"So you don't like any Elys?" Jake asked. Sam just shrugged. Jake didn't push. His heart filled with hope.


1 week later.

Bryan had called Sam and asked if she wanted to meet them at War Drum Flatts so they could hangout a while. She of course said yes. So she was riding out there. She saw a group of horses and riders not long after.

"Hey guys!" Sam called as she neared.

"Hi," They waved.

"Hey Brat," Jake smirked at her.

"Hi Jake," Sam replied smiling up at him on Witch.

"Sam, you know that house that's being built on the other side of our ranch?" Bryan asked. Sam nodded. a house and barn were being built on the other side of Three Ponies. Fencing was also being put up. "Well, our mom met the people moving there at Clara's the other day. She said they seemed really nice, but that the lady was a vet who is now Link's personal vet. The guy is a personal mechanic too. They have a daughter me and Quinn's age. Mom says that she's into horses and that her parents mentioned she did barrel racing and pole bending. Also that Link wants her to exercise his horses for him," Bryan explained.

"Oh, cool someone new to ride with," Sam commented. "As long as she's not friends with Rachael..." The Elys nodded in agreement.

"Wanna race?" Quinn asked getting low on Chip's neck. Everyone did the same.

"3,2,1 GO!" They all counted down then they were off. Witch and Chip flew to the front. Ace drifted to the back. The others were somewhere between Sam and Jake's horses. The race didn't last long because Witch was far enough of Chip that there was no way that anyone would catch her. By the time Sam trotted up Witch was ready for more.

"Okay, good job Jake," Sam said being a good sport. "Nice try Quinn."

"You know Sam if you had a Quarter horse you wouldn't be left at the back of the herd," Kit hinted.

"I'm fine with Ace. He may be small, but so am I," Sam said ignoring Kit. All of a sudden all the horses ears perked. Sam and the Elys looked where the horses ears were perked. "What is it?" Sam asked, straining her neck to see.

"A horse and rider I think," Jake said. "Can't tell who though."

"Looks like a sorrel horse," Kit commented. "Know anyone with a sorrel?"

"Link has so many horses it hard to tell," Sam shrugged.

"They're getting closer. I think it's a girl riding," Seth put in.

"Yeah. You don't think its Rachael do you?" Sam asked.

"No, besides we know what her horse looks like." Bryan shook his head.

"I think it's probably one of the new people," Nate thought out loud.

"Yeah, probably," Adam agreed. Everyone waited. A girl with long auburn hair in a ponytail rode up looking nervously at the Elys and Sam. She was riding a young red dun quarter horse mare. She was bareback. She smiled at them nervously. Sam looked at the Elys. Even Kit and Jake were checking this girl out. She was gorgeous girl. Jake and Kit weren't checking her out as intensely as Bryan and Quinn. Bryan looked at the girl's body then when his eyes saw her face they never wandered. The others of course were not that way.

"Hi, I'm Jane Orbit. I hope I'm not trespassing. I'm new here. I'm not sure where I can and can't be yet," Jane said looking all the Elys and Sam over. Her gaze seemed to drift back to Bryan more than the others.

"You're fine. I'm Samantha Forster. Just call me Sam," Sam waved at the girl. She smiled.

"Quinn Ely," Quinn introduced himself.

"Adam Ely."

"Seth Ely. One of Adam's triplets"

"Nathan Ely. Call me Nate. One of the triplets," Jane nodded.

"Kit Ely."

"Actually, It's Christen, but unless you want the crap beat out of you, call him Kit," Quinn interjected. Jane smiled.

"Jake Ely."

"Jacob. Don't call him that though," Quinn smiled helpfully.

"I'm Bryan Ely. Quinn's twin," Bryan grinned at Jane.

"What's your horses' names?" Jane asked looking at the horses.

"We'll give you the names but, you'll have to guess which ones which," Seth smiled at her.

"Okay," Jane nodded.

"There's Witch, Chip, Sooty, Rocky, Skip, Clarisse, Boston, and Ace." Bryan smiled at her.

"Well, the way you said Rocky, I'm going to bet he's the handsome paint your riding," Jane smiled looking at Bryan. He nodded. "Witch, I'm guessing, is the one with her ears laid back and the fact she's black fits?" Jake nodded.

"Sooty, well, it'd make sense if he was grey and looked soot. So the grulla?" Kit nodded. "I love anything with a dorsal strip, he's gorgeous!" Jane praised Sooty. "So are the others. I love Paints and Blacks! Skip sounds like a boy name, so because I'm guessing Chip is brownish I think Skip is the palomino paint and Chip is the bay?" Quinn and Seth nodded. "They're beautiful. I've always wanted a palomino paint! My aunt has a bay like Chip," Quinn and Seth smiled.

"So that leaves, Ace, Clarisse and Boston." Sam pointed out.

"Well, if there were any doubt that Ace is that little cutie it's gone just by the way you said his name," Jane smiled at Sam. Sam smiled back and nodded. "I have no idea which is Boston and which is Clarisse, so I'll just guess. Boston is the bay dun? Clarisse is the buckskin?" Everyone starred at her and nodded. "Cool. I like all the dorsal strips. I'm not used to seeing so many. The palomino paint is the dark like I like palominos. They black paint is just so gorgeous! They all are! I like Witch too! She's so pretty and she's seems independent. Ace is such a cutie! My dad has a weak spot for buckskins," Jane smiled praising all the horses. They all smile in appreciation at her.

"What's her name?" Bryan asked looking at the mare Jane was riding.

"Crick." Jane smiled and patted the red dun's neck.

"How old is she?" Bryan asked riding around the red dun.

"Guess. All of you." Jane smiled.

"10?" Quinn raised his eyebrows.

"5?" Adam asked.

"12?" Jake asked guessing Witch's age.

"11?" Sam asked.

"15?" Kit said. Everyone starred him. There was no way she was that old!

"8?" Bryan asked. Jane just smiled.

"13?" Nate asked.

"12?" Seth guess.

Jane smiled brightly. "You're all wrong! She's 23!" Jane smiled at them.

"What!" They yelped. She nodded.

"Is she the barrel horse?" Bryan asked.

"No, that's my mom's horse. I use Crick for pole bending. She likes it better. Ringer is better at barrels. He's a red roan quarter horse. Both of our horses are quarters." Jane explained.

"We breed Quarters," Bryan smiled.

"Cool! They're my favorite breed. Without them you can't have Paints or Appaloosas. They require Quarter horse blood. I think..." Jane trailed off. The Elys nodded.

"Hey, you wanna ride with us a while?" Bryan asked.

"Seriously? Sure!" Jane smiled. Everyone smiled back.

"I guess we can't race anymore," Adam sighed.

"Why not? Are there a lot of holes?" Jane asked looking at the ground.

"No, you don't have a saddle. I just assumed you wouldn't want to race," Adam shrugged.

"I'll be fine, as long as there are no holes. I don't want Crick getting Hurt," Jane smiled patting her horse. Sam likes this girl she had a feeling they'd be friends.

"Okay," Everyone nodded and got low. Jane grabbed onto Crick's mane and settled herself on Crick's back.

"To the tree." They agreed. "3,2,1 GO!" They all yelled. Witch, Chip, and Crick were at the front. Pretty soon Chip was behind Crick and Ace was way at the back with Seth and Nate. They watched Witch and Crick battle it out. Witch was only a horse length a head of Crick, then half a horse, then a third, then they passed the tree. Jane sat up and patted Crick. Jake starred at Crick. Everyone did. Witch glared at Crick who returned the glare.

"That was fun," Jane smiled. "Witch is fast. Not many horses beat Crick."

"Not many horse get that close to beating Witch," Bryan said giving Jane a high-five. She smiled.

"We should probably head home," Kit said looking at his watch.

"I should too. I haven't to exercise Ringer yet," Jane sighed.

"Will you use a saddle?" Sam asked.

"Of course. I hardly ever ride him bareback. He doesn't like me much. He likes me more than my dad. He liked my sister more than me..." Jane said a sad expression washing over her face. "He's always liked my mom more than any of us though," She smiled again.

"Oh," Everyone nodded. They had started to ride home.

"Bye guys. Nice to meet you Jane!" Sam called as she rode home.

"Nice meeting you too Sam!" Jane replied.

"Bye Sammy!" The Elys called.

"See ya Brat." Jake waved at Sam. Jane looked at him.

"Bye Jake," Sam said as she went over the bridge to River Bend.

"Jake don't you have to work today?" Kit asked.

"Oh, yeah. See ya!" He said wheeling Witch a way and following Sam.

"He's always called Sam brat. He works for her dad," Bryan explained to Jane.

"Oh, they like each other don't they?" Jane said being a match maker. She'd always been able to tell when people liked each other. Except when it came to people liking her.

"Yup," The Elys smiled.

"Do they know they like each other?" Jane asked.

"No. We tell them that all the time. They just don't believe us," Bryan explained.

"Oh," Jane nodded. "I think I'll have to help them along."

"Go head. We've tried," Kit laughed.

"We'll I'm good at stuff like that," Jane smiled, mischievously.

"Alright. We'll this is our place. See ya," Adam turned Clarisse into Three Ponies.

"Bye." Jane waved.

"See ya around Jane." The Elys waved turning in the drive. Jane rode home.

Okay, I'm happy to be back at this. Jane is the way I want to be. Crick is the same as my horse Cricket. I do prefer bareback. Now, review.