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The Hunter

Chapter 48

Middleton High School:

'There he is, right where I expected him, but he's a little early today.'

Kim looked left then right as she snuck up on the form that had its back to her fiddling with a lock. With as swift of an action as she ever used against a foe she leaned in slightly and kissed the blond on the cheek. Then suddenly in a move that was swift and fluid, her target wasn't within her grasp anymore. "Ron?", she gasped surprised by the move and only caught him with a glancing buss.

She thought she saw a bluish tint to his eyes then it faded, "KP? Man you surprised me. Sorry honey."

"What was that?", Kim inquired still thinking about his foreign looking eyes.

Ron sighed, "Goon dodging to perfection KP. It's what's kept me alive for three years now….makes me into a fumble recovery expert too."

"That's not what I meant."


"Your eyes were blue for a moment Ronnie."

"They were? Are you sure KP? It musta been the lighting. I mean I don't feel any different….", Ron lied as he chuckled, "anyway you gotta admit that was an expert goon dodging move I might want to patient it."

"OK expert boy, ready for school?"

"Am I ever ready for school KP?"

"I'll take that as a no.", Kim giggled.

"Good call KP, it would be nice for Wade to have something for us today….well at least till football practice that is. You know something easy like dismantling a nuclear bomb or stopping a volcano or somethin' you know nothin too dangerous."

Snort, "I'd just like a nice quiet day. Just let us get through school and cheer practice…well football practice for you Ronnie. Then we can study together at Bueno Nacho and get some mandatory cuddling in."

"Ready for the snuggling stuff already KP, but you know someone usually messes that up. Except for cuddling with you the big thing I look forward to every day now is trying to run away from our own Middleton goon squad. Nothing like getting run over by Big Mike and his minions all twenty one of them."

"So you like running around with twenty-one other smelly and sweaty guys then?"

"It's not so bad if you have a cold and can't smell them though I'd rather get sweaty and smelly with you KP.", Ron teased, "Broken noses ain't so bad when you think in terms of the boy's locker room."

"Ewwwww that's bad. So you'd rather get sweaty with your GF?...Doing what?", Kim asked as she opened her locker up (This year it was only two away from Ron's).

"KP you've got a pretty good imagination. Why don't you try and guess?", the blond teen smirked again as he continued to tease her.

The red headed teen turned her attention to the inside of her locker so that she could get her morning's books. While doing so she held out her hand to her boyfriend who grasped it. "I'll think about it Ronnie then we can discuss what I thought of….maybe we can act on it too. Now come on let's get to Homeroom a little early for a change."

"Right with ya KP.", Ron replied as he got his books out, shoved them inside his backpack and shut the door to his locker. Ron then offered his arm to Kim which she accepted. (As long as they weren't necking or draped all over each other this was perfectly acceptable by the rules set down by the school board).

Twice over the preceding five years Steven Barkin had gotten his wrists slapped by several members for going past his authority. When they advised him that he should weigh the spirit as well as the letter of the PDA policy he backed off a little. When he had come down on Tara once, the gruff administrator had the platinum blonde in tears from his tirade. Tara was still upset when she got home and it took a lot of talking to Bob King by his Wife to keep him from showing up at football practice with his Winchester Model Twelve pump shotgun to resolve the issue with said Vice-Principal. However, Abby did call the flat topped former Marine into the next board meeting to advise him that there are a lot of protective Fathers who had daughters at Middleton High. And that he really should tone down his comments in what is some of the best hunting county in the United States. She also reminded him that some of the residents had fairly large tracts of land, a backhoe, and of course the ever present shotgun.

Just before they entered the classroom, Kim and Ron's lips slipped past each other after quickly checking for adult supervision…. Accidently of course having practiced the technique more than a few times to make sure that they had it down pat just like any joint 'maneuvers' that Team Possible prepared for (it took only three times before Ron stopped mashing his nose into Kim's cheek).

Ten minutes later the bell announcing the start of the school day rang.

"Alright listen up.", the gruff voice roared as he slammed the door to the classroom causing two unfortunates who were dozing to almost jump out of their seats. Murmuring under his breath, Ron Reiger, wondered if he should research voodoo on the internet to get even.

Most of the students cringed hearing Barkin's voice again though you'd think that they should be somewhat accustomed to it after three years of listening to him rant. "Remember people, this week is Spirit Week at Middleton High, we expect everyone to be wearing their Middleton attire this week to support our mighty Mad Dogs especially at the rally in last hour Friday and the game and dance afterward. The game is against Mountain Side High School, it should be a stern test for the Mad Dogs and I expect you all to be there to support your team.", Steve Barkin stated leaving no room for a negative response.

Ron raised his hand.

"Yes Stoppable?, " he paused, "What do you want?"

"Uh Mr. B (the rest of the students besides Kim cringed again), what happens if someone has to work while we are supposed to be playing?"

"Are you going to be there Stoppable?"

"Uh, yes Sir. I kinda have it on my schedule, my GF is on the Cheer Squad so it is part of the duties of a Boyfriend to support her.", Ron blushed not wanting to brag about him playing.

Kim then chipped in, "And said Girlfriend wants to cheer her cute Boyfriend to victory. Just so everyone knows Ronnie is going to run all over their mangy butts."

"Kay Peeeee.", Ron let out getting redder as she spoke up.

"Good then you two will be there. Don't worry about anyone else.", the Vice-Principal slash Head Football Coach responded as the vein on his neck seemed to be keeping time, "Now does anyone else have anything pertinent to ask?"

He paused, waiting for something that might give him a headache. Seeing none Barkin continued, "Now I know that you all have homework, if not I will assign some….get to it."

Ron, knowing he had successfully played Mr. Barkin again, glanced over at Kim who slightly smiled. Both reached into their backpacks to get out a book and each began to read knowing that they didn't want to give the Ex-Marine a reason to send them to detention.

It wasn't soon enough, but the class bell rang again and the students filed out into the hallway as quickly as they could so as not to be late for their second period. The blond boy and the red headed girl walked for part of the way then as if on cue they looked right and then left with one checking behind. A moment later they were sharing a light kiss to say good bye for a little while.

Kim entered her next class and hurried over to see her best girlfriend, Monique, just sitting down. "Hi Moni, did you have a good weekend?"

"Without Brick there was no way it was good, but he'll be back in a few weeks which reminds me….do you guys still wanna want to go on a double date that Saturday night?", Monique Jenkins asked Kim.

"I'll check with Ronnie and see if he has to work, if not the answer is yes….that is unless Daddy messes me up again."

Snort, "Do you guys need a chaperone to go freak fighting now too?"

"Daddy thinks that activity is fine, but snuggling with my BF is wrong.", Kim explained as she pulled the books and notebooks she would need for the class out of her backpack, "He still thinks I should be dating a robot or something, but as you know I and Mom are working on him."

"Well you are going to the dance with your live Cuddlebuddy Friday after the game right?"

"Those are our plans. Mom informed Daddy that there would be no interference in our dating this weekend."


"He tried to make up some excuse about wanting to go out for a ride in the country and spend the night in motel and get back late Sunday, but Mom shot him down.", Kim explained, "After the summer vacations, my cheer camp and last weekend's fishing trip you'd think he'd back down a little."

"Kim, you have a wayyyy overprotective Dad. Of course wanting to get your sidekick in the rack might not be such a good idea while you're still living at home.", Monique informed her friend.

Kim responded, Sigh, "Yeah I know, Mom is in favor of us though. Now where are you planning on going on this double date?"

"How about a dinner and dancing?", Monique suggested, "Something nice and romantic, maybe you and the sidekick can do us a favor and keep watch while Brick and I get to know each other a lot better."

"Ron loves to dance, so that sounds great with me. I think that is the weekend that Mom is going to Denver though. I'd better run this by her…..Dad will just use some excuse to do a family thing and keep Ronnie out of the loop. Anyway what do you mean by getting to know each other a lot better?"

Monique thought for a moment, "You're a smart girl Kim; you can figure that out for yourself." Then the Middleton fashion guru added as she thought up a way to keep Doctor Possible the rocket scientist busy.

Kim thought for a second, the idea that crossed her mind caused her to blush deeply.

"Kim by the look on your face you have the right idea. Now you ought to enroll your old man in that Captain Constellation Fan Club, that should keep him too busy with that genre so much so that he will probably stay out of your hair for at least a couple of years if what you say about him is true. I figure by the time you have your third he'll notice that you've been gaining some weight."

"Yeah that would be good idea, maybe I can get a family membership and the Tweebs can join him and they will have something to do besides bother me. Then I can treat my boyfriend like he deserves.", Kim replied after thinking for a moment trying to kill two….make that three birds with one stone.


The flat topped football coach looked up a name and number in his 'black book' and punched in the numbers on his cell phone. He knew he had to keep this low keyed and there was no way I wanted someone else hearing what he had to say.

A chipper voice came though the handset, "Mountain Side High School home of the Crazy Marmots."

Checking once more to see that there was no one around Steve Barkin asked, "Lance Krutz please, this is Steve Barkin."

In a few moments a happy voice came over the other end of the phone, "How are ya doin' Steve? Looks like you're gonna fill the stands this Friday after what you did to Lowerton last week."

"Yeah doing pretty good here Lance….uh, we had a good game and got some performances from guys we didn't expect to. But that's part of my problem Lance."

"Oh and how can we help you out Steve?"

"Funny you should ask. We have a troublemaker here and we have to teach him a lesson.", Barkin frowned knowing that if he had done anything like this while in the Marines he could have been brought up on treason charges.

"Wait a minute let me get somewhere so that we can really talk about what's going on at Middleton.", Krutz stopped Barkin before anyone in his office could hear what was going on.

A couple minutes later Lance's voice returned, "OK now what is your problem?"

"I have problems with one of my players and I think I'm gonna have to teach him who is boss.", Barkin got out being able to talk freely since he was the only one in his office and class was in session.

"Anyone I know?"

"He's a new guy."

"Steve you're no rookie. Have some of the heavies lean on him a little. A few of my guys have found out a broken bone in the hand or a mashed nose are real good life experiences… makes them more 'coachable'."

"I can't he's bonded with all my guys and in the last game he was the hero, you know I never thought that I'd say that about him."

"Why's that Stevie?", Krutz asked wondering why Barkin was having trouble with some kid with the kind of game Middleton played the Friday before.

"Well he's Kim Possible's sidekick Lance, he's been pretty much a goof off through school till now. Old man Rockwaller wants him to stick around and with Possible being the….."

Lance interrupted having recognized the name, "You're talkin' the law aren't you?"

"Yeah, but today he walked out of 'chalk talk' and offered to turn in his gear, Ernie was a little rambunctious and put the team down for lack of effort; for some reason Stoppable took offense to it."

"Let him quit then.", Krutz wondered if he could get to the kid before the rest of the high schools in Colorado found out that he had been let go by Middleton.

"I can't, the kid is good, real good."

"What's gonna happen if this kid gets hurt Steve?"

"We'll have an alright season, but nothing like we'd have with him. If we bust him up enough maybe we'll set him back and use him next year. I'm sure that enough of his assignments could 'disappear' to make it happen,", Steve paused, "but I have to tell you I've tried to do all sorts of stuff to that kid and he must be real lucky because he always bumbles his way out of any obstacle I've put in front of him and comes out smelling like a rose."

"You could have his parents messed with or maybe his siblings or his girlfriend."

"Stoppable is an only child and with Kim Possible being his girlfriend, well let's just say that she can take care of herself….I mean I could send a message to his friends or maybe stomp his parents. But trying to stop Kim Possible or hurt her will have the cops down on our asses, which could happen if we survive." Steve paused again.

"But what we need is someone who can bust up Stoppable, but not enough so that he can't perform, just so we can get his attention and get him to conform. We already called in a 'favor' and Stoppable was somehow able to not only not get hurt, but he busted up the guys that tried to teach him a lesson."

"Oh who did you use?"

Barkin replied, "Bill Freeman over at East Medlin. They owed us a favor from last year."

"Did they send their standard goons?"

"Yeah. Freeman called up and wanted compensation after Stoppable kicked their asses by himself. There are broken bones and messed up joints."

"Christ who is this kid some MMA fighter?"

"He's just a hundred and sixty or seventy pound kid who can't even tie his shoe laces on most days let alone run a football and beat a tackle. He's scared of his own shadow. He wears number seven for us. The name is Stoppable, Ronald Stoppable don't mix it up. He plays running back and he is real fast."

"He doesn't sound like someone who's scared of much, anyway how fast is he?"

"I think he's faster than anyone you guys will ever meet. You won't believe it, trust me don't underestimate his speed."

"Ok I get it; I'll have some of my guys begin 'playing to the whistle' in practice. We'll make sure that we get this guy's attention during the game sometime. You might lose him for the rest of the year though."


"Remember no retaliation against our guys or it might be war. We're doing this as a favor to you.", Krutz told Barkin.

Steve responded after thinking for a moment knowing that he just about put a 'hit' on the teen and if anyone talked there might be a national outrage, "Yeah I know, just try not to hurt him too bad. We might need him for the rest of the year."

"I can't have my guys pull their punches Stevie, you know I might get one of my players tossed so you guys better make it worth our time. I want a couple of TD's for this."

"Maybe, I'll let you have one, but not two, but we'll come up with something. Anyway thanks for helping me out.", Steve replied as he closed his cell phone knowing he crossed the line in ethics some time ago and now solicited a 'hit' on a player that he had several calls about from local sports writers over the weekend. "Oh well,", he growled, "what's one more sin."


Mountain Side High School the home of the 'Crazy Marmots':

Coach Lance Krutz sat back in his very soft and padded office chair in his office as he read the sports sections of several newspapers. 'Oh Stevie boy.', he mused, 'you got a 'hot' one and you're just gonna toss him to the wolves? Old man Rockwaller is gonna have the things you think with nailed to the 'trophy' wall in his den for doing this. You guys didn't even have to trade for him and now you wanna mess him up.'

He frowned as he read further, 'The kid looks like he can be dangerous on the field. Maybe we can knock him out for the game and the season. I wonder how he'd like to play here next year? Oh well the tapes should be in later today as per agreement. We'll see what he's capable of ourselves.'


Middleton Airport:

"Passports and visas please.", the immigration agent asked as she held out her hand to receive the documents.

The male handed over the requested documents, then a large envelope with the baby's papers inside it too because he knew that the next question was going to be about the child. On top of that he had to push a cart that held all of their luggage, but he was tough.

The woman scanned over the passports and stamped them, "I see you have been here before and the reason for doing so again?"

The female decided to take over, "We are employed by Yam Anouchi Adoption Services. We were informed that you would be aware of our arrival. The child has been approved for adoption by both the Japanese and the United States Government. It is our duty to escort her to our office in Middleton so that she may meet her new family; all of her paperwork is in the large envelope."

"Ah I see, we have been given a 'heads up' that you were on the way Miss. Could you wait a moment? My supervisor will handle your and the child's case." The woman pushed a button on her station for assistance as she had been instructed the day before.

"Thank you.", Yori replied as a festive Hanna Stoppable (yes she already had been given the surname) tried to pull on an article of the Japanese woman's clothing since she was rather bored by all the proceedings.

It took a few moments but a blonde haired woman came over to where they were waiting. She offered her hand, "I am Cathy Sunderson, would you please follow me to one of our offices?"

Yori shook the offered hand and then Hiro did as well as Cathy continued, "Welcome to the United States and….( Cathy opened up the envelope and scanned the document) and welcome home Miss Stoppable."


"Yes she has been granted United States citizenship. Someone has been pulling some strings for this little girl.", Miss Sunderson explained, "We just have to give her a physical and check over the paperwork so you or she doesn't have any trouble at a later date."

Yori snorted and said under her breath, (Grandfather has been busy hasn't he Hiro?)

"Excuse me what did you say Miss?", Cathy inquired.

Hiro spoke, "It was nothing Miss, my fiancée was speaking to the baby. She will have to learn English; I expect that she will learn that well enough since she cannot speak yet."

In a few moments the four (including Hanna) reached a closed door which the Immigration Supervisor opened. Both Yori and Hiro's eyes opened wide, (Grandfather.)

The white haired old man held out his hands, "I see you have had little trouble Yori-chun and Hiro-san. And you have brought our little one to Middleton. Did you have a good trip?"

"Hanna was restive for some of the trip, but the staff on the airplane were quite helpful.", Yori explained as she handed the now very active bundle of joy over to the ninja master.

Cathy sat down at a desk and began to study the documents while this was going on. "Very good.", she commented as she began to use the stamp on the desk, "You have done your homework. If half the people who tried this had this kind of paperwork I'd be out of a job…..well this one anyway."

Cathy glanced up seeing the reaction from the young couple, "I sort of outrank the local supervisor and Sensei and my Grandfather go back a ways."

"You know Grandfather?", Yori's eyes widened.

"But of course, they fought against each other at one time. They were friends until he passed away a few years ago. They exchanged Christmas gifts. Major Toshimuru saved him on the Bataan Death March in '42 and enabled him to get to the rebels; he became a decorated war hero in the war. If it wasn't for your Grandfather I wouldn't be here.", she explained.

Yori had never heard this story and gazed at the old man who was paying attention to the child, (Grandfather?)

(It was an atrocity I could only do what I could at the time. They transferred me back to Japan a month after the battle ended. They didn't really trust me.), Sensei explained, (I could only help a few. The local leaders in the Army were always looking over our shoulders.)

Sensei still held Hanna to his chest, "Remember we are here to help people and Hanna is being placed with a loving family to help them if needed. I will miss her when we return to Japan."

"Do you wish the NSA to keep an eye on the family Sensei? The Government of the United States does owe you a great debt which we can never hope to repay for your actions in the war.", Cathy inquired casually bringing that up.

"I think we might be better served by letting the child live a 'normal' life, so thank you but no. I have confidence that her protector has the ability to keep her safe. As for my actions back then, we both know they weren't enough to save some people who we should have been able to."

"Very well Sensei, your paperwork is in order and you take care of the baby. And cutie like I said, welcome home.", Cathy got up and hugged the ninja master then left the room.

Yori looked at her 'Grandfather' again, (You never told me….)

(There are many things you do not know Granddaughter. That was a dark time for Japan as you know from history. The Emperor was not in control and the government made very wrong decisions in his name. If we had been vigilant we might have avoided that conflict. It was the fault of several of the schools….we could have made a difference, maybe this time we will.)

Hirotaka asked, (Why didn't you inform us?)

(At the time the people were led like sheep Hiro-san, there was little we could do to stop the insanity. We had to work within the system. It took years and it cost many lives…as you know it nearly destroyed our home….and our honor. We are trying to prevent anything like that from happening in the future. That is one reason why we are here. That is also why we have to help the other schools to the perceived disturbance, although we do not know what it entails.)

Yori paled, (Do you expect another war?)

(Yes, but not like the last major one. This one will be different. The seer has given us some insight though not very much. One whom we love must do most of the battle.)

(And Stoppable-san?)

Sensei hung his head for a moment, (He is in the eye of the storm from what we have been told. We are doing what we can to make him ready, but it is difficult to fight a battle when you do not know the rules of engagement until after the first blows are struck.)

(Will he survive?)

(I do not know child, but most of the training he needed he has learned, there are some things left to instruct Stoppable-san into, but those are very few now…..He has been forced to kill again.)

(Anyone we know.), Hirotaka asked.

Sigh, (Yes one of our own students was sent to assassinate him. I do have a new mission for the two of you now.)

(To find out if there are any more in the plot to kill the 'Chosen One'?), Yori frowned.

(You are very perceptive Granddaughter. It will be your honor to conduct the investigation.), then he paused.

The ninja master handed Hanna back to Yori, "I think it is time to go home to our house in Upperton to let Hanna and yourselves rest from the rigors of your journey. We have transportation outside. Hirotaka it will be your honor to carry the bags."

"Will we see Stoppable-san today.", Hiro asked as he got behind the cart and began to push it towards the door Sensei had just opened.

"No he was wounded by a shuriken last night; I have given him a few days off to recover. His parents may return tonight or tomorrow. We must make sure to introduce him to her and make him aware to keep his façade.", Sensei warned.


"So you are going to make him turn back into a fool?", Hiro inquired as he and Yori worked on fastening the child into her car seat (and was raising a fuss since she had never ridden in one before).

"Alas yes, it will help his cover to be this way."

After a half hour ride the small hoard climbed out of the van and entered the large and sprawling home of Sensei's. This time Antubi helped Hirotaka to carry the bags.


The Ranch outside Middleton:

"Come on guys, even I can shoot better than this.", Hans told his men after reviewing the scores.

"The humidity is lower here, we have to make adjustments.", Randy Prose explained, "We might have to try new ammunition to make sure that everything is going to work out the way it's supposed to."

Sigh, "Do you want new rifles?"

"I want to check out the Remington 700 model and the Winchester Model 70. They are both first rate. Since we want to engage our number two target from a distance I feel we need a heavy hunting round with a scope.", Randy replied.

"Why not try a Weatherby or a Mauser? I know both are fine weapons, though they are on the expensive side."

Prose looked at his boss and then sighed, "Boss both are fine rifles as you said, but both are works of art too. I have a feeling that we will have to leave them behind when we are finished. I would have a hard time just abandoning a masterpiece like one of those to some law enforcement clown. We don't need something for bagging a lion or tiger to bring down a couple of teenagers. If I can get the special barrel I need and scope we really won't need for anything so exotic. For a while the Army was using a Remington Model 700 and fitted them with special barrels for their sniper rifles. I don't care how tough you are you don't live long with a three oh eight round through your heart."

"Three oh eight…."

"That's the same sized bullet as the NATO seven six two round used in their machineguns and heavier rifles.", Prose explained.

"Will that be enough?", Otto inquired.

"Should be unless you want to hit them from more than a klick away, and if we try that there may be collateral damage.", the former British Army sniper informed them then suggested, "But I do think that we should invest in a top grade scope for each of the shooters."

Hans nodded seeing the reasoning, "Very well, what do you prefer?"

Not having to think about it Prose responded, "Leupold® has the best optics and if you think about it we might be able to salvage them and use them at a later date. I wouldn't bother with a Simmons®, we could use a laser range finder too, that will help us with bullet drop…it could make the difference between a chest shot and hitting the dirt in front of him. We might only get one shot at the kid and if we hit him in the chest he should die very quickly, it will leave a very big hole."

"Do you know where to get want you need?"

"Of course that was one of the first things I did after we arrived and got online."

"Approved, submit the bill to Otto.", Hans responded, "Have you finished the shoot house as yet?"

"We need another week boss. We are lining the walls in that big barn with old rubber tires so that we can use live ammunition to practice with."

"Why all of that?"

"Safety we don't want any of us to get shot by accident….uh Sir, haven't you ever dealt with guns much?"

"Only for hunting, why?"

"A bullet doesn't care who it hits. We are using lethal means as a last resort on this mission. We need to practice, sometimes in practice bad things happen. In the Army we lost more men to training that to actual combat. What we are doing now is training so it stands to reason that this is more dangerous."

"I can buy into that….Ok take care of it, but if an easy opportunity presents itself, take target two out….permanently as long as no one else gets in the way. Now if you do, immediately call me or Otto so that we know to get everyone out. We don't want any of our guys to get caught.", Hans warned after he gave the go ahead.

"Are you still going to romantically target the girl?"

"Of course Randy that is a major part of the operation and my 'tip', don't you know."

"Yes Sir."


Middleton High:

Ron and Felix were sitting in the cafeteria when Kim and Monique entered. "Well there's your boy and Wheels.", Monique Jenkins pointed out.

"It's been a long morning, how are you honey?", Kim asked her guy as they got to the table.

"Just fine Kim.", Felix replied before Ron could say anything because he had his mouth full, "Do you want to go to Bueno Nacho for something after practice?"

"Huh, s….sure Felix.", the red head muttered before she caught herself.

"Good Ron can walk you there, I'll be waiting with Zita.", the wheelchair bound young man got out as Ron's narrowing eyes threatened to burn a hole all the way through him.

As he caught the look from Ron and now Monique as she was catching up Felix asked, "What?"

Monique started since Ron wasn't able to talk yet, but was turning red, "Did you just as Kim out on a date?"

"Only if she wants to share me with my girlfriend, Zita's sort of protective.", he replied then added, "Anyway Ron had his mouth full and he always goes to BN for something with Kim. He has since I've known him."

"Soooo you were inviting me for Ron then?", Kim clarified.

"Isn't that what I said? I mean do you think I'm gonna mess up my relationship with that 'hot' Latino girl to date you? I mean I like you enough Possible, but come on….you have to admit Ron's more your type than I am. You like those macho athletes types not us brainy ones."

"Dammit Felix are you trying to get me killed?", Ron finally found his voice.

"I haven't tried yet…..Hey that reminds me Ron are you going to need any help to finish up your move to the basement?"

"Nah almost done, you know Dave, Curt and Big Mike helped me move almost everything down there a few days ago."

Kim stared at her boyfriend wide eyed, "Roooonnn, you did the move without telling me?"

Ron frowned knowing he was going to have to tell her, "Uh KP you were busy with the home stuff. I didn't want to bother you."

"Daddy again?"

"KP…'s not like that. Those guys just helped me move some stuff. I mean Big Mike almost ran me over when he carried my chest down there… was still loaded. It only took us about forty minutes. The painters are coming later in the week to do my old room. Mom and Dad are gonna be home either tonight or tomorrow. By Friday the carpet will be in and we'll have the baby furniture in place.", Ron explained.

"So you guys are about ready then?"

"Yeah pretty much, I'm gonna get to see what it's like being a subterranean animal, at least Rufus will be able to give me some pointers.", Ron quipped.

Monique chided the blond, "It won't be that bad."

"Yeah you're right Moni, just me and my new buddies."

"New buddies? What are you talking about football hero?"

"Football hero? More like football lackey, but to answer your question…..the washer and dryer.", Ron snorted not quite believing she fell for it since he had been using the same joke for weeks.

"Ronnn be nice.", Kim told him lowly seeing that for some reason he was on a roll.

As Ron shifted in his seat he rubbed his back the wrong way and his eyes opened wide in pain which Kim immediately noticed.

Kim asked lowly wanting to lower the level of conversation at their table, "What's wrong Ron?"

"Huh, uh oh nothing KP, why don't you guys go through the line? We've got your places here."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, go on. We'll be right here."

In five minutes Kim was right next to Ron and almost having to sit on his lap since Tara and Josh also plopped down.

Monique, having discussed this with Kim in the food line, asked the blond, "What's wrong with your back baby boy?"

"Huh?...Monique I don't know what you're talking about."

"Just like I told KP nothing…."

"I don't believe you…."

"Monique there's nothing to see."

"I'll raise your hockey jersey up and take a look myself.", the African-American beauty threatened.

"You don't wanna do that girlfriend."


"Barkin's in the room, that's why. Both you and me get detention, heck maybe the whole table might get to sit with Barkin. Do you wanna be in there with Junior and Vinnie?"

Monique almost paled remembering her confrontation with the two over the summer, "Yeah I guess you're right Ron. If you say there's nothing wrong then you must be OK."

The red head leaned over to see the lighter complexion on her friend as she glanced at her boyfriend chomping down on a French fry, 'I wonder what that's all about?'.

Ron decided there was way too much interest in what was under his shirt so asked, "Hey girlfriend how's Brick doing?"

"He's doing alright in school Ron and he's gonna be back in town in a couple of weeks. I already asked Kim if you guys wanna double with us one night"

"I don't have ta fight him do I?"

"I hadn't counted on it why?"

"Just wondering anyway Moni he's bound to get lucky someday. If it's all right with KP it's all right with me. Where are we going?"

Kim cooed as she ran her hand over his arm, "Romantic dinner followed by dancing. Sllllloooowwww dancing, you know cheek to cheek. Just think no air space between our bodies."

""Reeeeallll slow dancing? Can I get a Boooyaaaahh? And a nice Italian place KP…Mo?", Ron asked as he saw Kim brighten.

"Pace's?", Kim uttered as the idea clicked in her mind too.

"Kim?", Monique asked.

"Just say yes and nod your head up and down Moni.", the red head instructed.

The warning bell sounded and the teens gathered their trays to have them cleaned on the way out the door.

"See ya later guys.", Ron called as Kim pulled him along.


Drakken's Lair:

"OK Doctor D now that we're back home what are we gonna do next?"

"I'm working on a plan Shego, but I need some things for my plan.", the mad (OK he had been thinking that a super strong blond sidekick wasn't the most villain friendly environment to play in) blue scientist responded.

"OK did you make up a list for me?"

"Of course Shego, now where did I put it?"

"Do I have ta clean up after you too!", the green hued woman taunted.

"Shego what have I told you about the hurtful words."

The former member of Team Go pushed Dr. Drakken's buttons even further, "Do you want me to call your Mother to come in here to clean up your mess and keep your place neat?"

"That's not funny."

"Listen I busted you out of the slammer last June, it is now September and we haven't done anything. I swear you're getting out of the business."

"I am not."

"Then prove it."

"Meh, alright I will, come back in a couple of hours Shego. I should have something for you by then."

"Alright Blue Boy I'll go run a maintenance check on the hover car while you are thinking of what you want to do."


HenchCo® Headquarters:

"Are you sure that they wanted something to give very strong 'suggestions' to the mind?", the CEO of the biggest supplier for villain hardware inquired over the encrypted phone.

"Yes I am sure, has anyone done a neural compliance chip yet?", the man on the other end of the phone inquired.

"Drakken did a couple of years ago.", Jack informed the leader of this little operation that they had launched and paid for with monies made by various illegal means.

"Was it any good?"

"It worked, Drakken got one placed on his assistant and get this, he got one on Kim Possible….and they worked."

"Then why isn't Possible still working for him?"

"When I asked the blue guy said that those twin brothers of Possible were able to defeat it somehow.", Jack explained.

"Do you think that Drakken can upgrade the thing? Our benefactors are also interested in that 'Brain Tap' machine too; you know the one that he used on the rocket scientist before he tried that robot invasion where he got his butt handed to him."

"Yes I know of that machine, if I remember from one of my sources Global Justice removed it from the lair. Doctor Drakken was apprehended at the Headquarters for Bueno Nacho if you remember. The machine was in another place. I can speak with him…he's laying low right now. GJ is still looking for him after that stunt last spring."

"I would be as well if my sister was after me the way that she is after him. Try to find out exactly where that machine is, I'm sure we can make use of it soon."

Hench warned his customer, "You do know there is a finder's fee if I recover something like that."

The one eyed villain chuckled, "Isn't there always a fee Jack?"

"Supplying gear for villains to take over the world is an expensive as well as risky business Sheldon. If you need I can assure you that I still have that pay-per-use plan still in place. It may be more expensive if you need it more times than you have hinted at, but it's better than owning the thing and having some red headed teen blow it up."

"Don't you have a lease program like the 'Time Share Lairs' that you've been pushing?"

"Not at this time…."

"Why not?"

"It's not financially beneficial for HenchCo® to be engaged in that business at this time."

"In other words you won't be able to make money handover fist.", Gemini told him.

"Sheldon that is an unrefined way of stating business facts, but yes, I do not know exactly what our 'friends' have planned, but I am sure that whatever it is will keep that girl out of our hair for quite a while. I remind you they said that they plan to use all the options on the table…you do understand what that means do you not?"

"Yes I am aware that the demise of one of them is possible.", the villain with the mechanical hand replied.

"And you are also aware that in aiding them while knowing this we are co-conspirators correct?"

"Jack we are criminals. I run the World Wide Evil Empire; our plan is to overthrow the worlds' governments by any tactic that will work."

"Very good Gemini I think if this works the way I think it will, we had better find a very good alibi or a very good hiding spot.", Jack advised, "I can always argue that this is a business and that I am not responsible for what people do with the information or devices that I provide them with. Now that doesn't keep me from having my own place to hide as well, if my involvement in this operation comes to light…..I have a place to go. They will have to dig me out with and armored battalion. I seriously doubt if any of the major powers wish to come after a businessman. I will be able to destroy about half of the troops and their equipment. Can you do as well?"

Sheldon Director snorted, "The WWEE has installations all over the world Jack. We too might have to stay under the radar for a while, but we'll come back stronger than ever. Then my sister will be licking my boots when I surface."

"What's that got to do with anything?"

"Mother always treated her better."

Jack snorted back, "Don't you realize how childish that sounds?"


Middleton High:

The thin framed genius glanced around the corner. Seeing what she was waiting for, Justine jumped from her hiding place. Too bad for her; she wasn't able to wrap her arms around the biggest thing in the town of Middleton. "Mikey!", Justine squealed, "I've been waiting for ten minutes."

"I'm sorry Justine, I'll try to do better.", Big Mike Little responded as he picked her up and nuzzled into her cheek. No one messed with the blonde brainiac since Mike had leaned on the rest of the 'lifetime losers club' and informed them that they were a couple. There had been the assorted rude and tasteless comments, which Mike and several of the football players nipped in the bud by giving first offenders short trips down the stairs. This gave the highly intelligent blonde and anyone she walked with a large amount of immunity in and around the high school grounds. If you wanted to have to visit the Middleton Medical Center one of the best ways was to taunt the genius. Basically, even Steve Barkin knew better than to mess with one of the smartest people in Colorado….and her very large boyfriend.

If the school administrator didn't listen to reason, he knew he was going to find himself in the boiler room for a 'talking to' by the near sub-humans who resided there. So the 'enforcer' of the rules in the Middleton School District definitely knew his place when confronting very large and tough men that sometimes walked the hallways.

"Now Mikey I want you to stay out of detention this week.", Justine Flanner told her boyfriend, "I want to show you off Friday after the game at the dance."

"OK Justine.", Mike's voice rumbled, "but I ….uh don't dance too good."

She cooed, "Do you want to go over the dance steps again at the house after we study together?" The Flanners let Justine have Mike over as long as she helped him study. Not many people knew that their parents had been best friends when they were going to school. Doctor Martha Flanner PhD (nee Maxwell) and Doctor Seth Flanner knew Lynette Little (nee Sniper) and William Little and they were the Godparents of the other's children.

So Justine and Mike grew up as friends and they even knew each other longer than Kim Possible knew Ron Stoppable. In their junior years in high school they decided that they were right for each other (which made both sets of parents ecstatic) though they didn't advertise their status.

One thing Ron and Kim didn't know was that once Big Mike 'adopted' you so did Justine and their families. And never in Ron's darkest dreams did he ever think that he might end up closer to Justine and Mike than he was to the whole Possible clan.


Sensei's place in Upperton:

(What do you think of the baby's room now Yori-kun?), Sensei asked his 'Granddaughter'.

Yori smiled and bowed, (You are spoiling baby Hanna Grandfather, but that is your job…that and to let her play with your beard.)

(Did we overdo it with the stuffed toys?), he smiled at the small child's infatuation with his facial hair.

(Yes, but we will send some of these along to her new home. We will know which ones she likes. How is Stoppable-san?)

(I am very proud of his skill level now. He has progressed to one of the highest levels and has been able to accomplish the task in record time. When we leave he should be ready for what faces him.)

(And then he will return to us during his Yule?), she clarified more for her own information than anything else.

Sensei explained, (Yes he will train by himself for one month and then we shall see how he has done on his own.)

(Good, but we must make him sure of what he needs to accomplish on his own. We must test Stoppable-san on how hard he pushes himself.)

Now Yori was a little more nervous, (Have you decided when you are going to introduce Ron-san and his sister?)

(I am thinking Wednesday Yori-chan. That is his next day of training. He ah is recovering from wounds.)

(How did Stoppable-san receive the wounds?)

(It was from the assassination attempt during training, he took a shuriken in his lower back while fighting against multiple opponents unarmed. It now appears that not all members of the council are behind our actions as we thought. I highly doubt if one of our senior students would take this kind of action upon himself.), Sensei gave his insight in his briefing.

Sigh, (I tend to agree. Who was the assassin?)

Sensei stopped and lowered his eyes, (Shiroto Mateda…..I am sorry, I know you began to train together years ago.)

The ninja master watched the young Shinobi closely, (You were friends….I know this is hard for you.)

(Grandfather….I revealed some of the secrets of the Chosen One to him. I may have contributed to this. I am humbly sorry that my actions may have caused unending grief.)

(We do not know and there was no reason for you to know. To all appearances he was loyal, then he struck. Stoppable fought him honorably then he killed him mercifully.), then Senseipaused, (but enough about him Yorishi-kun, we must make the child comfortable and think of the best way for Ron-san and Hanna to meet here at the house.)


Upon hearing Yori's suggestions Sensei replied, (I will consider this and let you know. Now would you please retrieve Hirotaka-san and meet me in the dojo?)

(Do you want us in gis Master?)

(Only if you wish to exercise afterward, we have a new mission to discuss.)


After both young ninja reentered Sensei sat on the mat and motioned for his Great Great….Granddaughter and her fiancée to join him. Sensei inquired, (Has Yori-kun informed you of the traitor, Hirotaka?)

The spikey hair young man replied, (Not as yet, but I have heard rumors.)

(An assassination attempt happened here last evening. The intended target was Stoppable-san. Shiroto Mateda was the assassin.), Sensei revealed to Hiro.

(Is the Chosen One safe Master?)

(He is, he was able to defend himself. However he was wounded in the process. He will recover in short order.)

The young man looked relieved, (That is good.)

(Yes, but we have to know if there are other elements within Yamanouchi who are averse to supporting the Chosen One and the avenue we are pursuing. We would like to at least know the odds against us in this case.), Sensei told them both.

(I understand.)

(Your new mission is to find out if our assassin was acting alone or is in league with others of the same mindset.)

(I….uh,), Hiro glanced over at his woman, (we understand. Do you wish us to begin the investigation immediately?)

(As soon as the child is transferred to the Stoppables, yes. Now would you join this old man in a cup of tea?)


Middleton High:

"Alright ladies let's move it, four laps. I haven't got all day.", Coach Ernie Roberts growled trying to get back in the position he was used to after the disastrous meeting in the classroom that morning.

"Same chipper guy isn't he Curt?", Dave Alberts chuckled as he, Whiney and Stoppable began their laps.

"He's just an ole girl. Man did you almost give him and Barkin a heart attack this morning. That was a good one.", the huge fullback replied.

Ron frowned from behind his mask, "What are you talking about?"

"When you kidded about quitting."

"That was no joke guys, I get abused enough getting beat on by those goons with KP to take it from the coaching staff here. I'm pretty well fed up with it."

"Why do you want to quit?"

"You both know that the only reason that I came out was for KP, I don't give a damn about anything else."

Curt nodded, "Yeah you told us. I think Barkin will make it tough for you to go now though Ron….you better watch your back if you actually try it."


"Trust me just do as we ask."



It sure looks like the upcoming game with Mountain Side is going to be interesting for Ron. I wonder if he is going to even be able to attend the Spirit Dance. It's be pretty hard to dance while on crutches.

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