A new... ish... fic =) This is an old one I elongated and changed into a chapter fic, I'm sure it's easy to tell that... my writing isn't exactly identical to 3 years ago ^^; I do have a couple warnings for everyone, please read them to cut down on bad reviews!

Warning: This IS a SasuNaru fic, but Sasuke isn't with Naruto until the end. Sorry =( The other pairings, for there are other pairings, are SasuSai adn SasuGaara (NOTE: I do not adhere to the seme/uke rule when placing names) The good news is, it only happens once with each and I didn't really change the scenes much, so they're rather fast and vague.

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Chapter 1

Out of all the clans of panther demons, the Uchiha clan is the fiercest and most proud. However, within their clan lies a misfit none of them really care for. Uchiha Sasuke, the only child of snow to ever be born to a clan of panthers, is nothing like his clan. Their rage and bloodlust is nowhere to be found within him, as when he feels ill feelings he suffers from nausea and sickness. His fighting skills are second to none, but he refuses to use them and his clan believes he's unable to protect himself. His onyx hair is littered with starlight silver like the night sky, his eyes icy black instead of fiery crimson, and he can usually be found napping or reading when his peers are training and hunting. Being the misfit, his parents keep him at a young age to protect him and rarely ever let him out of their sight. Now, he sits within a thick bunch of trees and brush as his father defends his territory with the other males, both young and old. He is far too fragile to place in combat, but he never bothered telling the older demons that when it comes to genius he's far from lacking.

The day is a quiet one, always quiet. Sasuke finally managed to get away from the ever watchful eyes of those in the Uchiha clan, sneaking off into the trees of the forest. He hates them, yet he knows they're only lookin gout for him. He's been treated like glass since he was born, his clan unable to decide between hate and love… they settled for a cautious love.

"There you are!" his cousin shouts.

Yue is older than Sasuke by quite a bit, having just moved into his Child stage… which is between the ages of 48-64 human years. Sasuke isn't even out of his Newborn stage, only just coming to the end of it… though right now he's a wonderful age of 5 in appearance.

"I've been looking all over for you!" Yue sighs. "You do know it's my responsibility to make sure you're safe, right? When Itachi is gone and you're out on your own, you belong to me."

"I don't need to be watched," the panther huffs.

"Tell that to Nori and Mikoto, until they tell me otherwise you're mine."

"Why can't you guys leave me alone?"

"You're weak, you need to be protected!"

"Just because I wasn't born with a mark defining me as alpha or beta, doesn't mean you guys get to choose what I am!" Sasuke hollers in anger.

That ill feeling sends nausea to his stomach, the porcelain skinned panther immediately covering his mouth to fight it down. Ill feelings make him physically sick, so he tries very hard to stay laid back and passive. He wasn't born with a mark like all the others, which is rare. Dominants are born with their father's mark and submissive demons are born with their mother's, this is what tells others what they're classified as. If they don't have one, they can go either way and repetitiveness eventually gives them the mark they've been living as. Sasuke is in no hurry to solidify what his clan believes him to be.

"Look, I don't make the rules, okay?" Yue sighs out. "I just follow orders. In the eyes of your parents, in the eyes of the elders and this clan, you're a female. Females need to be protected, that's just how it goes. Please don't fight it."

Sasuke wants to argue, yet he knows it's pointless. This is how it's been for all his fifteen years; it's not going to change. With a heavy sigh, he lies along a large flat rock and soaks up the sunlight pouring through. Yue sits at the base of the boulder, quietly listening to Sasuke's movements as he gets comfortable. At least this cousin isn't one of the more overbearing.

It's a few hours later that the rustling sounds, Sasuke's eyes opening in curiosity as he sits up. Yue is crouched and ready to attack, growling possessively as he flexes his black claws. A young demon hurries into the clearing, turning to look in their direction and stopping Sasuke's heart with their hypnotic gaze. This demon is around his age, with earthy sun-kissed skin and oceanic eyes with the depths of the sea they're colored after. His hair glows in the sunlight, those spikes of blonde shaggy around his head and dripping with beads of moisture. For only a moment, those lips break into a large grin… and then the little blonde fox with nine tails swaying behind him hurries off. Once he's back within the safety of the forest, Sasuke breaths again. He feels just a tad emptier without the blonde's presence, his saddened coal eyes falling to the grass.

"Come on, let's get back," Yue murmurs after the blonde's exit.

He nods and hops down, heading back with his older cousin with a sense of want coiling within him. Yue recognizes this, frowning a bit as he realizes if Sasuke finds a mate… he won't belong to him anymore. As much as he doesn't like constantly locating the stealthy panther, he likes being able to say the younger angel is his.

The next day, Sasuke is scouring the forest for the beautiful fox. It took him about three hours to lose his cousins, yet now he's free to do as he pleases. Within the clearing, soaked in sunlight filtering from above, Sasuke breaths deeply.

"That fox has to be around here somewhere," he remarks.

"What fox?"

He jumps about a foot in the air, his tail frizzing out at his shock. The onyx haired male, silver strands littered throughout his hair, whirls around quickly to find his uncle. Madara is sitting on the ground near the lake, a string of fish lying before him as he cleans them. His eyes are curious and his knife has been set aside.

"Uh… a blonde fox demon I saw yesterday."

"Awe, little Sasuke found a potential mate!" he grins teasingly. "How cute!"

"It's not like that!"

"Me thinks he doth protest too quickly," the older male chuckles. "It's nothing to be worried about, Sasuke. It's perfectly natural to…"

"I already had the mating talk!" Sasuke yells as he covers his ears.

"Okay, okay. No talk, I promise."

Sasuke sighs in relief, walking over and sitting down. He picks up a fish and slits it open with his claws, digging out the warm guts from within and setting them in a bucket. Madara continues with his job, humming to himself and waiting for the other to speak.

"When is Itachi coming back?" he asks with a pout.


"Not soon enough. Why does he always have to leave me with them?"

"Your cousins care about you, don't be so ungrateful."

The younger panther rolls his eyes, ripping the next fish open with a bit too much aggression. The older male ignores it, yet sympathizes with the cub. He had fought to give Sasuke a normal life without the ever watchful eye of the clan, but he and Itachi were outvoted by the elders.

"I'm tired of being treated like a female."

"I know, cub. Don't worry, things will get better. You won't always be within the walls of the Uchiha clan compound."

Sasuke sighs and nods, finishing up and washing up in the cool lake water. He sends his uncle a grateful smile, one of the only people he can actually vent to without him blabbing to the elders, and reaches for the bucket. A blast of ice narrowly misses his head, the icy coldness radiating from it leaving frost on his high cheekbone, and his wide eyes turn to the intruders. Madara is quick to grab the cub up beneath his arm, dashing toward the compound as Sasuke watches the attacker making their way into the clearing. A last ditch effort to keep the cub safe has Madara throwing a blast of fire into the air, a flare for emergencies, and tossing the youth into the brush. Sasuke watches in a mix of fear and excitement, the other adults joining his uncle in less time than it takes for the enemy to close in on them.

Nori catches Sasuke's hiding spot, positioning himself before the youngest of the clan and sending Madara a questioning look. The elder of the two gets ready to fight, breathing deep to settle his nerves.

"An intruder," he states. "I don't think they were aiming at anything in particular, but they almost took Sasuke's head off."

"Fan out!" he shouts to the others. "You two go back and protect the women and children."

"What about…"

"He's fine," Nori states quickly. "I don't want these demons to know he's here, so we won't move him."

With a quick nod, they depart and the others fan out. The attacker isn't just one… but many. Sasuke's eyes widen at the sight of the small group of over ten, knowing the panthers have managed to match their number. Both groups surge forward, meeting in the middle and clashing in a bout of shouts and elemental attacks. Those coal eyes of ice gaze upon the fight, knowledge flitting past them in bursts of crimson light that's gone faster than it appears.

*Don't attack that one, * Sasuke thinks.

His cousin charges the smaller snake bandit, but is thrown easily to the side when they cause the earth to shudder beneath their feet. A more matched panther takes over for the cousin, making certain they clear the area before drawing on more serious jutsu.

*He can read you, don't attack head on, * Sasuke grumbles internally with narrowed orbs. *You're making a mistake, that isn't the head of the gang! Are you blind? You're walking into a trap! *

A roar that echoes through the vicinity and sends ice through the veins of all those who know its owner sounds, everyone freezing for just that moment as they await the inevitable. Finally, he watches as his older brother joins the group fresh from a mission. At the sight of the enraged panther known to be the most possessive and powerful… not to mention ill-tempered when protecting what's his… the gang high tails it in a panic. On the way out, they almost trip over Sasuke's hidden form… the fight having migrated his way and left him open to attack. Only one stops to see what's hidden, a large grin spreading along his face as his eyes glitter with lust and want. He snatches the cub up without thinking, assuming it's just another wandering cub from the forest. Itachi, however, sees this and his aura goes up in dark flames. Sasuke is his! He may not be his mate and he may not be his cub, but if you were to ask him he'd say Sasuke belongs to him and he's damn proud of that fact. Itachi basically raised the cub on his own, as his parents were always busy with territorial and clan related issues. No onetouched what was his, no one was stupid enough to even lookat Sasuke wrong let alone touch him. The black fire is something rare within the Uchiha clan, as it's terribly difficult to control without it consuming everything in sight. Itachi, the pride of his clan and the more promising prodigy in their history, is only the third Uchiha to gain control of it.

"Do nottouch my cub!" he screams in fury.

The demon drops Sasuke immediately as though his skin was burnt by the cub, backing up and tripping over himself in hopes of escape. Itachi bolts forward, whisking past the confused cub and leaping at the one that dared to touch him. As Sasuke sits there, mind still spinning from everything happening so quickly, he's vaguely aware of terrified screams and a splash of a warm liquid upon his body. Sasuke's bled before, that's something everyone does in their life, but this is the first time he's ever had someone else's blood on him… and he seriously doesn't like it. When Itachi is finished maiming the demon, there's really nothing left of him and Sasuke's usually cold orbs are wide with fear.

Everyone slowly gathers around them, Itachi wiping the spray of blood from his face. Sasuke is quiet, though that's nothing new. What's new, however, is the fact he's unresponsive and his eyes seem a little dull. Nori is the first to crouch beside him, the group filled with those that have some affection for the little misfit and those that chose hate over love. A strong hand reaches out and sets itself on Sasuke's shoulder, a worried face closing in on his own.

"Sasuke, are you okay?" Nori wonders hesitantly. "You didn't get hurt, did you? Let me check you over. Sasuke, say something!"

"Sasuke?" Itachi murmurs quietly. "I'm going to check you for injury."

Hands move around him, the strong reassuring hands of his older brother, and Sasuke forces himself not to whimper in fear at the thought of what those hands had just done. He's always known his aniki wasn't one to mess with, had heard the stories the clan told of his endeavors… but seeing it with his own eyes was far too real. He had never thought his older brother capable of such things before.

"Sasuke?" Ichigo calls. "You have no serious injuries, okay? I'm going to take you home now… Sasuke?"

"Damn it all, the little pansy went into shock," an uncle huffs. "If he were a stronger cub, this never would've…"

"Don't say that!" Itachi snarls. "Sasuke is a very strong cub; he's just strong in a different way!"

With that, he snatches Sasuke up into his arms and stalks off, his aura still singing the grass he walks upon. Sasuke sighs in shame and embarrassment, the argument one his aniki makes for him constantly. 'Strong in a different way' means 'Say it again and I'll kill you' in Itachi's language, as he's quick to anger when someone is making Sasuke feel less than worthy of their name… which is all the time.

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