Authors note: So I finally was able to find the LAST Eden of the East movie. I was disappointed in the ending. Because all through out the series it pointed to SakiXAkira and how they always seemed to take things head on, mostly together. So that means I was disappointed when they kissed and ran. So here is my take on what should have happened! The beginning is just like the second movie. Bare with me!

Disclaimer: If I owned Eden of the East, there would be a third movie and there would have been waaayyy more SakiXAkira

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Saki POV

Seeing Takizawa running away from me again, struck a spark in me. It was enough seeing his blank expression coming out of the late prime minister's mansion. I thought his memory was erased AGAIN! When he gave me his trademark smile, I knew everything was going to be ok. Then he needed to ruin it by telling me he was leaving again!

He was running at full speed. I had to catch up to him, I don't care if I could get in trouble being with him. I just want to stay with him. Reaching for his hand when I finally caught up, I yanked his hand which brought us to swing around in circles. We were finally able to stop spinning and Takizawa and I stared at each other for a long time. Everything then clicked. His eyes looking down at me with a sorry in his eyes. Gently I put my hands on his cheeks, and pulled his face forward and kissed him. It was as wonderful as the first time he kissed me to cheer me up after my job interview. I could hear Osagi in the background, blubbering. Sorry Osagi, I know the man I love.

"Wow," I heard Takizawa murmur, "That's one hell of a going away present."

"It doesn't have to be. I could come with you." I searched his eyes, pleading.

"Saki... you could be in great danger. If you just wait until after I get these last few things over with, I promise I will come back to you."

"No! I am going with you. Please?" I stretched out my hand. Waiting. We've done this hand grab so many times... it seems natural. I felt his rough hand grab mine and start running again. With a quick wave good bye to my friends, I took of with Takizawa hand in hand.

"SAKI! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" My friends screaming at me. It doesn't matter anymore. This is the story of a prince, who tried to save Japan from the hands of evil people. (Sounds like Daughter of Evil) We darted out of the mansion's drive way and onto the open street.

"Sorry to take you away from your friends, Saki."

"It's ok Takiz-"

"Please call me Akira, Saki, I think we've been through enough together." He said squeezing my hand. "Even though it's been little over eleven days,not counting the days I was in New York with no memories, I feel like I've known you forever. Saki... I love you. Will you be my princess?" This is also the story of eleven days and the love that bloomed in that short span of time.

"Yes, Akira, Yes." Akira gave me a short, but passionate kiss.

" I think that gold ring from the merry-go-round will do for an engagement ring. Don't you?"

"Yea, I think it will." I said fingering it lightly. The sound of police sirens reached our ears as we ran. It wouldn't do us good to get caught now would it.

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M: OK so this was short... I admit. But let's see... if I get at least one good review I will continue! I think even with out the reviews I will continue!

Len: Yea Rinny... you should. Just look at how happy they are together! AWWW

Saki: I have to agree with Len. Thanks Rin! I wanted this to happen in the movie!

Akira: Yea... though I admit I enjoyed slapping Mr. Outside.

Miku: Heyy Rin! You stole my Lenny poo. Prepare to die! -Launches missiles-

Akira:-flips open phone- Juiz can you get those missiles please?"

Juiz: Sure, Number Nine! I look forward to meeting you!

Akira and Saki: BANG! BANG! BANG! -In the air the explosions spell...