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People might not notice it, but Megumi was a girl. Really.

They might treat her like a child or think she's just too adorable (stupid old woman embarrassed her in front of Yahiro with that one), but she was a teenage girl.

Correction: She was a teenage girl that had a credit card that had absolutely no restrictions on it except the very large balance in her bank account. Megumi was a teenage girl who had that credit card and liked to use it.

Shopping was one of Megumi's favorite activities that didn't include singing or Yahiro. Many of the stores she went into knew her by name and could almost read her mind when she saw something she wanted to try.

They also knew how to point out things she'd like and convince her to buy them. After all, a profit was a profit, even if they liked their customer.

This time however, they were surprised that Megumi went right past the dresses they'd thought she'd want right away. Instead, the girl came up to them with her normal smile, and told them she wanted a new look.

Nothing too crazy, just something that wouldn't make her look like a child. From the look in her eyes, they could tell she meant it, and was willing to buy her entire new wardrobe from them.

Practically every worker was running to find something for their beloved customer before she got impatient and took her business elsewhere.


Megumi returned home and had to have Ryuu and Jun help her get her bags upstairs. Even with the three of them working together, it still took multiple trips.

She was happy with her purchases, so she didn't notice the look Ryuu and Jun exchanged. She'd never bought that much on one trip before; she didn't normally need any help getting everything back to their apartment. Actually, Megumi was really quite good at handling how much money she'd spend.

Megumi grinned at the boys once the bags were in her room and ushered them out. Once she started unpacking the bags and putting the new clothes in the closet, she giggled to herself. This was her best shopping trip yet… she couldn't wait to go shopping for accessories the next day!

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