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No, no no no no! This could not be happening, I just turned 16, there is no way this is happening! This has to be a nightmare or something, this can't be real. That's it, this is just a nightmare, right? I'm only 16! This can't happen!

Kicking the bathroom wall again and screaming for good measure, I confirmed that this was real, that the taunting plus on the strip in front of me is real. That what's happening to me is real. The nightmares, cramps, feeling sick all the time, I just couldn't admit it was true, how could I? This couldn't happen to me, it just couldn't, I have my whole life in front of me. Finally, after getting away from my past and having a brighter future, this happens. This isn't fair, it's just plain cruel.

Leaning on the pale blue bathroom wall, I collapse on the floor and cry, I just cry, I dont know for how long until I hear the front door opening, meaning that mom's home

"Artemis?" I hear my mom call out. "Can you help put the groceries away?" she says while she tries to get her wheel chair over the metal bump at the door.

Quickly, I grab all the tests, stuff them down into the bottom of my purse, clean up the best I could, wet my hair a bit, and walk into the kitchen to my mother. When I bend down to the floor to pick up the bags she brought home, she sees my bloodshot eyes.

"Artemis, are you alright?" She asks in a worried tone only a mother could have.

"Uh, yeah mom, I got some shampoo in my eyes earlier, it just burns a little bit." I smoothly lie back to her. How the heck am I going to tell her!

My mom's face relaxes at my reply, as far as she knows everything is ok. But I know different.

I, Artemis Crock, am pregnant.

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