out with Big Mike don't ya?", Ron informed his girlfriend as the huge and intimidating form of Steve Barkin walked in silencing everyone.

"Huh? You mean Justine and Mike are….."

"Yep I think she uses his class ring as a bracelet. So it's just like you didn't know about Monique and Brick either. You have been outta the loop this year KP.", Ron chided until he was interrupted.

"ALL RIGHT LISTEN UP.", Steve Barkin finally decided to test everyone's hearing (he had already taken attendance) then he soften his voice about thee decibels to lighten up on his students' ear drums, "remember the rally is final period Friday. No one is excused from this event without previous written consent that you are dead so be there. Are there any questions?"

Hearing nothing he told them while giving them 'the eye', "I'm sure each and every one of you still has some schoolwork to do, I suggest you crack your books and get to it then."

Once the bell rang again the students left, Kim and Ron took their time avoiding the mad rush since neither had far to walk to their first real classes of the day. On cue, before they were to part Kim checked to their left and Ron checked to their right. In a coordinated effort the couple shared another buss before they separated for the next two hours knowing that they got to sit next to each other again in third hour for world history and lunch.


Otto looked over the surveillance tapes with his nephew, "You know Hans we can take the sidekick any time and you can still play with the girl's emotions….you know being supporting and all before we finish the contract. We can even take her if you want. But I'd like to do it from long distance just to show everyone that we are capable of such a feat."

"I know we can, but I want to get the most out of is mission. Have the guys begin taking practice setups, then if we feel the need then we can setup and vacate Middleton.", he responded, "And I want a backup to the primary snipers as well as a possible fall guy."

"Back up?"

The leader explained, "Yes, why do you think I brought Gordon Johnson in? If someone has to take the fall I'd rather it be someone who doesn't know that much about our operations."

"I suppose so, I'll have the primaries work with him out at the ranch to see if he's up to it.", Otto nodded over his cup of coffee, "So when are you going to make your appearance?"

"In a week or two, I want my face to look more natural and tanned. And I am still studying our two teen heroes.", the younger man chuckled, "It is my hope that I can get some inside information before I meet with them. If we do it while I am posing as a friend they will not expect it from me…..also there is something about the Father and his profession, I have to check with other 'association' members to see if he might have any information that we could sell to make more profit out of our little endeavor."

"I suppose it is a good idea, oh I found this German pastry Shoppe in Upperton, would you like to go there this morning while the guys are out at the ranch practicing their skills?"

"I haven't been to a real one in years Otto, I suppose we could. Just think soon enough one of those kids will be a dead teen hero; I suppose we are close enough to the payoff to enjoy the niceties of life. I wonder if that is what we should put on his tombstone as a final insult. It might discourage those around here enough to stop helping authorities."

"It might, but it might backfire on our employers as well. We are playing a dangerous game here.", Otto warned.

"But it is a game Uncle; we just play for higher stakes than most people do. We are professionals here."

Otto warned, "Professionals? Maybe so but I remind you that we are according to our intelligence sources in Global Justice's backyard. We have to be careful or we will never get to complete the mission or enjoy the money."

"Uncle that is only one purpose of doing this, what are we supposed to do with our minds? Hunting dangerous prey like this is so invigorating."

"To give them an equal opportunity we could have warned them.", Otto suggested.

"No, they are used to fighting the 'bad' guys. They should be always ready to defend themselves. If not then they will find their graves quickly. Anyone knows this."

"And they are children, if anyone realizes that we have been targeting children we will be cast out of our associations. We still need to be careful."

"They don't worry about that, only the end result Uncle. Now let's go over to Upperton for that pastry you promised. With some good coffee we will enjoy the morning while the others go about their assigned tasks."

"We will but you'd better call the teams and let them know what you want them to do."


Global Justice:

"Ladies and gentlemen let's sit down and get right to work.", Doctor Director told her Deputy Directors as she began the twice a week briefing by pouring a cup of coffee, "Let's begin with Asia, Director Wong."

"Thank you Ma'am, there are several things that we are monitoring; We have had minor rioting in Hanoi City this week, but the government there seems to have calmed the situation. In the Philippines guerilla activity has seen a spike over the last few months. We think that members of a radical Islamic movement are beginning to make some moves there. Finally we have seen some criminal figures in Asia that are new. I will be posting all of this in the briefing updates later today.", the short man very thin man with glasses concluded, "Of course Iran, Iraq, Israel and the rest of the middle east is a powder keg just waiting to blow up in the world's face, but we have been encountering this for years."

"Very well Doctor Wong I am sure that all of us are looking for your insight in that report.", Betty responded, "Next Deputy Director Amwar will be reporting on the African Continent."

"Thank you Doctor Director, we have some activity in the northern part of the continent around the Mediterranean Sea. We have sent a mid-level delegation to moderate between the parties in question. The second area of concern is a border skirmish between the nation of Chad and Sudan. Finally we are having trouble with diamond smugglers again. It's almost ignited a civil war.", the rather chunky man was concise in his statements.

Betty stated, "Thank you Professor, could you please have your recommendations towards GJ offering the affected parties its assistance in the next day for the official report?"

"Yes Ma'am I have the secretaries already writing up my suggestions for dissemination.", Professor Amwar replied.

"Thank you Sir, let's move along to Europe. Deputy Director Du, please bring us up to date on what is happening over there."

"Yes Ma'am, as you know the techno villain named Professor Dementor is free, but we have a sighting of him and are planning to send a 'Team' to bring him back in.", Will paused before going to the next item, "Right now there is some smuggling going on and some tension in the Balkans but that has been going on for more than a century. We have been supporting a UN group of professionals to try and get to the bottom of all this. We have a lot of work to do and it's going to take some time to work through centuries of animosity between ethnic groups. We of course will continue to support. Also, we ah….still have no information about our missing agent in Paris. At this point it is safe to assume that she has met with foul play."

Betty frowned not wanting this subject out in the open until GJ knew more and stared at Du before motioning for him to proceed.

"Yes Ma'am.", Will misunderstood the nod, "This asset was trying to get a line on one of our projects, if her disappearance has anything to do with them then this could be an upgrade into how they are pursuing their actions. This group is in the destabilization of countries and large corporations business. Two years ago their actions almost were the cause of armed conflict between two very capable though small powers. Only through swift intervention by other nations were we able to avoid a war."

One of the members asked, "Don't we have a line on them?"

Will replied, "We were working on that with the agent Sir, you see they don't pop up all the time and they pretty much stay in the back ground until they strike. We had heard they became active again."

"Then why…."

Will continued, "The problem is we only have a few pictures of the leader and some DNA samples of him. He is quite a Casanova from what the reports say, he targets female members of a prime mover's family to sow dissent and discord while lowering their clout. He offers his 'services' through various sources that those who have opposite goals than we do belong to. Up to when our asset disappeared, the group had not been known to use lethal means to achieve their goals, so we might be moving into another arena with unknown consequences at the end."

"I see, maybe we should give this group a name so that we know who we are discussing?"

Betty told them wanting to get this moving again, "I agree, we will name them…uh The Casanova Group. Does anyone have a problem with that name?"

Not hearing anything and after giving Will Du the evil eye Betty moved on, "North America. And I will make the report on that since Deputy Director Judge is on maternity leave. We are still hunting Doctor Drakken and his sidekick Shego. From what we have determined so far, Shego staged a breakout from Middleton County Correctional Facility. This had the effect of releasing a large number of inmates, among that number is Drakken's cousin Edward Lipsky."

One of the other directors inquired, "Ma'am have we been able to get a lead on 'Motor Ed'?"

"Not as yet, but like most leads we are still working on them. As most of you know Motor Ed usually doesn't commit normal crimes, he is always after some sort of technology that has something to do with motion. He was apprehended earlier this summer by one of our junior agents who was just in the area when Lipsky and his 'Gear Heads' broke into a robotics genius's home."

"Was anyone hurt, most of our junior agents are relatively young most are under twenty-three."

"This one is seventeen, we do not know the details, but I assure you only minor injuries came to the good guys, the bad guys were a different story however, this agent basically stomped them.", Betty explained.

"So we were lucky then?"

Sigh, "I don't know and we are still investigating. Now moving on, California has an interesting problem….."


Drakken's Lair:

Shego tossed another box into the already overloaded hover jet when she yelled, "Blue Boy, where are we heading to this time?"

"Well Shego I thought that since summer is coming to an end up here, it might be nice to work on our tans a little before winter, so we are heading to my lair in southern Mexico for a few weeks for a nice vacation before coming back up here to continue my goals of conquering the world.", the blue scientist explained.

"Maybe that's a good idea since the Princess is back in town. I really don't want to tangle with her or her boy toy, but I still want to pay them back for last spring. It took almost a month after I got you out that I was finally able to get my hair to unfrizz, with the help of about ten gallons of hair conditioner too."

In a few minutes they set the auto security and Shego got behind the controls of the hover jet. Dr. Drakken pushed the door open button and his sidekick applied power getting the air craft to come to a hover only inches off the floor.

Seeing his nod to proceed, Shego applied power. A minute later they were almost a half mile away and the heavy doors began to close


"Doctor D why are we taking a roundabout course to get to that dinky lair?", the green and black clad woman inquired as she made another course 'correction' according to his instructions.

"My Dear Shego, some of the world's most powerful countries are still after us. We have to lay low until we are ready to take over the world.", Drakken was about to go off into a rant just as Shego cut him off.

"Doc why don't we can it? There's something going on with the buffoon. I could feel it when I stuck my hand in his chest. He should have died on the spot instead I got my butt kicked by him as his little helper. He hurt me….no one's ever hurt me like that before not even that old guy. And he was just toying with me.", the villainess explained, "If he can do that to me…..gawd we could have trouble."

"I uh recorded that Shego, I suppose we should give that group the information to help them…."

Shego suggested, "I have a better idea, how about we knock off some banks to get back our fee and not have any more to do with them or the others. Not having the Princess and her boy toy come after us is real appealing to me right now….I still hurt."

"You know that DOES sound reasonable Shego. Do you think I should call my cousin and let him know our decision?"

"Let Motor Ed fend for himself, we got him out of the slammer. He owes us."

"He is family…."

"He's the dumb side of your family Doc. He isn't playing with a full deck, shit he isn't playing with a full suit. I think somebody smacked him a couple times with one of those big wrenches when he was a kid….."

"Shego I told you about hurting with words!"

"Would you rather have Kimmie's little buffoon hurting you with his fists?"

"Not at this point Shego, now turn to a heading of two-two-three degrees.", he instructed at the end.

"I still think we should try and see if we can get amnesty like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.", she told him, "We have enough money to tide us over for a while, we don't need to try and take over the world."

"They were mythical men Shego….."

"I don't think so not after reading up on them on the internet, anyway we need to think about it before that blond haired teen that made you say his name comes looking for us."

"Just because he got lucky and hurt you doesn't mean he's that big of a threat to us…."

Shego cut him off as she ranted, "I'm telling you I could feel his lungs with my hand. I had my hand around his heart….then everything went numb…..that's not right. Something pushed me right out. There should have been lots of blood, but there wasn't….there wasn't any blood….. We don't want to have anything more to do with him. I want to live a lot longer. Last spring I wanted to be rich and rule the world with you, now I just want to live to see my thirtieth birthday."

"I understand your concern and I promise to study the buffoon more closely.", Dr. Drakken replied not revealing that he already undertook that project though he hadn't discovered anything yet.

"I sure hope so blue boy, now where the hell are we?"

"We are flying a random course Shego, we don't want anyone to follow us, now head south-south-west. We will set down in a little place in the desert until after the sun sets. Then we will cross the border following right behind a scheduled local flight until we get away from United States' radar.", he informed her.

"OK I agree we need to lay low and get out of Dodge unobserved.", Shego noted.

"Good then we will just have a couple of weeks of relaxation, a little sun, some rest and maybe knock off a bank or two down there to build our funds back up.", Dr. D explained.

Shego frowned, "Maybe that's not such a hot idea Doctor D, we really might need a refuge someday. I think it might be better to help some locals, if things get hot for us it might be enough to get away."

Sigh, "I agree Shego, you know after what happened last spring, I just don't know if I want try this. The world fought against me. If they are so hard to control may they are not worth me ruling them.", the blue scientist observed.

The villainess frowned, "Kimmie isn't gonna win that easy. I am gonna make her crawl when I get the chance, she has embarrassed me for the last time."

"Embarrass her sure, I'm not sure I want to hurt her, if you can't hurt the buffoon then he might come looking for us. If his offensive capabilities are as good as his defensive ones we might already be in over our heads.", Dr. Drakken warned.

"So what do you say we study him for a change?"

"I don't think it's going to be that easy, there is virtually nothing about him in the media. When we get back I want you to break into his doctor's office and the high school….and I think his Minister too."

"Doc the kid is Jewish remember, he has a Rabbi.", Shego reminded him when they fought Professor's Dementor's men over the PVDI wearing HenchCo® power rings.


Middleton High School:


"Go Wade.", Kim stated as she walked towards her locker with her boyfriend.

"I've got a hit on the German pygmy are you guys ready for a mission?"

"I've got cheer practice and Ron has football practice after school gets out.", Kim replied as she rubbed shoulders with said football player slash boyfriend.

"I can have a ride to you when you guys get out your after school activities Kim.", the African-American genius offered.

The beautiful red head glanced at Ron (who nodded), "Sure Wade we'll be ready, could you plug me into my Mom's cell phone? I need to have her or Dad deactivate the home security to let a Wade-bot in to get my super suit, Ron gets on my case when I don't wear it when we are on a mission anymore."

"Just a second. Ron's right you know there is no reason to play fair with these guys.", Wade told her as he made the connection, "You really should wear it more than you do. I know it's not right to have it on all the time, but on missions… could save both yours and Ron's lives."

"I know Wade….I'm just afraid Ron will be exposed Wade. If the villains think they have to step up more….."

"I'll try and come up with something that is very user friendly Kim, but it's gonna take a while.", the genius replied, "if he can break anything in a lair he might be able to destroy something like a suit without trying."

"Thanks Wade."

"Here's your Mom, talk to you later."

"Hi Mom, uh how are you doing?"

"Just fine Kimmie, but you caught me inside a project.", the surgeon explained.

"Ewww Mom, you got your hands in somebody's head?"

"It's what I do honey, now what do you need?"

"Wade's gotta send one of his Wade-bots to the house to get my super suit; Dad's reset the house security higher…"

"Why didn't you call your Father?"

"So don't want to deal with him right now. I'm still a little tweaked at him with all the stuff he pulled on me this summer."

"I will call your Father after I get done here honey. You be safe on that mission."

"I will Mom and thanks, you rock.", Kim disconnected the connection.


Aboard the cargo plane that Wade had got Team Possible for its ride Ron asked, "Well KP how's the re-modified Sloth two point oh doing?"

"It's in for some testing by the Tweebs; they want to make sure the grappling beam is working. That's why we needed a ride.", Kim explained very happy that she had a car that could fly…that is when it wasn't in the shop undergoing a test or another modification by the genius twins.

"Yeah I wish they could work the bugs out of it too. I'd like it even more if I had my own car instead of that old crappy scooter."

"Yeah me too, but at least one of us has a car, sometimes it's nice to go out on a date without having to worry about redoing my hair the minute we get where we're going. Anyway I'm not their 'car monkey' anymore. It seems Bonnie earned that title.", the red head laughed.

"Yeah it seemed like all you were doing was running them to JP Bearymore's and other places whenever they got it into their heads they wanted to go to."

Sigh, "I love them, but they can be such Tweebs."

"Sometimes I wish I had little brothers or sisters, KP you don't know how lucky you are…."

"I'd like a little sister, but I don't need any more brothers."

Nodding, then looking to her mission attire, "KP I'm happy you decided to wear the battle suit, in some ways the dwarf is more capable that 'blue boy' and his sidekick."

"Well after that mission against him this summer I want all the advantages I can get. You know you almost got parboiled there. It was scary.", Kim told him as she remembered that mission and how Ron went off on GJ when it was over.

The blond teen quipped, "Yeah 'Ron the roast' is toast; bring all your friends to the barbeque… for all. But I'm serious when I say that I'm glad you are wearing the thing."

"I should have Wade make one for you…."

"Nah KP, if I need protection I got you. Anyway if I had one of those things it'd just be another thing for me to mess up. I had enough of it during football practice. It pinches in some places."

"Not on me it doesn't."

"Wade had my measurements in the nude to get them right; even though it's stretchy it is better in the size it was measured for… least that's what Wade told me."

Ron's eyes narrowed, "Who took the measurements KP?"


A relieved tow headed teen replied, "OK then, I thought I might have to give a 'talk' to Wade, but your Mom is cool."

"Thanks for being concerned honey.", Kim told her boyfriend as she looked at her Kimmunicator which had the countdown function working at the moment, "OK football hero, we have about ten minutes let's make sure everything is ready."

"Right KP."



"Hey KP why is Dementor wearing a dress, I thought he was German not Scottish.", Ron asked as they barged in on the German, suffering from a little jet lag.

"Like I would know why he does anything, boyfriend.", Kim snarked as they made their move to nab the black helmeted villain who was wearing a real ugly article of clothing.

Both teens' eyes nearly popped out of their heads as the cat and then the sofa began to attack Kim showing its teeth while she was retrained. The sofa was even showing teeth. Finally with a huge chomp the teenaged heroine was gone.

"Des es not eh dress.", the mad midget maniac shouted as different objects attacked the teens.

The cat jumped onto the black sweater that Ron Stoppable was wearing and began to shred it. "KP.", Ron wailed as he began to feel his anger begin to grow. The blond teen flung the feline away from him as the sofa exploded with the glowing blue translucent ball around the white clad teen inside.

The insane German picked up the 'cat' and pushed a button causing a DVD to eject and then tossed the 'cat' to Kim who caught it and absently began to pet it.

Zo it looks like I am in de hot water yes? No there is no hot water for me, I am not defeated Fraulein Possible.", then Dementor backed into what looked like a standalone clothes closet. Rocket motors lit and a hole opened in the ceiling.

"I wonder what that was all about.", Ron mused aloud when he had a funny feeling come over him.

Kim pushed aside some the fur as she noticed a beeping coming from the 'animal'. Seeing a countdown timer Kim tossed the feline aside, grabbed Ron, and rocketed through the same hole in the roof that Dementor had just vanished through.

"See this is why I'm not a cat person.", Ron pointed out as they cleared the roof.

Not saying anything Kim and Ron rocketed away from the building and as far as they could.

The power in the rockets in Kim's battle suit had only just enough fuel to carry the teens for about a hundred yards before setting them down. As they turned, the whole structure began to glow as a blue energy band formed around it just before it disappeared. "Ya know KP I'm getting to like that German bad guy less and less."

"Yeah me too boyfriend, now let's get a ride home. We both have homework and it's a school night."

"Yeah KP, you wanna call Wade while me and Rufus look around and see if the midget left any evidence?", Ron asked knowing that he probably wouldn't get squat.

"Go ahead Ron, I'll catch up in a couple of minutes.", the red headed heroine replied, 'Ronnie sure is getting better.'

Soon the white clad red head indeed caught up with her partner boyfriend. "Find anything?", she asked.

Ron frowned, "Whatever he used it wiped the place clean. I hope we don't run into more of this KP."

"Well we have a pickup in about ten. Then we have homework to do then get some sleep. The villains didn't waste their time getting busy this year did they?", Kim asked Ron.

"Yeah and we have a game Friday too, this sorta sucks you know. I'm a growing boy.", Ron smiled as he took her hand and squeezed it.

Suddenly the area was bathed in light as the hover jet sent by GJ arrived.

Two hours later the teen pair snuggled in for a nap after they had completed the necessary homework.


Lowerton High School:

"Ladies and Gentlemen please help the Lowerton Lemurs in welcoming the Middleton Mad Dogs to tonight's season opening contest.", the announcer told the fans who already knew that this was the first game of the year.

"First for the defense for the Mad Dogs, at nose tackle number ninety-two Mark Samples, at defensive end number ninety-seven John Mickleson….", the announcer called as the members of the highly touted defense took their positions.

"At linebacker number fifty-three Tank Woodson, at linebacker number forty-nine, Mike Enders… free safety number thirty-nine Chris Jones and at strong safety number thirty-five Spiker Ellis.", he finished.

"Now for your Lowerton Lemurs at right tackle number seventy-seven Dave Horsendilley….."

"Do you think Ron is ready for this?", Tara asked, "He looked like a ghost at the rally."

"Stupidable probably crapped his pants T, we are in a world of hurt if we have to depend on him.", Bonnie laughed at the situation that Kim's boyfriend seemed to be in according to her opinion.

"He'll be just fine Bonnie; I'll tell you what if he has a good game you have to give him a kiss on the lips right in front of everybody. With all the fans here and everything.", Kim taunted.

Bonnie's eyes flashed, she hated the blond more than she could imagine, "And what do I get when he acts like a fool?"

Kim knew this was coming and was prepared, "You get to be Captain of the squad for the next game."

The brunette thought more a moment then added, "And the top of the pyramid?"

"Yeah, but the kiss is sooo gonna happen Rockwaller so make sure you take a breath mint and freshen up your lipstick before kissing him, I want evidence and I have my camera in my purse."

"As if…"

"Are you woman enough?", Kim taunted casually wondering what her boyfriend was going to think when he found out.

"Deal.", Bonnie laughed thinking she had the red head now, her Queen Bee grin coming out.

Kim frowned at the situation offering her hand to shake on it, "Yeah deal."

The cheerleaders turned their attention back to the field where the referees and the captains from both teams were meeting for the flip of the coin.

"Middleton you are the away team call the flip.", the official instructed.

"Heads", Dave Alberts replied.

The referee flipped the coin after it landed he pronounced, "Middleton you have won the flip, your choices are to Defer, Receive, Kick or Defend a Goal, what's your decision?"

"We choose to Defer until the second half.", Dave replied after Tank whispered in his ear.

[Man you would not believe how many kids screw that up. They 'want to Kick Off' for the 1st half 'cause the "coach said if we win the toss we wants to kick off in the first half", and then the other team receives the kickoff to start both halves. Saw LSU screw that up once in person when Curley Hallman was the head coach. Man was that ever a disastrous five or so years with him coaching the team…btw CB is a rabid LSU fan!...Much to my lament this year.]

After turning to the Press Box and signaling Middleton's decision to 'Defer', which was the same signal as used for 'Incomplete Pass', the Referee turned to the Home Captain, "Lowerton, your options are to Receive, Kick or Defend a goal which do you choose?"

One of the players spoke, "We want the ball."

"Middleton, you will Kickoff, which goal do you wish to defend?"

Dave pointed to one end and the moved his group to place their backs to the goal they were to defend in the first quarter. After setting up and facing the Lowerton Captains standing with their backs to the goal they were to defend, the Referee signaled the Lemurs would Receive to start the first half.

The players shook hands again and headed back to their own sidelines where Barkin and the rest of the team were waiting. "Listen up! We are gonna hit 'em with the defense first. Now let's maintain good coverage and try to keep them back around their thirty.", the brusque coach ordered them.

A minute later the Middleton kicker placed the ball on the tee and paced back to where he would approach the ball to kickoff. The noise rose in the Lowerton Stadium so much so that no one, not even the puny soccer style kicker was able to hear the ball being launched towards the goal line where the Lemur receivers were standing and waiting for the ball.

The Lowerton kick receiver got the ball on the four yard line and took off straight up the field as he had been instructed, trying to get behind the wall as the suicidal Mad Dogs covered the kick while staying in their coverage lanes.

Two starting safeties however were also on the kickoff team and they reached the four man wall just as the receiver did. Both Spiker Ellis and Chris Jones crashed through and knocked the ball carrier down at the thirty-four yard line.

Lowerton came out throwing, wanting to put the Mad Dog defense on its heels. And initially they did have some success. They stacked two flankers to the left side of their formation for shock effect and after the first receiver sprinted off the line on a fly pattern taking the Middleton cornerback with him to stretch the coverage, the second receiver also went down and squared off his pattern to the inside on the first play gaining twenty-one yards on the pass reception.

On the second play the Lemurs just used two wide receivers (one on each side of the formation) and had number 17 slant to the inside to catch the ball just before Tank Woodson tried to take his head off, but gaining another eleven yards getting to the Middleton thirty-eight with Spiker Ellis cleaning up the mess.

Steve Barkin had scouted the Lemurs and noted rightly so that they passed a lot and decided the time was right to blitz the weak side linebacker. Tank Woodson was three yards off the ball when he charged; timing the snap with the quarterback under center. As the tough All-State backer got by the tackle who had his hands full at the moment with the nose tackle slanting along with the end who had looped in towards the middle, causing confusion in the Lowerton offensive line. Tank went through unmolested and in less time than it took the quarterback to say 'oh shit' he found out why Tank was called 'Tank' as he wrapped up number eleven and slammed him to the ground taking the Lemurs back for a six yard loss.

Faced with it being second and sixteen Lowerton came back out to the line this time they were stacked left. "Ollie, Ollie.", Tank called out as he shifted out to cover the under route while one of the linebackers stacked up behind defensive lineman Mark Shambles got close enough to start a relationship with him and touched him to let him know which way the red dog was going.

Mark, being an extremely creative young man, squeezed his hand making it move a little and causing the center to snap the ball a count early. The defensive line each had a look at the ball as it moved and they were off knowing this might be a draw or a screen pass. The linebacker who started it all was in on blitzing the quarterback and was rewarded for his efforts by the Lemur offensive guard grabbing his jersey and pulling him to the ground, although there were no flags tossed. The play went for no gain as the QB had to unload the ball to any friendly pass-eligible jersey or take a chance that what was left of his luck was going to run out faster than he had intended.

Seeing this non call for the holding by the zebras Ernie Roberts threw his hat at the bench and let off a string of words this author can't relate to the audience because this is a 'T' rated story.

Walker Bisbee and Mark Shambles nodded to each other and decided to work their magic again, although they knew there were no flags they understood it was just a matter of time before they made the Lowerton offense blowup, because they knew now that the offensive line was way too weak to keep their quarterback safe from harm. Walker got up and bulled his neck, waiting for the ball to come up the middle so he could eat the lunch of whoever came through. Mark continued to push and make the Lemurs use two linemen to block him knowing that someone would be open to make the play. Walker then moved to the outside to try and get in on the screen pass that Lowerton was now executing.

Already the cornerback was attacking the play as another linebacker slid over to support the safety who was covering the wide receiver.

The quarterback for Lowerton could see the play was diagnosed and also could see that his primary and backup receivers were covered and if he tossed the ball it could be intercepted and begin a very long night for him and his teammates…so he just threw it away over the head of one of his receivers and at Steve Barkin as a partial insult to the big man.

"Tweet!", sounded the whistle when the ball hit Barkin out of bounds on the sideline.

The referee signaled the holding call caused by the great play by the defense and Barkin told them that Middleton was declining the penalty.

Now it was third and sixteen on the Middleton forty-four yard line. Steve smiled as he sent in his call for the defense to bring out Samples and put one of the middle linebackers in his place and adding an extra safety who's instructions were to 'play tight'.

Since this was an obvious passing down the quarterback lined up eight yards back to give himself some time. When the ball was snapped the two defensive ends and the backer raced towards the quarterback knowing that they were keeping the line busy while another linebacker had stepped back and just stared into the quarterback's eyes. He waited and waited for the draw play which never came as John Mickleson slapped the ball away from the quarterback who had started to run for his life when the pocket disintegrated from the pass rush. With the ball on the ground bodies were now flying as they tried to recover the fumble on the Lowerton forty-eight yard line.


"Middleton ball.", the ref said as he signaled the recovery by the Mad Dogs by pointing to the Lemurs goal.


Dave Alberts looked at his offense for the first time as they huddled up, "Just like practice men. Pro-set right, thirty-four cross buck on two. Knock the shit outta them Ron so Curt can scare 'em. Ready break!"

"Break!", the offense called in unison as they turned and jogged to the line.

Ron glanced straight ahead then left and right as he had been programmed, while Curt Whiney did the same thing. The wide receiver was to the right of the formation and was already in his three point stance.

"Tree-eighty ninnne, treeeee-eighty ninnnne. Set.", Dave called the cadence, "hut…hut."

The mighty Mad Dog line drove straight ahead going for a hole in depth instead of width. Ron crossed and drove up into the line as Dave shoved the ball in his gut then pulled it out. He then reversed his spin and handed it off to the massive fullback who was headed right into the line.

As it was Ron knew he wasn't very big so he lowered his head and shoulders and made it appear that he was carrying the ball. He felt the ball being pulled back and accelerated, picking out his target; his intention to make an impression on his much larger foe.

'Crack!' resounded loudly as the two plastic helmets met, stopping both teens for a moment. 'Gotta get my head to his inside so he can't beat the block.', the thought flashed in Ron's mind as he kept his hands inside his frame. For the moment number seven in white had the advantage knowing he didn't need that much time for Curt to begin creating mayhem in the defensive backfield. Cutting off of Ron's block, Whiney was finally pulled down after a six yard gain.

"Tweet.", the ref's whistle sounded.


"See Kim what did I tell you, they don't even trust your boyfriend to touch the ball.", Bonnie snarked as she yelled, "Go Curt."

The red head frowned as she looked on.


"Alright quiet down." Dave told his teammates as they patted Curt on the back, "Pro-set right, thirty five cross buck on one. Ron you just do what you did, I'll bet that linebacker wonders what hit him. Ready, break!"


'I hope, but I wonder what hit me.', Ron mused silently as he broke from the huddle.

Again the offense came up to the line, but this time there was more confidence there.

The offensive line had their hands on their knees and waited for Dave to call the signals.

This time Curt and Ron were switched and again already in their stances.

"Tree-eighty-nine, treeee eiggghhty-nine. Set.", the line were in their stances again as Dave yelled, "Hut."

The massive and talented Mad Dog line fired off the ball as before. Again Ron crossed in front of Curt opening his arms up for the hand off even if it was a fake. As Ron felt the absence of the ball he looked for the first available big guy to try and knock down as instructed.

Since Dave had already spun to fake the ball to Stoppable, he reversed his spin and stuck it in Curt's arms as the monster almost ran over him with his shoulders dropped to make an extremely small target.

Ron's contact point wasn't a linebacker this time, but a defensive tackle that was ready for the contact from the blond as he tried to shut down the running play. Unluckily for him the contact was nearly the same as when Ron broke his helmet and shoulder pads earlier that summer. The two young men stopped for an instant as Ron bounced and then dove back in to sustain his block with a vengeance, knocking the defensive lineman down and out.

By now Curt had already hit and run over the linebacker who had the misfortune of getting blocked by number seven the previous play and was deep into the defensive backfield, looking for a 'D' back to crunch instead of just running to daylight just as he made his move the hole filled up with reinforcements. He made five yards.


"What the hell? Who is that number seven?", Jason Brock yelled as two of his defenders were down on the same play.

"Some kid named Stoppable.", an assistant coach yelled back as they and the doctors ran on to the field.

"Why don't we know about him? We know all about Whiney….What's with this Stoppable character, where did he come from?"


"See Kim.", Bonnie continued to taunt the red head, "They don't trust your boyfriend with the ball. He's a loser just like he always has been."

Kim didn't respond, but that didn't stop Tara, "Bonnie it's only the second play give him a chance, look at the two blocks he made."


The offense huddled up again Dave told them, "Pro-set twenty-four left dive on two. Zebra one. Ready break."


Again the offense jogged to the line of scrimmage. This time they were all down in their three point stances.

Again Ron and Curt lined up already in their stances as Dave called out, "Treee-eiggghhhty-nine, treeee-eigggghhhtttyyy-nine, set. Hut, hut."

This time there were no fakes. Curt drove straight ahead looking for a body….any body on which to lay some smackdown on. And his target was the replacement of the guy he knocked silly the previous play. Unfortunately, the poor underclassman never knew what hit him.

Ron drove straight ahead as he opened his arms for the ball. Keeping both hands on the pigskin, number seven in white lowered his shoulder pads and helmet and sprinted into the small hole. Feeling a grab, the reluctant hero turned his shoulders and kept driving his legs until after a brief moment, he was in the clear.

'Shit there's a guy.', he frowned as time seemed to slow down for him, 'I gotta stop and stutter step, then go.' Ron got an unusual look at how the play worked out as he then spun and took off for the sideline, now seeing there was no one between him and the end zone.

In the end it was a foot race as the guy who had developed his mad running away skills found another use for them. Being terrified of Henchmen® for years he quickly extended his lead and was five yards ahead of anyone by the time he crossed the goal line.

The announcer spoke over the audio system, "Touchdown Middleton, the running back is…..uh Stoppable, Ron Stoppable."

Ron handed the ball to the referee and jogged back to the Middleton bench with a smile on his face.


Kim turned to Bonnie with a smirk, "Freshen up your makeup Rockwaller, you might have to pay off a bet tonight."

"Shuddup Possible.", Bonnie screeched as she realized the ramifications of her bet would come back to haunt her.


"Good run Ron.", Dave told the blond as Curt clapped him on the back.


The kickoff unit was back on the field. After the kickoff the Lowerton offense started from their thirty yard line and was obviously looking nervous because their defense had already been scored on.

The Lowerton offense was able to move the ball down to the Middleton twenty-three yard line and had to settle for a field goal.

After Lowerton's kickoff, the Mad Dogs ended up with the ball on their thirty-one.

Dave looked at his guys, and given the option to try it the quarterback called, "Pro-set right seventy-eight option on three, remember we have to get good seal blocks. Ready….break."

"Break!", the offense responded as they clapped their hands and turned to jog to the line of scrimmage.

The line was standing with their hands on their knees as they waited for the call to start.

Ron lined up behind Curt in the "I" formation to give the defense another look to help confuse them.

Dave got up under center to receive the snap, "Tree eighty-nine, tree eiggghhtty-nine." The two backs shifted causing the defense to spread out a little.

"Set. Hut, hut…..hut.", Dave yelled in his 'quarterback' voice again.

This time Dave took the ball and offered it to the fullback in what looked like an off tackle play causing the defense to react to the monster who had decimated their numbers earlier, then pulled it back while Curt rushed into the line to create some mayhem.

Then Dave ran along the line of scrimmage as Ron came into view. Dave, seeing the outside linebacker coming in to make the play on him, flicked the ball back to Ron who was trailing behind and to the outside as he streaked by, made the corner and turned up field.

Number seven in white raced up the sideline while the cornerback was being blocked by the wide receiver and it only took a moment for the blond to get by him.

Ron Stoppable glanced up and saw the free safety converging on him so he cut back against the grain and to the interior, all the way to the far end zone pylon. From start to finish the new Middleton running back ran for nearly seventy-five yards in a straight line from the line of scrimmage to the end zone, but over a hundred and twenty yards of field was covered in doing so when he crossed the goal line.


"Bonnie that's two touchdowns he scored and if I calculated it right he's rushed for over a hundred yards in the first quarter, alone.", Kim teased as the first quarter ended.

Bonnie Rockwaller moaned, "I'm gonna be sick."

"And I'm gonna be amused I hope I have a full charge on my camera.", Kim laughed as she yelled loudly, "Go Mad Dogs."


Well there's the first quarter of the Lowerton/Middleton football game. Ronnie's already picked up two TDs and a crap full of yards. I wonder if he's gonna be Thursday's hero or the Big Dog?

Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Bonnie, Tara, the Tweebs and a whole slew of canon characters in the show 'Kim Possible' belong to the show's creators and the Disney Corporation and not me nor my beta Cajunbear73. We only do this for our and hopefully your enjoyment and not to make any money off this little hobby of ours.

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