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"Is it me you're looking for?"

"I'm not looking for anyone...what are you..?"

"I can see it in your eyes!"

"Victoria are you-"

"I can see it in your smile."

"You are, I can-"

"You're all I've ever wanted and my arms are open wide."

"God, how much have you had?"

"Because you know just what to say and you know just what to do."

"You are a terrible singer! Sit down!"

"And I want to tell you so much."

"C'mon, look, here's some coffee, give me your hand Victoria, take it."

"I love you."

Then Victoria burst into tears, her top half sprawled out over the table. Joy quickly moved the cup of coffee so it wouldn't spill and looked down miffed at her best friend. Before a few minutes ago she had been home alone, quietly working on the accounts of her business. She had heard Victoria come in and she had wished she had looked up as soon as she had walked into the kitchen. Maybe she could have stopped the crying that had overcome Victoria and maybe, just maybe she could have stopped the singing. She put a hand on Victoria's shouder and eased her back up to a sitting postion. The actress looked at her with a mascara blackened face and red puffy eyes, she had been crying before this, Joy could tell. Joy couldn't help but carry a confused expression on her face, Victoria didn't usually cry, yes she got hysterical but she never cried. She put a hand over her mouth and Joy rushed over to the sink to fill up a glass with water for her. She returned and handed her friend the glass before returning to her chair. Victoria took a few sips before turning her eyes back to Joy.

"I'm drunk." She stated.

Joy nodded.

"I'll say!"

"I don't want you to go."

"What do you mean?" Joy said with a laugh.

"Back to England, I don't want you to be deported."

"Okay..you're very drunk, go and sleep it off before Melanie gets back home." Joy told her.

"But what will I do if you do go? What will happen to me? I couldn't bear it if you weren't here, don't go!" Victoria cried.

Joy felt concerned, why had the woman gotten drunk in the first place and was that why she was crying? Because she didn't want her to be deported?

"Victoria, you're are drunk and emotional, we'll talk about this when you are sober." She said firmly.

Victoria looked like she wanted to argue but she didn't and instead stood up and walked clumsily to the stairs. Joy shivered as she past her chair, feeling Victoria's warmth so close to her, this had been happening a lot these days. She turned to her friend who was at the foot of the stairs.

"Will you be okay Victoria?" She asked.

"Tell me how to win your heart for I haven't got a clue but let me start by saying..." Her whispered words were lost.

Victoria looked Joy in the eyes and Joy felt her skin cover with goose bumps. Victoria's eyes searched Joy's and with the shine of new tears in her eyes, Joy nodded. A tear slipped down from Victoria's eye and she turned and climbed the stairs to her room. She could feel the alchol in her system and the drowsiness that was overcoming her from it wanting to leave. She crawled into her bed, not bothering to close the door and pulled her big duvet over her body. She fell asleep taking her thoughts of Joy with her.

Downstairs, Joy sat, alone again. She switched off her laptop and closed it, resting her hands on the warm lid. She could smell Victoria's perfume still lingering. She sighed in sudden sadness.

"I love you..."