Authors note: Hey guys! Just to inform you, this fic is simply the episode 'Midnight', but with the Eleventh Doctor instead. Donna isn't involved, sorry guys, but River, Rory and Amy are. I will stick to the actual episode as close as I can. However, both Eleven and Ten would react differently to some things, meaning I may have to change simple things, plus, River is on-board The Crusader aswell, meaning different dialogue and stuff. There may be 'extra scenes' that I add in there. =) So I hope you enjoy.

Midnight, such a beautiful planet. A resort, which was in the shape of a ring, consisting of glass domes inside of it, was placed exactly in the middle of the planet, and was surrounded by diamonds. The blinding light would bounce off the diamonds and twinkle, making it look like there were thousands of tiny little stars, creating beautiful scenery.

Inside, both Amy and Rory were relaxing. They were both wearing white robes, making Amy's hair stand out even more, and some white fluffy slippers to go with it. The room they were inside was absolutely stunning. Light shining from above was reflecting off the swimming pool, creating an almost shine to the room. Rory had fallen asleep, with his face mask still on, Amy still can't believe she managed to persuade him to wear one. Amy smiles at him and closes her eyes, leaning her head back on the chair for full relaxation. After all, there was peace, quietness, champagne to her left, and her husband to her right; you can't really blame her for relaxing. It's definitely different compared to other adventures, even if it was The Doctor's idea to come here in the first place. She sighs slowly in relief. She hears footsteps coming her way; she opens one eye, too relaxed to open the other. A waiter, wearing black trousers and a white shirt, he did look very 'posh' in a way, walks over to her. His left hand holding up a blue object, curious, Amy props up on her chair and looks at the man. He bent over to her, revealing the object.

"A phone call for you Madame," he informs her, placing the blue object to her waist. She looks at the phone confused for a few seconds, who would call her here, then realises it could only be one person.

"Hello Doctor," she greets him warmly, placing the phone to her ear. The butler walks away, giving her privacy. She can literally hear the smile on the other end of the phone.

"Hello Pond, you sure you don't want to come?" He asks again, for the twenty second time that day.

"I said no." She states firmly, yet she still smiles at his determination. Trust him. She hears a sigh across the phone,

"Oh, come on Pond! Sapphire waterfall, it's a waterfall made-of-sapphire. Isn't that brilliant?" He says excitedly, jumping up and down slightly. Amy gives a cheeky grin.

"This enormous jewel, the size of a glacier, reaches the Cliff of Oblivion and then shatters into sapphire at the edge, then falls one hundred thousand feet into the crystal ravine." He tries again to persuade her with his intellectual facts.

"Oh, I can see why River wanted to come now. You know what, can she stay with you, I've changed my mind. Sapphires and River just don't-"

"She's a good girl," Amy reminds him, interrupting his sentence. The Doctor laughs at her words, because quite frankly she's the opposite. Not wanting to start an argument, over the phone, he decides to get back to the real reason he called her.

"Oh, come one. They're boarding now," he pleads, now looking over his shoulder, to see a group of people, making their way into the shuttle-like vehicle. The station looks very similar to a sub-station you would find on Earth; 21st Century anyway, it was just alot cleaner.

"I don't want to be stuck on my own with River Song, she's easily influential, she could influence me into anything... Oh, come on, four hours, that's all it'll take," he begs, flailing his arms around frustrated, which accidentally grabs River's attention. She is on the other side of the platform, sorting out her carrier's bag. The Doctor asked what she would possibly need on a cruise around Midnight, in a carrier's vehicle. As usual she just replies with her usual catchphrase, 'spoilers'.

"Doctor that's four hours there and four hours back, with you. I think I'll pass. Anyway, I'd rather be sunbathing, seeming we never did go to Space Florida," She reasons with him, making sure he could pester her no further. He huffs,

"Fine, fine. Just be careful, that's extonic sunlight," he warns her, making a serious face over the phone.

"Oh, I'll be fine. Says in the brochure this glass is fifteen feet thick. So stop worrying about me and go on your date with River." She demands him in a soft tone.

"It's not a date!" He exclaims, flailing his hands again. Only did he not notice River was now exactly behind him, she pouts,

"Oh, really, shame. Would have been a nice date," she says cheekily in a sarcastic tone. The Doctor turns to the phone,

"Amy, look what you've done," he cries accusingly, making his eyebrows, if he has any, rise up his brow so far that they may come off his face. River shakes her head and takes the phone off him, much to The Doctor whining, River just places her finger to his lips, shutting him up.

"Hi mother, and don't worry, we'll be back for dinner," she asserts her. Amy nods her head, then realises that she wouldn't hear that so she says,

"Okay." She can hear the Doctor in the background,

"When we're back, we can try that antigravity restaurant, with bibs." He shouts over the phone so Amy can hear. Amy laughs, and then takes a sip of the champagne, that was placed on the glass table next to her.

"See you in a few hours then. And behave," she warns them both. The Doctor then snatches the phone back and replies to Amy,

"Ah, don't worry about us. We're on a space truck with million strangers across the diamond planet Midnight- What could possible go wrong?" He jokes, Amy rolls her eyes and with that joke hung in the air she ends the call. Finally, after all that hassle, she can truly relax…

Ten Minutes Later….

Once on board The Doctor rushes to get some seats.

"Doctor, don't worry, the seats won't fly away." River reassures him, apologising to the strangers his roughly budged past. He plonks himself down on a seat, jumping on it slightly to check if it's 'comfy' enough. River shakes her head at him and places a hand on his chest.

"Sweetie, there's nothing wrong with this seat, you've been moving about the place for ten minutes now. We're staying here." And with that she sits next to him in a huff and places her carrier bag under her seat. The air hostess starts to give the complimentary objects to the passengers. She walks over to the woman at the front,

"Complimentary juice pack and complimentary.."

"Just the headphones, please," the blonde woman informs her, politely taking the headphones off her and plugging them in to the device. The woman walks over to River and The Doctor, giving them both packets of food and drink.

"That's the headphones for Channels 1 to 36, modem link for 3D vidgames, complimentary earplugs, complimentary slipper, complimentary juice pack, and complimentary peanuts." She lists the items, piling them on top of him; he just looks at her as if to say 'Anything else?'

"I must warn you some products may contain nuts." She states finally, the Doctor bursts out laughing, then realises he was the only one laughing.

"Complimentary peanuts; some may contain nuts?" He points out, looking at the woman with an innocent face. "It's funny." River chuckles to herself quietly, enjoying his awkwardness.

"Enjoy your trip." The air hostess says roughly, yet with a false smile.

"Oh, I can't wait! Geronimo," he replies excitedly, smiling to himself.

"I'm sorry?" The woman asks with a confusing face.

"Oh, it's an English word. Used to express exhilaration," he explains with a smile. The woman smiles back and walks over to other passengers, giving them their complimentary treats. As soon as she was out of sight River starts laughing out loud. The Doctor turns to her feeling patronised, and taps her on the nose. He can hear an elder man talking behind them while taking their seats. The elder man was accompanied with a girl. Brown hair, round glasses, young, looks to be the odd couple. However, you can never judge on looks, the Doctor learnt that the harder way. He once asked a 'man' how he was doing, just being polite, when it turned out to be a woman! He can still feel the smack now.

"They call it the sapphire waterfall, but it's no such thing." The man states, while sitting down on the seat closest to the window, no doubt to get a better view.

"Sapphire's an aluminium oxide, but the glacier is just a compound silicon with iron pigmentation." He explains, laughing hoarsely. The Doctor turns away from the man for a second, to look at the other passengers in the ship. A man and woman are not far behind them, probably husband and wife, guessing from their interactions with one another. His attention goes back to the people behind. The man's talking about pills, his probably got travel sickness; trust River to make him stay in the seat in front of him… River turns around and greets herself to the older man, shaking his hand.

"Hobbes. Professor Winfold Hobbes," he announces kindly to her. The Doctor rolls his eyes, not a professor for god's sake.

"Doctor River Song and this is The Doctor," she replies back, pointing to the timelord. The Doctor smiles and gives a little wave,


"It's my fourteenth time," Hobbes confesses while shaking the Doctors hand. The Doctor looks at him impressed.

"Oh, it's my, or our should I say, first time." He admits, smiling at the man. The younger woman pops out from nowhere, all pearly white teeth and good enthusiasm.

"And I'm Dee Dee. Dee Dee Blasco," she says quickly, trying not to feel left out. Hobbes narrows his eyes at her.

"Don't bother the man." He orders her firmly. "Where's my water bottle?" He asks as they sit back down. The Doctor and River look at each other and shrug their shoulders. He notices the woman at the front is staring at him, he simply smiles and she turns her head back to her book. How nice of her? River turns around to hear a woman rambling to her, what she thought, was her son.

"Don't be silly. Come and sit with us. Look, we get slippers." River laughs, how awkward parents can be right? The man looks over at his son,

"Jethro, do what your mother says." He says in an almost angry voice. The boy, well not really a boy, more so a teenager, shakes his head.

"I'm sitting here." He concludes, not making any sign of movement. He had black hair, which covered his eyes very slightly, and wore black clothing. River remembers somebody like him in her secondary school.

"Oh, he's ashamed of us, but he doesn't mind us paying, does he?" The man retaliates, quite hurt. The Doctor, who had also been listening in, poked River in the belly, making her fall back into her seat.

"Stop ear wigging," he whispers to her, smiling, because he knows full well he is to.

"I hate you," she whispers back, trying to look insulted or offended in some way, which fails. He pokes her arm,

"No you don't," he mumbles, looking into her eyes. She smiles at him and was about to answer back but was interrupted by the air hostess.

"Ladies and gentlemen and variations thereupon," she announces striding down the middle of the ship. "Welcome on board the Crusader fifty."

She reaches the front of the ship, so as she can talk to everyone at once,

"If you would fasten your seatbelts," the woman instructs. River laughs quietly at the gesture, making the Doctor elbow her in the stomach playfully.

"We'll be leaving any moment." The woman finishes. All the passengers buckle their seatbelts as told, even River, who hates seat belts, or anything that prevents danger. The air hostess looks over,

"Doors." She simply says, leaving the doors to just shut functionally, like magic. "Shields down." The ship makes a beeping sound as the shield go down as ordered.

"I'm afraid the view is shielded until we reach the Waterfall Palace." She informs the passengers. "Also, a reminder. Midnight had no air, so please don't touch the exterior door seals."

"So much for exploring round the place," the Doctor mutters under his breath disappointed.

"Fire exit at the rear and should we need to use it, you first." The woman says almost as if it were forced out of her mouth. River moves to the Doctors ear, close enough he can feel her breath on him.

"Yeah right, I'm sure if there were to be any crash, they'd be the first to run through the fire exit." She whispers, leaving the Doctor laugh through his nose. The air hostess looks at her watch on her wrist,

"Now I will hand you over to Driver Joe," She finishes.

"Driver Joe at the wheel. There's been a diamond fall at the Winter With Canyon, so we'll be taking a slight detour, as you'll see on the map." The man on the radio addresses. The map at the very front of the ship shows the new directions.

"The journey covers five hundred kilks to the multifaceted coast. Duration is estimated at four hours. Thank you for travelling with us and, as they used to say in the olden days, 'Wagons roll.'" The ship then starts to rumble, shaking a bit as they set off.

"For your entertainment, we have the music channel playing retrovids of Earth classics." The air hostess says, clicking a button on the remote, turning on the TV screens, which appear from the ceiling.

"Also, the latest artistic installation from Ludovic Klein," she adds clicking the button on the remote again. A light from the corner of the ship shines, showing the instillation.

"Plus, for the youngsters, a rare treat. The animation archives." Then she pulled down a projection screen, showing cartoons, even though there were no children in the ship, although, the Doctor did find it very entertaining.

"Four hours of fun time. Enjoy." Then the woman walks off towards the back off the ship. All the music, animating and the art exhibition blare at the same time, four hours of this would cause a massive migraine. River places her hands to her temples, already getting a headache. The Doctor could just tell by the others passengers expressions that they were not enjoying this 'entertainment' either. The woman at the front of the ship looked at the Doctor, her eyes pleading with help. River leans over to The Doctor again and mumbles,

"Use the sonic for crying out loud." Normally the Doctor would have said something like 'if you ask nicely', but right now, he just wants the music to stop. He secretly gets out his sonic and sonics the machinery. Automatically, the music stops and the lights are no longer flashing, the blonde woman looks at him suspiciously but doesn't say anything.

"Well, that's a mercy," Professor Hobbes says out loud in relief, smiling. The air hostess walks down the aisle again,

"Uh, I do apologise, ladies and gentlemen and variations thereupon. We seem to have had a failure of the entertainment system."

"Oh," The Doctor bawled sarcastically.

"Well, what do we do?" The blonde parent, who is sitting at the back, asks.

"We've got four hours of this? Four hours of just sitting here?" The man next to her complains, his legs crossed as he sits. The Doctor thinks of an idea, he jumps up from his chair to look at everyone, a big grin on his face.

"Tell you what. We'll have to talk to each other instead," he insists…..

Ninety Eight Kliks later.

They're all laughing, the husband and wife in tears telling their story.

"So Biff said, 'I'm going swimming.'" The woman says, inbetween deep breaths to control herself.

"Oh, I was all ready. Trunks and everything. Noseplug." The husband points to his wife, who giggles again. River laughs along with the woman, her laugh was contagious.

"He had this little noseplug. You should have seen him." The Doctor stares at the couple intrigued by their story, smiling himself along the way.

"And I went marching up to the lifeguard, and he was a Shamboni, you know, with those big foreheads." The man carries on, pointing to his forehead while he explains the story. "And I said, 'Where's the pool?' And he said, 'The pool is abstract.'" He finishes off laughing. Both Dee Dee and Professor Hobbes were in hysterics. River looks over at their son, who looks bored out of his mind; it appears he's heard this story before. She walks over to him, and asks if she can sit next to him. He looks at her up and down, and he soon sits up properly and takes his headphones out. Bless.

"S-Sure," he stutters, clearing the seat of rubbish and objects, River sits down.

"Take it you've heard this all before? Parents right. Can be so embarrassing," she admits, looking over at his parents.

"It wasn't a real pool!" She hears the woman yell.

"It was a concept," her husband adds. She looks at the Doctor, who seems to enjoy this little story.

"And you were wearing a noseplug?" He asks, squishing his nose with his fingers to imitate the object. They nod; they don't have the oxygen to answer properly, laughing too hard.

"Nose plugs are cool," The Doctor states, turning to River. She shakes her head immediately,

"No. The answer is no. Definitely not. I'll shoot it off you if you even dare pick one up, understand." She jokes, but the Doctor can't really tell if she's being serious. After all, look at what happened to the Stetson and fez. River puts her attention back to Jethro.

"So are you two married or a couple or just friends or something?" He asks shyly, pointing to the Doctor with his head. River sighs and smiles at the same time.

"You'd have to ask him that." She confirms, winking at him…

One hundred and fifty kliks later….

"I'm just a second year student, but I wrote a paper on the lost moon of Poosh. Professor Hobbes read it, liked it, took me on as researcher, just for the holidays." Dee Dee explains to River and The Doctor, while handing them drinks made from the coffee machine. River was very interested, The Doctor could tell, her eyes never leaving Dee Dee as she talked of University and being with a professor. Of course, The Doctor knew she wanted to be a professor herself, in fact, he's even met her as a professor.

"Well he says researcher, but most of the time he's got me fetching and carrying, but it's all good experience," She confesses while making her own coffee. River holds onto her arm fragilely, looking her directly in the eye.

"Don't ever let anyone order you round Dee Dee, it's your life, your decisions," she suggests in a calm voice, yet getting the message across. She nods in response. The Doctor interrupts their moment, fiddling with his bowtie as he talks.

"And did they ever find it?" He asks.

"Find what?" Dee Dee replies with a confused face.

"The lost moon of Poosh," he enunciates, rocking on his heels slightly. Dee Dee laughs in response,

"No, not yet."

"Well, maybe that'll be your great discovery one day," he lies, knowing full well that it's him and Donna that find the missing planet on the Medusa Cascade, along with the other twelve planets. He smiles and raises his cup of coffee,

"Here's to Poosh." River and Dee Dee clank their cups together with his.

"To Poosh," they say in unison.

Two hundred and nine kliks later…

"No, no. I'm with a… She's urm.." The Doctor scratches his cheek nervously. The blonde woman looks up at him with a smirk.

"Doctor River Song, am I'm not correct," she says, while taking a mouthful of food. The Doctor looks at her with a puzzled face.

"She talked to me earlier, lovely young woman. Very nice, easy to get on with, and that's saying something with me," she admits. The Doctor puts some food into his mouth.

"What about you, you travelling with anyone?" He asks innocently, trying to avoid the subject on River Song. He can just guarantee that she would be listening in, even if she is talking to the couple at the back of the ship.

"No. It's just me." She replies vaguely, no sign of sadness to her face.

"Oh, I've done plenty of that, travelling on my own. I love it. Do what you want, go anywhere." He lies, of course he's lying. He hates travelling alone, his only saying it to comfort the woman.

"I'm still getting used to it," she confesses. "I've found myself single rather recently, not by choice." She adds on, unwrapping a napkin at the same time.

"What happened?" He questions, feeling quite sad for her, she may not be everyone's cup of tea, but she definitely doesn't deserve to be alone. Nobody does.

"Oh, the usual. She needed her own space, as they say. A different galaxy, in fact. I reckon that's enough space, don't you?" She remarks, wiping her mouth with the napkin.

"I'm not really the one to give advice on relationships," he jokes back nervously, pulling at his collar awkwardly. The woman chuckles,

"Are you not with that woman?" She replies with a question. The Doctor gulps.

"We're sort of married," he confesses. The woman raises her eyebrow, "it's a long story." The woman laughs again, and looks at the box in her lap. Inside was her main course meal.

"So what's this then? Chicken or beef?" She asks curiously, looking at the meat strangely. The Doctor takes some in his fork, from his own box, and shoves it in his mouth. He nods, approving of the taste.

"Bit of both," he states.

Two hundred and fifty one kliks later….

"So this is Midnight. Do you see? Bombarded by the sun," Professor Hobbes demonstrates to the whole ship, pointing to the graph and symbols on the projection screen.

"Extonic ray, raw galvanic radiation. Dee Dee next slide," he orders. River looks at Dee Dee, trying to remind her of what she said earlier. She shrugs her shoulder and clicks a button on the control, moving the slideshow on.

"It's my pet project. Actually, I'm the first person to research this because, you see," he sits down on the chair, "the history is fascinating because there is no history." He states matter of factly. "There is no life in this entire system. There couldn't be. Before the Leisure Palace Company moved in, no one had come here in all eternity. No-living-thing." He rambles on. River sits there gobsmacked by this information. She looks at The Doctor, who is also intrigued by his presentation.

"But how do you know? I mean, if no one can go outside…" Jethro question the inevitable. His mum sighs,

"Oh, his imagination. Here we go." She complains as if it happens all the time. River looks at the woman annoyingly,

"He's got a point, though." She backs up his opinion. The Doctor nodded in agreement.

"Exactly!" Mr Hobbes exclaims, raising his finger in the air. "We look upon this world through glass, safe inside our metal box. Even the Leisure Palace was lowered down from orbit. And here we are now, crossing Midnight, but never touching it." As soon as he stops speaking the ship starts to bang and rattle, the lights flickering on and off.

"We've stopped," the wife points out obviously, looking around the room nervously. Suddenly all the passengers, even the Doctor, seem a bit freaked out.

"Have we stopped?" The woman speaks again. Biff, her husband, stands up from his chair.

"Are we there?"

"We can't be. It's too soon." Dee Dee acknowledges, pulling up her glasses from falling down her nose.

"No, they don't stop. Crusader vehicles never stop." Mr Hobbes, informs them, disagreeing with the situation. The air hostess walks over to the middle of the ship,

"If you could just return to your seats, it's just a small delay." She tells them, walking to the telephone at the end of the ship. The passengers all look at each other, quite scared.

"Maybe it's just a pit stop," Jeff suggests, sitting down in his chair.

"There's no pit to stop in. I've been on this expedition fourteen times. They never stop," he reassures everyone. River was staring to get annoyed with him denying the truth; she was going to say something before Skye interrupted.

"Well, evidently we have stopped, so there's no point in denying it." She remarks sharply, making the professor shut up. River smiles at the woman, she was going to say near enough the exact same. Jethro laughs, finding this all funny,

"We've broken down."

"Thanks Jethro," his mum says sarcastically. He turns to his mum smiling,

"In the middle of nowhere."

"That's enough. Now stop it," Jeff warns Jethro, holding on to his wife's hand. The air hostess walks in on their conversation.

"Ladies and gentlemen and variations thereupon, we're just experiencing a short delay. The driver needs to stabilise the engine feeds. It's perfectly routine, so if you could just stay in your seats…" The Doctor looks at her with a puzzles face. He gets up from his seat and walks to the front door, where the pilots are. The air hostess block his way,

"No, I'm sorry,sir,I…" She objects. He flashes the psychic paper at her quickly,

"There you go. Engine expert. Two ticks," he says before she could speak. River rises from her chair, ready to follow him.

"Madame if you could just.."

"Where ever he goes I go," she informs her, pushing her to the side. The Doctor proceeds to walk into the room, with River Song behind.

"Sorry, if you could just sit down… You're not supposed to be in there!" The air hostess yells at them, they take no notice and enter the room. The room is lit up from the random coloured button on the walls and ceilings. There are two men at the front, obviously the pilots, the one turns around on his wheelie chair.

"Sorry. If you could just return to your seats, sir and madame," he proposes, pointing to the door. The Doctor flashes his psychic paper at the man,

"Company insurance. I'm The Doctor and this is Doctor River Song." He informs then, the second man gazes at River, liking what he's seeing. The Doctor furrows his eyebrows,

"Right, let's see if we can get an early assessment. So what's the problem, Driver Joe?" He says quickly, trying to get the man's attention away from River.

"We're stabilising the engine feeds. Won't take long," he confirms, while pressing some buttons. River and The Doctor looks at the scanner,

"Um, no, because that's the engine feed, that line there, and it's fine," he informs them. "And it's a micropetrol engine, so stabilising doesn't make sense, does it?" He asks, looking around the room, tying to see what cause the stop.

"Sorry, he tends to do that a lot," River says, pushing The Doctor so as she can take a look to, "he's very clever, so what's wrong?"

"We've just stopped. Look, all the systems fine." The second man replies, looking rather worried. "Everything's working, but we're not moving." The Doctor retrieves his sonic and sonics the buttons and scanners,

"Yeah, you're right." He agrees, looking at the sonic's results. "No faults. And who are you?" The Doctor asks the second man. He looks up at River,

"Claude. I'm the mechanic," he admits, smiling at her, she smiles back half-heartedly.

"Trainee?" The Doctor asks. He just wants to make him seem less impressive to River, if his being honest.

"First day," the man replies quietly.

"Nice to meet you," he says with a smile.

I'm going to stop there folks, hopefully that wasn't too dull, but if you've seen the episode, you'll know it gets better. =) Please review so as I know if I've taken the episode in my own sort of way, and if I'm doing it alright. Took a while to write, but oh well. It's fun!