Okay so, so far I have a couple of suggestions for the new selecao xD I am planning on making up my own and this is in no way a cross over story from all these animes xD I am just using their personalities and dislikes. Well Light will be all Kira anyways xD He MAY have a Death Note. Vote if I should xD

Note: If you give me a character from an anime I have not seen, I will watch said suggestion and then use your idea xD

#1. L Lawliet (Death Note)




#5. Light Yagami (Death Note)

#6. Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans- partner selecao (Soul Eater)


#8. Umi Kumorizora (OC)

#9. Takizawa (of course xD)

#9 & 1/2. Saki (As mentioned in chappie 2)


#11. Akira Yamada (Tsuritama)

#12. Should I keep this one Mr. Outside? VOTE!

Thank you eden-of-the-moon for commenting and suggesting Akira Yamada xD I will research him and add him in! As said before any suggestions or characters you create are welcomed! I can even make a sketch of them for you! PM or review your characters to me and include appearance, personality, dislikes, likes, and strengths. I can also write you into it as well!

Sorry for this non chappie! I have to work out the selecao before I write the rest!