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I was under house arrest...

Or should I say, Autobot arrest.

After the whole, Jack's return and getting my ass kicked, the autobots told me that I was to sit in the back seat of Ironhide, and not to get myself involved in any thing that requires me getting into danger. After Ratchet took care of my aching wounds I moved to the back seat of Ironhide and passed out with Ironhide, wrapping the seat belts tightly around me.


WHAT THE HELL?! THEY'RE TURNING INTO HUMANS NOW? I thought I was going to have a heart attack after realizing that the strange man, leaning against the doors of Ratchet was in fact Ironhide in his 'holoform'. I've never seen Ironhide look so...beaten up when he told me that it caused him pain to see me get my ass kicked. When I reached out to touch him, not real believing what my eyes were seeing, my hand went right through him. (Much to Ironhide's and my self's disappointment) Ironhide then explained to me that Ratchet was still working on making their forms real so they could experience human interactions. Then Ratchet complained that Ironhide was in his way for 'repairing' my wounds. I told Ironhide we could talk later when I didn't need patching up.

"So, Mel, have you even been to this house your dad left you?" Will asked once we were back on the road. I'm sitting in the back seat, tucked into a blanket and large pillows with the Cube and Spinner sitting on my stretched out legs. I could feel the seat move so that I was sitting snugly inside Ironhide as we drove closer and closer to the house my dad left me. The area we drove by became less open plans to more of a forest type place where tall pine trees could easily hide the autobots. Clever dad.

"Nope. Dad never talked about his work much. He kept everything hush hush around me and my mom. The first time I ever heard of this placed is when I first got my eyesight back. No pictures, just a description." I told Will and Epps who sat in the front, glancing every now and then at the GPS despite riding in an autobot who has practically a map of the entire world at their fingertips.

"Well, we'll see it in about three to four hours. Why don't you take a nap? We'll wake you when we're near." Epps suggested and I decided to take it. I brought the cube close to my chest along with Spinner in his smaller spider form, closing my eyes and allowing my tired body to do the work.


I woke up back in the cube room again, just like before when the Sparkling saved us when we fell off the building back in Mission City. It's been a while since I've been here and it seems to have changed. Instead of a giant white room it's an exact copy of my room, complete with noise of the city coming from the open window.

"Hello mommy." I turned around and smiled when I saw the Sparkling sitting the bed, only, the child wasn't metal like before.

He's human looking.

"Now you look normal. What's going on with you squirt?" I said and ruffled his beautiful dark brown hair that's really soft. His white blueish eyes glowed with happiness as I messed up his hair, making us both laugh at the state of it.

"This is how I would look to your race mommy. Do I look okay?" He asked as I sat next to him on the bed.

"I have to admit it kid, you look pretty cute for a human kid." I said and then looked about the room some more. "I see you changed your room around. Got tired of the white walls I take it?" He too looked about the room and nodded his head.

"I like your room. It felt nice to be in. It's colorful and warm and just...different." He answered and I had this strange urge to bring him into my arms and hold him close.

I did anyway.

"You know, you didn't really explain what or why you're calling me mommy. I know you said that the Primes told you some things but I''m left in the dark here. Can you at least tell me somethings about what they mean?" I asked the child and he was quiet for while before he turned his head up to look at me.

"On one condition." He said.


"You have to give me a name." He said with a small smiled and I chuckled.

"Alright, that sounds fair since you told me that I would be picking the name." I spoke and then started to think, only, one name popped into my mind. I don't know why but I like the name. "What do you think about Omega? Sound cool right?" I asked him and a large smile came across his face.

"That's perfect! I love it!" He said and wrapped his fleshy arms around me in a tight hug. I was surprised by the actions at first but then wrapped my own arms around him.

"Your turn." I said to him and he pulled away so he could see my face.

"I woke up after my real mommy sent me away. I heard the Primes voices as I drifted in space. They said that would have a large part to play in the coming years. I would have to start over, aging slowly and being reborn when someone like my mommy would take care of me. I look like this because this is the age of my mind, a child." Omega explained.

"So, when the time comes, you'll be reborn again?"

"Yes but, I have to stay here, learn and watch so that when I'm reborn I can develop faster, growing at a rapid pace. You don't have to worry about me staying a Sparkling for very long mommy." He said with a smile.

"Continue you're story."

"When I came to earth I left very scared and alone. I had to wait a while before your dad found me. I got to talk to him, only small things because I had yet to learn your language. After a while, when your dad stopped coming to observe and to study me, I got worried that something happened. Turns out, something did happen when men in black suits came to collect everything. I've seen them before, people that looked after your dad, those who he trusted whenever he came to his work area with him. Then I was given to you." He was quiet for a while before he spoke again. "I know, in the beginning when you started to sing to me and watched my only memory of my mommy that you would be afraid. I didn't want you to fear me, only, try and understand that we're almost the same. You lost your mommy and daddy to bad men and so did I. My creators didn't die by men, something completely but just as horrible."

"I guess that's true. After all, people like us always find some way of finding each other in the most strange ways." I said to him and he continued on with his story.

"And then, one day, while you were at school the Primes came and visited me while I was sleeping. They told me that very soon things will change and my part will be vital in the end. They told me that, even though you'll look after me, I have to look after you to. I have to keep you and daddy safe as well." He said and I titled my head in confusion.

"First off, whose daddy? And second, who are these Primes you keep talking about? It can't be Primus can it?" I asked him and he shook his head.

"Don't worry about daddy. You know who he is already. No, Primus just watches. The Primes are the seven original transformers who formed the "Dynasty of Primes", scattering throughout the galaxy looking for planets where they would build Sun Harvesters. They're kind of like the second in command of Primus long after him."

"Sun Harvesters? What are those?"

"Sun Harvesters are powered by the Matrix of Leadership are capable of harvesting a sun's energy to produce Energon. The Dynasty of Primes had one rule: Sun Harvesters were not to be used in solar systems containing life. The Fallen, a deception you could say, ignored this rule, and arrived on Earth in 17,000 BC and started building a new Sun Harvester with other Cybertronians. This sparked a war. They battled and the Fallen was defeated by the rest of the Dynasty of Primes as they sacrificed themselves to seal the Matrix away so that it could never be used against you humans."

"So, you're kind has been looking after us for years now. Thousands of years. Why are we so special?"

"Because you're so young. I asked them at same question and they told me that since you're kind is so young to the rest of the galexy, they feel it's only right that your kind grow. They told me their courious."

"So these Dynasty Primes are still here on Earth? I mean, their souls are here right?" I asked but Omega just shrugged his shoulders.

"Can't really say. All I know is, while I was in space they began to speak to me, sort of guiding me to Earth. I can't answer the question." We were silent, Omega in my arms as we just sat and relaxed on my bed. After a while I moved us so that we were laying down, facing each other, just relaxing. "Can you sing to me?" I opened my one eye and looked at him. He looks so small and helpless and just to darn cute!

"Okay. Close your eyes and try to sleep." I said and he did. I reached up and started to pet his hair, humming softly before singing any soft song I could think of. It's strange, there's this feeling in my chest whenever I hold the cube close. I've seen it in the eyes of newborn mothers when I see them at parks or malls. I can't find a word for it but it's there. I just want to stay here, with Omega in this peaceful space that's designed to protect him.

I want to give him a world that's peaceful and safe when he's born in the future.

I want to give Omega a real mother but I don't know if I truly can be his mother.

I just want to keep this feeling in my chest and hold Omega close to me.

I want this stupid war to be over...

It never will be as long as decepticons still roam free...

~End Dream~

"Mel, we're here." Epps woke me up as we approached a large iron gate. On the side of the gate sat an electrical box with a bronze plate on top of it. The words 'Witwicky' were carved into it. "Do you know how to open the gate?"

"Why can't I run it over?" Ironhide said through the radio and I rolled my eyes.

"Because 'Hide, if I know my dad he's probably locked this place tighter than the White House. I know my dad and he's the type to set traps everywhere." I said and got out, fishing in my pocket for the key card along with instructions on how to unlock the gate. I didn't really care if I had no shoes on because it felt nice on my feet. I opened the box and slid the key card, turning on the power. After pushing a few buttons, getting my finger pricked and my eye scanned, the gate finally opened with a loud rusty creek. I got back inside Ironhide and we continued down the dirt path. The gate closed behind us as soon as Ratchet got through and within a minute or two a large white house came into view.

It's amazing!

Large hangers sat in the back of the house while the main house is this monster of a building. Like a mansion but maybe a little bit smaller! The grass is a bit over grown and there are weeds everywhere but the size of this place is amazing! We pulled up the front steps of the house and started to get the bags out while I unlocked the door.

"Thank Primus that's over!" Ironhide said and transformed, moving his arms and legs about. Ratchet and Optimus did the same, groaning as they moved their arms.

"Sorry about the long ride guys." I said and opened the front door. "Why don't you guys take a walk around? These trees are tell enough to hide you guys and I'll open those hanger doors for you. I'm guessing you guys will take that over?" I asked them as Will, Epps, and Alex took the bags inside. Spinner took the cube inside, his eyes widening as he explored the house on his own.

"That will be a correct assumption. Let us know if you need anything." Optimus said and Ratchet and Ironhide already had walked off.

"We'll shout." I said and went inside.

Inside, every furniture was covered in white sheets to protect from dust. Will and Epps already had started to open the windows, getting the stuffy air out while Alex took off the white sheets. I explored a bit downstairs, finding the door that lead to the hangers, opening those up for the boys before going upstairs. There are countless rooms, each one decorated nicely with soft comfortable beds. Alex came up shortly and together we picked out our rooms. Alex took the purple colored room while I took the one next to it, painted in a deep brown color with bits of green in some places. Best thing about the rooms is that the windows look into the hanger where the autobots will be staying.

"Hey, rust bucket!" I called and Ironhide turned, a smile coming across his face when he saw me sticking out of the window. "Guess we'll be closer than I thought. Now you don't have to really check up on me since I'll be sleeping right next to you." I said as he brought his face close to the window.

"Still not the same as you sleeping in me. I find it entertaining the way to talk in hibernation." He said and I glared at him.

"Cheeky ass rust bucket." I muttered and 'Hide chuckled, moving aside to Optimus talked with Alex for a bit. After I got all my clothes and such unpacked I went back to exploring. I opened doors and explored rooms, looking everywhere I could.

Then I came to the one room I wish I didn't open the door to...

It's a baby room...

A baby room colored in sky blue paint with cloth animals stuck to the walls. A large crib sat on one side with an old rocking chair sitting next to it. Everything you could think of, fit of a baby, was in the room, covered in dust. Nothing's been moved and a deep feeling of sadness came over me. Tears fell from my eyes as I walked about the room. I know why I was crying but I didn't know it would hurt this bad to know of something no one told me about.

"Melody?" I turned around and saw Alex standing in the doorway with a shocked expression on her face. "Wha...did you?" I shook my head and moved my eyes about the room again, trying not to meet with hers.

"I was going to have a brother Alex. I was going to have a baby brother."


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