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Megumi came out of the candy store happily, swinging a big bag of chocolate in one hand, the EtchSketch in the other. Her eyes were practically glowing, and she didn't pay much attention to where she was going.

Enthralled by the experience of pure chocolate joy, Megumi turned a corner and ran right into someone, falling over backwards like a klutz.

"Hey, watch where you're… I'm sorry. Are you alright?" Megumi nodded, a bit surprised at the boy's instant emotional turnaround.

"Here, let me get that," he took the bag of chocolate and the EtchSketch, standing just out of reach. "Are you doing anything right now? I'll buy you lunch as an apology."

Megumi frowned, wishing she had her EtchSketch. She pointed to it, taking it and scribbling a response. 'No, I should be apologizing! I didn't watch where I was going!'

The boy laughed shortly in amusement. "You don't talk? You just write everything down?"

Megumi nodded, expecting some teasing now.

"That's cute," The boy surprised her, grinning at her and offering his hand. "Come on, let's go and… write."

'Um, I'm…'

"I'm sure my girlfriend appreciates your fine offer to… write, but she's rather busy right now," Yahiro came up behind her, holding her arm and sparing her a small glance before smirking at the boy. "Do you mind?"

Yahiro had worked his magic, and the boy shoved the chocolate into Megumi's hand before running.

'Girlfriend?' Megumi scribbled, bright red. She liked Yahiro, and she knew he knew it, but he always told her that he'd never love her back, and she was more than happy just being his friend.

To her surprise, Yahiro had a slight blush on his face as he looked away. "It was the only thing that would get him to back off. I'm sure Akira would hate it if you actually had lunch with him."

Megumi frowned. Still in love with Akira… To distract herself, she pulled out a chocolate bar and offered Yahiro some.

"No, I don't want ch… is that all chocolate?" Yahiro took the bag and smirked at her. "Geez idiot, how much do you need?"

Megumi glared at the comment, taking back her chocolate and sticking her tongue out at him. She started walking, not expecting him to follow her.

"So, that happen a lot when you buy all the store's chocolate?" Yahiro teased.

Megumi put the chocolate on the ground so she could write a quick reply and get back to ignoring him. 'There are a few boys that talk to me.'

Yahiro was silent for a moment, taking the chocolate from her and carrying it for her. "These few boys… I assume Ryuu knows about them?"

'Ryuu-nii's met a few. Some of them helped me home,' Megumi replied, remembering Ryuu's reaction to meeting guys besides Yahiro. It was entertaining, so she smiled.

In her distracted state, she didn't realize Yahiro was less that pleased. "Well, next time you want chocolate idiot, call me and I'll get it for you."
Megumi stared at him for a moment, confused.

"It might not be for a while; you have to let the store restock, but I'll help you get your chocolate. Idiot girl," Yahiro muttered, blushing. They didn't say anything until they stood outside the door.

'Thank you Yahiro.' Megumi took back her chocolate and grinned. 'And thanks for the offer to help me. To be honest, the chocolate can get heavy, and it would be nice for you to help!'

"I said I'd help, didn't I?" Yahiro muttered, opening the door for her.

Megumi frowned, but was soon smiling at the boy of her dreams. "Thank you Yahiro. I'll see you later," Megumi closed the door before he could scold her for talking to him.

Yahiro rested his forehead on the closed door, sighing at his own idiocy, and that of the girls. "You idiot… I don't care about the damn chocolate… I just don't want you alone with any other boys…"

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