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"Our next contestant is Melody Witwicky with her poem 'Hear me, See me.' Please give her a warm hand." A bald man said to the crowd of people in front of him as they applauded. The spotlight moved from the man to the side of the stage where a girl with deep brown wavy hair stood with a white sheet of paper in her hands. The girl is wearing a purple blouse, black dress pants, and black flats. She walked across the stage then stood in front of the microphone. She looked out towards the audience then smiled when she saw her parents in one of the middle rows.

"Hear me, See me by Melody Witwicky." The girl cleared her throat…

Hear me, See me

That's all I ask

See me as what I am

The family left the high school with bright smiles and laughter. They got in their car, talking about the poetry contest and how their daughter got third place. Melody didn't mind third place. She was able to get into the top three and that was good enough for her. When they arrived home her father punched in the code for the alarm system then went in. They were not expecting the warm welcome of her father's enemies.

And never ask

Why they did the things they did

When we did nothing back

The family was tied up and forced to sit on the ground while a man, maybe in his mid-thirties, paced in front of them. Melody shakes in fear as she tries to get as close as she can to her mother. Her father is silent, cursing himself for being so careless. The military promised that his work would never trace back to his family. Now they are in danger. The man that paced in front of the family orders one of his men to take the mother. Melody's mother screams as they roughly grab her and force her to the man's feet. His name is Jack the Spades, an assassin sent to retrieve a cube that her father has worked on since she was born. He was ordered to get the cube by any means necessary. Melody watches as they torture her mother, beating her until her bones crunched and she looked beaten and raw; the smell of blood fills her nose as they slit her throat to spill it on the floor. Her father doesn't talk even though it pains him to see his family.

These eyes do not belong to me

These scars flaw my very skin

So please

Jack orders the scientist to tell him what he's done with the cube. Her father doesn't answer. Jack orders his men to grab the girl, so they do. They go into the laundry room and grab the bleach. They threaten to pour it into her eyes and forever blind her, a mercy torture than what her mother when through. Melody begs her father as her eyes glance between him and her now dead beaten mother. When they get no answer they unscrew the cap and force her eyes open. She screams as they pure the liquid into her eyes, the burning sensation makes her vision becomes blurred and soon the world goes black. The sharp pain stings her head as she lies on the floor, wishing everything to be over, for them to end it. But it's never over...

Hear me

See me

For I could not see any more

A blade cuts deep in her arms as she begs her father to speak. Left in the dark only to feel her body being torn apart and shredded, Jack takes pity on the girl and throws her aside. He goes for her father, the man who refused to talk even if it cost him his wife and child, which it did. Melody couldn't see what they were doing to her father but she could hear. Painful groans and the sound of flesh being torn, crunches of bones behind broken, blood being spilt. She stayed where she was, frightened that if she moved they would harm her. The men began to talk then they simply just left, spitting on the bodies as they leave. With the strength that Melody still had in her body she tried as she might to find her phone that was still in her pocket. Recalling what numbers were on the key pad she called 911. The operator answered…

"911, state your emergency." A female voice came over the line.

"Please, I need help. Some men came over to my house and attacked me and my family. My mother's dead...they killed her and I don't know about my dad." Melody cried into the phone. The blackness burned her eyes even though she could no longer see.

"Stay where you are. I'm sending police and an ambulance." There was a pause. "They're on their way. Are you hurt…?"

"Melody. They poured bleach over my eyes and they cut me. I can't see...I can't see...I can't see..." Hot tears ran down her cheeks as she curled herself into a tight ball. The operator stayed with the girl until the door was broken down and the police rushed in. One of them grabbed the girl gently then carried her outside. Placing her on a gurney she was soon attended by paramedics. They wrapped a cloth around her eyes that was dipped in a disinfectant. It burned at first but soon it soothed her along with pain killers. She was taken to a nearby hospital where she would be treated.

Hear me

See me

For I did nothing wrong

They played dirty

And won

Their pray they left alive will know

Once beaten and broken

Will return to vengeance at hand

For this little girl knows one thing now

Melody knows what the doctors were talking about. She wasn't deaf. Her Aunt Judy and her Uncle Ron were in the room talking to her doctor about what needed to be done with her eyes. A new cloth was tied around her eyes but it didn't help. Melody knew that she was blind. They talked about a new experiment that was being tested on blind people. They would replace their organic eyes with cybernetics. They wanted to know the risks but Melody went through worse. A nightmare she would never wake up from. She spoke up and said she wanted the procedure done. Her aunt tried to talk to her but Melody already decided. The doctor said that they would be ready for the operation tomorrow morning.

"Honey, why do you want to do this?" Judy asked her niece.

"Because I'm selfish, I want to see, and that fact that my dad made me blind was another reason." Melody didn't turn her head, she kept facing forward. "I don't care. I'm ugly anyway with these scars. Who cares of I have real eyes to see? At least I can see their faces." Melody hissed but not at her words. Tears leaked from her eyes, causing the medication to react from the salty water. Never would she allow anyone to talk down to her or put up with anyone's shit about her looks.

This little girl knows how to fight back

Growing stronger each day she lives

Do not pity the dead

Pity the living

Hear me

See me


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