Everybody turns around to look at the Doctor, still helpless and shaking on the floor.

"It's inside his head," Skye comments with a grin on her face while looking at River, everyone else was to pre occupied- looking at the Doctor and thinking of a plan to get rid of him- to see Skye literally boast about how easily she has the humans wrapped around her fingers. River knuckles tightens as she hears the Doctor repeats her words.

"It's inside his head." It makes it sound as if he's agreeing to his own murder, Skye twisting and turning his words around to make him look like a monster. Skye turns around slowly to look at the Doctor; she casually places her arms around her chest,

"It killed the driver," Skye utters, as if in disgust, just trying to keep her disguise to look as if she is normal.

"It killed the driver," The Doctor repeats. River can't even see his face and she can already picture it, his bottom lip trembling, and all the happiness in his face gone. She can't even look at the back of his head anymore, it was too painful, but she has to stay strong, for his sake. Apparently Skye hadn't stopped talking,

"And the mechanic," it lists the people who have died, as if it's even worthy of speaking of their name's, it disgusts River.

"And the mechanic," the Doctor repeats, his voice crackly this time. It sounded as if he were about to cry, to start rocking back and forth bawling his hearts out… River gulps, her throat quickly becoming dry.

"And now it wants us," Skye threats, trying to sound like a normal scared person. Which, only clear to Dee Dee and River, she is clearly not.

"And now it wants us…" The Doctor finishes.

"I said so," Val whispers in a crisp tone, looking at River with an 'I told you so' look, River furrows her eye brows at her.

"It's been waiting. In the dark. And the cold… And the diamonds," she describes, looking at everyone with certainty in her eyes… "Until you came," she says in an almost cheery voice. "Bodies soooo hot," she purrs off her tongue, "with blood. And pain." She says like she's reading ingredients that make her mouth water. River stomach goes mental, hearing the 'monster' describe its food. To make it even worse, the Doctor was repeating all of this, her description, all in a terrifying low husky voice, which he probably had no fault on. It was her controlling him. Like a puppet on strings. But it, whatever you want to call it, is a perfectionist, she doesn't need any strings, she can just use her mind to control him. Val walks forward frustrated,

"God, make him stop. Someone make him stop," Val yells, her head shaking in anger.

"He can't!" River shouts at her, pointing at The Doctor. Dee Dee come and helps,

"It's her who's saying the stuff!" Dee Dee points out, nodding at Skye accusingly.

"And you two can shut up," Val snaps, her head moved towards them in a dart like motion, pinning them down. River's nostrils start flaring, her hands close into fists as she crouches forward, daring her to repeat that once more. Val goes to challenge, but is blocked by Biff. He gives a warning glare to River, but River doesn't care, they could all take her on, right at this second, and she would obliterate them, her anger and shooting skills put together would cause a catastrophe. River acknowledges this; this is precisely what that- whatever was inside Skye- wants, for everyone to turn on each other. So she closes her eyes and tries to calm down.

"I'm just saying, it's not him, it's her," Dee Dee continues to argue anyway, even with Biff's death glare. "He's just repeating."

"But that's what the thing does. It repeats." Biff comments snarly, making Dee Dee sound as if she were stupid.

"Let her talk," the air hostess says quickly, not giving second thoughts about the snarls she was given. Biff turns to looks at her,

"What do you know?" He accuses in a loud voice, "fat lot of good you've been," he yells at her. River steps in to block Biffs view from the air hostess,

"And you would have been any better? What do you expect her to do? Magic up a ship to take us away," River comments sarcastically, making Dee Dee and Professor Hobbes laugh quietly. "You're the one to talk, both of you," River yells, pointing at both Val and Biff, "Out of everyone, you've resulted into violence, you won't let anyway speak, and you both think you're better than anyone else." River finishes off, the couple looks at her flabbergasted, Val's mouth was hanging low, and then there was an awkward silence. The air hostess takes a deep breath,

"Just let the young lady explain," she says calmly, her hand gesturing towards her. Dee Dee nods,

"Well, I think, I mean, from what I've seen, it repeats, then it synchronizes, then it goes in to the next stage and that's exactly what River and the Doctor said would happen," she explains her opinion thoroughly.

"What, and you're on their side?" Biff says in disgust looking at River and then the Doctor.

"There are no sides," Dee Dee replies back shaking her head.

"The voice is the thing," Jethro points out, pointing at the Doctor. Dee Dee shakes her hands in front of his face,

"And she's the voice," Dee Dee enunciates, nodding at Skye, who now, appears to be frowning at them. Like they've found out its plan. "She stole it! Look at her," she commands.

"It's not possessing him, it's draining him," River informs them all, while waving her hands around frantically.

"She's got his voice," the air hostess says in a whisper, Skye automatically snaps her head at her, as if a gun was being pointed at her. That's it! River thinks to herself.

"That's not true 'cause it can't be 'cause I saw it pass into him," Val argues, seriously, when is she going to agree on anything they say. "I saw it with my own eyes."

"Do did I," Biff agrees, probably only because he wants to back up his wife.

"You didn't!" Dee Dee disagrees, her voice clearly showing how annoyed she's getting.

"It went from her to him," Val points to Skye and then The Doctor. She turns to look at Jethro, "you saw it didn't you?"

"I don't know," his voice wasn't even a whisper, it was crackly, and his eyes are red and puffy.

"Oh, don't be stupid, Jethro! Of course you did!" Val snaps. Jethro clenches his jaw, and his face shows agitation,

"I suppose he was right next to her," he replies, in a more clear voice.

"Everyone saw it! Everyone!" Biff declares, turning his face at everyone.

"You're just making it up," Dee Dee argues. "I know what I saw and I saw her stealing his voice."

"She's as bad as her," Val acknowledges. Saying Dee Dee was as bad as River, but they were right, that's the thing. "Someone shut her up," she commands rudely.

"I think you should be quiet, Dee Dee." Mr. Hobbes says as politely as he can. Dee Dee looks taken back by his suggestion, she was only saying her opinion.

"I'm only saying-"

"And that's an order!" He raises he voice as loud as he can, louder than the Doctor before. Dee Dee leans back, just for that split second she looked petrified. River takes her hand. "You're making a fool of yourself, pretending you're an expert in mechanics and hydraulics when I can tell you, you are nothing more than average at best. Now shut up!" He declares, stomping his foot down. River could see the smirk appearing across Skye face again, River takes a deep breath about to say something before Skye interrupts,

"That's how he does it," she says innocently, just standing there as if witnessing victory already.

"That's how he does it," The Doctor repeats.

"He makes you fight," Skye adds,

"He makes you fight," The Doctor continues to copy her.

"Creeps into your head and whispers. Listen. Just listen. That's him. Inside," Skye manipulates, causing Val and Biff to go mental, like she has hypnotized them,

"Throw him out!" Biff yells.

"Get him out of my head!" Val shrieks, her fists shaking in the air.

"We should throw him out!" Biff declares.

"Don't just talk about it. Just… You're useless! Do something!" Val screams at Biff. River thought keeping quiet may be an option, ha, not any more. She dives in front of the Doctor,

"You'd have to get through me first!" River declares, pushing Biff out the way.

"YES!" Skye shouts, "Throw him out!" She yells as Biff moves towards him, battling against River at the same time. "And get rid of her!" She declares. Biff picks up River and pushes her onto the floor and then proceeds to drag the Doctor down to the bottom of the ship,

"No!" Dee Dee yells in protest.

"It's be you next," Val snaps, threatening her not to move. River gets up; even with the horrid pain that now pains her stomach, she gets on one foot, her body struggling to stand up straight. The air hostess runs at Biff,

"I don't think we should do this!" She yells at him. Biff carries on anyway, his half way there,

"It was your idea," he yells back at the air hostess, which isn't really a lie; it was only half an hour ago when she agreed to chuck Skye out. "Professor, help me." Biff command, finding it difficult to move the Doctor on his own. River looks up, her vision wasn't perfect but she could see the Doctor, being dragged down the corridor, he voice just yelling for help. That's all she needs for motivation. She slowly gets up from the ground and tumbles her way to the Doctor, Biff must have easily broken some ribs, she couldn't help but yelp in pain when she moved even the slightest bit. She trudges her way through, with the support of the chairs and Dee Dee to get to The Doctor.

"I can't!" Professor Hobbes protests, his eyes watering.

"What sort of a man are you! C'mon!" Biff yells at him, still pulling the Doctor along.

"Throw him out!" Val encourages, standing there, not even dong anything herself. "Just do it!" Mr. Hobbes must have felt peer pressured as he finally gave in and went to help Biff. River knew she would make it in time, tears were rolling down her eyes like a vigorous waterfall and she was shaking all over. She gulps, she has to think quickly. The gun! She moves her hand towards the holster, she's not killing anyone, that's what she's fighting against, so she turns the gun to stun and takes of the safety lever at the back. Apparently, the Doctor bow tie had been caught in a buckle, meaning that Biff and Mr. Hobbes were wasting time trying to pull him out.

"Pull him for God's sake!" Biff orders, yanking at his collar. Mr. Hobbes grabs his left arms pathetically, "Not like that, you idiot!" Biff yells.

"Chuck him out… Into the sun. And the night." Skye says calmly, while everyone is panicking, she's just there all gleeful and happy. Everyone starts shouting at once,

"Stop it!"

"Yank him properly!"

"Through the back door, go on."

"He's stuck!" All while the Doctor is repeating Skye's words,

"Chuck him out… Into the sun. And the night."

"C'mon. Faster. Faster," Skye encourages. Biff broke the Doctor's bowtie, letting him free.

"C'mon. Faster. Faster." The Doctor repeats as he's being dragged once more. Val see's River aiming the gun at Biff and hits her on the cheek; she snatches the gun from River's hand and pushes her to the floor. River yells in pain as she hits the floor hard, Val smirks,

"I told you to stay out!" She threats, looking down at her. Even Jethro begins to help Biff and the Professor, all three of them together, pushing the Time Lord out into the obliterating sunlight.

"You can do it!" Skye still says encouraging words.

"You can do it!" The Doctor says afterwards.

"Geronimo!" Skye says, mocking the Doctor. The Doctor is pushes and shoved across the floor,

"Geronimo," he repeats, and for River, that's the only time he hasn't said that word with his amazing enthusiasm and smug grin. The air hostess looks at Skye distraught, listening to The Doctor repeats Skye words,

"That's his voice!" She tries to yell, but nobody listens. Dee Dee is in the corner, hands over ears as she cries. "It's taken his voice!" She tries again. Skye still speaks nonsense,

"The bleakness. Outside… The Midnight Sky!" She yells cheerily, waving her arms in the air. River tries to get up again, but falls down immediately after trying. Make that a few broken fingers aswell. She tries again, and quickly grabs for the chair. She pulls herself up, with a lot of effort as she looks over at The Doctor.

"The Midnight Sky," the Doctor repeats, now he is only half a meter away from the door. The air hostess looks at Skye,

"It's her," she acknowledges as she looks at her. Skye looks at her, her huge grin turn immediately. The air hostess knows then. For certain, it's her. She runs to Skye, grabs her around the waist and pushes her to the door.

"She's taken his voice!" She yells as she clicks the orange button, opening the sealed door and letting blinding light strike everyone.

"NO!" River yells as loud as she can, literally running, or jogging in her instance- due to her injury, towards the air hostess.

"One, two, three, four, five, six…" The air hostess counts down to her own death with pride. As soon as she says six her and Skye are pulled out into the outside, like some strong force had pulled her. The Doctor crumples to the floor, panting,

"It's gone. It's gone," he breathes out. "It's gone, it's gone, it's gone," he repeats over and over, desperate for air. He falls on his back. Everybody sits down or leans onto something close to them. Finally letting the past fifteen seconds settle into their minds. Mr. Hobbes bites into his hands, looking as if he is about to cry. Val and Biff huddle together with Jethro as they all cry and weep together. Dee Dee does nothing for a few second, the shock making it impossible for her to move, then she remembers,

"River!" She yells while running back to find her on the floor, blood smears on her cheek and face. Dee Dee furrows her eye brows, "Doctor!" She shouts, turning over River to find blood pouring out her back. He jumps to his feet and dashes to River,

"What-How- River can you hear me?" He asks, observing her pupils to check for any sign of concussion or any signs of unconsciousness. He puts he ear near her mouth. "She's still breathing," he says out loud. By now everyone else had walked around, to make a circle around River. He gets out his sonic and sonic her body, he whizzes the sonic to his face and reads the results. "Two broken ribs, three broken ribs," he moves her to the side, she groans, and then it's a revealed, "and a piercing to the back," he gulps as he sees the deep wound. Jethro grabs a belt from one of the chairs and gives it to the Doctor. He thanks him and places it round her waist, applying pressure to the wound, she should be fine. He lifts her up so as she is sat up next to him, her head leaning on his shoulder. Nobody says anything. There's only thirty five minutes left for the other crusader to come and rescue them.

"I said it was her," Val comments, looking at the Doctor innocently. The Doctor doesn't even say anything, he just looks at her, in disgust, all of them, except Dee Dee and River and the air hostess were going to murder him. They had nothing to say to him. She gulps and lowers her head in shame…

Thirty Minutes Later…

"Repeat, Crusader fifty, rescue vehicle coming alongside in five minutes. Prepare for boarding. Repeat, prepare for boarding." A woman announces on the speakers. River was more conscious now; she hugs tightly to the Doctor, knowing exactly what he's thinking…What everybody's thinking. Dee Dee sits opposite them, just watching them both.

"How's the waist?" She asks politely in a whisper, as the rest of the ship is quiet. River smiles and looks at Dee Dee,

"Never better… You?" River answers. It's true though, being half human half time lord, you heal a lot quicker than normal humans. Dee Dee lowers her eyes and just nods not saying anything.

"You were brilliant…" River whispers to her. She looks at Mr. Hobbes at the other end of the ship, who was looking at their coordinates. "You could do so much better than him y'know," River admits. Dee Dee looks at her strangely. "You could go on your own. Travel the world, the whole universe. You don't need him there to boss you around." Dee Dee nods.

"I'm not as clever as you two though, I'm not clever enough," she confesses, thinking down on herself. "Before I was asked to go with Mr. Hobbes, my auntie invited me to travel with her," she laughs through her nose. "She wants to be a professor." Dee Dee adds as if a professor is a waste of time. The Doctor laughs aswell, seeing the shock appear on River's face.

"Bad move…" The Doctor teases, earning a glare from River. He decided he didn't want to grieve, the air hostess wouldn't want them to be unhappy, he did enough grieving in his tenth incarnation. "So… What's your auntie's name?" The Doctor asks, trying to keep conversation.

"Anita," Dee Dee answers. The Doctor automatically shuts up, the colour on his face drains. It can't be, can it? Not the same Anita that was in The Library, where River… He gulps just thinking about it… Dies… He can definitely see a connection between them if it is true. The Doctor tries to smile,

"I've met an Anita before, lovely woman. Very strong and determined…" The Doctor mutters. Dee Dee smiles,

"Sounds like her…" And then from the next four minutes nothing else is said, everyone just sits there, staring into space, thinking about what has happened the past eight hours…

"The hostess…" The Doctor says out loud grabbing everyone's attention. "What was her name?" He asks. Everybody looks shocked, realizing the painful truth. She dies for them and nobody stopped to think about what her name was. Finally somebody says something,

"I don't know…" It was Mr. Hobbes, his face showed sadness. Everybody stays quiet; nobody knew the hostess's name. But the Doctor will never forget her. She was brave. She was so extremely very brave, and she sacrificed herself when nobody listened to her.

"Sh-She told me she has a daughter…" River mutters, her voice alone showing just how upset she is. "It was her birthday today, she was five… She was meant to be with her today but there weren't enough staff available today, so she had to come in…She-" But River couldn't finish off the sentence, she just couldn't. Instead she just lets the silence take over. The Doctor pulls her in into her laps as she silently cries.

Two minutes later after the rescue….

River and The Doctor walk into the swimming pool room slowly. The Doctor arms around her shoulder as they walked toward Amy and Rory. Amy runs up to River and hugs her tightly,

"Oh my god, what happened, are you alright? You're not hurt are you," she says quickly panicking like a normal mother would. River holds onto her tightly,

"I'm fine, I'm fine, nothing a few days of relaxing won't do," she tries to say in the most optimistic way she can. The Doctor watches them both, still not saying anything; he looks over at Rory, who is looking at him back. Rory nods and awkwardly hugs him to, patting him on the back. It only lasts for a few second.

"C'mon, I don't want to stay here…" The Doctor says, walking back to the TARDIS. Amy, Rory and River follow along. River sees Dee Dee just before she gets in the TARDIS, she waves a piece of paper at her, River laughs. She gave Dee Dee her number just in case she felt like an adventure. In return, Dee Dee gave her her number and also her auntie's, Anita's, because River said she was interested in becoming a professor. River waves and steps in the TARDIS.

A few hours later…. After explaining the story to Rory and Amy…

"So what do you think it was?" Amy asks, cuddling up to Rory, the story had frightened her a lot. The Doctor breathes in,

"No idea…" He replies honestly.

"Do you think it's still out there?" Rory says in a panicking manner. The Doctor doesn't answer.

"I told them before we left everything…" River confirms. "They can build a Leisure Palace somewhere else."

"Yeah… Let that planet keep on turning round an extonic star, in silence," The Doctor adds on. Amy smiles and poked the Doctor,

"Can't imagine you without a voice," Amy admits. The Doctor scoffs,

"Just imagine River without guns then you've got the general idea," he sneakily says as he jumps into the TARDIS chair… He jumps back up. "My bow tie!" He hadn't realized Biff had ripped it off.. Amy and Rory were left laughing while River just kissed him on the cheek,


And that's a wrap. Hope you liked my sort-of-twist, if you have any suggestion for any other episodes with River and Eleven, then please, say in a review! Thanks for reading!