A few days later

The funeral was soft and quiet. It did not rain, did not snow, it was not cloudy; heck, the sun was out, sending warm rays across the glittering snow. It was as if Hikaru was telling Kaoru to be happy, to move on, and to live life.

But all Kaoru could do was stare blankly at the coffin that was being prepared to be lowered into the cold, hardened ground. That was Kaoru's brother in there. All Kaoru could think about was that he should be in that coffin instead… or at least they should be together.

Kaoru held back his sobs, his tears, as he leaned heavily onto his crutches. His eyes grazed across all of the people there; they were relatives, family friends, the Host Club. They had all tried to comfort him, make him feel better about Hikaru's death… but what could they possibly do to actually make this all feel alright? There was nothing.

The sad music played as the coffin began to descend. Kaoru's eyes settled on the roses on the top of the coffin. Hikaru had always said that roses were a cliché, so the lone white tulip was Kaoru's gift to his brother. Kaoru's limbs shook and he forced himself to look away from the white flower.

The coffin rolled in slowly and suddenly, Kaoru was sunk with the feeling of loss. He would never see Hikaru's smile again or hear his comforting words. Kaoru gasped roughly, clutching at his chest.

His eyes tore away from the coffin and they caught Arisa's immediately. Her face was tilted in concern and sorrow. Her hands were clasped in her newly-found parents' strong grip and she was sitting in her wheelchair near her younger brother. She mouthed the words, 'are you okay?'

Kaoru shook his head and turned away. No, he would never be okay; not without Hikaru.

So he limped away quickly, careful not to place his crutches anywhere that could slip. He headed to the church. Kaoru pulled himself up the steep steps and into the hallowed ground. It only made him feel worse.

He went to the bathroom instead of to the pews. Kaoru locked himself into a stall and pulled out a bottle. It was his prescribed pain killers. How many does one take before they die?

Kaoru opened the bottle and hesitated. If he killed himself… would he still go to heaven?

He reached into the bottle anyway to grab a few when suddenly the bottle was ripped from his grasp, tumbling onto the ground in an explosion of white pills. The sharp noise echoed off the empty walls.

Kaoru froze, letting a tear slide down his frozen cheek. No one was here to take the bottle from his hand and the stall door was locked, so it could only mean…


The door unlocked itself and slowly rolled open. Kaoru stared with wide eyes, completely in disbelief. "Hikaru, you're here, aren't you?"

Kaoru got didn't hear a thing, but yet he knew the answer enough. He let the tears fall freely now. "I'll live Hikaru," Kaoru said slowly, letting the promise hang in the air. He sobbed harder, "I'll live for you and do all of the things you dreamed of doing. I'll do it for you."

Kaoru gathered himself slowly, grasping his crutches. A small breeze caressed through the young Hitachiin's hair. It comforted him.

He wiped away the heavy tears in his eyes on his sleeves. It would be sad, it would be torturous, but Kaoru wouldn't let Hikaru's sacrifice be made in vain.


And there you have it. Those are the three endings I had but couldn't choose between. I hope at least one satisfied you. Thank you for everyone who supported me in this fiction. And I hope you continue to support me! THANK YOU FOR READING! Love, Miss Light Bright.