Author's Notes: Written for OCDdegrassi's Dirty Harry Potter Pick-up Lines Competition on the HPFC forum.


"So," Ginny said, sitting down in one of the Gryffindor Common Room's overstuffed armchairs and looking expectantly at Hermione, "how did it go?"

"Pardon?" Hermione's face was turned away.

"Asking out Luna- oh…"

Hermione looked up, and Ginny winced. Her eyes were bloodshot, and she looked as though she had been crying for hours.

"She said no. She says she's in love with Draco," Hermione told Ginny bitterly. "And that she would love to go out with me 'as a friend'," Hermione drew exaggerated quotes in the air with her fingers, "but not romantically."

Ginny cursed under her breath. "Well, hell… I'm sorry, Hermione."

"Don't be," Hermione sighed, wiping her eyes. "It's not like it would have really worked out anyway. I mean… thinking logically… I don't know how long I would have been able to listen to her go on about Blibbering Humdingers or Crumple Horned Snorkacks…"

Ginny didn't say anything to this. Maybe it would have worked out, maybe it wouldn't – either way, there was nothing helpful she could say right now.

As Hermione sniffled and Ginny tried to look comforting, patting Hermione gently on the arm, she felt resentment welling in her throat. It wasn't fair that Hermione was crying over Luna when she, Ginny, was right here. She would have made a much better girlfriend than Luna for Hermione anyway, but of course, Hermione didn't want her…


"Yeah?" Ginny had been gazing unseeingly out the window, and Hermione's voice snapped her back to earth. "What is it?"

"Thank you," said Hermione. "For being… supportive, you know. It's lovely of you."

"Don't mention it."

They lapsed back into silence, Hermione wiping the tears from her eyes and Ginny thinking, trying to work out if there was any way to ask out Hermione right now without sounding remarkably insensitive. At last, Ginny cleared her throat.

"You know… Hermione?"

"Yes?" Hermione looked at her. "What is it, Ginny?"

"My name… may not be Luna," Ginny said slowly. "But I… know how to love… good." She gave a little embarrassed smile, to indicate to Hermione that it was meant to be a joke to cheer her up. "Get it?" she added quietly.

Hermione stared for a second, then burst out laughing. Ginny laughed too, awkwardly.

"Luna- love good… Ginny- that's–" Hermione stopped trying to talk to compose herself, then looked at Ginny seriously. "That was actually quite funny."

"Oh good," said Ginny, her stomach twisting with nerves. "I… I'm glad you think so."



"Do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me?"

Ginny stared at her, shocked, then grinned.

"Yeah," she said. "I'd really love to."