O.K., I know that I promised that I was going to post Half-bloods Rule next, but in my preperation weeks before hand, I wrote out the first two chapters. The problem, I didn't continually write and slowly lost interest as time went by without writing it. So, to make up for it, here's a simliar story that I just started that's fresh. I don't know where it came from but I just decided to combine two popular fanfic ideas into one; Wrong-Boy-Who-Lived and the Harry dies too many times. Something I noticed is that most wrong boy-who-lived fics are either Ginny or Hermione pairings with one or two different pairs like Daphne Greengrass; I've only noticed one Luna pairing. The same can be said for death fics, Hermione/Daphne/Tracey pairings are the norm, no Luna. So here, I not only combine two different ideas, I include a pairing no one has even done for either of them, Susan Bones.

Summary: Harry had died one too many times thanks to his older brother, John, the Boy-Who-Lived. Now, Death orders him to go back to the world of the living and fix everything. With his soul mate Susan Bones, the powers of the true Boy-Who-Lived, and the Ministry; Voldemort, Dumbeldore, John, and the Potters don't stand a chance. Will contain manipulative Dumbledore, Dumbledore, Weasley, and Potter bashing, and powerful/grey Harry.

Harry opened his eyes. Surrounding him was endless darkness. Turning around, Harry looked all over and the only thing he saw was the darkness. Surprisingly, Harry could easily see himself as plainly as he could when he was in light. Looking closely at his body, Harry saw that he was covered in bruises and had a couple of bleeding cuts on his arms and upper body. Seeing these reminded Harry how he got them. He had, in one of his rare moments of anger, engaged his older twin brother Jonathan in a duel outside their house. He thought he had done well, scoring a few hits on the 'great Boy-Who-Lived' before the next thing he knew, he was flying through the air, then darkness.

"Well," came a menacing voice, "back again Harry?"

Harry turned around and was met with a bright flash. When Harry lowered his arm and opened his eyes, the darkness had changed into a light grey, cloudy mist. In front of him, excluding a dark aura was a tall, imposing figure with a hunched back. He wore a long, ancient black robe that concealed the figures face. For some reason, seeing this figure filled Harry with a great sense of cold and fear.

"I see you do not recognize me, and I thought that we were good friends with the amount of times you've visited me."

As the figure spoke, it walked closer to Harry and raised its long skeletal fingers to its hood. As it said the last words, it through back its hood and Harry was met with the frightening sight of a large skull where the figure's head should be. Letting out a loud gasp, Harry took a step back from the figure that kept coming closer.

"What?" said the figure in a sarcastic manner, "you don't recognize your old friend Death?"

Harry's worst fears were confirmed. He had heard rumors of the figure in front of him being real, but now, seeing him up close. Death stopped so that their faces were inches apart. His grey skull peered down at Harry, looking into his bright green eyes. The two looked at each other for several seconds before Death moved his head back, giving Harry a little more personal space.

"I shouldn't be surprised, you never remembered me all the other times you visited." He laughed cruelly at Harry's horrified look. "I've always enjoyed the looks you give me when you visit; it is so entertaining to see how you mortals react to me." Death laughed again, an astonishing feat considering his skull couldn't show emotion and only moved when he talked.

"I-I've visited you before?" Harry was surprised by his ability to say anything.

"Yes," came to cold, monotone response. "At least once or twice every year ever since you've started Hogwarts. What I want to know is if you have something against living. Do you enjoy dying, do you not like your life, do you want to end it? I have nothing against those who want to die but do you have to continue to use your brother to kill yourself?"

Harry was shocked. He had died before, John had killed him? Quickly doing the math, Harry found that he had supposedly died ten times, at minimum. Harry's legs felt heavy and he fell down, unable to move. He looked up into Death's face.

"Did John kill me all those times?"

Death nodded. "Oh yes, every single time you died was the fault of your idiot brother, his Weasel sidekick, or them together. It always was a complex series of accidents that killed you, all caused by those two. Except for this last time, you brother used a blasting curse that was too powerful and launched you into a stone wall."

Death's words made sense to Harry as he remembered the fight. He reached around and felt the back of his head. Sure enough, there was a large bump back there. When he pulled his hand back he saw that it was covered in blood. Death put his finger tips together and started to walk around Harry.

"The only question now is to whether or not I send you back to the world of the living again."

"Please, Mr. Death, send me back, I'll be more careful this time, please."

"Save your begging!" he said, throwing his right arm out. "If there I one thing I can't stand it's your stupid mortals begging for your pathetic lives, it gets so annoying after a while. Of course I'm going to send you back; you need to kill that bastard Tom Riddle."

"But John has to do that; he's the Boy-Who-Lived!"

"DON'T USE THAT MONIKER AROUND ME! It makes it sound like I can't kill him. No one is safe from me, NO ONE! Not even that foolish Dark Lord can avoid meeting me forever. That's where you come in. Halloween 1981, two humans failed to meet me even though events that night would've normally sent them to me. Those two were Tom Riddle and you Harry, not your brother. I would have enjoyed taking you all those times you came to visit me, but thanks to that stupid prophecy, I can't take you unless you are killed by Riddle himself, so I have to send you back."

The shock of being killed many times by John was nothing compared to what Death had just revealed. "I'm the Boy-Who…I mean" he stopped short when Death glared at him, "I was the one who Voldemort attacked that night?"

Death nodded. "Yes, Riddle attacked you that Halloween night, marking you as the one that will defeat him with your lightning-bolt shaped scar."

"But what about John's star shaped scar?"

"As I've explained again and again every time you come here, it was caused by falling debris from the backlash of the Killing Curse, the fate to which was believe happened to you. And don't even try to argue with me about it like you've six other times, I know when someone has almost died. Surely you know that you are better suited to defeat Riddle with all those 'adventures' you've had?"

Harry remembered, nearly every year at Hogwarts, John and his two friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were involved in adventure or another that had them trying to save the whole school, and every time, Harry was somehow dragged along and ended up saving both them and the school. Unfortunately, he never got any credit, not even for trying, and all the credit went to his brother, with some for Weasley and Granger sometimes, for saving Hogwarts and his 'foolish younger brother'. Just last year he had defeated a group of Death Eaters that had attacked Hogsmeade Village while some of the students were visiting. However, a young Gryffindor third year had seen him dueling Antonin Dolohov himself. The duel had resulted in the Death Eater's capture and caused the group to retreat. Thinking Harry was his brother, the girl had told everyone she met about the heroics of 'brave John Potter'. John himself was praised and congratulated by the new Minister Rufus Scrimgeour and offered a place in the Auror Corps. John had refused as he wanted to become a famous Quidditch player. Harry was thankful as he was planning on joining the Auror Corps.

"Here's the deal," Death said as he leaned forward so that his skull was inches from Harry's, "I will send you back to the world of the living, again, and the next time I see you had better be when I come to collect you and your soul mate at the true end of your lives. And, if you come to see me again before all that, I will take you with me to the afterlife, prophecy or no prophecy, do you understand me?"

A fearful Harry was about to nod when something Death said caught up with him. "SOUL MATE?"

Death leaned back and if he was able to smile, Harry thought that he would. "Ah, yes. I've forgotten one more thing, your soul mate. For some reason, to make up for your horrible destiny or something I guess, the Fates have decided to grant you a soul mate. She completes you in every way and is your perfect match or something like that; I don't really understand that whole thing about you mortals. Her name's Susan Bones or something like that."

Death was making motions with his hands that had Harry thinking that he was rolling his eyes. Harry knew Susan; she was a Hufflepuff in his year. All he really knew about her was that her aunt was Amelia Bones, head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and that she wasn't a very good dueler, as was revealed when she joined the D.A. in their fifth year. Death once again turned back to Harry. "I'm going to send you back now, and this time it will be right when you die instead of sometime before it. Also, you will remember this meeting unlike the other times as motivation to not die again. One more thing, this is going to hurt, a lot."

And with that, there was another flash and Harry knew no more.

Harry heard voices all around him; all he knew was blackness and pain. He realized that the darkness came from having his eyes closed and he quickly opened them. He regretted that at once because the bright light hurt. Snapping them closed again, Harry waited a couple of seconds before slowly opening them again. The light wasn't as bright and didn't hurt as much, but it still caused Harry to groan out loud. This caught the attention of the owners of the voices.

"And he's alive!" This came from the loud Sirius Black. The man in question leaned over and gave Harry one of his trademark smiles that caused many a woman to swoon.

Harry groaned again. "Uh, Uncle Sirius, too loud." He closed his eyes again and brought up his hand to his eyes to rub them. Another voiced sounded out, this one a female's.

"Oh thank goodness. And be quiet Black, the boy needs his rest, he's lucky to be alive."

Harry almost shot up at the sound of the voice, it belonged to his mother. Lily Potter almost never showed any kind of affection towards her youngest son, it was always about John. Sure enough, the bright red hair and green eyes of his mother came into Harry's view.

"Oh Harry, must you antagonize your brother so much? You know he's an excellent dueler; you don't stand much of a chance against him, you could've been hurt far worse or even died."

Harry ignored her, much like he had always done his whole life. While it was true John was pretty good at dueling, Harry was far better, he had been the captain of the Ravenclaw Dueling Club since his third year. John's abilities were nothing compared to his own. Sitting up, Harry tried to ignore the pain on the back of his head.

"What exactly happened?"

"You and John got in another fight." This came from Harry's godfather and unofficial uncle Remus Lupin. "You two started dueling and John over powered his blasting curse. The ground in front of you exploded and you went flying and hit your head pretty hard. We brought you in here and healed you up the best we could, we thought we were going to lose you for a second or two."

Harry looked around; he was in the living room of his family's manor. He was sitting on the couch while his mother stood over him. Sirius Black stood a little off to the side while Remus was behind the couch. Harry's brother John was over by the fireplace along with his angry father.

"You just had to ruin John's birthday didn't you?" James Potter's face was as red as his wife's hair. Harry didn't even consider trying to correct him that it was his birthday too. "You're in deep trouble now young man; you're grounded for the rest of the summer. Go up to your room and stay there until I say you can come down." James left in a huff closely followed by a smirking John.

Harry sighed; his father was treating him like he was ten years old again. He had forgotten that Harry was now seventeen and a legal adult in the wizarding world. Still, Harry decided not to correct him as it would result in worse punishment. Lily caressed the top of Harry's head.

"Your father is just upset about the duel, John didn't do as well as he should and then your accident. I know his punishment is a little harsh but you did ruin John's birthday. Just go upstairs for a bit and I'll try and cool him off a bit so that your punishment isn't for the rest of the summer. Please try and behave just this once Harry."

She then gave Harry a kiss on the forehead and followed her husband. Harry just sighed. Both of his parents focused completely on John, a fact John teased Harry about to no end. Sometimes Lily acted like she cared about Harry just a little, but it was always for a short amount of time, barely lasting ten minutes. Harry had given up on thinking his parents actually cared about him. As if sensing his thoughts, Sirius sat down on the couch and put his arm around Harry.

"Aw, cheer up kiddo, you know that they mean well. It's just that John takes up all of their attention because he's the Boy-Who-Lived. Besides, it's your birthday!"

Harry smiled a little. Sirius and Remus were the only ones in his family that treated Harry well. Although Sirius was John's godfather, he gave them equal attention because he understood how Harry felt growing up. Remus stuck with Harry because not only was he the boy's godfather but because he was very intelligent. From a young age, Harry taught himself how to read and write by himself so as to impress his parents. He also studied really hard at school and was one of the top students along with Hermione Granger of Gryffindor and Daphne Greengrass of Slytherin.

Harry gave a little smile to his uncles and walked up to his room. Once inside he closed the door with a slam, which woke up his pet owl Hedwig.

"Sorry girl." Harry apologized.

The Snowy Owl continued to screech for a while until Harry managed to calm her down. After nibbling his fingers a little hard for being woken up, Hedwig flew up to the top of Harry's dresser for a bit more sleep. Sighing again, Harry turned and fell on his bed. As he did, he felt something stab into his back. Sitting up, Harry turned around to look at the offending object. It was a birthday present wrapped in silver paper and tied with a blue ribbon. Harry smiled as he knew who the gift was from.

Both Sirius and Remus had been pooling some money together for a mixture of a birthday and Christmas present for Harry; his own house in London while his mother just gave him a watch. Neither James nor John had thought to get Harry a birthday present. Unwrapping the present, Harry read the note enclosed inside.

Happy birthday Harry,

Daddy and I are still in Norway looking for Crumble-Horned Snorkacks so I can't give this to you in person like I wanted. It's a charm I made to protect your from Wrackspurts. You'll need it this year with your N.E.W.T. exams, don't want to fail them do you? Daddy also tried to charm it so that it'll help you think clearer. It worked for me but I don't know about you, so it might work. We'll be back in about a week so hopefully we can go shopping together. I'll see you soon.

Love Luna

Harry let of a short chuckle at his only friend. He and Luna had been friends since halfway through his second year at Hogwarts. He was believed to be the Heir of Slytherin at the time and Luna was being teased about her oddness. Harry chased the bullies off and the two outcasts became friends from then on. They had once tried to date each other, Harry had taken her to the Yule Ball because he thought she would like to see it and then they went on an official date two weeks late. They both enjoyed themselves but agreed that it was probably best to just remain friends. Harry know considered Luna to be his sister and Luna saw Harry as her older brother.

Luna had given Harry a necklace with a silver charm of a raven, Harry's Patronus. This reminded Harry of the one year John didn't have a real adventure. With the escape of Peter Pettigrew from Azkaban that summer, James and Lily had forbidden John, and Harry, from going to Hogsmeade Village during the school year. John had been furious and with the help of the Weasley twins, had somehow managed to sneak out of Hogwarts multiple times before Snape had caught him. Harry however, was punished because it was assumed that he had done the same thing, never mind that there were a dozen eyewitnesses that swore that Harry never went or that John had not only an Invisibility Cloak from their father but a map that showed where everyone was at Hogwarts, a map Harry found out about in their fifth year.

Putting the necklace on, Harry didn't feel any different, but this was Luna he was talking about. Keeping the necklace on, Harry laid back on his bed and thought. So far, this summer had been more exciting than any other, even more exciting than the summer before his fourth year when they went to the Quidditch World Cup and the Death Eaters attacked. This summer he had participated in the wedding of Remus and his friend Nymphadora Tonks, dueled his brother, died, met Death himself, and been grounded for the first time in six years. Sometimes, it was times like this he wished that he had another sibling to talk with but after Voldemort's attack, Lily was unable to have any more children.

Fingering Luna's charm, Harry knew that Luna was right about his exams, he didn't want to fail his N.E.W.T.s if he wanted to get into the Auror's Academy after Hogwarts. He had achieved an O ranking on all of his ten O.W.L.s except for History of Magic and had continued with DADA, Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, Herbology, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy. He also planned to go down to the Ministry to take the Muggle Studies O.W.L. exam this summer as he had been studying for the last couple of years. That was more than John, who had seven O.W.L.s and had continued only with DADA, Charms, and Transfiguration. He said that as a famous Quidditch player he wouldn't need very many O.W.L.s or N.E.W.T.s and had only gone with his current classes to defeat Voldemort.

Though Harry was loath to admit it, John probably would be a famous Quidditch player like he wanted. Inheriting his father's skills, John had made Gryffindor Seeker when he was only a first year and then made Captain in his sixth. Harry was just as good, but had only made Seeker in his second year. John was allowed to play as a first year because of his Boy-Who-Lived status. Surprisingly, in their entire time playing Quidditch, Harry had never played against his brother. In their second year Quidditch was cancelled because of the Chamber of Secrets, in third year Harry got a nasty case of the flu and couldn't leave the Hospital Wing for days, fourth year was the Triwizard Tournament, fifth year John was banned, and last year John was serving a detention. Another perk of being the Boy-Who-Lived was being granted Prefect status. Harry had earned his status through hard work and dedication and he felt that it was the same way he was going to get the Head Boy badge in a couple of days, there really were very few candidates for the job.

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